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									               Greenwich Dance Agency
                     The Borough Hall
                             Royal Hill
                            SE10 8RE
                         020 8293 9741

Thank you for your interest in Greenwich Dance Agency.

Greenwich Dance Agency is an Equal Opportunities employer.

If you do not have the information you require please do not hesitate to e-mail or telephone Lisa
Benge on or 020 8293 9741.

Within this pack you will find:

   Brief introduction to gDA and its activities
   gDA staff structure
   Job description
   Person specification
   Application form
   gDA’s draft Equal Opportunities Policy
   Equal Opportunities monitoring form

To complete the application form, you can either:
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Please read the enclosed information carefully before filling in your application.

Deadlines and Dates

Closing date for applications                 11 January 2010, 11am
Interviews                                    w/c 18 January 2010

                                              Applications received after this deadline will not be considered

Brief Introduction to gDA
Greenwich Dance Agency was established in 1993. It occupies the former Borough Halls, a
substantial 1930’s municipal building close to Greenwich town centre. It is located in a host
Borough for the 2012 games, which presents exciting new opportunities for development and

The building consists primarily of two large halls that serve as both dance studios and venues for
performances/events. In addition there are a number of smaller spaces, which are currently used
as studios/offices and meeting rooms.

As a unique champion for dance in London, gDA provides a meeting place for dance artists and
the local community. It has developed an eclectic programme of activities including courses,
classes, performances and events to engage a wide range of people in process, participation,
performance and production. gDA is committed to simultaneously delivering an accessible
programme of work and creating an inspiring environment for dance practitioners.

Between 2010 and 2012 Greenwich Dance Agency will be the Big Dance Hub for South East
London and will be extending its work into the Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley and Lewisham. This
is an exciting opportunity for gDA, who will work alongside East London Dance, English National
Ballet, Sadler’s Wells and Siobhan Davies Dance to deliver the Big Dance programme for the

Mission Statement

gDA is concerned with the holistic development of dance. The Agency seeks to celebrate the
aesthetic, educational, recreational and social functions that dance fulfils within our society.


Three guiding principles underpin all aspects of the Agency's work.

•    A Commitment to Quality.
     gDA will work towards achieving the highest possible standards in both service provision
     and customer care.

•    Providing Access.
     gDA will ensure that its programme of work reflects the diversity of the community in which
     it operates.

•    Strategic Development.
     gDA is committed to working in partnership with other organisations concerned with the
     development of dance.


The aims of the organisation are:

•    To deliver a range of services for professional dancers, the wider public and the residents of
     Greenwich, providing opportunities for its users to engage with and participate in dance.

•    To work with and support both emerging and more established artists, from this country
     and abroad, whose work is of the highest quality.
•    To provide a programme of activities that complements, supports and extends dance
     provision in this country.

•    To provide a service to dancers and a focus for dance activity in South East London that will
     impact at a regional, national and international level.

•    To reinforce the reputation of Greenwich as a leading provider of cultural and recreational
     activity outside of the centre of London.

•    To develop its building base and ensure that The Borough Halls are re-established as a
     centre for local celebrations whose primary focus is dance.

•    To provide employment and training opportunities and to contribute to the regeneration of
     the London Borough of Greenwich.

•    To provide a resource available for hire to local user groups and independent producers.


Greenwich Dance Agency is a charitable trust and a company limited by guarantee. It is governed
by a non-executive Board of Management; a committee of ten members who act in a voluntary
capacity. The Board meets four times per year to oversee the management of the organisation. In
addition, the Board and all staff meet at an annual Awayday meeting to discuss future planning and
strategy. To guide different areas of the organisation sub-committees were created in 2004
consisting of one or two Board members and appropriate staff members.

