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									                      intouch                              April 2005

Access to Continuing Education
At a recent province-wide videoconference,
“Putting Research to Work”, Dr. Joanne Profetto
McGrath, PhD, RN, introduced the session with
the following: “I can say with reasonable
confidence that when any of us visit dental offices
across the province we expect the best care and
that the health professionals, such as dental
hygienists, who provide the needed services are
knowledgeable, skilled, competent and ethical
practitioners. Therefore, dental hygienists similar
to other health care providers should always be
searching for and open to the best ways to
improve oral health care and client outcomes.

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InTouch April 2005
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Page 2    ADHA InTouch April 2005
Message from the

President                             Patricia Clayton, RDH

Continuing education promotes professional and                          other dental hygienists. The Conversation Café or the
personal growth. As I have said in previous editions of                 President’s Reception will enable dental hygienists from
InTouch: continuing education inspires me. Continuing                   different areas of the province to dialogue in a more
education enables me to bring something new to my                       relaxed atmosphere.
practice which in turn enhances my clients’ care and
enhances my satisfaction with my work.                                  I would like to thank everyone who attended the recent
                                                                        member consultations for the valuable feedback you have
This issue of InTouch focuses on the variety of formats                 given ADHA Council. The Annual General Meeting
through which continuing education can be accessed.                     (AGM) 8:00 am, April 30, 2005 at the Delta Edmonton
Members’ participation in the recent ADHA                               South Hotel and Conference Centre, is another
videoconference, Putting Research to Work, with Dr. Joanne              opportunity for connecting with ADHA Council. Join
Profetto-McGrath was exciting to me. Members attending                  your colleagues for breakfast and a review of the 2004
the session are part of a group who were willing to take                ADHA annual report. Attendance at the ACE Event is not
the risk to try something new. I encourage you to                       mandatory to attend the AGM which is open to ADHA
challenge yourself to try accessing continuing education                members only.
in a format that you have not used before. Challenge
yourself to discuss your continuing education goals with                Nominations have been received for the three Council
a colleague and plan to pursue continuing education                     positions that will be available for the July 1, 2005 - June
together, at an in-person course or by accessing web-                   30, 2007 term. Watch for election information in your
enhanced material. Remember, it is the dental hygiene                   mail and return your completed ballot to the ADHA
competencies (knowledge, skill, attitudes and judgment)                 office by April 22, 2005. Results will be announced at the
that define us as professionals. Continuing education is                Annual General Meeting.
part of being a professional. We are not
just technicians with scalers in hand; we
are health professionals with a wealth of
knowledge and expertise to offer.

Participation during in-person continuing
education sessions allows us to meet with
other dental hygienists, health professions
and organizations. I invite every one to
take the opportunity to grow
professionally by attending the ADHA’s
Annual Continuing Education (ACE)
Event in Edmonton, April 29 and 30,
2005. You are sure to find topics that
interest you, provided by experts in their
fields. Many dental hygienists at the recent
member consultations indicated they
desired the opportunity to network with
                                                                                           Participants at Member Consultations in Fort McMurrary, 2005

Our vision is that all Albertans will have a high standard of oral health. In the pursuit of this vision, the Alberta Dental Hygienists’
   Association exists so there will be high quality, accessible oral health care and advancement of the dental hygiene profession.

                                                                                                              ADHA InTouch April 2005          Page 3
Front and Centre

Access to Continuing Education
                                                                                                                continued from front page

The ADHA Yellow Continuing                      Grounding dental hygiene practice             will also find a listing of possible
Education Policies booklet that was             in evidence rather than tradition and         resources that will facilitate dental
issued to you at the time you were              anecdotes is necessary to:                    hygienists’ access to continuing
registered with ADHA continues to be                                                          education in a variety of formats.
                                                1) Meet obligations of accountability
in effect while dental hygienists are
                                                   that dental hygienists have to the
regulated under the Dental                                                                    Opportunities for members to
                                                   public to provide quality oral
Disciplines Act. Updates to the                                                               make comments to ADHA
                                                   health services
policies have been sent to members                                                            During the past year, ADHA
and have been published in previous             2) Gain and maintain credibility as a         members have had various
In touch newsletters.                              profession among other health              opportunities to comment on
                                                   disciplines                                continuing education sessions and
Review this booklet for criteria                                                              on the draft of the new Continuing
                                                3) Build knowledge (practical,
pertaining to current continuing                                                              Competence Program.
                                                   empirical, personal, and ethical)
education credits in each format.
                                                   needed by your profession                  • Members diligently fill in feedback
The Continuing Competency Program               4) Build optimal practice                       forms at ADHA sponsored
Policies that you were invited to                  environments.                                continuing education events
review in the recent member mail-out                                                            (Spring & Fall Sessions and the
will be considered by Council and a             Professional Growth                             Annual Continuing Education
new Continuing Competency Program               Adherence to the current ADHA                   Event).
will be implemented once the Health             Continuing Education policies is a            • The topic of continuing education
Professions Act comes into effect for           requirement for all ADHA Active                 was discussed at member
the dental hygiene profession when              members. Inactive members who want              consultations.
ADHA becomes the College of                     to transfer to Active status must also
Registered Dental Hygienists of                 meet the continuing education                 • In a formal feedback survey on the
Alberta (CRDHA).*                               program requirements.                           draft CRDHA Continuing
                                                                                                Competence Program* policies,
                                                This edition of the InTouch newsletter          over 400 people responded with
                                                will focus on the ADHA responses to             comments. (see sidebar)
                                                what members have told us about               • Members regularly communicate
                                                accessing continuing education. You             with staff and the Practice Review

