Counseling and Career Center by hyk39307


									       University of Minnesota, Crookston

                  Student Affairs

                     2002 - 2003

                 Annual Report
         Counseling and Career Services

                 Don R. Cavalier

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

                Counseling and Career Center

                 A. Counseling & Career Services
                          1.      Provided training for upgraded Counseling and Career Services Website.
                          2.      Develop Graduate School Information services for students and alumni.
                          3.      Provided over 33 workshops and seminars throughout the Academic year.
                          4.      Improved Career Services processes and streamlined day to day activities. (i.e. job postings, on-
                                  campus interviews, and company and students web registration.
                          5.      Worked with assessment committee for gathering employer information.
                          6.      Developed Credentials files for education majors.
                          7.      Had over 7,000 hits on Counseling and Career Services
                          8.      Website, after we placed a counter on the website in Jan.
                          9.      Utilized marketing plan for Counseling and Career Services.
                          10.     Completed evaluation of software network packages to replace 1stPlace and made
                                  recommendations to executive committee for replacing 1stPlace.
                          11.     Employed a Diversity Coordinator.
                          12.     Planned and completed a successful Grad Fest for Graduates.
                          13.     Focused on Undecided students and retention.
                          14.     Presented “Fish” at the Minnesota Counselors Association
                          15.     Workshop in Brainerd at Madden’s Resort.
                          16.     Continued to coordinate Job Fairs with other Colleges and Universities.
                          17.     Celebrated Counselor Month during April with programs and Guest speakers.
                          18.     UMC and Crookston Rotary completed a successful Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp-
                                  112 Students attended.

           *Top 2-5 Priorities for Staff to accomplish before April 1, 2002
                   GOAL                                                      ACCOMPLISHMENT
1.   *Provide training for upgraded                     A. Schedule two Counseling and Career Services noon meetings to
     counseling and career center web                       update faculty and staff about web site. Provided lunch for 22
     site.                                                  faculty and staff that attended.
                                                        B. Met with 4 center directors and 19 program managers and
                                                            presented updated C&CS web site information.

2.   *Review and develop graduate school             A. Added to web site for
     services for UMC graduates                      B. Student information.
                                                     C. Added new Graduate School Advertising board and paper
                                                        strips for Graduate school information.
                                                     D. Advertised Graduate School information
                                                     E. In the Discover Program.
3.   *Plan and implement an on-going                 A. 25 Counseling and Career Events were offered Fall Semester.
     schedule of counseling and career               B. Career Fairs-85 students registered.
     service seminars and workshops in               C. 14 workshop and seminars-110 students.
     residential life and on campus.                 D. 7 On campus Recruiters-50 students interviewed.
                                                     E. 47 students attended Land-O-Lakes/Agriliance on-campus
                                                     F. Spring Semester: 33 events have been schedule up to April 19,
4.   *Develop high quality on-line                   A. Developed 6 on-line Counseling evaluations dealing with stress,
     Counseling and Career individual                   self esteem, relationships, emotional disturbances, and
     and group counseling and testing                   fulfillment.
     services for students. i.e. GED/ACT             B. Served as a test site for GED testing.
                                                     C. Continue to serve as a Residual ACT testing site.
5.   *Improve Career Services processes         A. Added more advertising wall space for posting jobs and other
     to streamline day-to-day activities           information. A black announcement board.
     (i.e. posting jobs, on-campus              B. Utilized e-mail, eagles eye, UMC Today to announce on-campus
     interviews, and company & student             recruiting.
6.   *Establish a plan to systematically        A. Added new employer data to graduate follow-up questionnaire.
     gather data from employers of UMC             To include name of company, name of supervisor, e-mail
     graduates. Determine if it is feasible        address and etc.
     to tie this process to the collection of   B. Met with assessment committee 3 times to discuss and plan how
     annual graduate placement data.               to gather employer feedback information.
     Improve the process for gathering          C. Have worked with the assessment committee in developing an
     and assessing employer feedback,              assessment questionnaire for employers. Still in progress.
     and using that feedback to inform
     curriculum development and other
     initiatives to enhance the student
     experience and meet employer needs.
     The career center and an appointed
     assessment group will work together
     to develop an assessment measure.
7.   *Complete the follow-up Graduate           A. Placed the following Graduate Follow-up Studies on Web Site
     Survey for 1998-1999, 1999-2000,              under Research:
     and 2000-2001 and publish and                 1998-1999
     distribute.                                   1999-2000
                                                   2000-2001-In Progress
                                                   2001-2002-In Progress
                                                B. Place 1999-2002 Gradfest follow-up Studies on-line: In
8.   *To work with Minnesota Workforce          A. Attended 3 training sessions with the Minnesota Workforce
     Center to develop Statewide                   Center to seek Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Certification
     Performance Standards for                     for UMC programs. Certification is still in progress as of April
     Workforce Investment Act (WIA)                19, 2002. The Minnesota Workforce Center is waiting to see
     Certification of program                      what happens with the merger between DTS and WFC will
     performance and seek WIA                      complete the forms necessary for registration once the
     certification by providing data on            legislature completes its work. We are continuing to gather
     employment rate and salary levels of          graduation data necessary to complete certification process.
     UMC graduates.
9.   *Develop credentials files for             A. Held 3 meetings with Child Care education faculty and staff.
     Education majors.                             Developed credential files for graduates. Seven graduates have
                                                   completed files to date.
                                                B. Met with University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus for
                                                   Agriculture Education Majors and those students will develop
                                                   their files with the Agriculture Career Center in cooperation
                                                   with UMC’s Career Center. Graduates files will be held on U
                                                   of Minnesota, St. Paul’s campus.
10. Maintain and improve quantity and           A. Develop a Strategic Plan for 2001-2002 with Counseling and
    quality of counseling and Career               Career Center Staff. Included Goals, priorities and
    Services management reports. (i.e.,            measurements to be used for evaluation of services for 2001-
    placement, counseling, employer,               2002. Shared document with Chancellor and Vice Chancellors.
    satisfaction, and recruiting).              B. Placed Placement Reports from 1992-1993 to 1999-2000 on
                                                   Counseling and Career Service Web Site Under Research and
                                                C. 15 employers visited campus and filled out evaluation reports.