The day-to-day business of the Agency is undertaken by a staff team consisting of:
•     A full-time Director, directly responsible to the Board to direct the artistic programme
      and business of gDA in order to fulfil the vision and long term strategic objectives of the
•     A Senior Management Team, consisting of two Artistic Programme Managers,
      Business Manager and Production and Facilities Manager.
•     Four Co-ordinator posts, each supporting specific areas of the Agency’s work –
      Community and Education, Professional Development and Events, Marketing and Press and
•     An Office Manager, overseeing all areas of administration and reception and an
      Administrator, providing support across the organisation.
•     Part-time Evening Reception staff responsible for front of house duties such as
      answering enquiries, taking bookings and registering participants for classes and courses.

Funding and Finance

gDA receives regular funding from Greenwich Council and Arts Council England, London. It also
receives smaller project grants from a range of sources that have previously included Arts Council
England, Barclays Capital, Big Lottery, The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn
Trust, British Council and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The turnover of the organisation was just over £650,000 in 08/09. The Agency receives
approximately half of its income in the form of revenue funding, a further 35% is earned income
from classes, events and space hire, and the remainder is a combination of smaller project grants
and contributed income from trusts/charities.

About the programme
As one of a very small number of building based organisations in London, gDA has established a
clear and significant role supporting independent dancers and choreographers, and providing
enjoyment and learning opportunities for local people. gDA’s reputation relies on the quality of its
services and its commitment to ensuring that it remains a friendly organisation that responds
quickly and efficiently to the needs of its users.

To date gDA has developed the following programme of activity:

Dance Services for Young People and the Local Community
gDA has a proven history of providing young people with high quality, accessible dance
opportunities. The Agency has been running classes at its building base since 1993, launched its
Education/Outreach programme in 1998 and its Youth Group in 1999. These regular sessions
coupled with the delivery of school dance clubs and professional development sessions for
teachers provide a bedrock for this area of gDA's work. Over this time gDA has worked with
each and every school in the borough.

The services gDA runs for local schools include after-school dance clubs, performance projects,
practical workshops for young people and INSETs, as well as advice for teachers. Funding has
recently been awarded to develop and present ‘transition days’, designed to support Greenwich
Primary School pupils with the transition to secondary school.

gDA has also developed a programme of work for older people, currently delivering regular tea
dances at The Borough halls and movement sessions in local sheltered housing accommodation.
Emphasis is being placed increasingly on creative experience and integration.

gDA hosts an extensive programme of community classes and courses for adults in a range of
dance styles such as Egyptian, Flamenco, Yoga and Cuban. Classes are held throughout the
academic year on Monday to Thursday evenings. Friday afternoons and Saturdays are dedicated to
gDA’s children and youth classes.

Support for Professional Dance Artists
gDA provides a programme of regular classes and one off workshops. Daily class takes place in
the main hall and is delivered by well established UK-based and international dance artists. Recent
teachers have included Duncan MacFarland, Henri Oguike, Theo Clinkard, Lauren Potter, Anna
Williams and Sonia Rafferty. The price of class is heavily subsidised, with teachers and
accompanists paid a guaranteed fixed fee, not dependent on the contributions from the attendees.
Together with The Place and Independent Dance, gDA provides the highest quality and most
consistently well attended open Contemporary classes now available in London.

The programme of daily classes is supplemented by a range of other training opportunities in the
form of one-off workshops and short courses. gDA hosts workshops by internationally recognised
guest artists who have included Ruth Zaporah, Rosalind Crisp, Hofesh Schecter, Joan Skinner,
Kirstie Simson, Rosemary Butcher, Alvin Ailey Company and Jonathan Burrows. In Partnership
with Chisenhale Dance Space and Independent Dance gDA also presents London Dance
International - an annual initiative for professional dancers that aims to provide advanced level
training opportunities.

gDA provides rehearsal space at subsidised rates to dance companies and individual artists. Recent
users of this service include: Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company, Henri Oguike Dance Company
and Random Dance. gDA regularly meets with dance artists at different stages of their careers
offering support, advice, practical help with funding applications and rehearsal space in kind.

gDA welcomes dance artists and companies to use space in the building for the administration and
management of their work and has recently established a new media function through a
connection with innovator James Stevens and his organisation Current resident artists
are MIKS, Athina Vahla, Noel Wallace, Frauke Requardt and Temujin Gill.