A sample of members’ comments to ADHA
regarding accessing continuing education!
• I live in a remote area. How can I access continuing education       • I have a busy life and I can’t get out to regularly scheduled
  that is affordable and applicable to my practice setting?              continuing education events. I have learned to use a computer
                                                                         recently and I can now access CD Rom continuing education
• I would like to meet with other dental hygienists to form a study      packages and the internet to access continuing education on-line.
  club but I don’t know how to get started and I don’t want total        I have the best of both worlds – I can learn at home and I can
  responsibility for organizing and sustaining it.                       choose topics that are related to my professional development.
• I have practiced dental hygiene for many years and would like to     • Can we have a list of Practice Review Board approved continuing
  share what I’ve learned with others. How formal does the               education courses?
  mentoring process have to be?”

Page 4   ADHA InTouch April 2005
Front and Centre
 A Financial Check-UP

 Board through phone-calls, e-mails and faxes about                   institutions and associations providing continuing dental
 continuing education queries.                                        hygiene education. This list is a starting point. ADHA
                                                                      collaborates with The University of Alberta in promoting
Comments are reviewed and considered when developing
                                                                      courses offered by the Department of Continuing Dental
or revising policies and initiatives.
Common themes                                                         Dental hygienists may be given credit for participation at
The questions and comments in the box on the bottom of                events organized by or with other health care
page four illustrate some common themes that have been                professionals. Documentation of how a particular course
raised in feedback to the ADHA. The main themes are:                  pertains to the individual’s practice of dental hygiene is
                                                                      required. Prior to attending a course, members are invited
• Access to continuing education which is affordable and              to submit a Request for Predetermination of Credit Hours
  applicable to the individual’s practice setting                     Form to the ADHA Practice Review Board.
• Request for information about the modes of delivery for             Please inform ADHA of courses that you encounter which
  continuing education                                                will be of interest to members.
• Request for specific Practice Review Board                                           Videoconference
  approved courses                                Local Anesthetic                     In March 2005 ADHA in collaboration
                                                  Review Program                       with the U of A Department of Dentistry
Modes of delivery for                                                                  Continuing Education Program and
                                                  This informal, interactive and
continuing education                              hands-on course will enable          Aurum Ceramic offered a well-received
Some options for continuing education             participants to self evaluate        videoconference format, two-hour course
opportunities include attendance at in-           and improve their local              which combined the use of technology
person events, collaboration with                 anaesthetic skills. See p 8 for      and an in-person presenter. The cost of
colleagues in study clubs or mentoring            details.                             the videoconference was subsidized by
situations and self-study which includes the                                           ADHA and partial sponsorship by Aurum
use of technology to access continuing                                                 Ceramic made it possible. Over 120
education. Dr. Joanne Profetto McGrath,
                                                  Credit Hours                         members from 7 locations throughout
states: “I believe it is essential for a health   Go to the ADHA website,              the province participated. The ADHA was
care professional to have basic computer, Members                 pleased to support this initiative and will
skills and access to the internet to              Resources link on the home           evaluate the cost-effectiveness of using
communicate with colleagues, to research          page to access current forms         this technology in the future.
current health information for patients, to       necessary for processing
                                                  Continuing Education credit            Certification in a special interest area
take part in on-line learning and to keep up                                             related to dental hygiene
with current professional association news.”      hours.
                                                                                         Dental Education in Care of Persons with
1. In-person organized events                                                            Disabilities (DECOD) is a special
                                                                                         program of the University of Washington
ADHA sponsored events                                                 School of Dentistry that treats persons with severe
ADHA sponsors a series of continuing education sessions               disabilities and prepares dental professionals to meet
in the two major centers each spring and fall. Occasional             their special oral health needs. Call the Director of
sessions are also offered in smaller centers if sponsors are          Training, University of Washington for further education at
available. ADHA also offers an Annual Continuing                      (206) 543-1546 or email: Visit:
Education Event that usually alternates between Calgary     
and Edmonton. Topics for events are selected according to
feedback from members and to attain the results that                  Mini-residency in Nursing Home Care for the Dental Team
ADHA Council identifies. Events organized by ADHA are                 This is a special opportunity to learn about many different
offered on a cost recovery basis. The cost of these events is         aspects of nursing home care, other long-term care
increasing due to increased use of technology by speakers             environments, as well as geriatric dental care
(typically it costs at least $300 to rent an LCD projector            considerations. The Miniresidency was developed and is
and screen for a two-hour session) and substantial rental             directed by faculty from the University of Minnesota's Oral
fees for suitable space with adequate parking. Speaker fees,          Health Services for Older Adults Program, winner of the
travel and accommodation expense must also be included.               1995 American Dental Association Geriatric Oral Health
                                                                      Care Award. Contact: 612-625-1418 or 800- 685-1418
Other Providers                                                       Visit:
The ADHA website go to Classes/Education
then Oral Health Classes/Schedule has links to other

