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									                           440 Rutherford St. P.O. Box 847 Goleta, CA 93117
                      1-888-888-4079 • FAX 805-692-2525 • www.mossmotors.com

                               Supercharger Kit
                            Installation Instructions
                                 FOR ‘06-’08 Honda Civic Si
                                   with Hondata tune up
                                           PART # 989-325
Tools required: safety goggles, jack, 2 jack              Label all parts as you take them off the vehicle
stands, wheel chocks, 10mm socket (deep                   to help you identify them during the installation
and shallow), 12mm socket (shallow and                    of the supercharger, or at a later date if you
swivel), 14mm, 17mm,18mm shallow sockets,                 wish to return the vehicle to stock. DO NOT
ratchet, 10mm,12mm, 14 mm, 17mm, 18mm,                    THROW YOUR OLD PARTS AWAY!
and 15/16” combination wrenches, 6mm Allen
wrench small flat blade, medium flat blade,               Preparation
Philips screwdrivers, 10” extension, stud                 The installation of this supercharger kit
extractor, locking pliers, 45 degree needle               requires the use of at least 91 octane
nose, 90 degree needle nose, and all                      gasoline. Severe engine damage could occur
purpose pliers, grinder, carbide burr, clean              if lower octane gasoline is used. Please make
grease, drain bucket and lid, scissors                    sure the gas in your tank is 91 octane or
                                                          higher before continuing. Turn off all
ATTENTION SUPERCHARGER                                    accessories and remove the key from the
INSTALLER! Before proceeding with the                     ignition. Allow your vehicle to cool for at least
installation, it is important to know that to             three hours before working on it. On level
validate the 2 year, 100K warranty on your                ground, set the parking brake and chock the
new J/R supercharger, you must completely                 rear wheels. Jack up the front of the vehicle
                                                          and support it with jack stands. Never work
fill out the Moss Motors / Jackson Racing                 under a vehicle that is not supported by jack
warranty card that comes in every kit,                    stands or ramps. If your stereo has a theft
including serial number which is on a small               deterrent code, retrieve it before proceeding.
white ‘bar code’ label on the body of the                 Open the hood and remove the battery from
supercharger. Write down all of the numbers               the vehicle using a 10mm combination
which appear on that label in the appropriate             wrench.
space on the warranty card. Be certain to do
this now because once your supercharger is                1.ECU Remov a l & S h i p p i n g
installed, it may be almost impossible to                 Remove the cover from the ECU, by pushing
retrieve that serial number.                              the two tabs at the bottom and pulling up on
                                                          the cover. Illustration 1a.
This kit is to be installed by a competent
mechanic with proper tools. Read and
understand these instructions before
attempting to install this kit. Your vehicle must
be in good mechanical condition. Work in a
well ventilated area. You will be disconnecting
the fuel line during this installation. Keep any
sources of ignition away from the vehicle. This
kit requires a small amount of grinding with a
carbide burr to allow clearance for the
supercharger manifold, see step 7. Some of
the parts and fasteners removed from the
engine during disassembly will be reused
during assembly and some of them will not.                                              Illustration 1a
989-325                                             -1-                                           Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                     Remove the 1” layer of pink foam from the
                                                     ECU shipping box. Place your ECU in the cut
                                                     out of the foam and replace the 1” layer. Fill
                                                     out the warranty card and the ECU
                                                     reprogramming information form and place
                                                     them in the box with the ECU. Ship the box to
                                                     Hadata. We suggest UPS or Fed Ex
                                                     overnight delivery to minimize vehicle down
Illustration 1a con’t                                time. Illustration 1d.
Remove the three bolts that hold the ECU in
place using a 10 mm socket. Illustration 1b.

Illustration 1b
Locate the three large connectors on the
back of the ECU and remove them by
pushing down on the center tab and then              2. Wiring & Air box
flipping the lever back. Illustration 1c.            Drain the coolant into a clean container with
                                                     a lid so that it can be used later. There is a
                                                     hole in the splash guard just below the
                                                     radiator where the petcock can be accessed.
                                                     Illustration 2a.

Illustration 1c

                                                                                   Illustration 2a
                                                     Using a 10mm socket, remove the plastic
                                                     intake manifold cover. Remove the ground
                                                     wire on top of the intake manifold. The two
                                                     M8 nuts and the M6 bolt will not be reused.
                                                     Remove the four connectors from the fuel
                                                     injectors. Unclip the wiring harness from the
                                                     fuel rail. Illustration 2b.