Performances and Events
One of the central aims of gDA is to breathe new life into the Borough Halls and return the
building to its position as a centre for local celebration. The Borough Hall has a dynamic
atmosphere lending itself to the presentation of contemporary performance in a non-conventional

gDA is increasingly well known for its programme of performance events which include
community sharings, participatory events, site-sensitive work and double bills showcasing
emergent artists.

In December 2006 gDA launched a new artistic initiative in the form of regular Cabarets in the
Borough Hall. A primary aim of these events was to bring a diverse audience into one space to
watch a varied range of dance/performance acts. In addition to introducing new audiences to new
work the event has raised the profile of the Agency and the Borough Halls at a local level as well
as celebrated the venue’s special qualities as a unique performance space.

For the past 10 years gDA has hosted installation based work presented as part of Dance
Umbrella. Artists have included Nigel Charnock, Random Dance, Carol Brown, Shobana Jeyasingh
and Josef Nadj.

gDA also produces large-scale projects, celebratory events and site-specific performances/
commissions either as special seasons or in association with other key partners such as Greenwich
and Docklands Festivals (GDF).

One of gDA’s most ambitious and inspiring intergenerational projects was the recent ‘Common
Dance’ which was commissioned by Greenwich Dance Agency and Dance Umbrella in association
with Artsadmin. Initiated and choreographed by Rosemary Lee with a specially commissioned
score by Terry Mann, it involved 48 professional and non-professional dancers aged from 8-82 and
60 young people from Finchley Children’s Music Group. Created specifically for gDA’s Borough
Hall the space was used as a symbolic ‘common ground’ bringing together performers from across
the generations. Common Dance culminated with 6 sold out performances in October as part of
Dance Umbrella 2010 to universal critical acclaim.

General Hires
As a local resource, gDA makes its space available to a variety of local groups and individuals. The
halls are hired for a wide range of activities from private weddings to large-scale concerts and

                                          Staff Structure

                                            DIRECTOR (F/T)


  ARTISTIC                      ARTISTIC                 BUSINESS                            PRODUCTION &
PROGRAMME                     PROGRAMME                MANAGER (F/T)                           FACILITIES
MANAGER (0.5)                 MANAGER (0.8)                                                   MANAGER (F/T)

   &                     DEVELOPMENT    & PRESS      OR (F/T)          MANAGER            FACILITIES     (0.5)
   EDUCATION             & EVENTS       CO-                            (0.8)              CO-
   CO-                   CO-            ORDINATOR                                         ORDINATOR
   ORDINATOR             ORDINATOR      (F/T)                                             (0.5)
   (F/T)                 (F/T)

               FREELANCE &                                   RECEPTIONISTS       CASUAL                  CLEANERS
               SESSIONAL                                                         STAFF

                                        Job Description


HOURS:                37.5 hrs per week

SALARY:               £18,000 - £22,000

RESPONSIBLE TO: Artistic Programme Manager (Professional Development & Events)

To assist the Artistic Programme Manager in the management and co-ordination of gDA’s
Professional Development and Events Programme.

Professional Development and Events Programme comprises daily professional class, short
courses, rehearsal space provision, artist support and public performances including the gDA
Cabaret, site sensitive events, local celebrations, participatory projects, social dances and informal

Key areas of work:
 To support the Artistic Programme Manager to ensure the smooth running of the Professional
   Development & Events Programmes.
 To manage specific projects as delegated by the Artistic Programme Manager.
 To liaise with artists, managers, organisations and the general public as necessary.
 To provide general support across the administrative and artistic functions of the organisation
   as required.
 To promote and appropriately represent Greenwich Dance Agency.
 To work within the Artistic Team to ensure each programme area; Education & Outreach,
   Professional Development and Performances & Events function as part of a complementary
   and coherent whole.