                                                                                                     ADHA InTouch April 2005   Page 5
Front and Centre

2. Collaboration with Colleagues          On-Line Self Study Courses      
                                          Some examples of on-line self study       fo.html
Study Clubs
                                          courses are listed below. These sites     Morbidity and Mortality Weekly
For those individuals who like the
                                          may assess a user fee and/or require      Report (MMWR) produced by the
challenge and independence of
                                          registration with user name and           Centre for Disease Control provides
planning a program and researching
                                          password:                                 free of charge courses and post
resources, participation in a study
                                                                                    course examinations on a variety of
club is an option for continuing
                                                                                    health related topics. For example:
education. ADHA has developed a 
                                                                                    Visit the website and go to the
resource to aid members interested
                                                                                    sidebar and click MMWR; go to
in starting a study club. Contact
                                                                                    Continuing Education; go to
ADHA office. Each study club is 
                                                                                    Continuing Education Register and
asked to submit a Study Club    
                                                                                    Take the Exam; go to #8. This
Registration Form to the ADHA so
                                                                                    MMWR provides recommendations
that contact information can be 
                                                                                    regarding infection control practices
shared with prospective members.          The American Dental Hygienists
                                                                                    for dentistry settings. (Approved for
Study clubs are encouraged to             Association offers online CE
                                                                                    2 CE credits by ADHA Practice
submit a program of studies and a         programs at a cost of $30 US for
                                                                                    Review Board: subject code 0212)
Request for Predetermination of           non-members. There are several
Continuing Education Credit Hours         courses available. Program      
form to the Practice Review Board.        instructions guide you through each
                                                                                    Health Studies Institute offers home
                                          step with easy-to-follow directions.
Mentoring                                                                           study continuing education courses
Direct study through a mentoring                               on dental implants, periodontics,
relationship is a method of acquiring     The Canadian Dental Hygienist             nutrition, oral diseases,
specific knowledge or skills through      Association (CDHA) website offers         communicable disease and infection
specified learning activities with the    the complimentary course Work and         control, and many more oral health
guidance of a mentor. Two examples        Personal Life Balance to CDHA             related topics. HSI is recognized by
of mentoring relationships are: a         members. (Approved for 9 CE credits       the American Academy of General
mentee partnering with a clinical         by ADHA Practice Review Board:            Dentistry and numerous licensing
dental hygienist who has advanced         subject code 9050)                        boards in the USA and Canada.
skill in root planing techniques
                                          The CDHA website also has a     
(mentor) or a mentee partnering
                                          network of links to other CE              Supercourse - Epidemiology, the
with a community health dental
                                          opportunities. Go to the Members          Internet and Global Health provides
hygienist who has expertise in
                                          Only page (log in required) then to       a comprehensive set of lectures for
tobacco cessation (mentor). Partners
                                          Resources and Tools then to Probing       health professionals interested in
in mentoring relationships are
                                          the Net. This site was created to be a    improving skills in these areas.
encouraged to submit a program of
                                          resource for the educator,
studies for predetermination of                                           
                                          practitioner, and student to
credit hours.                                                                       The Trent University Research
                                          effectively navigate the Internet. Each
                                                                                    Information Access Gateway is a very
3. Self Study Courses                     of its categories has quality links to
                                                                                    useful site that provides a number of
                                          connect you with the information
The courses pre-approved by the                                                     links to other sites offering courses.
                                          you need quickly and efficiently. For
ADHA’s Practice Review Board are
                                          any questions, inquiries or
noted in bold italics with the course
                                          suggestions feel free to contact
description. If you would like
predetermination of a specific course
prior to initiating the program, please
contact the ADHA office to request a      tis/C_Training/edu/default.htm
Predetermination of Credit Hours          Hepatitis C: What Clinicians and
Request Form which is also available on   Other Health Professionals Need to
the Members Resources link of             Know is a web-based training course                               designed to guide clinicians as they
                                          face this public health threat.
Self study courses include on-line        (Approved for 3 CE credits by ADHA
courses and also CD Rom format            Practice Review Board: subject code
courses.                                  0250)

