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School of Social Science & International Studies Undergraduate Program

                  >   Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology
                  >   Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology / Bachelor of Laws
                  >   Bachelor of Arts (Major or Minor in Criminology)
                  >   Bachelor of Arts (Major in Criminology) / Bachelor of Laws

                  Criminology is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the study of crime, deviance,
                  social control and the legal system. Contemporary criminological scholars
                  investigate a broad range of topics including justice, conflict, risk, security,
                  insurance, policing, governance and regulation. Key concerns include the nature
                  of crime, how crime is defined and measured, why people commit crime and
                  how societies might respond. Criminologists tackle ‘real world’ social problems
                  including offending, victimisation, juvenile justice, drug addiction, community
                  safety, indigenous justice, organised crime and corrections. Criminology is
                  shaped not only by scholars in law, philosophy, psychology and sociology, but
                  also those in history, politics, economics, architecture, cultural studies, and other
                  interdisciplinary fields.

                  Criminology at UNSW

                  Innovative teaching and a ‘real world’ focus
                  Criminology courses include lectures, tutorials with problem based scenarios,
                  online learning, field visits and guest lecturers (victim and prisoner rights
                  advocates, indigenous justice workers, state and federal police officers, crime
                  prevention workers, and others affected by crime and justice).

                  The teaching staff are all active researchers with expertise in such areas as:
                  indigenous people and the criminal justice system, juvenile justice, restorative
                  justice, reparations, human rights and the detention of asylum seekers, ex-
                  prisoners and post release experiences, restorative justice, youth justice issues,
                  drug crime diversion, the policing of migration, police culture and professionalism,
                  and mental health disorders and cognitive disability in the criminal justice system.

                  You will be invited to get involved in the Crime and Justice Research Network a
                  new interdisciplinary initiative that brings together academics, researchers and
                  students across UNSW with an interest in crime and justice.

Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology

The Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology is a three-year degree which gives students the opportunity
to build skills in applied social research and policy analysis combined with specialised study in criminology.
The program allows students to focus on bringing together knowledge, methods and ideas derived from all
the social sciences to the analysis of criminological problems. Students will gain: an informed understanding
of criminal offending, victimisation, criminalisation and crime control in contemporary society; the ability to
place contemporary Australian criminal justice in an historical and comparative context; the ability to engage
critically with fundamental questions about ethics, justice and human rights. Students gain skills appropriate to
a wide range of employment opportunities in government, non government, community organisations, private
corporations and consulting firms.
                                                         Career options include:

                                                         NSW & Federal Attorney General’s Department, Department
                                                         of Juvenile Justice, Department of Corrective Services, NSW
                                                         & Federal Police, Intelligence agencies such as ASIO, Anti
                                                         corruption bodies, Security firms, Local government, Courts,
                                                         Prisons, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research, Australian
                                                         Institute of Criminology

                                                         Core Criminology and Social Science Courses:

                                                         >   Introduction to Criminology
                                                         >   Introduction to Criminal Justice
                                                         >   Criminal Law and Justice 1
                                                         >   Criminal Law and Justice 2
                                                         >   Criminological Theories
                                                         >   Social Science and Policy
                                                         >   Research and Information Management
                                                         >   Applied Social Research 1
                                                         >   Political Economy and the State
                                                         >   Policy Analysis Case Studies
                                                         >   Social Theory and Policy Analysis
                                                         >   Applied Social Research 2
                                                         >   Social Science and Policy Project

                                                         Sample of Electives:

                                                         >   Psychology, Sociology, History, Politics, English, Philosophy,
                                                             Languages, Women’s and Gender Studies
                                                         >   Policing
                                                         >   Explaining Punishment
                                                         >   History from Crime
                                                         >   Crime and Punishment in Historical Perspective
                                                         >   Crime, Power and Human Rights
                                                         >   Comparative Criminal Justice
                                                         >   Crime prevention
                                                         >   Youth Justice
                                                         >   Media, Crime and Criminal Justice
                                                         >   Diversity, Crime and Justice
Bachelor of Arts (Major or Minor in Criminology)

The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree which allows students to combine two areas
of interest from thirty five majors and minors. Students choosing a Criminology
major will find it is a good fit with areas such as politics, sociology, history,
psychology, philosophy, or women’s and gender studies.
The major in Criminology aims to provide students with a critical and informed
understanding of crime and justice issues in contemporary society. The program
offers both breadth and depth in its curriculum. Using an interdisciplinary approach
that integrates disciplinary knowledge from sociology, psychology, history, law and
policy studies, the major provides a critical and theoretically informed understanding
of crime and the justice system, criminal law and procedures, criminological
research methods, as well as a range of current issues with respect to social control,
juvenile justice, human rights, regulation, and penal policy. Criminology involves
understanding complex social realities; it is intellectually challenging and ideal for
those with a curiosity about social issues and a desire to bring about social change.