Professional Development and Events Programmes
 To co-ordinate the agreed programme of activity, undertaking administration necessary for the
   post (e.g. correspondence, filing, minute taking).
 To communicate with partners and ensure appropriate contracts are issued as necessary.
 To liaise with professional dancers, artists and companies regarding rehearsals, residencies,
   showings, classes, courses and performances and provide any necessary administrative
 To provide a regular interface with the Professional Development Programme teachers, guests
   and attendees.
 To schedule the professional daily classes under guidance from the Artistic Programme
 To support the Artistic Programme Manager and Technical Team realise all gDA performances
   and events taking place either at the Borough Halls or off-site undertaking correspondence,
   contracting and practical arrangements as required.
 To manage specific artistic projects as delegated by the Artistic Programme Manager.
 To document projects and contribute to and/ or complete programme reports where
 To monitor, collate and present qualitative feedback from participants and attendees.
 To arrange accommodation and travel for guest artists as necessary.
 To ensure the maintenance of the artist contact database.
   To ensure the maintenance of appropriate registers, records and statistical data.
   To ensure the maintenance of a video / DVD archive of all gDA events footage.
   To ensure the maintenance of the space bookings diary including regular classes, rehearsal
    space and hires.
   To support Greenwich Dance Agency’s marketing practice as required liaising with the
    Marketing and Press Co-ordinator.

 To respond to, passing on as appropriate, face to face and written enquiries.
 To undertake additional administrative duties necessary to the smooth running of the
  organisation as requested.
 To assist in the production of Board papers and reports as required.
 To attend Board meetings as required.

Profile development, networking and communication
 To respond to enquiries relating to artist support and performance opportunities in
   London/the South East.
 To actively promote and represent gDA’s activities locally, nationally and internationally.
 To support the Artistic Programme Managers and Director in sustaining existing and
   developing new partnerships on a national and international level.
 To attend meetings, briefings, forums and events relevant to this post.

 To represent gDA as appropriate.
 To open and close the building at the beginning and end of shifts as required.
 To demonstrate an active commitment to the development and implementation of Equal
  Opportunities at Greenwich Dance Agency.
 To use new technology as required.
 To carry out these duties with due attention to Greenwich Dance Agency’s policies and
  procedures including Health and Safety and Child Protection.

                                   Person Specification
Professional Development and Events Co-ordinator

The following are essential criteria for this post and the successful candidate will need
to demonstrate that they have these skills, knowledge and attributes:


1    Good organisational skills - ability to manage time effectively and prioritise workload

2    Good administrative skills, including filing and minute taking

3    Good oral communication and interpersonal skills

4    Strong writing skills eg. letter writing, report writing, draft copy-writing

5    IT skills - familiarity with databases, Microsoft Office

6    Ability to monitor, evaluate and document projects/performances

Knowledge and Experience

1    Minimum two years work experience within a dance organisation

2    Project management experience

3    Knowledge of current dance provision and trends in the UK

4    Basic knowledge of Arts Funding in the UK

Attributes/Personal Strengths

1    Strong team player – able to work with all staff, artists and members of the public

2    Highly motivated, self-starter

3    Ability to work under pressure to a high standard

4    Accurate, thorough and methodical with good attention to detail

5    Flexible and calm

6    Understanding of and commitment to Equal Opportunities



 NAME                                                  SURNAME


 DAYTIME CONTACT                                      MOBILE TELEPHONE
 NUMBER                                               NUMBER



Please give the names of two people who could be approached for references, at least one should
be a recent employer/client. Please * if you do not wish your referees to be contacted prior to an
offer of engagement.

                            REFERENCE 1                            REFERENCE 2






Education & Training
Please give details of educational establishments attended. You may also include short courses.

 DATES                     NAME & ADDRESS                           QUALIFICATIONS OBTAINED

Work Experience
Please give details of your employment history starting with the most recent (freelancers with a
large number of short term contracts may wish to select their most relevant work experience).
Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

 DATES                     NAME & ADDRESS                           POSITION HELD

Supporting Information
Please outline why you have applied for this post. In this section candidates will be expected to
demonstrate that they meet the requirements set out in the Person Specification. Please continue
on an additional sheet if necessary.