11. Continue to explore application of          A. Access to portfolios has been added to C & CS website.
    Portfolios on campus and with               B. Met University of Minnesota representatives about portals and
    employers.                                     portfolios.
                                                    C. Explored how students can transfer their resume to the
                                                       portfolio and vice versa.
                                                    D. Employers interviewing on campus indicated that they want to
                                                       review resumes initially and indicated Portfolios are nice, but
                                                       seldom used during an interview.
12. Develop Counseling and Career                   A. Web Page development is completed and graduate studies from
    Services Research WebPages to                      1992-2000 have been added to date. Other research such as
    include graduate follow-up studies                 Gradfest satisfaction surveys will be added in the future.
    and other C & CS research.
13. In conjunction with Center Directors            A. Held three meeting with FYP to discuss career fair. Lack of
    and program managers, develop a                    interest and response by students. Staff cancelled career fair
    Career Fair for undecided students                 efforts for this year. We will try again fall semester 2002.
    in October/November specifically                B. We did schedule 6 Sessions for undecided students. The results
    designed to inform “undecided”                     of these sessions:
    students about UMC programs and                 C. Fall Semester:
    options. In addition to general                 D. Have contacted all 75 Undecided students
    publicity information (e.g., posters,           E. 42 remained undecided
    Regal's Report, UMC Weekly                      F. 29 have chosen a major
    Bulletin) all students who have a               G. 4 Cancelled
    major of "undecided" will receive               H. Spring Semester
    individual e-mail invitations.                  I. In progress-59 Students undecided (Added 17 new undecided
                                                       Students), 6 have chosen a major.

14. Develop Marketing plan for C & CS.              A. Revised Counseling Flyer-400 copies
                                                    B. Revised Career Flyers-400 copies
                                                    C. Placed Announcements on-line to students, Faculty and Staff
                                                    D. Had weekly announcements in Eagles Eye.
                                                    E. Developed programs for Counseling Month in April. 3 radio
                                                       programs were held at KROX concerning Counseling and
                                                       Career Services,
                                                    F. Diversity Services. Students with Disability Services, AODAP
                                                       and GLBT Services.
15. Work to improve the new One Stop                A. Met four times with One Stop Student Services Center Staff to
    Student Services Center through                    discuss contract students, students on probation, office
    team planning meetings with staff                  coverage and office hours. Everyone has cooperated very well
    and develop cross-functional training              so far this year and the environment has been very team
    with ongoing professional                          oriented.
    development of staff.
16. Work with Alumni Office to promote              A. The C & CS office has an ongoing relationship with Alumni
    Counseling and Career Services to                    Services. We have published 2 articles in the Alumni News
    all UMC Alumni.                                      indicating what services are available to alumni. We also have
                                                         place the C & CS web site that registers alumni for services on
                                                         line. Co-sponsored Gradfest for graduating seniors to register
                                                         with other offices.
17. Complete evaluation of software         Reviewed the following Career Development Software Packages:
    packages and make recommendation                     1. MonsterTrak
    for replacing 1stPlace.                              2. Experience eRecruiting Network
                                                         3. Vault, Inc.
                                                         4. Brass Ring
                                                         5. Job Direct
                                                         6. CareerPlanIt
                                                         7. JobWeb
                                                         8. CampusCareer Center
                                            Met with UND, NDSU, Concordia, University of Minnesota, Moorhead, IT
                                            University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus to discuss advantages and
                                            disadvantages of each program.
                                               NDSU, UND, Concordia and IT have decided to go with Experience
                                               eRecruiting because of the features for both the students and employers.
                                               Experience eRecruiting has been invited to campus to provide information
                                               and cost about its program on April 24, 2002. The executive committee,
                                               center directors, and program managers have been invited to view the
                                               Continue to review Career Services software programs and have new
                                               program in place by Fall Semester 2003.
 18. Complete all future graduate surveys      We are presently working on July, 2000-May, 2001 survey to be completed
     within 18-months of graduation (e.g.,     by May, 2002 and July, 2001-May, 2002 to be completed by May 2003. This
     May 2002 graduate survey completed        will be a one-year window to complete each year’s graduate survey that
     by December 2003).                        meets the Department of Economic Security Guidelines.

                                             Counseling and Career Services
                                                    2002-2003 Goals

          1.  Revise, review, evaluate, and establish Counseling and Career Services benchmarks for the
          2. Replace and update 1stplace Career Development software with a new state of the art platform
              for UMC Career Services Office for managing students, alumni, faculty and staff, and employer
              relationships by Fall Semester.
          3. Develop and redesign the Counseling and Career Centers Web Site to a need-based Web Site
              using the eight-step process to work through the Web site’s structure.
          4. Develop a collaborative process between Counseling and Career Services and Student Affairs
              and Academic Affairs units to create a student centered environment for workshops and
          5. Revise and update Career Services library resource center
          6. Develop on-line WEBCT Internship Course. Apply for funding through Vice Chancellor for
              Academic Affairs.
          7. Develop a strategy in working with advisors and students for career development.
          8. Place registration forms for education degrees on Counseling and Career Service web site.
          9. Continue to work with assessment committee in gathering employer Satisfaction information.
          10. Continue to work with Minnesota Workforce Center and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in
              certification of UMC programs for the Workforce Investment Act.
          11. Continue to work with Southwest State University to collaborate Career Services for HRI

                                             Counseling & Career Services
                                          (Meloni Rasmussen-Senior Secretary)
                                                   2001 - 2002 Goals