Page 6   ADHA InTouch April 2005
Front and Centre

On-Line Degree Completion                      Other Self Study Opportunities        
                                                                                               The Continuing Dental Education    
                                                                                               Program at the University of
x.htm                                          The National Institute of Dental and
                                                                                               Minnesota provides a broad range of
University of Alberta                          Craniofacial Research (NIDCR):
                                                                                               learning experiences that are: 1)
Online Degree Completion                       Practical Oral Care for People With
                                                                                               nationally recognized, 2) evidence
coming soon!                                   Developmental Disabilities: Making
                                                                                               based, 3) unbiased, 4) up to date, 5)
Contact: Division of Dental Hygiene            a Difference. Developed through the
                                                                                               practical, and 6) learner centered.
2032 Dentistry Pharmacy Centre                 Institute’s National Oral Health
                                                                                               The programs are intended to help
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2N8                      Information Clearinghouse
                                                                                               practitioners acquire new
Tel: 780-492-4479                              (NOHIC). Participants who complete
                                                                                               information and skills and to apply
                                               the test successfully will be eligible                                                                           appropriate changes in practice.
                                               continuing education credit hours.
University of British Columbia                                                                 These courses include:
                                               (Approved for 2 CE credits by ADHA
Dental Hygiene Degree Completion
                                               Practice Review Board: subject code             • Internet/Online Courses
Contact: Faculty of Dentistry                                                                    Strategies for Effective Periodontal
2199 Wesbrook Mall                                            Case Presentation
Vancouver, B.C. V6T lZ3                        (see ad page 18)
                                                                                               • Independent Study Courses
Tel: (604) 822-5898                            Public Health Agency of Canada:
                                                                                                 Nineteen self-instructional courses
                                               ADHA Members who provide proof                                                               are available for continuing
                                               of successful completion of Modules
Various American Universities or                                                                 education credit. (not on-line)
                                               # 1, 2 or 3 of the Skills
Colleges offer degree completion.
                                               Enhancement program are eligible                (These courses have been approved by
Some on-line opportunities are
                                               for continuing education credit                 the ADHA Practice Review Board for
available. Visit the American Dental
                                               hours. To register for these modules            the credit hours allocated by the
Hygienists Association website.
                                               visit the website at                            University for each course offered.)
                                      or call toll
                                               free at 1-877-430-9995. (Approved
                                               for 15 CE credits per module by
                                               ADHA Practice Review Board:
                                               subject code 1204)

Continuing Education Policy for Self-Study Courses
ADHA Criteria for evaluating self-study courses, (including on-line courses) for continuing education hour eligibility:
1. All courses have the over-riding proviso in 7.1 of the ADHA CE Program Policies (yellow handbook),
   7.1 “It is understood that courses or their educational equivalents shall have significant intellectual or practical content related
        to the practice of dental hygiene or dentistry or to the professional responsibility or ethical obligations of the registrant.”

2.   To be eligible for credit, self-study CE activities must include:
     •   clearly defined learning objectives,
     •   supporting literature references,
     •   completion of post-course examination which adequately evaluates the participant’s comprehension,
     •   direct written feedback of the post-test results by the sponsor to the participant, and

     The self study course provider should be an approved ADA CERP (American Dental Association, Continuing Education
     Recognition Program) provider or have Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) or
     equivalent. (“Equivalency” includes approval by the ADHA’s Practice Review Board)

3.   8.6 in the handbook also indicates that:
     “Self study courses may be used to acquire HOUR-FOR-HOUR CREDIT AS DETERMINED BY THE SPONSOR TO A MAXIMUM OF
     60% OF TOTAL CREDIT HOURS REQUIRED.” (Therefore for the current seventy five (75) credit hour five year requirement, forty five
     (45) can be achieved from self-study)

                                                                                                          ADHA InTouch April 2005   Page 7
Front and Centre

Online communities
Participation in an online community may be interesting              To help in your evaluation, University of Alberta Libraries
and informative to individuals, however, this informal               provides an online checklist of details to consider,
participation is not recognized by the Practice Review board         beginning with the credentials of the author/organization
as being eligible for continuing education credit hours.             that produced the site; whether the author/organization is
                                                                     well regarded in the field covered by the resource; whether
There are various list serves and chat lines that allow              there is an obvious bias; and event whether there are
dental hygienists to communicate with other dental                   grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.
hygienists in Canada and even around the world.
Dimensions on the web                                                For a complete list of suggested evaluation criteria go to:                       
now offers a complete Online Community for dental                    <
hygienists, offering a variety of ways to connect with your          dex.cfm>
peers. Post your opinion in the Forums, pose a question
for Ask the Expert , or answer a Quick Poll question to see
how your view compares with other hygienists across the

Evaluating Information On The Internet
While most books and journal articles making scientific
claims must undergo a peer review process prior to
publication, the Internet has no such supervision—anyone
can publish almost anything on the web. It is important,
therefore, to critically evaluate all information found on
the Internet.