Please give details of any Criminal Convictions you have had, or any other reason that you may
not be able to obtain a CRB enhanced disclosure.



I hereby consent to gDA holding and using the data on this application form for the purpose of
administering my application. I understand and agree that this data will be kept for up to six
months following the recruitment process and that if successful in my application the data will be
kept and used for the basis of my personal file.

To the best of my knowledge the information on this form is correct.

Please sign and date this form below. If completing electronically please print name and date.

 Signature                                             Date

                   /      Equal Opportunities Policy


Through its policies, practices and services, (including employment procedures, building access,
artistic programming, training and Board representation) Greenwich Dance Agency is committed
to the principle of equal opportunities for all. The principles and procedures included below
inform the organisation’s Equality Action Plan, which outlines the action being taken to put the
policy into practice.

gDA’s commitment to equality

gDA’s commitment to equality is founded on the belief that art and society are enriched by the
meeting of many cultures.

Culture may be derived from ethnicity, colour, language, philosophy, faith, passion, disability, class,
age group, gender, country of birth or family, sexual orientation and, increasingly, a combination of
these factors. Culture binds individuals into groups and groups into communities; it provides a
sense of identity, provides a means of building tolerance, trust and understanding, regenerates
communities, enriches and transforms lives.

Dance is a people-focused art form, with no language barrier and no intermediary instruments, it
works with and through the body to create meaning that can be narrative, lyrical and visual. It is a
powerful means of expressing and communicating the values and beliefs that underpin diverse
cultures, and of providing a meeting ground for promoting intercultural dialogue, sharing and

Access and diversity are at the core of gDA’s ethos. The artistic programme celebrates the many
manifestations of dance genres and styles in order to appeal and be relevant to a range of
constituencies. gDA is proactive about supporting styles, themes and practices with a less
developed infrastructure including, for example, hip hop, integrating dancers with and without
disabilities, intergenerational work and participatory work with particular ethnic and cultural

Statement of Policy

Greenwich Dance Agency recognises that groups and individuals currently face being discriminated
against in British society on the grounds of race, origin, physical appearance, gender, marital status,
class, religious belief, disability, sexuality, age or responsibility for dependents. Stereotypes,
assumptions and preconceptions can also limit understanding about dance and its accessibility for
some dance artists and the public. gDA is committed to finding ways of challenging these difficult
and complex problems in all aspects of its work, to ensuring equality of access for all groups and
individuals, and to ensuring that no group of individual in contact with gDA shall receive less
favourable treatment than others on any of the grounds listed above.

All employees are required by the terms of their contracts, to observe gDA’s Equal Opportunities
Policy. Failure to do so may render an employee liable to disciplinary action.

The organisation has a policy of equal opportunities in: Recruitment and Employment practice,
Artistic Programming, Board representation, Training and Access.

Recruitment and Employment Practice

When a post becomes vacant the Director will propose a detailed job description and person

All such papers will avoid the use of discriminatory language.

All stated requirements, i.e. qualifications, experience and skills will be entirely relevant to the
major functions of the job.

These essential requirements will be the sole criteria used to shortlist and select applicants.


Advertising for the post will be drafted by the Business Manager and checked by the Director, and
the Board where appropriate, to ensure that the wording contains no built in prejudice. If
necessary this may need to involve outside bodies (such as the Commission for Racial Equality).

The post will be advertised as widely as possible to communities to whom the vacancy may be of
interest. Positive action may be taken to encourage applications by under represented sectors of
the community as the Director sees fit.

The statement: ‘Greenwich Dance Agency is an Equal Opportunities employer’ will appear on all

Candidates replying to an advert will be sent a standard application form, job description and
person specification, gDA background information and a copy of this policy. C.V.s will not be
requested or accepted as the applicant would not have had access to the job specification.

Short listing

The Director will shortlist with a sub-committee appointed for the purpose.

Criteria for short listing must be clear and consistently applied to all applications using only the
essential requirements as a measure of suitability.

Reasons why an application was rejected should be written on the application form.