                         GOAL                                                    ACCOMPLISHMENT
1.   *Improve Career Services processes to streamline      On going process. Jobs posted at least 3 times per week. On-
     day-to-day activities (i.e. posting jobs, on-campus   campus interview process in place. Company & student
     interviews, and company & student registration).      registration in place.
2.   *Complete preparations for new GED testing            Currently transitioning to new testing procedures. Have
     effective January 1, 2002                             administered new tests. Assisting Scantron, Oklahoma
                                                           Scoring and other testing centers around the state with set-
                                                           up of new scoring system. System should be fully operation
                                                           by April 15, 2002. Contract in place with Adult Basic
                                                           Education to receive additional testing fees. Successfully
                                                           served as test site. Provided technical assistance to other test
3.   *Work with Director to gather and provide
      graduate information for the Consumer Report
      and Workforce Investment Act Certification to
      the Minnesota Workforce Center.
4.    *Update and Make improvements to the                   Graduate survey form has been placed on-line. Completed
      Counseling & Career Services WebPages.                 Graduate Surveys for 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 have been
                                                             placed on-line. Will be adding GradFest Surveys. Calendar,
                                                             Local jobs and summer jobs are updated as needed.
                                                             Continually adding new links.
5.    *Complete the Follow-up Graduate Survey for            Graduate Surveys for 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 are
      1998-1999, 1999-2000, and 2000-2001.                   complete and on-line. Have about 50 students to contact by
                                                             phone. Survey data is being compiled.
6.    Serve as test site for GED electronic scoring          Successfully served as test site. Have provided technical
      system.                                                assistance to other test centers.
7.    Promotion of GED and changes that will take            As soon as new testing procedure is fully operational will
      effect January 2002                                    prepare and distribute promotional materials. Have been
                                                             testing 2-5 individuals per week currently.
8.    Work with computer center to place Graduate            Graduate survey form is now available on-line. Access
      Survey on Web site and coordinate with Access          database is operational.
9.    Work with computer center to place and update          Graduate surveys for 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 are now on-
      all graduate follow-up studies on C & CS web site.     line
10.   Review Graduate School services for UMC                Bulletin board hung up in hallway leading to one-stop.
      undergraduates                                         Graduate School page added to website.
11.   Review Marketing Plan
12.   Develop Alumni Association Web Connections for
      Career Services
13.   Review Technology Needs                                Hardware needs are currently being met. Need to look at
                                                             replacement software for 1stPlace.
14. Develop placement credentials files for Children         Placement credentials have been put together for several
    Center Graduates                                         graduates. Have been distributing placement credentials as
                                                             requested by graduates.
15. Update employers and companies on 1stPlace               Letters sent to 2000+ employers on 1stPlace. Will be
                                                             updating 1stPlace based on responses.
16. Other accomplishments                                    Additional accomplishments: Served on calendar
                                                             committee, assisted with RA interviews, and attended two
                                                             GED meetings. Represented UMC C & CS at UND Career
                                                             Fair. Received letter of appreciation for involvement with
                                                             Summer Youth Worker Program. Assisted with

                                                      2002-2003 Goals
               1.   Use information gathered in 2001-2002 to update Employers and Companies using 1stPlace.
               2.   Strengthen the use of 1stPlace Registration for students and alumni.
               3.   Review program possibilities for replacing 1stPlace.
               4.   Update and make improvements to the Counseling and Career Services WebPages.
               5.   Complete the Follow-up Graduate Survey for 2000-2001
               6.   Complete the Follow-up Graduate Survey for 2001-2002
               7.   Develop the Career Services Systems design (i.e. flow charts and processes).
               8.   Improve Career Services processes to streamline day-to-day activities (i.e. posting jobs, on-
                    campus interviews, and company & student registration).
               9.   Establish new guidelines for GED testing. (i.e. scheduling of tests, increase collaboration
                    with other agencies such as ABE, new promotional materials, etc…)
         10. Put in place process for filing, tracking and properly distributing Placement Credentials.
             Placing credential forms online.
         11. Review Technology needs on annual basis.
         12. Provide assistance to the OSD, AODAP, GLBT and Diversity Counselor.

                                       Counseling/Disability Services Goals
                              (Laurie Wilson, Counselor/Disabilities Coordinator
                     GOAL                                                  ACCOMPLISHMENT
1.   *Facilitate CTAD, Phase II, in conjunction               A. Two students with disabilities were sponsored by
     with TC DS and general college offices.                       OSD for summer work in the UMC ITC.
2.   *Work to improve accessibility of web-based              A. Thirteen faculty and staff participated in Summer
     curriculum and resources at UMC.                              2001 CTAD training, 12 completed to date; eight
                                                                   have submitted information towards the faculty
                                                                   training brochure.
3.   Seek opportunities to sponsor, participate               A. Sponsored training for UMC faculty and staff by
     in, or offer campus and regional training                     TC Computer Accommodations Program staff on
     related to counseling or disability issues.                   "Accessibility of Information Technology Policy
                                                              B. Continue with this goal

4.   *Facilitate the campus committee on Access              A. Participated in two NWMCA regional meetings
     for person’s w/disabilities and related                 B. Attended two one-day seminars for CEU credit
     activities.                                                (Memory, and Supporting Adults with Persistent,
                                                                Repetitive and Autistic Thinking)
                                                             C. Attended campus GLBT training/ presentations
                                                             D. Purchased training video on Assertive Technology
                                                                and Universal Instructional Design for later in-
                                                                service use
                                                             E. Participated in summer 2001 Curriculum
                                                                Transformation and Disability training from
                                                                General College
                                                             F. Co-sponsored and co-organized National
                                                                Depression Screening Day on campus
                                                             G. Sponsored and co-presented for "Job Search
                                                                Strategies for Students with Disabilities"
                                                             H. Co-sponsored a campus presentation on
                                                                "Instructional Strategies for Students with Low-
                                                                vision / Blindness” and "Maximizing
                                                                Employability When You Have a Disability"
                                                             I. Co-facilitated "World Aids Day" training activities
                                                             J. Provided Resident Advisor training related to
                                                                disability and suicide prevention
                                                             K. Co-chaired 2002 Student Success Fair
5.   *Assist with and support efforts to complete            A. Facilitated two Committee on Access meetings and
     the campus-signing project.                                reported to Campus Assembly
                                                             B. Participated in two U of M Disability Issues
                                                                committee meetings via conference call
                                                             C. Participated in U of M disability coordinator's
                                                                meeting at the Morris campus during the summer

