HIV Testing Counseling by hyk39307


									                                  Screening for HIV as Part of Prenatal Care
                                             Prior to Week 36
                        Accepts            All patients should be counseled on the benefits of HIV       Declines in Writing
                                        testing during pregnancy and informed that you are required
                                          by law to order this test unless patient refuses in writing.

                Order HIV 1/2 Ab (EIA)
                                                                                        If patient declines HIV screening, the topic of HIV
                                                                                          testing should be revisted at each subsequent
                                              If HIV 1/2 Ab (EIA) is                       prenatal care visit. It is never too late to test.
  If HIV 1/2 Ab is negative
  Continue prevention counseling
  and routine prenatal care,
  unless the patient has the                  Order an HIV Western          If Western Blot is positive, then the patient should
  following risk factors:                      Blot. Some labs do           be called into the office for an appointment where
  - Lives in the area with elevated             this automatically          they are informed of the test result, provided referral
  HIV incidence.                                with a positive HIV         information, instructed on how HIV is transmitted,
  - Diagnosed with an STD during                 1/2 Ab (EIA) and           counseled on risk reduction - including methods of
  pregnancy.                                     others require a           reducing perinatal transmission, and be informed
  - Known or suspected IV drug                    separate order.           that breast feeding is contraindicated.
  user.                                        Check with your lab.
  - Known or suspected multiple
  sex partners prior to or during
  - Know or suspect patient's                                                     HIV Care referrals should also be made at
  partner is participating in high                                                this time. Every attempt should be made
  risk behaviors outlined above.                                                 for the patient to be evaluated by Infectious
  - Patient has signs/symptoms                 If HIV Western Blot is             Diseases within 2 weeks of the diagnosis.
  consistent with acute HIV                          negative or
  infection.                                  indeterminate, obtain
                                              an Infectious Disease
                                                  consult to discuss
                                             further testing options.
                                                                                      This new diagnosis of HIV infection
                                                                                    must be reported to the Indiana State
                                                                                    Department of Health. Indicate that
                                                                                     the patient is pregnant on reporting
                                                                                        forms. Forms can be found at

 No Known or          Patient has
  Suspected           one or more
                                                               At next prenatal visit, confirm with patient or HIV Care Provider that the patient
 Risk Factors         Risk Factors
                                                                     was seen and a plan of HIV care initiated. You should also discuss:

                                                                 The importance of adherence to antiretrovirals and adverse effects that the
 Continue with       A second HIV                                   patient may experience. Talk about this at each subsequent OB visit.
routine prenatal    Test in the third
care. Additonal       trimester is                              Method of delivery should be discussed with the patient and the benefits and
  HIV testing is       indicated.                                             risks of cesarean section verses vaginal delivery.
 not indicated.
                                                               Benefits of zidovudine infusion at the time of delivery should be discussed with
                                                                           the patient so that they know to expect this medication.

                                                             Benefits of zidovudine prophylaxis for infant within 6-12 hours of birth should be
                                                             discussed with patient so that they know to expect this medication for their baby.

 HIV Warmline - National HIV Telephone Consultation Service                           Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Hotline (PEPline)
      800-933-3413 - Monday-Friday - 9am to 8pm EST                                             888-448-4911 - 24/7

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