ASSOCIATE OF ARTS (AA): CRIMINOLOGY
                                                                         CHECKLIST: PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS, 2007 – 2008
                                                                                                          ***Please Read Program Notes***
A minimum grade C is required in each course counting towards the degree. With an AA degree, students can enter 3rd year of a Bachelor of
Arts program provided they have chosen courses correctly in accordance with requirements for their program and institution of choice.

ENGL    1100 (or 1110)                              _____________ q         36 CREDITS IN ARTS CONTINUED
                                                                            C. 6 second year courses (18 credits) from at least 2 Arts
At least 1 of:
                                                                                disciplines (Please note: Although 6 second year
ENGL 1202, 1204 (1203, 1205, 1206)                  _____________ q
                                                                                courses are required, only 5 are listed here. CRIM
§ Please check online calendar for current and complete listing of              2103, included in the 9 credits of science counts as the
  courses or click on links               sixth course.)
  below:                                                                        **Students are cautioned against taking third year course work.
                                                                                   Should you wish to take a third year course, please consult
9 CREDITS OF SCIENCE                                                               With an educational advisor***
A. CPSC 1100 or 1103                                _____________ q                WHICH MUST INCLUDE:
                                                                                   CRIM   2330                                                 q
B. ANTH 1217* (1125*) or another lab science _____________ q                       CRIM   2331                                                 q
                                                                                   CRIM   2341                                                 q
C. CRIM 2103                                           _____________ q
*do not fulfill the science requirement at Kwantlen or elsewhere for               At least 1 of:
science majors                                                                     CRIM     2249 (1249), 2204 (1204), 2205, 2211 (1211),
A MINIMUM OF 36 CREDITS IN ARTS                                                             2213 (1213), 2214 (1214)

                                                                                                                               _____________ q
                                                                                   1 elective course (3 credits) from the following
A.        CRIM     1100                             _____________ q
                                                                                   (remember you must have at least 2 disciplines)
                                                                                   ANTH             ASIA              CRWR
          CRIM     1101                             _____________ q
                                                                                   ECON             ENGL              FINA
                                                                            FREN   GEOG             GERM              HIST
          CRIM     1107                             _____________ q
                                                                            JAPN   LING             MAND              MUSI
                                                                            PHIL   POLI             PSYC              PUNJ
          CRIM     1207                             _____________ q
                                                                            SOCI   SPAN
                                                                                   ***Undergraduate courses numbered 2000‐2999 are
          CRIM     1208                             _____________ q                Primarily second year. Students may follow this as a
                                                                                   Guideline when choosing their courses for the Associate of
          PSYC     1100                             _____________ q                Arts degree. However, thereare some exceptions to this
                                                                                   Rule. Below is a list of 1000 level undergraduate courses
          PSYC     1200                             _____________ q                that may be used as second year credit***
                                                                                   ANTH 1200, (1211), 1212, (1215, 1216), 1220, (1230,
          SOCI     1125                             _____________ q                      1240), 1260, 1290, 1291
                                                                                   CRIM 1207, 1208
          At least 1 of:                                                           GEOG (1211), 1212
          PHIL    1100, 1110, 1145, 1150            _____________ q
                                                                                   MUSI 1153, 1253
B. 1 course (3 credits) in Humanities: Courses from the                            PHIL (1210, 1211, 1250)
    following subject areas at the 1100 level or higher, qualify                   POLI 1110, 1120, 1123, 1125, 1145, 1150, 1155,
    to meet this requirement.                                                            1240
          CRWR               FINA               FREN*                              SOCI Any 1200 level course or higher
          GERM*              HIST               HUMN                                                                          _____________ q
          JAPN*              LING               MAND*
          MUSI               PHIL               PUNJ*                       DO I MEET THE ASSOCIATE OF ARTS
          SPAN*                                                             REQUIREMENTS?
                                                   _____________ q            1. Completed 20 courses with a minimum of 60 university
                                                                                  transferable credits
                                                                              2. Included at least 12 courses (36 credits) in Arts, not including
* Assessment by Modern Languages Department is recommended for all               the 6 credits of English
Language courses                                                              3. Included at least 2 Humanities courses (6 credits) not including
                                                                                  the 6 credits of English
                                                                              4. Included at least 2 Social Sciences courses (6 credits)
                                                                              5. Included at least 6 courses (18 credits) at the second year level
                                                                                 taken in 2 or more subject areas in Arts
 Important: Must complete a minimum of 20 courses (60 credits). Courses cannot be used to fufill more than one requirement. Interpretation
 of 2007/2008 Kwantlen University Calendar (see calendar for the official program description) Please make an appointment with an advisor
 to ensure you have met all the necessary requirements. Course numbers marked in italics indicate discontinued courses.
                                                               ASSOCIATE OF ARTS (AA): CRIMINOLOGY
                                                                    CHECKLIST: PROGRAM NOTES, 2007 – 2008

                     Transfer to Bachelor of Arts @ Kwantlen University College

 Within the confines of the Associate, students can complete the requirements for admission into the
 Bachelor of Arts programs at Kwantlen. For more information, please refer to the Kwantlen calendar at

 o Completion of the AA CRIM, or equivalent
 o Minimum GPA of 3.00

 o 60 total credits
 o Minimum grade of C in all required courses
 o Principles of Math 11 with a C, or equivalent (e.g., MATP 1011 or Math 1093)
 o Completion of English requirement (ENGL 1100, and one of ENGL 1202 or 1204)
 o 2 of 3 Quantitative courses completed. For a list of Quantitative courses, please visit
 o Completion of Language Requirement
    Language 11 or 6 credits post‐secondary Language (Introductory Language 11 not accepted)

                                   Transfer to Bachelor of Arts @ SFU

 AA degree holders who transfer to SFU will be given a GPA admission advantage of 0.25 grade points. Ex. Students
 who transfer with a GPA of 2.75 will have their GPA raised to 3.00. This does not apply towards admission into the
 School of Criminology at SFU.

 For more information, please refer to the SFU calendar at

 Within the confines of the Associate, students should ensure they are meeting the faculty and program requirements
 required by SFU:

                                   Transfer to Bachelor of Arts @ UBC

 UBC does not offer a Criminology Major. For more information on other majors, please refer to the UBC calendar at

 Within the confines of the Associate, students should ensure they are meeting the faculty and program requirements
 for effective transfer:
Completion of AA does not guarantee entry to 3rd year at transfer institution. Please check that you have met
   the program requirements for the transfer institution. For further course planning information, go to

Transfer status may vary at each receiving institution. Please ensure courses are transferable by checking the
                        online BC Transfer Guide at 

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