6.   *Improve accountability system for exam                 D. Phase I of the project is nearing the
     accommodations.                                            implementation phase
                                                             E. Summaries prepared for UMC Bulletin and
                                                                Campus Assembly
7.   Sponsor one to two summer work                           A. No substantive changes have been made,
     opportunities for students with disabilities                procedures are reviewed periodically with staff
     related to the Instructional Technology                     and new staff are trained
     Center, Help Desk or technology or
     curriculum support at UMC.
8.   Collaborate to offer programming related                 A. See #4 above
     on issues addressing health, disability,                 B. This goal was scaled back to some degree with the
     sexual assault prevention, and substance                    hiring of an AODAP counselor within the C&CC
     abuse prevention.
9.   Develop training materials related to                    A. Compiled and disseminated educational materials
     disability for new full and PT faculty                      Fall 2001 to all new full and part-time faculty
                                                              B. Continue with this goal and incorporate new
                                                                 CTAD materials for 2002
10. Co-advise Student Ambassadors                             A. Co-advised nine UMC Student Ambassadors in a
                                                                 variety of campus activities
11. Compile and disseminate a newsletter for                  A. Three NWMCA newsletters and two special
    NWMCA                                                        mailings have been developed and disseminated
                                                                 during the 2001-2002 year
                                                              B. Assisted / supported Program Committee for 2002
                                                                 MSCA State-wide Conference with numerous

12. Initiate a system with SSS Program                        A. This primarily continues to happen informally
    Advisors to better coordinate services to                    throughout the day and week
    students with disabilities registered with SSS            B. Participated in key staff meetings where OSD
                                                                 issues were discussed or cases reviewed
                                                              C. Chaired the search committee for the SSS/AAC
                                                                 position that is 50% funded with OSD dollars

                                         Counseling / Disability Services
                                               Goals 2002-2003

     1.      Complete CEU requirements for upcoming NCC recertification.
     2.      Complete and present/ offer written training materials related to disability services to new
             full and part-time faculty and adjunct faculty for Fall 2002.
     3.      Attempt to participate in TC initiatives related to disability through the Institute for
             Community Integration or Disability Services.
     4.      Support the Accessibility of Information Technology Policy Initiative in conjunction with
             Academic Affairs and the ITC with training or other resources.
     5.      Provide / present small group or brown bag learning opportunities related to counseling or
             disability topics each semester. Collaborate with regional agencies such as DRS, ND School
             for the Blind, NW Mental Health and student presenters in this programming.
     6.      Continue to compile and disseminate newsletters for NWMCA.
     7.      Consider hosting an informal resource sharing / problem solving day with area DS
             providers, or co-sponsoring U of Vermont downlinks with other campuses.
     8.      Facilitate the campus Committee on Access for Persons with Disabilities.
     9.      Work to support completion of the Campus Signage project.
     10.     Waiting for inspiration on this one….
                                                          Peggy Miller
                                                         AODAP Goals
                                                    2001-2002 Academic Year

GOAL                                                                          ACCOMPLISHMENT
1. *Make the AODAP program more visible to               A. Attended a number of orientation sessions and WOW events.
   students. Promote the understanding of what           B. Set up an information table at the student success fair.
   “AODAP” is.                                           C. Provided a number of educational sessions at octSOBERfest.
                                                         D. Provided evaluations and educational classes for students
                                                            receiving an alcohol violation in the residence halls.

2.   *Investigate the need for a campus AA group         A. Sent two student emails inquiring about the interest in a campus
     and after-care program. Help to develop                AA group.
     implement programs if the students feel it          B. Little interest was raised but a different weekly support group
     would be beneficial.                                   focusing on self-esteem and anger management         resulted
                                                            from the email.

3.   *Develop a student survey that can be accessed      A. Reviewed the CORE survey as well as other alcohol surveys.
     on-line.                                            B. Conferred with Stacey Grunewald, Don Cavalier and Bob
                                                            Nelson in regard to options.
                                                         C. The CORE survey (short form) in paper format was chosen for
                                                            campus data collection, which is currently in progress.

4.   *Work with Kami Mattson on implementing             A. The AODAP video will be a part of fall orientation 2002.
     the AODAP video into orientation.
5.   *Develop and coordinate alcohol education           A. Attended a three day training on Prime for Life on Campus and
     classes for students involved in campus alcohol        was certified to teach their campus course.
     violations.                                         B. Provided 2-hour education classes developed from the Prime for
                                                            Life on Campus model.

6.   Develop an AODAP committee comprised of             A. Conferred with students and staff in order to acquire a list of
     students and staff.                                    people who have made a commitment to being on the AODAP
                                                         B. Don Cavalier will be forwarding a list of people who previously
                                                            served on the alcohol task force.

7.   Develop a peer led group such as SADD or            A. Acquired information on both SADD (campus) and BACCHUS.
     BACCHUS on campus.                                  B. Have requirement and financial information on both.
                                                         C. Information needs to be taken to committee in order to develop a
                                                            group on campus next fall.
                                                         D. Peer support group members have expressed an interest in
                                                            helping with development.

8.   Provide alternative activities for students.        A. Was approved to receive $1 from student fees in 2002-03 to assist
                                                            with the funding of alternative programs.
                                                         B. Have sponsored, co-sponsored and attended WOW events as the
                                                            AODAP coordinator.
                                                         C. Supplied the “mocktail bar” at seven events on campus (6 tended
                                                            by AODAP coordinator).
                                                         D. Applied for and received $250 grant from clubs and
                                                            organizations to help stock the mocktail bar.
                                                         E. Have applied for an additional $250 grant for spring semester.

9.   Plan a week of events for Alcohol Awareness         A. Provided a weeks worth of events consisting of 9 sessions on a
    Week in October (including an open house in                variety of topics such as FAS, violence and DUI as well as an
    the office)                                                open house.

10. Work closely with community and campus                 A. CVIC provided educational sessions on alcohol violence.
    agencies on promoting safety and awareness.            B. Additional collaborative programs with CVIC are planned for
                                                              the future.
                                                           C. Public Health provided informational sessions on FAS and the
                                                              affects of drinking on the unborn child.
                                                           D. An officer from the Crookston police department, a local
                                                              attorney and a current student provided an informational
                                                              session on the legal, social and financial consequences of
                                                              receiving a DUI.
                                                           E. Have met with D’Anne Johnson from the high school on a few
                                                              occasions but nothing has been determined on how our programs
                                                              can work together.
                                                           F. Have assisted D’Anne with some referrals for youth center
                                                              programming candidates
11. Implement an athletic program on alcohol and           G. Met with coaches at the beginning of the year to let them know I
    drug prevention.                                          was available to help them when needed.
                                                           H. Met with Keri Odland of SAC to clarify her role and the role of
                                                              the AODAP coordinator within the athletic department.

