EXHIBITS TO BE PRESENTED
         AT THE JEWISH MUSEUM OF FLORIDA 2008 - 2010

Permanent Core Exhibit

Through more than 600 photos and artifacts, the core exhibition depicts thematically Jewish life in
Florida since Jews were first allowed to settle in 1763 to the present. Tells the stories of contributions
by Jews to every area of development of the Sunshine State, while at the same time maintaining their
traditions. This is a portrayal of one immigrant group as an example of every family, as all have roots
somewhere else and have had to acculturate to a new society.

Thru August 23, 2009

Florida Jews in Sports
This exhibit portrays, on miniature playing fields, the impact of more than 150 Floridian Jews in 24
sports for more than 100 years, including players, coaches, team owners and journalists. Dynamic
and colorful, it depicts the inspirational lives of Jewish athletes, most of Olympic, All-American and
major league (football, baseball, basketball and soccer) achievement. A thorough survey, Florida
Jews in Sports also includes athletes in boxing, equestrian, golf, martial arts, NASCAR, swimming,
tennis and many other sports. This exhibit attracts visitors of all ages and backgrounds and provides
an excellent teaching tool for students in the areas of teamwork, courage, persistence, integrity,
citizenship, commitment, excellence and justice.
Feb 10 - May 10, 2009

Jewish Photographic Memories by Gabriela Landau
Landau wandered the streets of New York in the 1950s and 60s, her camera focused on a particular
and favorite subject. Home to a large Jewish community, the Lower East Side was bustling with
activity. Corner delis, street vendors, busy pedestrians, piles of pretzels and handwritten signs were
some of the scenes and characters Gabriela captured. This colorful world, long gone now, is
suspended in time in her black and white photographs.
Sept 8, 2009 - Feb 7, 2010

Judy Chicago: Jewish Identity
This retrospective view of the work of famed artist Judy Chicago illuminates the impact of her Eastern
European roots and Jewish cultural and politically activist upbringing on her own identity. Chicago
uses different media to interpret themes about life cycles, Jewish holidays, the Bible, Holocaust,
Israel and multiculturalism. Many of her works were born as reflections on power and powerlessness
and the roles of men and women. An educator as well as an artist, Chicago evokes the quest for
human freedom and tolerance. Her artistic message inspires and enlightens visitors of all faiths for
the benefit of mankind.

May 19 - Oct. 9

Marilyn Cohen: Capturing Memories in Collage
Memories and dreams are made up of fragments; these artworks contain layers of memories in their
layers of paper. The artist creates through the collage technique an entire universe made of tiny
scraps of historical information. As a profile of an individual may be constructed by emphasizing or
concealing a point of personal history, Cohen selected and manipulated hand colored paper to
highlight the mood, character, emotion and stature of her subjects. The artworks communicate the
valued personalities to the viewer.
Oct. 20, 2009 - April 4, 2010

48 JEWS: What it Means to be Jewish
This is a series of painted Warhol-esque portraits by Absalom Jac Lahav of famous Jews that
celebrates and questions our notions of what it means to be Jewish. The images are gathered from
contemporary media sources and selected for their iconic quality. Some included are: Anne Frank,
Elie Weisel, Bob Dylan, Gertrude Stein, Alan Greenspan, and Leonard Nimoy.

February 23 – September 12, 2010

Florida Jews in the Military
In tribute to all veterans, this is the story of Floridian Jews who have served in the military.
Throughout history, the supreme offering a human being could make for his nation was to put one’s
life on the line for the ideals and freedom of that nation. The military offered a direct route to
acculturation, especially for new immigrants. Floridian Jews have fought for every conflict from the
Seminole Wars when the city of Ft. Myers was named for Col. Abraham C. Myers through the Civil
War when Morris Dzalynski of Jacksonville and many others served, to the World Wars, Korean, Viet
Nam, Gulf and battles of the 21st Century!

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