989-325                                        -2-                                         Revised 5/08
                                                Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                       Gently pull all of the wires previously
                                                       disconnected back toward the passenger
                                                       compartment and tie them out of the way using
                                                       safety wire, tape, or zip ties. Illustration 2e.

                             Illustration 2b

                                                       Illustration 2e
                                                       Using pliers, slide the hose clamps back on
                                                       the intake air control thermal valve (IACTV)
                                                       rubber hose, and the metal valve cover
                                                       breather tube that connects to the intake
Disconnect the manifold absolute pressure              tube. Disconnect the metal tube and the hose
(MAP) sensor near throttle body and unclip             from the intake tube. Both will be reused.
the MAP harness from the bracket. Illustration         Illustration 2f.

                                                                                     Illustration 2f
Illustration 2c                                        Using a Phillips screwdriver or a 10mm
Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor,             socket, loosen the intake tube clamp at the
near air box, and unclip the harness from the          throttle body. Unsnap the six clips that hold
intake tube. Illustration 2d.                          the air box together. Remove the intake tube
                                                       and the top half of the air box. Set them aside,
                                                       they will be reused later. Illustration 2g.

Illustration 2d

                                                                                     Illustration 2g
989-325                                          -3-                                          Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

Use a 10mm socket and combination wrench               Disconnect the six wire throttle actuator
to remove the two M6 bolts and one M6 nut              connector from the throttle body. Using pliers,
that secure the air box to the vehicle. Use a          disconnect the brake booster hose on top of
flat blade screw gdriver to gently pry the             the intake manifold near the throttle body and
fresh air inlet tube away from the air box.            the EVAP hose on top of the throttle body. Tie
Remove the air box. You will reuse the air box         both hoses out of the way. Illustration 3b.
and its hardware. Illustration 2h.

                                                       Illustration 3b
Illustration 2h                                        Using a 12mm socket, remove the two M8
                                                       nuts and bolts that hold the throttle body to
                                                       the intake manifold. Remove the throttle body,
                                                       and set it aside. Remove and discard the
                                                       gasket. Use a stud extractor to remove the
                                                       two M8 throttle body studs from the intake
                                                       manifold. Be careful not to damage the
                                                       threads. If you do not have a stud extractor
                                                       you can use two nuts tightened back to back
                                                       against each other on the stud to remove
                                                       them. The nuts, the bolts and the studs will
                                                       be reused. Illustration 3c.

3. Throttle Body
Use pliers to slide the clamps back on the
two coolant hoses on the bottom side of the
throttle body. Remove the two hoses from the
vehicle. The hoses will not be reused. The
hose clamps will be reused. Illustration 3a.

                                                       Illustration 3c

Illustration 3a
989-325                                          -4-                                         Revised 5/08
                                                 Supercharger Installation Instructions

4. Fuel Rail                                            the fuel rail, and injectors off of the manifold.
Remove the cover that protects the                      Pull the injectors out of the fuel rail. The fuel
connection where the fuel line meets the fuel           rail will be reused. The injectors and the
rail. Illustration 4a.                                  spacers will not be reused. Illustration 4c.

                                                                                        Illustration 4c
Illustration 4a

                                                        5. Intake Manifold
Caution! Use eye protection, the fuel is                Using a 10mm combination wrench, remove
under pressure and will squirt out when                 the small bracket from the bottom side of the
disconnected! Squeeze the clip together, and            intake manifold near the throttle body. The
disconnect the fuel line. Illustration 4b.              bolt and bracket will not be reused. Illustration

Illustration 4b                                                                         Illustration 5a
Use a 12mm socket to remove the two M8
nuts that hold the fuel rail to the intake
manifold. The nuts will be reused. Gently pull

989-325                                           -5-                                            Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

Follow the wires down to the connector under              From on top of the vehicle, use 90 degree
the intake manifold. Illustration 5b.                     needle nose pliers to remove the PCV hose
                                                          at the intake manifold near alternator. The
                                                          hose and clamps will not be reused.
                                                          Illustration 5e.

Illustration 5b
Disconnect the eight wire connector by
pulling up on the small tab and then pulling                                           Illustration 5e
back toward the throttle body on the gray clip.
Remove the connector from the intake                      Use long 45 degree needle nose pliers to
manifold brace. Illustration 5c.                          move the hose clamp back on the coolant
                                                          hose that attaches to the lower side of the
                                                          intake manifold. Disconnect the hose from the
                                                          intake manifold. The clamp will not be reused.
                                                          Illustration 5f.

Illustration 5c
From under the vehicle, use a 12mm socket
to remove the M8 intake manifold brace bolt
from the engine block. The brace can remain                                            Illustration 5f
attached to the intake manifold. Illustration 5d.