12. Work with Residence Life to provide                    A. Community retribution hours are taken care of within
    community retribution projects for those with             residential life.
    alcohol violations.

                                                     2001-2002 Academic Year
                                               (This is based on ¾ time employment)

                 1.   Hold meetings with AODAP committee at least quarterly in order to get feedback and
                      assistance with AODAP projects. (BACCHUS, octSOBERfest, support group, mock tail bar
                 2.   Provide a minimum of 14 educational and/or alternative programs for the academic year,
                      including a week of events for Alcohol Awareness Week in October.
                 3.   Collaborate with and access services from community and campus agencies on promoting
                      safety and awareness on campus.
                 4.   Offer alcohol education classes a minimum of once monthly for students involved in campus
                      and/or community alcohol violations. (This number may increase based on violation
                 5.   Activate AODAP Task force.

                                                        Joas Petithomme
                                                       Diversity Counselor
                                                        2001-2002 Goals

                    GOAL                                                     ACCOMPLISHMENT
    1.   *With staff from the AAC/SSS               A. 12 meetings were held with FYE coordinator
         offices develop and implement a            B. For early-registration have a information table about the diversity
         plan to help “high-risk” multi-               program
         ethnic students achieve educational        C. Have faculty and student participate in a workshop on diversity
         goals and attain or refine the                issues.
         academic skills necessary to               D. May be have a diversity speaker
         perform successfully in the                E. FYE coordinator did diversity training for S.O.S leaders 2002
         classroom. “High-risk” students            F. Talk to Chief of police Timothy S. Motherway, having the police
         will be identified by January 15,             department come out to UMC and give some presentation (drug and
         2002 and individual and group                 alcohol, date rape, and multi-ethnic issue)
     follow-up initiated by January 22,

2.   *A series of workshops and             A. Talk to six undecided multi-ethnic students about take the Myers-
     programs will be implemented              Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test
     specifically for multi-ethnic          B. Talk to undecided football players about take the MBTI test
     students to promote the
     intellectual, career, social, and
     moral development (e.g.,
     leadership skills, academic success
3.   *With staff from the Service           A. Send out e-mail to all the high-risk students on my diversity list
     Learning Program and                      about AAC/SSS services on January 14, 2002.
     Multicultural & International          B. Send out another e-mail to all the high-risk students on my diversity
     Programs develop and implement            list about AAC/SSS services on January 18, 2002.
     outreach, community and service        C. The high-risk students that have not come to see AAC/SSS, I will talk
     learning opportunities for multi-         to the student individual. Contact staff AAC/SSS on February 1,
     ethnic students. Two specific             2002 and contact the by February 8, 2002.
     activities will be conducted by May    D. 30% of diversity students are participate in AAC/SSS program
     1, 2002.                               E. Work on a marketing plan for AAC/SSS for Fall 2002

4.   *Develop a peer group such as          A. Help with the program and hosting of Dr. Jamie Washington
     BLAST (Black Association of               (February 11-12).
     Students) and obtain official          B. Organizing Black History Month activities.
     designation as a student club and      C. Diversity Committee meeting once a week (Wednesday at 4:00pm in
     organization.                             the multicultural room)- March 6- April 24, 2002 has 9 student, 1
                                               faculty, and 1 staff members
                                            D. Women History Month (send out e-mails and hang posters on great
                                               role models)
                                            E. Time management workshop- March 26, 2002 had 0 student
                                            F. Time management workshop- March 27, 2002 had 2 students
                                            G. Resume writing workshop- April 2, 2002 had 0 student
                                            H. Resume writing workshop- April 4, 2002 had 0 student
                                            I. Job search/job application workshop- April 9, 2002
                                            J. Job search/job application workshop- April 11, 2002
                                            K. Job search/job application workshop- April 22, 2002
                                            L. Test taking skill/stress workshop- April 25, 2002
                                            M. Diversity Services web page- April 19, 2002

5.   *Meet with the Athletic                A. Martin Luther King Celebration “Living the Dream” January 25,
     Department, program managers,             2002
     center directors, advisers, staff,     B. Mr. Eric Burgess and Christo Robberts, faculty members, are the
     faculty and students to discuss           advisor for Blast Club
     opportunities to improve services      C. Work with Dr. Mario Prada, Peggy Miller, and Pam Holsinger-
     and programs for multi-ethnic             Fuchs in establish program for multi-ethic students and staff
     students at UMC. A specific list of       members.
     recommendations and suggestions
     will be forwarded to the Director of
     Counseling & Career Services and
     the Vice Chancellor for Student
     Affairs by April 1, 2002.
6.   Work with FYE Coordinator to           A. Help Blast and Cultures United with Martin Luther King Jr.
     establish a specific orientation          celebrate in St. Paul, MN (January 20-21) with 2 UMC students
     program for multi-ethnic students.     B. Lobby Days (February 5, 2002) with 6 UMC students
     An outline of the proposed             C. Earth Day (April 22, 2002)
     orientation will be provided to the
     Director of Counseling & Career
     Services by April 15, 2002. The
     plan will include early-registration
     and fall orientation activities and
7.   In conjunction with the Director of    A.   27 members
     Counseling & Career Services a         B.   Working on web page
     needs assessment will be completed     C.   Meeting once a week (Tuesday at 5:30)
     by February 15, 2002 to determine      D.   Working with Cultures United (Crookston High School diversity
     and assess the educational goals            club)
     and academic skills of multi-ethnic
     students. An appropriate action
     plan based on this information will
     be completed by April 15, 2002.
8.   Establish a program to introduce       A. Visits University of North Dakota Minority Center and spoke to
     and expose multi-ethnic students to       Matsimela (MC) Changa Diop the Assistant to the Vice President for
     appropriate multi-ethic mentors           Student Affairs twice.
     and role models.                       B. Visit Northland Community & Technical College and spoke to John
                                               Hardy the Director of Minority Student Services once.

