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									                                                                      2009-2010 Educational Conferences

                Fall, 2009
               Conferences                                 Dates                             Location             Website and Notes
Texas Association for the Education of Young      Sept. 24-26, 2009            Moody Gardens, Galveston
Children (Texas AEYC)

Rio Grande Valley National Association of         Oct. TBD                                             
Purchasing Management
TASB/TASA                                         Oct. 2-4, 2009               George R. Brown, Houston Call for
                                                                                                                 proposals now open. Deadline: March 16, 2009
Texas Association for Bilingual Education         Oct. 14-17, 2009             Westin Galleria Hotel, Houston
Consortium of State Organizations for Texas       October 18-22, 2009          Omni North, San Antonio, Tx
Teacher Education
ACET Conference (COMP ed) Fall conference         Oct. 21-23, 2009             Sheraton hotel formerly Adams
                                                                               Mark, Dallas
TexTESOL IV                                       October 24, 2009             Hilton, University of Houston
Texas ASCD                                        October 25-27, 2009          The Embassy Suites, Dallas-Frio Call for proposals now open!
                                                                                                                 Deadline March 11,2009
National School Boards Association (NSBA's 20th Oct. 28-30, 2009               Denver Colorado          Call for proposals now open.
Annual Tech & Learning Conf)                                                                                     Deadline: April 1, 2009
TEPSA Texas Elementary Principals &             Oct. 29-30, 2009               Fort Worth, Renaissance 
Supervisors Association (Fall Summit)                                          Worhington Hotel
Texas Social Studies Conference                 Oct. 30-31; Nov. 1, 2009       Hyatt Regency, Dallas    Call for proposals now Open.
                                                                                                                 Deadline May 15, 2009
Association for Educational Communications and Oct. 27-31, 2009                Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Call for proposals now
Technology (AECT)                                                              Kentucky                          open. Deadline Feb. 16, 2009

TexTESOL, 2009 State Conference                   Nov. (not available yet)                             
Texas Association of Community Schools            Nov. (not available yet)                             
(Construction only)
Educause Annual Conference                        Nov. 3-6,2009                Denver Colorado          Call for proposals now
                                                                                                                 open. Deadline: Feb. 17, 2009
American Association of Grant Professionals       Nov. 4-7, 2009               Austin, Tx              
CAST-Conference for the Advancement of Science    Nov. 5-7,2009                Galveston, Tx           
Texas Migrant Conference                          Nov. 11-13,2009              Corpus Christi, Tx      
Texas Counseling Association                      Nov. 11-14, 2009             Sheraton Hotel, Dallas   Call for Proposals
                                                                                                                 now open. Deadline-April 1, 2009
Texas State Reading Association                   Nov. 12-14, 2009             Sheraton Hotel, Arlington for proposals now open. Deadline:
                                                                                                                 August 1, 2009
Texas Occupational Therapy Association            Nov. 13-15,2009              Omni, San Antonio       
National Council of Social Studies                Nov. 13-15, 2009             Atlanta, Georgia         Call for Proposals now
                                                                                                                 open. Deadline-Feb. 9, 2009
North American Council for Online Learning-2009 Nov. 15-17, 2009               Austin, Tx, Hilton       CAll for proposals
Virtual School Symposium (NACOL)                                                                                 now Open. Deadline February 15, 2009
American Music Therapy Association Conf.        Nov. 17-22, 2009               San Diego, Calif.       

National Association for the Education of Young   Nov. 18-21, 2009             Washington, DC          
Children (NAEYC)
National Council of Teachers of English           Nov. 19-24, 2009             Philadelphia            
Southeast IRA Regional                            Nov. 29- Dec. 1, 2009        New Orleans, Louisiana  

TAGT Annual Professional Development              Dec. 2-4,2009                George R. Brown, Houston Call for Proposals now open.
Conference for Educators and Parents                                                                             Deadline-May 1, 2009
National Staff Development Council                Dec. 5-9, 2009               St. Louis, Mo.          
Texas Assessment Conference and Texas             Dec. 6-9,2009                Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas
Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel

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                                                                       2009-2010 Educational Conferences

               Spring 2010
               Conferences                         Dates                        Location                           Notes