                Local Anaesthesia Continuing                         The course is based on the textbook: Handbook of Local

                                                                     Anaesthesia, by Stanley F. Malamed (4th or 5th edition) and the
                 Education Review Course for                         current ADHA Local Anaesthesia Continuing Education
                 Registered Dental Hygienists                        Certification Course.
               This informal, interactive and hands-on course        This course is not appropriate for individuals who have not
        will enable participants to self evaluate and improve        administered any local anaesthesia within the last 36 months.
their local anaesthetic skills. This single day course offers an
informal didactic review of anaesthetic injection techniques
(with emphasis on trouble shooting and problem solving), as          Fee:                $245.00
well as a practical clinical component. Participants will select     Equipment:          All participants must bring a sterilized self-
three injection techniques they wish to focus on for the clinical                        aspirating syringe, needle cap, 1 sterilized
practice component (all participants must be willing and able to                         set of instruments that includes probe,
receive anaesthetic - no stand-ins allowed).                                             mirror, explorer, haemostat, tri-syringe
The local anaesthesia review course is an ADHA approved                                  (air/water) tip, to course.
continuing education course. This course is offered to licensed      Location:           Edmonton - U of A
practicing dental hygienists (Active category) who have
successfully completed a full local anaesthetic certification        Attendance:         minimum 2 - maximum 4
course and are currently administering local anaesthetic as          Registration
part of their practice. Course participants must hold an ADHA        Deadline:           May 2, 2005
local anaesthetic certificate. As this course is designed to
improve participants’ skills in the delivery of local anaesthesia,   Clinical Session:   June 11, 2005
it is recommended that participants work in a setting where          Clinical Instructor: Patty Gainer
local anaesthesia is offered, and that participant's have
delivered local anaesthesia in some form within the last 36          Contact:            Debbie Grant (780) 459-1275 to register
months. This is not a refresher education course.

Page 8   ADHA InTouch April 2005
Notice from the

Registrar                          Brenda Walker, RDH

Health Professions Act Update                                   Self Assessment Package Update
The Alberta Government’s Health Profession Act                  A draft self-assessment package has been developed by the
Implementation Committee had projected that the Health          Practice Review Board in consultation with focus groups
Professions Act (HPA) would be implemented for all              around the province. The package is designed for use in all
professions by mid 2005. Currently only ten professions are     dental hygiene practice environments. This package provides a
operating under the Act.                                        formalized process for dental hygienists to assess their
                                                                individual learning needs.
The Implementation Committee also projected that dental
hygiene, along with eleven other health professions, would      ADHA is now inviting additional ADHA members to review
have regulations implemented under the HPA by December          the self assessment package through focus group sessions.
2003. Another eight groups were slated for December, 2004.      Some sessions will have already been held by the time you
To date, none of us have been moved under the Act. As you       receive this newsletter. The other sessions will be held toward
can see, the process is almost two years behind the projected   the end of April and May. Please consider participating in one
schedule for all groups slated to come under the act.           of the remaining focus group sessions. There will be a
                                                                maximum of 8-10 participants in each session. If you are
Dental hygiene profession regulation policies were circulated
                                                                interested in being a focus group participant, please contact
by Alberta Health and Wellness for stakeholder consultation
                                                                Stacy Mackie, Deputy Registrar, at (780) 465-1756.
in May 2003. Regulation policies are intended to form the
basis of a final regulation. ADHA continues to work with        Self-Assessment Focus Groups
Alberta Health and Wellness through the processes set out
for development of a dental hygiene profession regulation       You must register to attend. Maximum of 8-10 participants in
under the HPA.                                                  each session. The first 10 participants registering for each
                                                                session will form the Focus Group.
A number of other documents will also be required for use
by the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta       All Focus Group sessions begin at 7:00 pm
(CRDHA) when the HPA comes into force for our                   Contact Stacy Mackie, Deputy Registrar, (780) 465-1756
profession. Work has either been completed or is in
progress on these documents. Member consultation has            NORTH
been completed on the CRDHA Code of Ethics. Members             Thursday, March 17, 2005
recently provided their feedback on the Continuing              Cold Lake Completed
Competence Program Policies and Continuing Competence
Self Assessment focus group meetings will be completed by       SOUTH
mid-May. Members will also be consulted on CRDHA                Thursday, April 21, 2005
Standards of Practice and Bylaws. A Member’s Handbook           Lethbridge
will be developed to help members understand the HPA and
its implications for the dental hygiene profession.             CENTRAL
                                                                Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Continuing Competence Program Policies                          Edmonton
Over 400 Alberta Registered Dental Hygienists responded to      Thursday, April 14, 2005
the draft CRDHA Continuing Competence Program Policies          Edmonton
that were distributed to members in early January. The
ADHA Council would like to thank members for the time           Wednesday, May 11, 2005
and effort taken to complete and return the surveys. Surveys    Calgary
are being processed and comments compiled.
                                                                Thursday, May 12, 2005