        Career options include:

        community services, local government, state and federal
        government departments including Attorney Generals, Juvenile
        Justice, Corrective Services and Police, Intelligence agencies
        such as ASIO, Anti-corruption bodies, courts, Australian Institute
        of Criminology

        Criminology Core Courses                                             Practical Experience

        >   Introduction to Criminology
                                                                             Research Project
        >   Introduction to Criminal Justice
        >   Criminal Law and Justice 1
        >   Criminological Theories                                          Students in both the Bachelor of Social Science
        >   Researching Crime and Justice                                    in Criminology and the Bachelor of Arts (Major
                                                                             in Criminology) undertake a capstone course
        Sample of Criminology Electives                                      which will bring together the knowledge
                                                                             gathered in earlier parts of the degree to tackle
        >   Policing                                                         a ‘real world’ criminological issue. Students
        >   Explaining Punishment                                            plan, conduct and manage an applied research
        >   History from Crime                                               project, develop skills in teamwork, and gain
        >   Crime and Punishment in Historical Perspective                   skills in interpreting and communicating
        >   Crime, Power and Human Rights                                    research findings.
        >   Comparative Criminal Justice
        >   Crime Prevention                                                 Arts and Social Sciences Internship
        >   Youth Justice
        >   Media, Crime and Criminal Justice                                UNSW offers an Arts and Social Sciences
        >   Diversity, Crime and Justice                                     internship through a degree credit course,
                                                                             providing the opportunity to get relevant
                                                                             work experience in a criminal justice agency,
                                                                             government department, non-governmental
                                                                             organisation (NGO) or research consultancy.
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                                        Graduate Profiles

                                         “Criminology at UNSW is a broad, multi-                                      “I feel like I was hired for job because I
                                        disciplined program that will open doors to                                   possessed good research skills.
                                        different opportunities for graduates. I am                                   I chose the B SocSc in Criminology because
                                        working at the Department of Defence as part                                  it was interdisciplinary – no other degree
                                        of the Graduate Development Program. The                                      included all of my interests – human behaviour,
                                        Defence grad program consists of 3 rotations                                  the law and social policy. The social science
                                        over a 10 month period. I am currently on first                                part of the degree has been very important for
                                        rotation at ADF Investigative Services – the                                  my current work at the Bureau of Statistics.
                                        military police. My specific focus is to assist                                A lot of my job is actually researching what
                                        with implementing the recommendations of the                                  information is published by the ABS and
                                        Senate Inquiry to Military Justice.                                           other authorities on a number of topics - so
                                                                                                                      as you can guess the skills I gained in the
                                        The Criminology degree from UNSW has given                                    social science component of the degree are
                                        me a solid set of practical skills in research                                immensely important.
                                        and policy analysis and development. Ability to
                                        apply these skills in varying work contexts is                                The research project was a wonderful chance
                                        especially important in a rotational graduate                                 for us to put the social research skills we
                                        program. It’s amazing just how much you draw                                  learned over the years into practice. In fact,
                                        on your time at uni once you get out into the                                 much of what I learned in those subjects is
                                        workforce. I can’t recommend enough using                                     important for my current job – knowing how to
                                        the many resources available to you for career                                frame questions, design survey instruments,
                                        development – careers fairs, the learning                                     construct timetables for research, and
                                        centre, internships, lecturers, tutors and                                    manage projects.”
                                        other contacts.”

                                        Leah Middlemass                                                               Emma Worthington
                                        Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology
                                        Australian Department of Defence
                                                                                         “                            Bachelor of Social Science in Criminology       “
                                                                                                                      Information Officer, Australian Bureau of Statistics

                                         International Opportunities        “
                                         As one of Australia’s most international universities UNSW encourages students to spend
                                         a session or two overseas studying at one of our partner institutions as part of your degree.
                                         UNSW manages a large and active exchange program with over 180 different student exchange
                                         opportunities in 32 countries.

                                         Program Coordinator:                        Dr Alison Wakefield
                                         Tel:                                        +61 2 9385 1807
                                         UNSW Handbook                     

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