Illustration 5d

989-325                                             -6-                                        Revised 5/08
                                              Supercharger Installation Instructions

Using a 12mm swivel socket, and a 10” or             Using a 12mm combination wrench, remove
longer extension, remove the four M8 bolts           two nuts and bolts from the upper side of the
from the lower side of the intake manifold.          intake manifold. The six bolts and two nuts
Illustration 5g.                                     from the intake manifold will not be reused.
                                                     Using locking pliers, remove the two studs
                                                     that pass through the intake manifold into the
                                                     head. Don’t worry about damaging the
                                                     threads because they won’t be reused.
                                                     Illustration 5h.

Illustration 5g

                                                                                  Illustration 5h

                                                     Remove the intake manifold. Use masking
                                                     tape to cover all holes and ports on the head.
                                                     Illustration 5i.

                                                                                  Illustration 5i

989-325                                        -7-                                        Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions
6. Idler & Belt Tensioner Assemblies                     Using the 14mm combination wrench,
Use a 10 mm socket to remove the M6 bolt                 remove the pulley from the serpentine belt
and air conditioning line bracket, they will not         tensioner. Illustration 6c.
be reused. Illustration 6a.

                                                                                        Illustration 6c
Illustration 6a
Use a 14mm combination wrench to rotate
the serpentine belt tensioner clockwise to
remove the belt. Use a 12mm socket to
remove the two bolts and the idler assembly.
The bolts and the idler will not be reused.
Illustration 6b.

                  Idler Bolts

                                                         Use a 12mm deep socket or 12mm shallow
                                                         socket and a short extension to remove the
                                                         three bolts that hold the belt tensioner
                                   Tensioner             assembly to the engine. The three bolts,
                                                         pulley, and the tensioner will not be reused.
                                                         Illustration 6d.
Illustration 6b

                                                         Illustration 6d
                                                         7. Grinding
                                                         Grinding a small area of the vehicle is
                                                         necessary for the new supercharger manifold
                                                         to fit. The templates supplied will guide you in
                                                         the removal of material. More or less grinding
                                                         maybe required on your vehicle. The best way

989-325                                            -8-                                          Revised 5/08
                                                    Supercharger Installation Instructions

to determine how much material to take off is
to grind a little and then test fit the manifold
assembly and adapter plate. When test fitting
the supercharger and adapter plate, be very
careful to keep metal shaving out of any bolt
holes, ports or coolant passages in the
engine, manifolds or supercharger. If there is
any contact between the intake manifold and
the aluminum block it will cause a vacuum
leak. Also, you will need to bend the air
conditioning line toward the front of the car
about 1/2" because it interferes with the nose
of the supercharger. Be careful when bending                                     Illustration 7a con’t
the air conditioning line, it is under pressure
and over bending it will cause it to fail.Cut out
the paper templates from the back of these
instructions, bolt them to the engine and trace
them with a felt tipped pen as shown in
Illustration 7a.

Illustration 7a

                                                           Leaving the block of aluminum that the belt
                                                           tensioner bolted to exposed, use old blankets
                                                           and or rags to cover as much of the engine
                                                           compartment and fenders as possible. This
                                                           will aid in the clean up of the metal chips.
                                                           Illustration 7b.

                                                                                       Illustration 7b

989-325                                              -9-                                        Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions
Use eye protection and a die grinder with a             When all the grinding is finished, remove the
carbide burr to remove the material within the          blankets used to cover the engine
felt tipped outline. Illustration 7c.                   compartment. Use a shop vacuum to remove
                                                        any chips not caught by the blanket. Remove
                                                        all of the masking tape from the engine.
                                                        Clean the gasket surface on the head.

                                                        8. Adapter Plate and Supercharger
                                                        Using a 15/16” combination wrench, remove
                                                        the intake air control thermal valve (IACTV),
                                                        and hose from the stock intake manifold.
                                                        Illustration 8a.

Illustration 7c

                                                        Illustration 8a

The area has been shaded blue to better
show the depth of the ground area.