9.   Contact other universities and         A. Meeting with Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs- Dec. 17, 2001
     colleges to learn about their          B. Meeting with Christo Robberts- Dec. 17, 2002
     diversity programs.                    C. Meeting with Rob Smith- Dec. 18, 2001
                                            D. Meeting with Brain Miller- Dec. 18, 2001
                                            E. Meeting with Lon Boike- Dec. 19, 2001
                                            F. Meeting with Jason Tangquist- Dec. 19, 2001
                                            G. Meeting with Mario Prada- Dec. 20, 2001
                                            H. Meeting with Laurie Wilson- Dec 20, 2001
                                            I. Meeting with Rae French- Dec. 21,2001
                                            J. Meeting with Peggy Miller- Dec. 21, 2002
                                            K. Meeting with Richard Nelson- Jan. 2, 2002
                                            L. Meeting with Marsha Odom- Jan. 3, 2002
                                            M. Meeting with Kami Mattson- Jan. 4, 2002
                                            N. Meeting with Brian Steenerson- Jan. 7, 2002
                                            O. Meeting with Linda Olson- Jan. 7, 2002
                                            P. Meeting with Rand Rasmussen- Jan. 8, 2002
                                            Q. Meeting with Daniel Svedarsky- Jan. 8, 2002
                                            R. Meeting with Bernard Selzler- Jan. 9, 2002
                                            S. Meeting with Gary Wilhite- Jan. 9, 2002
                                            T. Meeting with Steven Shirley- Jan. 11, 2002
                                            U. Meeting with David Crawford- Jan. 11, 2002
                                            V. Meeting with Eric Burgess- Jan. 14, 2002
                                            W. Meeting with Susan Brorson- Jan. 16, 2002
                                            X. Meeting with Bruce Brorson- Jan. 17, 2002
                                            Y. Meeting with Lynnette Mullins- Jan. 17, 2002
                                            Z. Meeting with Mary Pringle- Jan 18, 2002
                                            AA. Athletic Department meeting with the coaches- Jan. 22, 2002
                                            BB. IT Department meeting- Jan 22, 2002
                                            CC. Diversity night January 29, 2002- 21 students and 2 staffs at the
                                            DD. Meeting with Marv Mattson- Jan. 24, 2002
                                            EE. Meeting with David Hoff- Jan. 30, 2002
                                            FF. Meeting with Mark Huglen- Jan. 30, 2002
                                            GG. Meeting with Jeff Sperling- Jan. 31, 2002
                                            HH. Meeting with Les Johnson- Feb. 4, 2002
                                     II.    Meeting with Doug Knowlton- April 8, 2002
                                     JJ.    Worked with GLBT student- (meet once a week on Monday at
                                     KK.    Worked with Multicultural & International club- (meet once a
                                            week on Thursday at 5:30pm)
                                     LL.    Diversity Committee meeting once per week on Wednesday at
                                            4:00pm- (9 students and 1 faculty)
                                     MM.    Recommendations for the result of the above meetings.
                                     NN.    Require all undecided student athletes to take the MBTI test
                                     OO.    Have all athlete review alcohol policy.
                                     PP.    Develop program for Multicultural Program of Crookston
                                     QQ.    Strength and weakness of UMC and have been identified by using
                                            SWOT method.
                                     RR.    Goals for 2002-2003 are being developed using SWOT results.

                                         Joas Petithomme
                                        Diversity Counselor
                                         2002-2003 Goals

1.  Continue to work with FYE Coordinator to establish a specific orientation program for multi-
    ethnic students.
2. Continue with staff from the AAC/SSS in offices helping “high-risk” multi-ethnic students
    achieve educational goals and attain or refine the academic skills necessary to perform
    successfully in the classroom.
3. Plan series of workshops and programs for FY 2002-2003.
4. Continue establish a program and list of faculty and staff to introduce and expose multi-ethnic
    students to appropriate multi-ethic mentors and role models.
5. Continue with staff from the Service Learning Program and Multicultural & International
    Programs develop and implement outreach, community and service learning opportunities for
    multi-ethnic students.
6. Coordinate activities for BLAST (Black Association of Students) club.
7. Continue to contact other universities and colleges to learn about their diversity programs.
8. Develop a marketing plan for Diversity services.
9. Provide alternative activities for multi-ethnic students.
10. Work closely with community and campus agencies on promoting safety and awareness on
    diversity issue.
11. Establish a diversity committee.
12. Develop Diversity Web site.


        Name                                      Working Title

        Cavalier, Don                             Director
        Rasmussen, Meloni                         Senior Administrative Specialist
        Wilson, Laurie                            Counselor/Coordinator for Office of Students with Disabilities
        Miller, Peggy                             AODAP Coordinator
        Petithomme, Joas                          Diversity Counselor
        Jalan, Amanda                             Summer Youth Worker (2002 - 2003)
        Holland, Anna                             Work-study
        Harmon, Mike                              Work-study
        Smith, Jonathan                           Work-study
        Robberts, Stephan                         Non-work study (Web Page Design)
        Anderson, Jesse                           Non-work study (Web Page Design)
        Khan, Majabeen (Lisa)                     Intern

          Employee         Teaching, Research, Service & Professional Growth Activity
          Name: Don

     A.     UMC Teaching (including Continuing Education):

          Course #      Course Title              Term                            # Students
          Gbus 1981     Internship Seminar        Spring Semester

     B.     UMC Committee Service (Denote chair/secretary positions):
            1. Residential Life J-Board Committee, counselor
            2. Counseling and Career Center Program Improvement Audit Committee, Director
            3. Registration/orientation committee, member
            4. United Staff Association
                Chairperson Staff Day Celebration
            5. Football game clock operator – 9 games
            6. Basketball game clock operator – 57 games
            7. Registration Days Committee
                Parents as Partners Group Presentations
                Counseling and Career Center Presentations
            8. New Student Orientation – 6 C &CC Presentations
            9. All University Civil Service Committee
                 Strategic Planning sub-committee-member
                 Rules Committee – Member
            10. Legislative Subcommittee – Chairperson
            11. Laurie Wilson's P & A Reappointment Review Committee –
            12. John Mitchell, Bill Tyrell, Shannon Stassen - Co-Chairperson P & A review committees.
            13. Sexual Assault Task Force
            14. UMC Director’s Monthly Meetings – Member
            15. United Way – Team Captain
            16. Volleyball Coach Search Committee - Chairperson
            17. AODAP Committee

