NCR Chapter                       Chapter Report
This report covers the period of:    May 2005                      to   May 2006

Submitted by:                Susan Carter, M. Ed. CCC – President NCR Chapter, CCA

Chapter Officers:
       Name               Function                     E-mail                      Telephone
Susan Carter           President

                                          613 830-6100 H
Hope Wojcik            Past President                  613 733-1755 W
                                      613 744-1887 H
Marie Claude Martel    Vice-President                                          613-995-4001 W

                                            613 722-2225 W
Reina McSheffrey       Secretary                   613 823-1382 H

                                    613-821-0111 H
Michelle Richling      Treasurer


The objectives of the National Capital Region Chapter are to provide professional development
and networking opportunities for members working or studying in the counselling field.


Currently, the NCR Chapter has a membership of 195. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds and
areas of specialty. In order to promote community involvement, chapter meetings are advertised at
different social agencies, colleges, universities, and private practitioners’ offices. The NCR executive
officers hold annual presentations in French and English at the University of Ottawa and St. Paul’s
University, inviting counselling students to attend the monthly meetings and to become members of CCA.


The NCR Chapter schedules evening sessions on the third Wednesday of every month from September
through November and from January to April. The Chapter consistently offers local presenters of high
caliber and expertise from the counselling community. Typically the 90-minute lecture is followed by
group discussion. The topics and speakers are predetermined from the collective suggestions of the

Before the scheduled presenter is introduced, the attendees identify themselves and share information
regarding upcoming conferences, specific employment opportunities, etc. At the same time, a binder is
circulated and all participants are encourage to list the names of topics and/or experts that would be of
interest to the membership at large. This process allows the Board members to plan a yearly schedule
that addresses topical issues that appeal to the professional membership.

In addition to the monthly sessions, there are two full day seminars, which are held in the autumn and
spring. CCA members who participate in the seminars and monthly sessions may apply for continued
educational units (CEU’s) required for maintaining certification. The chapter invites all members to attend
the Annual General Meeting in May when the new executive is voted.

The list of presentations scheduled for 2005-2006 is available from the CCA website. Members, non-
members and visitors are welcome to meet with the Chapter from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in room Amphitheatre,
at St. Paul’s University, 223 Main Street. The theme “Taking Charge – Making a Difference” emerged
from this year’s list of topics and presenters.

September 21/05:        Grief in the Workplace
October 19/05           Quantum Biological Humans: Are you Acting as the Cause or
November 16/05          Understanding and Working with Self-Injurious Behaviour
January18/06            Traditional Healing
February 15/06           Counselling Clients Living with HIV/Aids: An Introduction
March 8/06              Sleep Debt, Mental Health, and Techniques for Sleeping Well
April 19/06             Menopause, Symptoms, Effects and Risks

November 19/05          Attachment and Family Therapy
April 29/06             Too Close for Comfort: Boundary Issues

At Christmas time, Reina McSheffrey had a Christmas party for the CCA – NCR Chapter executive

Canadian Counselling Association, National Capital Region Chapter Treasurer's Report

Treasurer: Michelle Richling                                             As of     06/02/01

Bank: Toronto Dominion Bank, 263 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L8

Chequing Account #625

Balance as of:                                          Feb 1/06                 May 19/05
                                                        $6550.83                 $5,622.85

Honoraria            Meetings                             $400.00                  $700.00
                     Fall Workshop                        $600.00                  $600.00
                     Spring Workshop                                               $600.00

Refreshments         Planning Sessions                    $184.75                  $394.75
                     Fall Workshop                        $127.85
                     Christmas Party                       $79.30

Miscellaneous        Conf Refunds                       $1,246.74                  $816.97
                     Editing, Printing, Advertising,      $381.34                  $955.61
                     Stamps, Office supplies,
                     Overpym Refunds                      $135.00
                     Gifts                                $135.00
                     Room Rental                          $600.00                  $385.20