989-325                                          -10-                                         Revised 5/08
                                                   Supercharger Installation Instructions

Clean and wrap the threads of the IACTV                   Attach the coolant hose with the supplied #10
with Teflon tape. Install the IACTV into the              clamp to the 90 degree fitting on the bottom
coolant block that is bolted to the adapter               of the coolant block using a flat blade
plate. The IACTV must point in the opposite               screwdriver or an 8mm socket. Illustration 8d.
direction of the 90 degree elbow on the
bottom side of the block and be tight.
Illustration 8b.
Illustration 8b

Remove the pieces of hose that are holding
the M8 bolts and adapter plate to the                     Illustration 8d
manifold. Separate the adapter plate from the             Connect the 28” long piece of 3/8” PCV hose
manifold. Coat both sides of the longer                   and a supplied #4 hose clamp to the PCV valve.
adapter plate gasket with the supplied clear              Use a 1/4” socket or a flat blade screw driver
RTV, around the kidney shaped coolant                     to tighten the clamp. The other end of the
passage. Bolt only the adapter plate and                  hose will be attached to the inlet manifold
gasket to the cylinder head through the lower             later in the installation. Illustration 8e.
intake manifold hole closest to the
transmission. Use the M8 x 20mm bolt
supplied, and a 12mm socket. Use just
enough torque on the bolt to hold the gasket
and the adapter plate in place. Illustration 8c.

                                                          Illustration 8e
                                                          Using a 14mm socket loosen the starter lead
                                                          from the starter. Reposition the starter lead
                              Illustration 8c             so that it routes around the back side of the
                                                          starter. Retighten the starter lead. The
                                                          bracket that holds the starter lead may also
                                                          need to be bent with a set of pliers. This is
                                                          done to allow clearance for the supercharger
                                                          intake manifold. Unclip the harness from the
                                                          bracket near the transaxle If there is not
                                                          clearance between the starter lead and the
                                                          intake manifold significant damage to your
                                                          engine, starter, wiring harness and/or vehicle
                                                          could result! Illustration 8f.

989-325                                            -11-                                         Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

Illustration 8f                                           Illustration 8g cont
Make sure the four L-bracket bolts on the
bottom of the supercharger are tight. If they
are not, use the support brace in between the
brackets to space them. Seal the threads with
red threadlock and tighten them to 18 ft lbs
using 6mm allen wrench. Remove the brace.
Hold the supercharger assembly so that the
bolts do not slide out and the gasket does not
fall off. Slip the supercharger pulley under the
air conditioning line that you previously bent.
and guide the M8 bolts through the adapter
plate and gasket into the head. Start all bolts
before tightening any one bolt. Start in the
middle and work your way out in a circular
pattern tightening each bolt to 18 ft. lbs. You
will need a 12mm socket and combination
wrench. After tightening the bolts check the
a/c line for contact on the nose of the
supercharger. Light contact between the s/c
and the foam rubber insulator on the a/c line
is ok, metal to metal is not. You will need to
check this area periodically to make sure
there is no metal to metal contact between
these two components. Illustration 8g.

Illustration 8g

989-325                                            -12-               Revised 5/08
                                                  Supercharger Installation Instructions

Connect the hose from the IACTV to the
large hose barb on the top of the intake
manifold. Cut to length, but only cut from the
manifold side of the hose. Do not cut the
valve side of the hose. The IACTV side of the
hose is a larger diameter and if you cut if off
you will need a new hose. Use the factory
clamp. Illustration 8h.

                                                                                      Illustration 9a

Illustration 8h

9. Supercharger Brace
Gather the manifold support block, support
block spacer, M12 x 60mm, M12 x 40, M8 x
45mm and M8 x 25mm bolts, two M12 lock
washers, two M8 nuts, and the manifold
support brace. Working under the vehicle,
install the intake manifold support block and
spacer to the engine just below and rearward
of the starter. Slip the M12 x 60mm bolt
through a lock washer, the larger end of the
support block, and support block spacer. This
end of the block will bolt onto the engine
through the hole closest to the starter. Use
the M12 x 40mm and the other lock washer,
to bolt through the narrower side of the
support block, and the lower hole in the
engine. Illustration 9a.
                                                         Using the M8 x 25mm bolt and nut, assemble
                                                         the top of the support brace (the side without
                                                         the slot) to the L-brackets on the bottom of
                                                         the manifold. Using the M8 x 45mm bolt and
                                                         nut, bolt the support brace to the support
                                                         block. Illustration 9b.