                                                                                                  ADHA InTouch April 2005   Page 9
A Financial Check-UP

                                          NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION
    Alberta Provider Directory            TAKE NOTICE that the registration of the following individuals has been canceled, as
                                          provided for in Section 21 of the Dental Disciplines Act, for failure to return their annual
    Alberta is one of the four
                                          renewal applications and default in payment of any applicable fees, dues or levies.
    western provinces and three
    territories that have formed a        These individuals are no longer eligible to practice dental hygiene in the Province of
    collaborative partnership to          Alberta. In addition, Section 26 of the Act provides that practicing in Alberta while
    develop a standards-based,            one’s registration or annual certificate to practice is canceled is professional
    centralized, electronic provider      misconduct subject to sanctions under the Act.
    registry system. Alberta’s system
                                          Reg.#              Name                                   City, Province
    is called the Alberta Provider
                                          1651               Dhanani-Ramjee, Fahreen                Renton, WA, USA
    Directory (ABPD). It is
                                          1017               Dilay, Kelly I.                        Calgary, AB
    anticipated that over a period of
                                          1756               Dion, Veronique                        Ste-Genevieve, PQ
    time the ABPD will benefit
                                          0969               Forrest, Heather Ann                   Calgary, AB
    health care providers,
                                          1843               Hehir, Danya                           St. Albert, AB
    professional associations and
                                          1946               Kanters, Lisa Danielle                 London, ON
    health care organizations, and
                                          1752               Kerr, Pamela Jillian                   Winfield, BC
    improve efficiency throughout
                                          1938               Mowbray, Jennifer Lynn                 Calgary, AB
    the whole health care system.
                                          1687               O'Connor, Danielle Michelle            Edmonton, AB
    Regulatory colleges will be           1564               Osinski, Melissa Lee                   Edmonton, AB
    considered primary sources of         1918               Pelletier, Joan Renee                  Winnipeg, MB
    the data housed in the ABPD.          1551               Rhemtulla, Tasneem                     Calgary, AB
    The Health Professions Act will       1657               Ripley, Teresa Marie                   Winnipeg, MB
    require that colleges provide         1760               Robley, Anne Lorraine                  Zurich, Switzerland
    information such as names of          1510               Sasvari, Diane C.                      Saskatoon, SK
    registrants, registration numbers,    1746               VanEyck, Sarah Hilary                  Calgary, aB
    status of registration, credentials   1850               Veeneman, Kimberly A.                  Trenton, ON
    held and some demographic
    details. Colleges will be required
    on a regular basis. Provider data     TAKE NOTICE that in accordance with section 20 of the Dental Disciplines Act the
    will be used in aggregate form,       Council of the Alberta Dental Hygienists' Association has approved the following
    except for verification and           members’ requests to have their registration with the Alberta Dental Hygienists'
    authorization purposes where it       Association canceled in good standing.
    will be used at the individual,
    identifiable level. Information       This action has nothing to do with discipline or misconduct, and the cancellation of
    in the ABPD is secured and            registration does not reflect negatively on these individuals. As a result of their
    managed by the Directory              request for cancellation of registration these individuals are no longer eligible to
    Administrator in Alberta - the        practice dental hygiene in the Province of Alberta. Section 26 of the Act provides that
    Health Workforce Planning             practicing in Alberta while one’s registration or annual certificate to practice is
    Branch of Alberta Health &            canceled is professional misconduct subject to sanctions under the Act.
    Wellness.                             Reg.#              Name                                   City, Province
    The ABPD will be integral to          1472               Aiyub, Ashiq Abdul                     Surrey, BC
    development of a                      1086               Armstrong, Melody Joy                  Calgary, AB
    comprehensive workforce plan          1598               Beever, Marie Elaine                   Calahoo, AB
    and monitoring of trends in           1959               Bell, Sarah Aline                      Cranbrook, BC
    the health workforce. It will         0601               Cooley, Deborah M.                     Burlington, ON
    also be an essential building         1947               Desbiens, Lise                         Val-Belair, PQ
    block toward completion of an         1838               Doverspike, Tracey Lorraine            Red Deer County, AB
    Electronic Health Record.             0235               Evans, Donna Y.                        Edmonton, AB
    Each health professional              1355               Gill, Merilee Joy                      Golden, BC
    college is added to the ABPD          1859               Goddyn, Sheri Lynne                    Campbell River, BC
    as they come under the Health         0793               Grant, Brie-Ann                        Calgary, AB
    Professions Act.                      0173               Hardacre, Donna J.                     Peace River, AB
                                          0197               Imbery, Adelle J.                      Calgary, AB