Texas Staff Development Conference                 Jan.2010 ( Date not yet
Texas Council of Teachers of English (TCTELA)      Jan.2010 ( Date not yet      Austin, Tx                         Call for Proposals now open. Deadline: October 2, 2009
2009 Texas Partnership for Accomplished            January, 2010 (Date not      TBD
Teaching State Conference ( National Board         yet available)

Texas Council of Administrators of Special         January 12-14, 2010          Fort Worth               
Education (TCASE) Midwinter Conference

TAPE Conference( Tx. Assoc, for Partners in        January 24-26, 2010          Austin Convention Center, Austin
Administrators' Midwinter Conference on            January 24-27, 2010          Austin Convention Center, Austin
TASSP Asst. Principal Wkshp                        January 31- Feb. 2, 2010     Austin, Doubletree       

HSSC/TASCD                                         TBD
Early Childhood Winter Conference                  TBD                          Houston                            http://www.hcde-
Houston Hispanic Forum                             February, 2010               Houston                  
NABE-National Association for Bilingual            February 3-6, 2010           Denver, Colorado         
Texas Association of Alternative Education         February 4-6, 2020           Crowne Plaza, Austin Tx  
Texas School Public Relations Assoc. Conf.         Feb 22-24, 2010              Sheraton Hotel, 11th st., Austin
Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA)        February 8-12, 2010          Austin Convention Center, Austin

American Association of School Administrators      February 11-13, 2010         Phoenix, Arizona         
TASBO -63rd annual Conference                      February 15-19, 2010         Forth Worth Convention Cen.

16th Annual Celebrating Educational                March-TBD                                             
Opportunities for Hispanic Students Conference                                                                     px
 12th Annual BEEMS Conference (Bilingual           March, 2010 (TBD)            UTEP, El Paso            
Education Emphasizing Math and Science)
Texas Middle School Conference                     March, 2010                                           
 National Assoc. of Secondary School Principals-   March 12-14, 2010            Phoenix, Az              
NASSP                                                                                                              54609
 Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)       March 17-19, 2010            Chicago Hilton           

NSTA (National Science Teachers Assoc,)            March 18-21, 2010            Philadelphia             

TXDLA                                              March 21-24, 2010            Westin, Galleria         

National TESOL Conference Teachers of English      March 24-27,2010             Boston, Massachusetts    
to Speakers of Other Languages)
ACET Conference ( COMP ed)                         March 31-April 2             Austin, Renaissance      

Elementary School Counselors                       TBD                                                   
TXDLA Conference                                   April TBD                                             
NAESP- National Assoc. Elementary School           April 8-12,2010              Houston, Tx              
NSBA's 68th Annual (National School Board's        April 10-13, 2010            Chicago, Illinois        
Texas Library Association                          April 14-17, 2010            San Antonio              
American Commodity Distribution Ass. (ACDA)        April 16-21, 2010            Caribe Royal Orlando, Florida

NCTM- National Council of Teachers of              April 21-24, 2010            San Diego, Calif                       Proposal Deadline: May
Mathematics                                                                                                        1, 2009.
National Council for Exceptional Children          April 21-24, 2010            Nashville, Tx                  Call for Proposals. Deadline
                                                                                                                   March 9, 2009.
American Occupational Therapy Association          April 29- May 2, 2010        Orlando Florida          

IRA                                                May 2-6, 2010                Los Angeles, Calif.      
Region 1 Technology Conference                     May, TBD                     South Padre Island       

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                                                                   2009-2010 Educational Conferences

              Summer, 2010
                  Conferences                   Dates                       Location                    Notes

TEPSA Summer Conference                         June 9-11, 2010             Austin, Renaissance Hotel
Texas Association for School Nutrition (TASN)   June 12-17,2010             San Antonio, Tx   

American Physical Therapy Association          June 16-19,2010              Boston, Mass      
TASSP Conference (Secondary School Principals) June                         Austin convention Center

Texas Council of Women School Executives        June                        Austin, Renaissance Hotel
HCDE- Early Childhood Summer Conference                                     HCDE              
TASA 57th Annual Conference                     June                        Renaissance Hotel-Austin
Edmedia 2010                                    June 28-July 2, 2010        Toronto, Canada   

CAMT: Conference for the Advancement of         July 15-17, 2010            San Antonio, Tx   
Mathematics Teaching.
Texas Council of Administrators of Special      July 28-30, 2010            Fort Worth        
Education(TCASE)-Summer Leadership

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