989-325                                           -13-                                        Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

Illustration 9b
Go back and torque all of the previously                                           Illustration 10 con’t
installed bolts. Torque M8 bolts to 18 ft. lbs. and
M12 bolts to 34 ft. lbs. Start with the M8 x
45mm bolt and nut. Use a 12mm socket and
combination wrench. Next, tighten the M8 x
25mm nut and bolt with a 12mm socket and
combination wrench. Tighten the two M12 bolts
with an 18mm combination wrench.
10. Fuel Rail
Gather the old fuel rail and fuel rail nuts, the
new injectors, spacers and studs. Install the
supplied studs from the box of injectors, into
the manifold using a stud installer or the double
nut method. Slip the spacers over the studs.
Lube the injector o-rings with clean grease.                 11. Wiring Harness
Install the new injectors into the old fuel rail.            Some connectors in the wiring harness will no
Install the fuel rail into the intake manifold.              longer reach the components they are
Gently guide all four injectors into the bores in            supposed to connect to. For this reason you
the manifold. Press down evenly until the fuel               will need to open the harness and reroute
rail touches the spacers. Install the nuts and               certain wires to give them the necessary
torque them to 18 ft. lbs. with a 12mm socket.               length. Open the plastic wiring harness
Reconnect the fuel line to the fuel rail. Replace            enclosure near the number four injector with a
the fuel line connection cover. Illustration 10.             small flat blade screw driver. The ground wire
                                                             that you removed in the first step of
                                                             disassembly will need to be cut out of the
                                                             harness. Be very careful not to cut through or
                                                             into any wires. Separate the ground wires from
                                                             the rest of the harness back far enough so that
                                                             it will reach its new grounding location in
                                                             between the fuel rail and the valve cover (about
                                                             6”). A seam ripper is a useful tool for this and
                                                             can be purchased at any arts and crafts or
                                                             sewing store. Use the supplied electrical tape
                                                             to wrap the ground wires and the harness. Use
                                                             the supplied M6 x 10mm bolt and a 10mm
Illustration 10                                              socket, to attach the ground wire in the
                                                             relocated position. Close the plastic cover. Use
                                                             the new jumper harness connectors to plug in
                                                             the injectors. Illustration 11a.

989-325                                               -14-                                          Revised 5/08
                   Supercharger Installation Instructions

                          Next you will need to separate the six wire
                          connector, which plugs into to the throttle
                          body, from the rest of the harness. Using a
                          small flat blade screwdriver, open the plastic
                          enclosure that the harness runs through.
                          Illustration 11b.

Illustration 11a

                                                       Illustration 11b

                          Carefully separate the six wires away from
                          the other wires in the harness up to the point
                          at which the cam sensor wires exit the
                          harness. This is the point in the harness the
                          six wire connector needs to break away from
                          the rest of the harness. Illustration 11c.

                                                       Illustration 11c

989-325            -15-                                         Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

Illustration 11c con’t                                                          Illustration 11d con’t
Use electrical tape to cover the wires of the             12. Throttle Body
main harness as well as the six wires. Place the          Locate the 36” piece of 5/16” coolant hose. Cut
main harness back into the plastic enclosure              the hose into two 18” pieces of hose. Use pliers
and clip it back together. Illustration 11d.              to slide the original throttle body coolant hose
                                                          spring clamps on to the ends of each hose.
                                                          Attach one of the hoses to the nipple that is on
                                                          the large coolant pipe that runs under the
                                                          intake manifold. Attach the other hose to the
                                                          small pipe that runs along side the valve cover
                                                          breather pipe. Use the factory spring clamps to
                                                          secure both hoses in place. Illustration 12a.

Illustration 11d

                                                          Illustration 12a

                                                          Use a 10mm combination wrench to loosen
                                                          the bracket on the throttle body. Turn the
                                                          bracket so that it points the same direction as
                                                          the tube. Tighten the bolt to 6 ft. lbs.
                                                          Illustration 12b.

989-325                                            -16-                                          Revised 5/08
                                                Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                       Use the M6 bolt nut and washers to secure
                                                       the MAP sensor to the bracket on the throttle
                                                       body. Place a washer on the bolt, then the
                                                       bolt through the MAP sensor. The MAP sits
                                                       on the bracket, followed by another washer
                                                       and finally the lock nut. The MAP should be
                                                       oriented so that the hose barb points in
                                                       between the throttle inlet and the throttle
                                                       actuator. Tighten the nut to 6 ft-lbs. Place the
                                                       hose on the hose barb. Illustration 12d.

Illustration 12b
Remove the MAP sensor from the stock
intake manifold using a 10mm combination
wrench. The bolt will not be reused. Gather
the super glue, 15” of vacuum hose, the hose
barb, the M6 x 10mm bolt, two M6 washers,              Illustration 12d
and a M6 lock nut. Place the hose barb into
the end of the MAP sensor, glue around the
barb and then slide the hose barb all the way
in. Let the glue dry. Illustration 12c.