Page 10   ADHA InTouch April 2005
A Financial

                                                                                       Reporting Blood
   1780             Issa, Ibtesam                        Edmonton, AB
   0239             Kish, Valeria                        Calgary, AB                   Borne Infections to
   0580             Korney-Baars, Candace C.             Calgary, AB                   the ADHA
   2043             Kozlowski, Sherry Lynn               Kentville, NS
   0874             Krajewski-Kelm, Linda C.             Victoria, BC
                                                                                       All health care workers with a
   1857             Krebbers, Elizabeth Rose Marie       Calgary, AB
                                                                                       history of human
   1835             Lonar, Sherri Lynn                   Kentville, NS
                                                                                       immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
   0653             Long, Elizabeth                      Edmonton, AB
                                                                                       hepatitis B virus (HBV) or
   1488             Mallett, Jennifer Marie              Chilliwack, BC
                                                                                       hepatitis C virus (HCV) positivity
   0319             Mareck, Patricia G.                  Calgary, AB
                                                                                       have an ethical obligation to
   0876             Mason, Brenda L.                     Chattanooga, TN, USA
                                                                                       report to their professional
   0282             McDonald, Mary                       Lethbridge, AB
                                                                                       regulatory authority for referral to
   0681             Mortis, Karen M.                     Calgary, AB
                                                                                       the Provincial Expert Review
   1767             Rae, Amandeep                        Middleburg Heights, OH, USA
                                                                                       Panel if they perform any
   1798             Salagubas, Leah Denise               Calgary, AB
                                                                                       exposure-prone procedures.
   1702             Sigouin, Laura Lee                   Calgary, AB
                                                                                       Exposure-prone procedures
   1783             Stansal, Sheri Lee                   Nanoose Bay, BC
                                                                                       performed by dental hygienists
   1116             White, Darby                         Spruce Grove, AB
                                                                                       include scaling, root planing and
   0527             Van Dyke Wegener, Theresa M.         Calgary, AB
                                                                                       injection of local anaesthesia.
                                                                                       Access to the Provincial Expert
   NOTICE OF REINSTATEMENT OF REGISTRATION                                             Review Panel is through referral
                                                                                       from a health care worker’s
                                                                                       regulatory authority.
   TAKE NOTICE that the following individuals, whose registration with the Alberta
   Dental Hygienists' Association was previously canceled, have re-applied for         Registered dental hygienists who
   registration. These individuals currently hold membership as indicated below:       have tested positively to HIV, HBV
                                                                                       or HCV should contact the ADHA
   Reg.#       Membership         Name                         City, Province
   0979        Active             Boone, Allison               Calgary, AB             Registrar, Brenda Walker, in
   0059        Active             Caine, Janey Lynn            Crossfield, AB          person or by telephone at (780)
   0873        Active             Hartley, Danene B.           Cardston, AB            465-1756 for further information
   0956        Active             Palmer, Sherry L.            Fort Saskatchewan, AB   and referral to the Expert Review
   1030        Active             Shillabeer, Kelly Lorraine   Westerose, AB           Panel.
   0465        Inactive           Still, Kathryn               Sparwood, BC
   0443        Active             Story, Corinne A.            St. Albert, AB
   1349        Active             Robinson, Karen              Calgary, AB
   1176        Active             Young, Laura                 Edmonton, AB

                                                                                             ADHA InTouch April 2005   Page 11

Worth Pondering

Q: I have not practiced for the past 5 years during which I have         The Dental Hygiene Refresher Program includes a one-
   been an ADHA Inactive member. What do I have to do to                 day comprehensive dental hygiene review on the process
   become registered in Alberta so that I can return to work?            of dental hygiene care and three days of clinical practice
                                                                         with hands-on instruction. The U of A Dental Hygiene
A: Prior to starting work you will need to be registered with
                                                                         Program will supply the patients and the instruments.
   ADHA as an Active member. Upon request ADHA will
                                                                         The purchase of a manual is required prior to the Dental
   send you the appropriate documentation forms to
                                                                         Hygiene Refresher Program. The manual, which is a
   accompany your request for registration. Registration
                                                                         compilation of current literature on the most recent
   requirements are:
                                                                         dental hygiene procedures and products, is a course
    •     Submission of appropriate forms documenting:                   requirement.
    •     Evidence of completion of 1000 practice hours in               If you are interested in the details of this Refresher
          the past five years                                            Progam please contact:
    •     Evidence of completion of 75 (seventy-five)                    Brenda Walker, ADHA Registrar
          Continuing Education hours in the past five years              (780) 465-1756 or email
    •     Evidence of completion of Level C CPR Course in
                                                                     Q: I donated blood last week. I was informed that if I had
          the past year
                                                                        dental work done in the past two days I could not donate.
    •     Payment of appropriate registration fees                      What should we be telling our clients about this?
    •     Allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of the                  A: First of all, congratulations on joining the thousands of
          registration process                                          Canadians who save lives by donating blood. In
                                                                        response to your question: According to the Canadian
Q: We often receive questions relating to a dental hygiene              Blood Services website there are several situations which
   refresher course. For example:                                       would temporarily defer a blood donation. One of the
                                                                        deferrals is due to dental work. For a cleaning or a
    •     I do not have enough Continuing Education credit hours
                                                                        filling, donors must wait until the day after treatment
          for changing to Active status. What can I do to upgrade?
                                                                        before donating blood. For an extraction, root canal or
    •     I do not have enough practice hours for changing to           dental surgery, donors must wait 72 hours before
          Active status. What can I do to upgrade?                      donating blood - provided there is full recovery. The
                                                                        rationale behind this is that “research shows a transient
    •     I have all of my practice hours and Continuing
                                                                        bacteremia commonly follows dental procedures”.
          Education credit hours. I graduated many years ago
                                                                        Canadian Blood Services.
          and have been practicing since graduation. I want to
          learn about current practices and to upgrade my                Prospective blood and/or bone marrow donors may be
          skills. Is there a course that I can take?                     unable to donate for reasons that could either
                                                                         compromise their own health or the safety of the blood
A: Participating in the University of Alberta, Dental Hygiene
                                                                         supply or marrow product. Unfortunately, some people
   Program Refresher Course is an option in all of the above
                                                                         may never be able to donate. Serious health problems,
   situations. Dental hygienists who either want to upgrade
                                                                         possible exposure to infectious disease(s), or
   their skills; or who require continuing education credit
                                                                         participation in high-risk activities can permanently
   hours or practice hours for registration; or who want to
                                                                         defer some prospective donors. For more information,
   transfer to Active status in Alberta are eligible for the
                                                                         please call 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-6283).
   Dental Hygiene Refresher Program which will be offered
   by the Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta
   (U of A). The next course is offered May 9-12, 2005.