                                 TOTAL                  $3,889.98                $4,452.53


Membership Dues                     $810.00                                      $1,586.66
Fall Workshop                     $2,650.00                                      $1,345.00
Spring Workshop                                Note 1                            $2,980.00
Interest                               $1.12                                         $1.77

            TOTAL                 $3,461.12                                      $5,913.43

CONSOLIDATION                                            -$428.86                $1,460.90

Two GICs 5 year       maturing     19-Apr      2006       Value     Dec 31/05                 $10,318.28

Note 1      Spring Workshop still upcoming

Susan Carter, M. Ed. CCC, President of NCR Chapter - email :, Employment
Counsellor at Line 1000, Phone 613-526-1000, ext 28

Marie Claude Martel, M. Ed. CCC, Vice President of NCR Chapter,- e mail: or Marie Claude works as a Career
Counsellor at DND,
Phone: 613-995-4001 w

Reina McSheffrey, M. Ed. CCC – CCA, Secretary of NCR Chapter, CCA.- email: Reina works as a Counsellor at Jewish Family Services, Phone: 613-722-

Michelle Richling, M. Ed. CCC, Treasurer of NCR, CCA –, Phone
613-821-0111 Michelle works as a High School Teacher for OCDSB

On behalf of the NCR Chapter, I invite you to join us at St. Paul’s University for another year of exciting
professional development in counselling.

Susan Carter M.Ed. CCC
CCA – NCR Chapter President


Currently the membership has a total of 190 members who come from a wide variety of
backgrounds and areas of specialty. In order to provide information and outreach to students in
Counselling programs, members of the NCR Chapter Executive Board make presentations in
both English and French to the graduate students at Saint Paul’s University and the University
of Ottawa to further broaden their understanding of the role of CCA provincially and nationally.
Graduating students are invited and encouraged to attend our monthly educational meetings, bi-
annual seminars and to become members of CCA.

Past activities
Educational and Networking Activities
The NCR Chapter provides monthly evening sessions from September through November and
from January to April. At each meeting, prior to the workshop presentation, time is allotted for
members to network and share information items such as upcoming conferences, training, etc.
After this brief business portion of the meeting, the presenters are given approximately 11/2
hours to present their topic, including question and answer or discussion period. The program
is developed from a list of suggested topics put forth annually by the membership. In June, the
Executive Board reviews the list, develops a theme and then seeks out experts who are willing
to present on the topics selected. In addition to the monthly workshops, two full day seminars
(autumn and spring) are planned; all of which qualify for continuing education units (CEU's).
Our meetings and seminars draw interest from a wide variety of professionals and are well
attended. Our chapter holds an Annual General meeting in May and a social networking event
in December.
Chapter Finances
CHEQUING ACCOUNT Balance as of May 19/05                                $   5,622.85
SAVINGS ACCOUNT Balance as of Dec 31                                    $   1,460.90
GIC and Term Deposit Statement as of Dec 31, 2004                        $ 10,318.28

Executive Board Meetings,
In addition to the executive members listed above;
Members at Large: Catherine Cosstick; Jane Foster; Ruth Coward; Patrick Kelly; Arthur Karp
Coordinator of CEU’s – Emily Reynolds

The executive and board held several meetings in June to review the workshop topics
requested by the NCR Chapter members develop a theme for the year and divide up the work
involved in contacting highly qualified individuals to address the workshop and seminar topics
chosen. The program was finalized in August, followed by a mail out to members and
community agencies. The executive members held meetings on the following dates September
21, 2005; October 19, 2005, November 19 , 2005; January 18, 2006, February 15, 2006; and
others will be held on March 8, 2006 and April 229, 2005 to ensure chapter business is handled
in and efficient and timely manner. The AGM is scheduled for May 17, 2006. after a brief
meeting when the executive for next year will be elected.

Respectfully submitted – Mar 1, 2006
Sue Carter
CCA - NCR Chapter President

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