     C.     Workshop/Class Presentations (what, when, where):
            1. Freshman Orientation Success Seminar, August 28, 1999 – 200+ students, Dowell Hall,
               room 212
            2. Residential Life Fall Training Workshop, September 7, - 17 participants, Camp Shalom
            3. Hotel/Restaurant Orientation Class, Fall 1999, - 20 students, Dowell Hall
            4. Residence Hall                                                 Participants
                3rd Floor McCall, September 13, 1999
                1st Floor McCall, September 15, 1999
                3rd Floor Skyberg, September 20, 1999
                Robertson Hall, September 22, 1999
                2nd Floor Skyberg, September 23, 1999
                1st Floor Skyberg, September 27, 1999
                1st Floor Skyberg, October 4, 1999
                Brink, October 5, 1999
                2nd Floor McCall, October 11, 1999
                Westside, October 18, 1999
                                          Total                                        180
            5. Student Success Fair                                  375+
            6. AmeriCorp, September 1999 and January 2000, UMC, 23 students, 7 Habits of Highly
               Effective People
     7.    Discover - Freshman Orientation, Crookston Career Days and UMC Students 625
     8.    INM 1010 Class presentation Fall and Spring Semester (1stPlace! Registration) 465
     9.    Other class presentations Fall and Spring Semester (1stPlace! Registration)   235
     10.   Workshops & Seminars on Internet (See Appendix H)

D.   Journal Articles, Newspaper Articles, Other Publications (What, When, Where):
     1. KROX Radio show – 5 times
     2. Crookston Times, 5 Newspaper Articles (Counseling and Career Center, Counseling
         Week, and Placement of UMC Graduates, RYLA and One-Stop)
     3. Grand Forks Herald, 2 Newspaper articles (RYLA and One-Stop)
     4. KIOSK – Winter, 4 articles Fall and Spring Semesters Civil Service Legislative
     5. RYLA video’s 87 sent in December, 1999

E.   Professional Development Participation On & Off Campus (workshops, conference,
     presentations, etc.,-- What, When, Where):
     1. Northwestern Counselors Association meetings (Fall, Winter, and Spring) Crookston,
         Bemidji and East Grand Forks
     2. MSCA Spring Conference, May 2000, Madden’s Brainerd
     3. All University Counselors Meeting, Spring 2000, U of M Minneapolis
     4. All University Placement Directors Meeting Fall 1999, and Spring 2000, U of M,
     5. Civil Service Retreat, Como Park, August 1999, St. Paul, MN
     6. Rotary Youth Leadership Camp, Chairperson, July 2000
     7. Civil Service Committee monthly meeting (12) U of M, Twin Cities Campus, 1999-
     8. ACPA Mid-Level Module 1 "Understanding Personnel Issues as a Mid Level Manager",
         November 14, 1999
     9. GED Testing – continuous July 1999 – June 2000
     10. Leadership Crookston, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Presentation, Fall1999
     11. ACT Testing
     12. JSEC Job Fair Presentation, Spring 2000

F.   Professional Organization Memberships (Denote Offices held, committee Service):
     1. Minnesota School Counselors Association (MSCA)
     2. Northwestern Minnesota School Counselors Association (NWMCA)
     3. Minnesota Association for Counseling & Development (MACD)
     4. Minnesota College Personal Association (MPCA) Delegate at Large
     5. Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) – Member
     6. College Placement Council, Inc. - Member

G.   Community/Regional Service Activities and/or Memberships (What, When, Offices
     Held, Committee Service):
     1. Crookston Rotary Club, member
     2. Cathedral Parish Council, Finance Committee
     3. RYLA Committee, Rotary Club, Chairperson for Camp RYLA – 2000
     4. Crookston Job Service Employer Committee, Chairperson
     5. Crookston Chamber of Commerce-Education, Leadership Committees, Legislative
         Committees and Eggs and Issues Committee
     6. Home Deliver Meals
     7. Chamber of Commerce Education Committee – Central High School Career Days
         Planning Committee
     8. Crookston Bridgebuilders, Board Member
            1. Rural Life Commission-Member
            2. Northwest Regional Development Commission, Labor Representative

APPENDIX A: Counseling and Career Services Strategic Planning Document
APPENDIX B: Data Annual Counseling and Career Services Report Form
                             Counseling & Career Services
                               Annual Data Report Form
                                      2002 - 2003

COUNSELING (Contacts):                        VI.   TOTAL NUMBER OF STUDENTS
Personal and Social                                          131
Education                                                    430
Mental                                                        25
Undecided Students                                            88
CAREER (Contacts):
Planning                                                         396
Placement                                                        180
Credentials File on E-Recruiting                                 340
Full-time                                                        156
Part-time                                                         57
Employers on Campus                                               14
(8 companies canceled due to poor turn-out)
Company Files                                                    1353
GED Completed Tests                                               42
   GED Partial Tests Completed                                    47
Strong Interest Inventory                                         15
Myers Briggs                                                     290
Beck’s Depression Scale                                           15
SASSI                                                             22
ACT Tests                                                         21
Faculty/Staff                                                    101
Outside Agency                                                    20
Referrals to other Agencies:
  Glenmore                                                           6
   Northwestern Mental Health Center                                 4
Number of Graduates                                              192
Number Registered with C&CC                                      169
Number of Graduates who signed wavier                             32
Workshops-Job Fairs-Seminars                                         52
Classes (Internship Seminar)                                         1
Classes Visited/Presentations                                        34
B.       Training Seminars:
C.       Rotary Leadership Award camp                        111 Students
Leadership Crookston                                              1
R.A.’s and Staff                                                  17
Men’s Basketball                                                  16
E.       CREDENTIALS DISTRIBUTED                                     15
APPENDIX C: Counseling and Career Services Schedules

August 20, 2001
October 16, 2001
November 27, 2001
December 18, 2001
January 25, 2002
February 13, 2002
March 11, 2002
April, 22, 2002
May 17, 2002

Meloni Rasmussen Weekly Meetings:
Mondays – 9:00 am

Laurie Wilson Meetings:
First Tuesday of the Month – 8:00 am

Joas Petithomme Meetings:
Second Tuesday of the Month – 10:00 am

Peggy Miller & Martin Tubby Meetings:
Third Monday of the Month – 10:00 am

APPENDIX D: Veden Grant Proposal

APPENDIX E: Employer Evaluations

                                                                 Employer Evaluation
                                                                On-Campus Recruiting
          Interview preparation of
                                            1                    4                   1

                  Staff Assistance          1                        5

  Hospitality/Lunch arrangements                2           1                3

              Group presentation
                                                        4                        2

     Publicity regarding your visit                     4                        2

                Interview facilities            2                        4

    Information about school and
                                                2                        4

      Written communications,
    including parking information

  Scheduling/confirmation of visit                  1                5

                                       0                2                4               6   8   10   12   14
        N/A      Poor       Fair           Good         Excellent
                                              Comments from Employers

    1. Excellent assistance as always!
    2. Students need to read up on the company or position they are applying for.
    3. Great Job as always. Thanks
    4. Would like to be included in the job fair next year.


