SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) Research by via28446


									SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) Research

                   Information Session October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007
                   Eligibility Criteria
Ryerson faculty in the social sciences and
 humanities, tenure, tenure-track or limited
 term faculty members

Supporting SSHRC specified disciplines

October 25, 2007
                   Eligibility Criteria.......

      – have been a PI for a SSHRC externally
        funded grant within previous 2 years


      – commit to apply as a PI within the next two

October 25, 2007
               Grant Value & Deadline
up to $7,000
awards granted for a one-year period

November 15, 2007
       – on-line application process AND
       – signed off hard copy to ORS

October 25, 2007
                   SIG Research On-line

       – READ all instructions before proceeding to
         the on-line form......


October 25, 2007
                   SSHRC CV (2 parts)

     Upload both the SSHRC CV and SSHRC CV
     Attachments, saved to your PC, to the on-line
     Application Form.
     1. CV Module Adobe.pdf
     2. CV Attachments msWord.doc
     You can do this at any time during the preparation of
     your on-line application and prior to submission.

October 25, 2007

the amount of work still remaining to be
 completed (for work in progress);
how the proposed activity will prepare the
 applicant for future externally funded
the expected completion date of the

October 25, 2007
                   Proposal - description
Avoid jargon, use plain language and include:

 the specific nature of the research activity to be
 a brief literature review to situate the research, its
  importance and potential contributions to the field;
 the methodology or theoretical approach to be
  employed, including data collection and analysis
 The time period within which the work will be

October 25, 2007
                   Anticipated Outcomes
Clearly indicate expected outcomes
publication in a journal
preliminary stage of a larger project
how the project will lead to future
 externally funded research applications
outline plans for dissemination of results

October 25, 2007
               In order to “Save Application”,
            complete form up to & including Ethics

October 25, 2007
          SIG – Research: Proposal
       Project Description                    5 pages
       Anticipated Outcomes                   2 pages
       List of Bibliographical Notices        2 pages
       SSHRC CV and                           CV pdf upload
                                              MS Word.doc
       SSHRC CV attachments* 2001-07          upload
           * Research Contributions           maximum 4
                                              pages, strict
           * Most Significant Contributions
           * Other Research Contributions     enforced by
           * Career Interruptions             SSHRC
           * Contributions to Training

October 25, 2007
        HTML On-Line Application
        The SIG-Research on-line Application is an
         html document offering limited text editing
        Notepad.exe can be used to edit and save
         existing text from an MS Word.doc BEFORE
         you copy text into your application.
        To find access: Start, Programs, Accessories,
         Notepad OR Start, type notepad, press enter
        Tables, tabs, bullets and lists are NOT
         compatible with the on-line application.
October 25, 2007
    List: Bibliographical Notices

     Provide an edited list of references
     consulted in your review of relevant

October 25, 2007
        Provide an itemized budget, explaining the
        relationship of the funds requested to the
        research proposed, with a clear statement
        indicating other funding sources to which
        applicants will be applying, and/or have applied.
        All budget items must conform to University
        policy regarding pay and benefit rates, and
        allowable expenses.

October 25, 2007
       Student Salaries & Benefits
       Non-Student Salaries & Benefits
       Travel & Subsistence: for research data
        collection (not conferences)
        Professional/Technical Services
       Non-disposable equipment
       Other (Specify)
       Total Cost (overall budget)
October 25, 2007
   Budget – eligibility expenses
       release time stipends to a max. $5,000
        (confirm in advance with Chair)
       research assistants
       technical services
       manuscript preparation
       software & equipment rental (not available at
       books, documents (not available from
        Ryerson Library)
October 25, 2007
   Budget – ineligible expenses
office equipment rental
professional memberships
child care expense
preparation of teaching materials or text
commercial or contract consultancies
research leading to a degree
consulting fees to PI or Co-investigator
conference travel
October 25, 2007
    Criteria – Review Committee
complete and thorough research proposal
research that has potential to evolve into
 applications for external research grants
quality and experience of the principal
 investigator and/or the research team (if
the applicant‟s record of scholarly
 achievement, and the funding history of
 the applicant
October 25, 2007
              Program Deadlines 2007-08
Information Sessions 10:30 –11:30 am, 1 Dundas Street W YDI 1134 RSVP:

Program                  Information             On-line Form          Deadline to Apply
                         Session                 available

SSHRC-SIG                Oct 25, 2007            Oct 15, 2007          Nov 15, 2007
Creative Fund            Nov 22, 2007            Nov 2, 2007           Dec 3, 2007

Academic RA              for award winners -     Dec 14, 2007          Jan 14, 2008
Program Summer           TBA
Academic RA              for award winners -     Apr 10, 2008          May 12, 2008
Fall/Winter 2008-        TBA
SRC New Faculty          December 11, 2007       November 30,          Jan 22, 2008
Development Fund                                 2007

October 25, 2007
              Program Deadlines 2007-08
all workshops: 10:30 – 11:30 am, 1 Dundas Street W or RBB, RSVP:

Program                  Information            On-line Form         Deadline to Apply
                         Session                available

Post Doc and SRC         TBA                    TBA                  TBA
Associate Program
Interdisciplinary        TBA                    TBA                  TBA
International            TBA                    TBA                  TBA
Initiatives Fund

Graduate Student         writing workshop –     Jan 7, 2008          Feb 11, 2008
Research Article         TBA (week of Jan
Competition              21)

October 25, 2007
           SRC Internal Programs
                   ORS contacts & support
Mary Jane Curtis, program support
Coordinator, Communications and Internal Programs
Phone: 416 979-5000 ext 7310

Elizabeth Mota, technical support for the on-line application process
Program Assistant
Phone: 416 979-5000 ext 6531

EXTERNAL SSHRC proposals only):
Jane Burns
Grants/Contracts Officer (Social Sciences and Humanities/CIHR/CRC)
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 6606

October 25, 2007
   Deadline 4 p.m. November 15
 ORS can help...but don‟t leave it too late

October 25, 2007

                     SSHRC CV FORM
                   SSHR CV Attachments

October 25, 2007
                   SSHRC – CV Module

       – log on to SSHRC website
       – new user registration or sign on with user ID
         and password
       – SSHRC CV FAQs
       – support Phone: (613) 995-4273
       – support e-mail:
October 25, 2007
      SSHRC – CV Module
       To create a new CV or revise CV: click on “Edit”

October 25, 2007
    1. Complete each Section & and “Save”
    2. Complete “Attachments” in a separate word file
    and paste into relevant sections of the SIG On-
    Line Application Form


    October 25, 2007
           Click on „MY PORTFOLIO”
           1. VERIFY to view status report & adjust as needed,
           2. PREVIEW pdf view & and save to your desktop


October 25, 2007
SSHRC CV Module – save as pdf to your PC
click on “Save a Copy” & name: your_name_cv.pdf to a
location on your PC where you can easily access the

October 25, 2007
             SSHRC CV Attachments
Click on “Attachments” within “Edit” CV Module for details about the SSHRC CV Attachments.
      Save as an MS Word.doc to your desktop to „upload‟.

October 25, 2007
     Prepare according to SSHRC “Instructions”
     and upload to your application as Word or Adobe pdf file
     Research Contributions Over the Last six Years
       – Other Research Contributions
       – Most Significant Research Career Research
       – Career Interruptions and Special Circumstances
       – Contributions to Training
October 25, 2007

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