Any internal candidate will be given the opportunity for an informal discussion about the post. It
will then be for the employee to evaluate whether they meet the necessary criteria and whether
to apply. The application will then be treated in exactly the same way as all others received.


The interview panel will be appointed by the Director with the agreement of the Board. At least
one representative of each gender will be on the panel.

The interview will be strictly confined to the requirements of the post and will not seek
information about the applicant’s private life or opinions not relevant to those requirements.

All panel members will have a form for each candidate giving their response to the interview and
their views on the candidate’s suitability for the post and these forms will be kept on file for six

Artistic Programming

Through its artistic programme Greenwich Dance Agency will strive to encourage involvement
and participation in all forms of dance by all sectors of the community.

gDA’s artistic programming will reflect the broad range of dance activity and present positive
images of cultural diversity.

Where possible this programming will include work to make dance more accessible to specific
groups in society and challenge negative and stereotypical images of dance and dancers.

The programme will provide examples of artistic excellence from artists working in a variety of

The programme will include a supporting series of education and outreach projects in consultation
with the appropriate organisations to increase access to and knowledge of dance in the local

Board Representation

Greenwich Dance Agency acknowledges that the groups discriminated against on the grounds
listed above have been under-represented on Board of Management.

gDA will continue to work to recruit potential members of its Board of Management from all
sections of the community with relevant skills and interests in the various areas of the
organisation’s activities. All Board members will be made aware of this Equal Opportunities Policy.


gDA aims to inform its staff and Board of and assist in providing training on the provisions of anti-
discrimination legislation and this policy.

gDA aims to ensure that staff and Board members are sensitive to attitudes and practices which
are based on generalisations about individuals or groups. Where necessary staff will be invited to
seek training to help them perform their duties under this policy more effectively.


gDA will work to widen physical access to all the spaces in the Borough Hall. The organisation will
ensure that all gDA activities, whether they take place in the Borough Hall or an external venue,
will take place in environments which are welcoming, friendly and accessible.

Greenwich Borough Hall has level access to both main dance spaces with adapted toilet facilities.
Current offices are only partially accessible due to narrow entry points. There are no induction
loops as yet but a mini-com is available. All literature will be produced in large print on request.
Clear access information will appear on all publicity documentation. gDA has a fully accessible

Responsibility and Monitoring

All members of staff will be encouraged to take responsibility for ensuring effective equal
opportunity practices. Overall responsibility for ensuring this policy is adhered to is that of the

Every three years this policy will be reviewed by a sub-committee consisting of the Director and
two Board members. A report will be submitted to the Board regarding the previous three years
equal opportunity practice in respect of the areas covered above.


It is an essential condition of this policy that all employees and Board members should:

Not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, origin, physical appearance, gender,
marital status, class, religious belief, disability, sexuality, age or responsibility for dependents

Co-operate with all resolutions endorsed by the Board concerning Equal Opportunities.

Not abuse or intimidate employees or users of gDA on the grounds of race, origin, physical
appearance, gender, marital status, class, religious belief, disability, sexuality, age or responsibility
for dependents.

Not victimise individuals because they have exposed action or policies which constitute acts of
discrimination or harassment.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

In order to ascertain whether we are reaching a cross section of the community, you are asked to
provide the following information. Please note that you are not obliged to fill in this form, it will
be kept separately from your application and it will remain anonymous. Thank you for your help.

Please tick the boxes that apply.


Ethnic Origin
(As categorised by Arts Council England)

White                           British
                                Any other white, please state

Asian or British Asian  Asian Bangladeshi
                        Asian Indian
                        Asian Pakistani
                        Any other Asian background,
                        please state
Black or British Black  Black African
                        Black Caribbean
                        Any other Black background,
                        please state
Chinese or other ethnic Chinese
group                   Any other, please state
Dual Heritage           Dual Asian & White
                        Dual Black African & White
                        Dual Black Caribbean & White
                        Dual Chinese & White
                        Any other background, please
Any other ethnic group
(please specify)

        Would you consider yourself to have a disability?


How did you hear about this job or where did you see the advertisement?


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