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          Presentation on the
MATCH Non-Hotel Accommodation Agreement
     What is MATCH

                        • Joint venture (Swiss corporation)
                          formed in 2003 comprised of two
M anagement of
                        – Byrom PLC
A ccommodation          – Eurotech Global
                          Sports AG
T icketing              • Provide services to FIFA for
                          ticketing, accommodation, and
C omputer/IT Solution     event IT (“IT Solution”)
                        • Term of agreement with FIFA
H and-in-Hand             encompasses 2010 & 2014 FIFA
                          World Cups & other FIFA Events
          The Event

   Total of 3,359 439 spectators at 64 games in the 12 stadia – 2nd highest
    on-site audience. Only USA 1994 was bigger due to the larger capacity
    (3,587 538 at the 52 games of the 24 teams at that time)

   An average of 52,491 spectators watched each 2006 FIFA World Cup
    match in the 12 venues

   Over 15 million requests for 2,9 million tickets on offer to the public

   15 000 volunteers

   220 000 registered accreditations, including 50 000 for security

   An average of 1 370 security stewards used per game
         The Event

   Estimated cumulative TV audience of 25-28 billion

   4.2 billion page views on FIFAworldcup.com

   Record 18,850 media accredited

   At the Fan Fests:
     • 18 million spectators
     • 19 000 people involved
     • 3.5 million litres of beer sold
     • 1.75 million litres of non-alcoholic drinks sold
     • 3.5 million sausages sold ( 1 in 5 visitors bought a sausage)
Contractual Relationships
 Purpose of the Agreement

The Agreement
   Provides the terms and conditions that are binding to both
   the contracted accommodation Property and MATCH

  Provides protection to all parties (Property, MATCH, Client )

  Ensures a transparent business relationship

  Is universally applicable to all contracted properties
Calculating Room Rates

This Rate is determined as follows:

   It will be based on the Property’s 2007 Rate . This is
   referred to as the “Net Payable FIFA World Cup™ Rate”
   (previously 2007 “Winter” rate)

   This Rate will then be increased by 16%. (which is equal to 3
   times the average annual percentage increase in CPIX (for
   2005, 2006, 2007)
   (previously the “16%” was not stipulated)
 Calculating Room Rates

The Room Rate is inclusive of breakfast

MATCH will pay the property the entire amount including the 16%
inflation based increase
(previously MATCH would retain 30%)

 All guests will be responsible for their own incidental charges
   Reservation of Rooms

Not less than 80% of all rooms in the Property will be reserved
for the exclusive use of MATCH
(previously 100%)
Each Property wishing to contract with MATCH will provide a
breakdown of their room inventory (Schedule A of the Agreement)

These rooms are referred to as FIFA World CupTM Rooms
    Reservation of Rooms

All rooms are reserved for the period 6 June 2010 to 13 July 2010
(“Reservation Period”)

Competition dates will be 11 June 2010 – 11 July 2010
  Reservation of Rooms

 MATCH will have exclusive rights over the reserved rooms during
 the Reservation Period

The Property cannot change the number of reserved rooms, or
allocate those rooms without MATCH’s consent
    Reservation System

By 30 June 2008, MATCH will establish a computerised
Accommodation Management System to manage all
accommodation reserved for the 2010 FIFA World CupTM

This system will incorporate the use of vouchers in order to manage
the allocation of rooms to guests and to ensure full and timely
payment to the Properties
       Non-Hotel Deposit Schedule

 MATCH Non-Hotel Agreement

Property Account:

   MATCH will establish a bank account for SMMEs

   All funds to be paid to contracted Properties will be
   deposited into the SMME Account and paid as soon
   as the Property has fulfilled its obligations under the Agreement

   Submission of the Vouchers under the Reservation System
     Non-Hotel Deposit Schedule

   MATCH Non-Hotel Agreement

31/12/09                                    01/06/10

25% of the Net Payable               100% of the Net
FIFA World Cup™ Rate             Payable FIFA World
for each FIFA World             Cup™ Rate for each
Cup™ Room Night not                 Confirmed Room
previously released             Night not previously
                               released or cancelled

Total 25%                                Total 100%
       Attrition/Release of Rooms Schedule

MATCH Non-Hotel Agreement
                  No later than one week
                  after Final Draw or
Before                                                        10/04/10
                  31/12/09 (whichever is

                                                            All Available
Any or all FIFA     Not less than 50%                       Room Nights
World Cup™          of Available Room                       released
Rooms released      Nights released to                      to Property
without penalty     Property

                                 31/10/09 to 10/04/10
                           Non-Hotel may request written notice of sold &
                             allocated FIFA World Cup™ Room Nights
        Attrition/Release of Rooms Schedule

 MATCH Non-Hotel Agreement

After 10 April 2010
                                            less than 15
30 days out                                 days (was by
                      15 days (was 3
                                            18h00 on day of
                      days) before

Up to 15% of the       Up to 10% of the    100% paid on all
Total Room             Total Room Nights   released rooms
Nights Held            Held released
released without       without penalty

Room Nights            Room Nights
released in            released in
excess result in       excess result in
30% penalty            40% penalty
Non-Hotel Agreement

Late arrivals guarantee

    All Reserved Room Nights not previously released are
    guaranteed for late arrival

No Shows

    Any Reserved Room Nights not used will be paid at the
    corresponding Net Payable FIFA World Cup™ Rate

Liquidated Damages
    Failure to deliver FIFA World Cup™ Room Nights will
    result in Liquidated Damages of 3 times the Net Payable
    FIFA World Cup™ Rate
Overview of the Reservation Process

               details of client
               details of request – specific or general

            Proposal (per property)
               option date
               contains the requested reservations
               conditions of sale

               refers to the attached proposal
               payment schedule
               credit card authorisation
               bank details for wire transfer
  Check-In Reservation System

The Check-In reservation system addresses every issue from the
contractual arrangements with Properties to the eventual
provision of the contracted rooms

It is a turnkey service
Check-In Vouchers

VALID for:

   A one night stay in a Non-Hotel
   An entire stay in a Non- Hotel (2 nights or more)

CONTRACT in its own right

 Check-In Vouchers



Central to all administrative controls and procedures

FIFA World Cup
Non-Hotel Voucher: Front
FIFA World Cup
Non-Hotel Voucher: Rear
Non-Hotel Selection Criteria

Venue (host city and satellite)

Price Bands

Access to Stadium


Grading (now 1 year to become graded after the Agreement is
  Additional Exposure

Active promotion in all countries which qualify for the Final

207 National Football Associations


Newspapers, Radio Stations & TV Broadcasters
  Additional Exposure

FIFA World Cup™ related events such as Media Seminars, World
Broadcaster Meetings (WBM) and Team / Sponsor / Referee

FIFA.com website

Travel Trade Exhibitions

Conferences and Workshops

Every single ticket holder

Sharlotte van Rooyen
Tel: 011 567 2010
     0860 72 2010
Fax: (011) 567 2709

Nicky Krugel

Postal Address: (posting of agreements/contracts)
P O Box 4928

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