                                                       Locate the two nuts and studs that held the
                                                       throttle body on the stock manifold, and two
                           Illustration 12c            new M8 x 1.25 x 55mm flange head bolts.
                                                       Use a stud installer or the double nut method
                                                       to install the studs into the top holes in the
                                                       new inlet manifold. Illustration 12e.

                                                       Illustration 12e
                                                       Slip one of the throttle body gaskets on to the
                                                       studs, and then the throttle body plate
                                                       followed by the other throttle body gasket.
                                                       Install the throttle body so that the black
                                                       actuator cover faces up. Tighten the two bolts
                                                       and two nuts to 18 ft.-lbs. Illustration 12f.

989-325                                         -17-                                          Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                              Illustration 12f con’t
                                         Loop both coolant hoses around the upper
Illustration 12f                         radiator hose and plug them on to the throttle
                                         body. The hose from the larger, black, coolant
                                         tube that runs under the intake manifold will
                                         connect to the throttle body tube closest to
                                         the engine. The other hose connects to the
                                         tube closest to the throttle body inlet. Trim as
                                         necessary. Use pliers to slide the factory
                                         hose clamps into place. Plug the MAP sensor
                                         hose onto the hose barb on the intake
                                         manifold. Trim as necessary. Illustration 12g.

                                         Illustration 12g

989-325                           -18-                                          Revised 5/08
                                                 Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                                                      Illustration 12i



Illustration 12g con’t                                                                        Brake
Reconnect the harness to the throttle body                                                   Booster
and MAP. Illustration 12h.                              13. Air Box and Intake Tube
                                                        Connect the fresh air intake tube to the
                                                        bottom half of the air box. Use the original M6
                                                        bolts and nut to secure the bottom of the air
                                                        box in its original position. Remove the intake
                                                        tube from the top half of the air box. Install
                                                        the air filter and the top half of the air box to
                                                        the bottom half. Illustration 13a.

Illustration 12h

                                                                                      Illustration 13a
                                                        Use the original rubber intake tube and
                                                        clamps to connect the air box to the throttle
                                                        body. First slip the intake tube over the
                                                        throttle body. Align the metal valve cover
                                                        breather tube up with its port on the intake
                                                        tube as you slip the other end of the intake
                                                        tube on to the air box. Connect the IACTV to
                                                        the intake tube using the original hose.
                                                        Connect the MAF sensor. Secure both
                                                        clamps using a 10mm socket or Phillips
Connect the brake booster hose to the inlet             screwdriver. Illustration 13b.
manifold and secure it with factory hose
clamp. Connect the new long PCV hose to
the to the inlet manifold, use a supplied hose
clamp. Illustration 12i.

                                                                                      Illustration 13b
989-325                                          -19-                                          Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                       14. Belt Tensioner
                                                      Gather the new belt tensioner, tensioner plate,
                                                      three M8 x 25mm flat head bolts, one M8 x
                                                      60mm flange bolt, one M8 x 35mm flange bolt
                                                      and the special M8 x 32.5mm flange bolt.
                                                      Install the tensioner plate to the engine in the
                                                      area you previously removed the stock
                                                      tensioner and idler pulley. Tighten the three flat
                                                      head bolts to 18 ft-lbs using a 5mm Allen
                                                      wrench. Next attach the tensioner to the plate
                                                      using the remaining M8 bolts. The 60mm bolt
                                                      goes through the center hole in the tensioner.
Illustration 13b con’t                                The 35mm bolt goes in the forward hole of the
                                                      tensioner and the special 32.5mm bolt goes
Gather the 3/8” hose, the reducing coupling           through the rear hole. Start all three bolts
and the 5/16” PCV hose. Connect a 10” piece           before tightening them to 18 ft-lbs. If you install
of 3/8” and a 10” piece of 5/16” hose to the          the 35mm bolt in the rear hole, it will penetrate
reducing coupling. Connect the 3/8” side of           through the plate and pry the plate away from
the assembly to the throttle body. Loop the           the engine causing belt alignment problems.
hose under the intake tube and then to the            The 32.5mm bolt is specially machined so that
EVAP hard line, next to the valve cover               it will not protrude through the tensioner plate.
breather. Illustration 13c.                           Illustration 14.

Illustration 13c

                                                                                     Illustration 14

989-325                                        -20-                                             Revised 5/08
                                                   Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                                          You need to roll the belt on to the supercharger
                                                          pulley. To roll the belt on, get a friend to pull the
                                                          tensioner back to its stop using a long 14mm
                                                          wrench. While the tensioner is being held back,
                                                          use an 18mm to turn the supercharger pulley
                                                          while you guide the belt up on to it. Do not put
                                                          your hand or fingers in between the tensioner
                                                          pulley and the supercharger pulley. Serious
                                                          injury could occur if the wrench slips off of the
                                                          tensioner. Roll the engine over several times to
                                                          make sure the belt is aligned on all the pulleys.
                                                          Illustration 15b.