.       Career Events
.       Counseling Events
.       On-Campus Recruiting
.   Job & Career Fairs
Mon College for Life and how to be             4 - 5pm        Conf. Center 131
9   Successful
Tue      Getting Back in the Groove           4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
Mon Career Planning for the                   4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
16  Undecided Student
Mon Career Planning for the                   4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
23  Undecided Student
Tue      Career Planning for the              4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
24       Undecided Student
Tue      Career Planning for the              4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
1        Undecided Student
Wed Tri-College                              12 - 4:30pm Concordia
2   Graduate/Professional School                         College
    Day                                                  Centrum,
                                                         Knutson Center
                                                         Moorhead, MN
Thur UND's Career Fair                        9am - 3pm       UND Hyslop
10                                                            Sports Center
Mon Dealing with the Stress of Mid-           4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
14  Term Tests
Mon 7 Habits of Highly Effective               4 - 6pm        Conf. Center 131
21  Students
Mon Career Planning for the                   4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
28  Undecided Student
                                               6 - 8 pm                Brown
         Land O' Lakes Feed Agriliance                        Dining   A+B
         Informational session - Treats

Tue   Jennie O' Foods                      8 - 11 am       SCC 131
29    Interviews with Meloni in Owen
                                                9-4        Hill 15
      Hall 270
      Land O' Lakes Feed      sign                    9-                 Bede
      up with Meloni Owen 270                    4         Conference
      Agriliance              sign
      up with Meloni Owen 270

Thu   Agriculture Career Fair              9am - 3pm       NDSU Memorial
31    Sponsored by the NDSU Sigma                          Union Ballroom,
      Alpha Professional Ag. Sorority                      Fargo, ND
      Contacts: Cassie Mears and
      Jennie May
Mon Preparing for Graduation and the        4 - 5pm        Conf. Center 131
4   Job Search-Web
    Resume/Scannable Resumes
Tue   Tri-College Career Fair              9am - 3pm       Fargo Civic
5                                                          Auditorium
Mon Interview Techniques - Mock-up         4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
11  Interviewing
Tue   Career Planning for the              4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
12    Undecided Student
Mon Career Center Web-Site                  4 - 5pm        Conf. Center 131
25  Registration - Fall Semester
Mon Creating Your Job Search               4 - 5:30pm      Conf. Center 131
9   Portfolio

                                    SPRING SEMESTER, 2003

Mon       Choosing a Major                                      4:30 - 5pm      Conf. Center 131
Wed 22 Ag Advantage                                        9:00 am - 3:00 pm    Hill Hall 15
Thur 23 Centrol                                            9:00 am - 3:00 pm    Hill Hall 15
Mon       Dealing with Stress and the Big "D"                  4:30 - 5:30pm    Conf. Center 131

Wed 29 SIFE Job/Internship Fair                             9:00 am - 4:00 pm   Bede Ballroom

Thur 30 Bayer CropScience                                  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    Hill Hall 15
Tue       Career & Job Search on the Internet                   4:30 - 5:30     SCC 131
Thur      UAP Midwest Agronomy                                  9am - 3 pm       Hill 15
Tue       Dealing with the Stress of Mid-Term Tests             4 - 5:30pm       SCC 131
Tue       Informational Interviewing                           4:30 - 5:30pm     Hill 15
Wed       Agriliance                                            9am - 3 pm       Owen 270
Mon 24 Benevelle Equestrian Center                         10 am - 3 pm          SCC Lobby
Tue       NDSU Career Fair                                      10am - 3pm       Bison Sports Arena
25                                                                               on campus
          Free to NDSU student $5 for students from all
          4 year institutions (be prepared to show I.D.)

Tue       South Dakota Big Job Fair                             10am - 4pm       Ramkota Inn Exhibit
25                                                                               Hall Sioux Falls
          Resumes due to Meloni for ADM Benson
Wed 26                                                                           Owen Hall 270
          Quinn interviews
Wed       UND Career Fair                                      11 am - 5 pm      Multipurpose Gym of
26                                                                               Hyslop Sports Center
                                                                                 on the UND campus
                                                                                 SCC Lobby & Bede
Thur 27 Little Elk Ranch                                   10 am - 2 pm
                                                                                 Conference Room
Thur 27 Northwestern School of Chiropractic                10 am - 2 pm          SCC Lobby
Mon       Creating Your Job Search Portfolio                   4:30 - 5:30pm     Conf. Center 131
Tue     4 Summer Fun Job Fair                                   11am-3pm         UND
Mon       Resume Quick Checks for All Students                 4:30 - 5:30pm     Conf. Center 131
Tue       Job Hunting Strategies for Students                   4 - 5:30pm       Conf. Center 131
Wed       Valley Fair                                           9am - 3pm        SCC Lobby
Mon       Bouncing Back - Overcoming Personal &                   4 - 5pm        Conf. Center 131
7         Academic Set Backs
Tue       What's Out There? Job Possibilities for                 4 - 5pm        Conf. Center 131
8         Studnets and Graduates
Wed 9 Northwest Minnesota Regional Job Fair                    11 am - 5 pm
                                                                                 Northland Community
                                                                                 &Technical College
                                                                                 Thief River Falls

Thur 10 Icelandic State Park                               10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Owen Hall 270
Thur 10 Olsen Spraying Service, Inc.                       10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.   Hill Hall 115
Mon       Life After Graduation                                4:30 - 5:30pm     Conf. Center 131
Tues 22 US Department of Homeland Security           10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.   Booth SCC Lobby
Wed     North Dakota Education Connection... A Job        8am - 8pm        UND Memorial
30      Fair for Educators. See                                            Ballroom, Grand for more                             Forks, ND

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