                        Illustration 14 con’t

                                                                                          Illustration 15b

 15. Belt
Route the belt counter clockwise from the
crank to the a/c compressor, back around the
water pump, around the alternator, up to the
supercharger and finally down past the
tensioner to the crank pulley. Illustration 15a.
Illustration 15a

989-325                                            -21-                                              Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions
 16. Finishing Up
When you receive your re-flashed ECU from
Hondata, install it by reversing step 1. Install
the battery. Refill the radiator and overflow
bottle with factory coolant. Remove the jack
stands, but leave the hood up. Start the
vehicle and check for leaks. Make sure the
belt is riding correctly on the pulleys. If
everything looks ok, let the vehicle warm up
to operating temperature. Shut the vehicle off,
let it cool (1 hour minimum). Check all fluids
and top off as necessary. If all is well, test
drive the vehicle and recheck your work.
Enjoy your Jackson Racing Supercharger!
Other Notes: This supercharger system is
designed to make 9 psi of boost at see level
with an otherwise stock engine. We have
tested this kit with an aftermarket intake and
cat-back exhaust system and found the tune
up to be sufficient. The tune up has not been
tested with any other aftermarket items (such
as cam or header) and therefore is not
intended to support such modifications.

989-325                                            -22-   Revised 5/08
          Supercharger Installation Instructions

989-325   -23-                           Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

989-325                           -24-   Revised 5/08
          Supercharger Installation Instructions

989-325   -25 -                          Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

989-325                           -26-   Revised 5/08
                                                 Supercharger Installation Instructions

                                      Contents of the kit
          Note-Specifications and components are subject to change and revision without notice.

Item Number Quantity Unit of Measure Description

                                                 TENSIONER ASSEMBLY,06 CIVIC SI
053-130              1            EACH           DYNAMIC TENSIONER,MODIFIED
053-127              1            EACH           BRACKET, DYNAMIC TENSIONER
053-128              3            EACH           BOLT,FLAT HEAD,M8X1.25X25
051-454              1            EACH           BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 35
053-129              1            EACH           BOLT,FLANGE HEAD,M8X1.25X60,
053-136              1            EACH           BOLT,M8X1.25X32.5,HEX FLNG10.9
053-135              1            EACH           BOLT,M8X1.25X50,HEX FLANGE10.9

                                                 INTAKE & SUPERCHARGER ASSM
051-121              4            EACH           SCREW, SHCS, M6 X 1.0 X 16
051-142              4            EACH           HOSE BARB, 5/32 VACUUM
051-144              1            EACH           HOSE, SILICONE, 1.5 ID X 1.25
051-151              3            EACH           VACUUM CAP, 5/32
051-016              2            EACH           CABLE TIE, 4IN.
051-189              2            EACH           CLAMP, HOSE, MINI, 2INCH
051-249              1            EACH           PLATE, BLOCK OFF, T/A SENSOR
051-454              2            EACH           BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 35
052-561              1            EACH           SUPERCHARGER SUPPORT BLOCK
052-562              1            EACH           SUPERCHARGER SUPPORT SPACER
051-526              1            EACH           GASKET, TA SENSOR
051-529              1            EACH           GASKET, JR BYPASS-MANIFOLD
051-551             10            INCH           HOSE, VACUUM, 7/32, BULK
051-553              1            EACH           RETAINING CLIP, 7/32 VACUUM
051-672              2            EACH           BOLT, HEX, M5 X 0.8 X 16
051-680              1            EACH           HOSE BARB, 3/8 VACUUM
052-146              2            EACH           SPACER, BOLT, INTAKE MANIFOLD
052-156              1            EACH           MANIFOLD, INTAKE, RSX
052-167              1            EACH           GASKET, INTAKE MANIFOLD
052-157              1            EACH           PLATE, BLOCK-OFF
052-158              1            EACH           BYPASS VALVE
052-161              1            EACH           GASKET, BLOCK-OFF PLATE
052-550              1            EACH           INTAKE PLATE, 2.0L,K20 CIVICSI
052-553              1            EACH           INTAKE GASKET, JRSC, CIVICSI
052-179              1            EACH           GASKET, JR62 S/C TO INTAKE
052-559              2            EACH           THROTTLE BODY GASKET, OEM
053-089              1            EACH           PLATE,THROTTLE BODY,06CIVIC SI
052-929              2            EACH           BOLT, M8X1.25X55, FLANGED HEAD
052-274              2            EACH           BRACKET, L, SUPPORT

989-325                                           -27-                                            Revised 5/08
Supercharger Installation Instructions

052-297        4       EACH      SCREW, AHCS, M8 X 1.25 X 16
052-292        5       EACH      BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 80
051-127        1       EACH      BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 20
771-371       10       EACH      SCREW, AHCS, M5 X 0.8 X 12
051-122        1       EACH      STUD, M8 X 1.25 X 40
051-207        3       EACH      SCREW, AHCS, M8 X 1.25 X 25
051-383        2       EACH      SCREW, AHCS, M8 X 1.25 X 75
051-076        2       EACH      SCREW, AHCS, M8 X 1.25 X 20
051-528        1       EACH      GASKET,GEN3 S/C-TB ADAPTER
772-099        2       EACH      HOSE BARB, 90º ELBOW
051-938        1       EACH      NUT, HEX FLANGE, M8 X 1.25
052-520        1       EACH      PULLEY,S/C 3.2 7-RIB
052-160        1       EACH      S/C JR M62CW, NO NOSE PULLEY
052-552        1       EACH      INTAKE BLOCK, 2.0L,K20 CIVICSI
052-554        1       EACH      INTAKE BLOCK GASKET, CIVIC SI
052-565        3       EACH      AHCS, M6 X 1.0 X 25, FLATHEAD
052-566        1       EACH      ELBOX, 90 DEG
052-560        1       EACH      MACHINED MANIFOLD, 06 CIVIC SI

                                 HARDWARE AND HOSE BAG
053-040        1       SET-04    INJECTORS, MATCHED SET,650CC
052-567        4       EACH      INJECTOR HARNESS,RSX & CIVICSI
051-119        1       EACH      BOLT, HEX FLANGE,M6 X 1.0 X 10
053-117        1       EACH      BELT, 7PK1555, CIVIC SI S/C
770-055        5       EACH      CABLE TIE, 6 IN.
051-186        2       EACH      NUT,HEX FLANG M8 X 1.25
051-560        1       EACH      BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 45
051-505        1       EACH      BOLT,HEX FLANGE,M8 X 1.25 X 25
052-153        1       EACH      BRACE, INTAKE MANIFOLD
052-575        1       EACH      BOLT, M12 X 1.25 X 80, ZINC
052-564        1       EACH      BOLT, M12 X 1.25 X 40
051-391        0       EACH      BOLT, HEX, M6 X 1.0 X 20
772-060        2       EACH      LOCK WASHER, M12, ZINC, GRD 5
051-187        2       EACH      WASHER, FLAT, M6
051-039        1       EACH      NUT, NYLOC, M6 X 1.0
051-142        1       EACH      HOSE BARB, 5/32 VACUUM
051-191        2       EACH      CLAMP, HOSE, MINI, SAE NO. 4
051-260       38        INCH     HOSE, PCV, 3/8 IN ID, BULK
051-256       36        INCH     HOSE, COOLANT, 5/16 IN. BULK
051-016        6       EACH      CABLE TIE, 4IN.
052-202        1       EACH      COUPLER,HOSE,REDUCING,3/8X1/4
051-551       15        INCH     HOSE, VACUUM, 7/32 IN., BULK
051-262       10        INCH     HOSE, FUEL, HP, 5/16 IN, BULK
051-063       12       EACH      BUTT CONNECTOR, 20-18 GA. WIRE

989-325                           -28-                            Revised 5/08
                        Supercharger Installation Instructions

161-630    6    EACH    T-TAP, 22-18 GAUGE WIRE
051-395    6    EACH    SPADE CON, MALE, 18-22 GA
770-449   18    INCH    SHRINK, TUBING, BLACK, 3/16
770-858    1    EACH    LOCTITE 271, INDIVIDUAL USE
051-451    1    EACH    TAPE ELEC. 7-MIL VINYL
051-091    1    EACH    CLAMP, HOSE, SAE NO. 10
772-575    1    EACH    MOSS WARRANTY CARD
051-696    2    EACH    BADGE, JACKSON RACING
053-114    1    EACH    INSTRUCTIONS, S/C, CIVIC SI 06
053-116    1    EACH    INFORMATION FORM, ECU
053-115    1   DOLLAR   ECU FLASH
052-376    1    EACH    FOAM, ECU SHIPPING
052-361    1    EACH    BOX, 14 X 12 X 4, 200SW

989-325                 -29-                           Revised 5/08

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