Page 12   ADHA InTouch April 2005
                 ADHA 2005
                 Annual Continuing
                 Education Event          dental hygiene

                          Apr li 29-30,2005
                              Register now. Don’t miss it!
                                April 29 - April 30, 2005
          Delta Edmonton South Hotel and Conference Centre • Edmonton, Alberta
Now is the time:                                            Featured presentations and speakers:
                                                            Scientific Presentations
1.   To learn
                                                            • Strategies for Oral Health: The Science, The
     • Scientific Presentations: Learn about the evidence
                                                               Psychologies, The Solution: Susan Isaac
     • Workshops: Learn about practical aspects of
                                                            • Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy: Where’s the
       dental hygiene
                                                               Evidence? Dr. Heather Boon
     • Panel Presentation: Learn about diverse
       perspectives of dental hygiene                       Workshop Choices
     • Annual General Meeting: Learn about the ADHA         • The Ergonomics and Health of the Dental Hygienist:
                                                              David Sawatsky and James Foster
2.   To get connected
                                                            • Difficult Conversations Surrounding Ethics:
     • President’s Reception: Meet Council members,
                                                              Anne Perodeau
       visit with speakers and colleagues at this casual
                                                            • Dental Hygiene and Employment Law:
       social event.
                                                              Raylene Palichuk
     • Conversation Café: Informal gathering place for
                                                            • Evaluating your Dental Hygiene Practice:
       guided discussion and refreshment.
                                                              Dr. Sharon Compton and Stacy Mackie
3.   To access product information
                                                            Panel Presentation
     • Exhibitor’s Showcase: Visit commercial exhibits
                                                            • Discursive Constructions of Social Responsibility:
       showing products of specific interest to dental
                                                              Dr. Shafick Dharamsi
                                                            • Can a Career Become a Calling? Finding One’s Bliss
                                                              in Dental Hygiene: Sherry Saunderson
                                                            • Meeting the Needs of Adults with a Developmental
                                                              Disability: Maxine Borowko
                                                            • Alberta Community Health Perspective: Elements of
                                                              Access: Dawn Estey
                                                            • Moderated by Dr. Sharon Compton

       Conference registration information and application was mailed in mid-February.
                           Forms are also available at

ADHA 40th Anniversary Award                                        Thank you Volunteers
The ADHA 40th Anniversary                          196
                                                      3-2003       National Volunteer Week, April 17 -23, 2005, is a week set

                                      40 Years •
Award was created in 2003 in                                       aside to honour and to recognize Canadians who
celebration of ADHA’s 40th                    rat
                                                 ing               volunteer! Canada’s 6.5 MILLION volunteers make a
Anniversary. The award                   Ce
                                                                   difference in the community. ADHA acknowledges the
acknowledges a student with                                        contributions of ADHA members and public members
satisfactory academic standing                                     who volunteer on ADHA Council and on ADHA
entering in the last year of                                       committees. We thank each of these volunteers for their
studies in the BSc Dental Hygiene Specialization Degree            dedication to the profession of dental hygiene and for
Completion Program and who has practiced dental                    helping to grow the dental hygiene community.
hygiene in Alberta for a minimum of five years. The
                                                                   We also acknowledge the volunteer work that members in
recipient is selected on the basis of leadership in the
                                                                   the larger community undertake. We salute the efforts of
community or profession, commitment to lifelong
                                                                   community-minded dental hygienists who make a
learning and her exemplary practice as a dental hygienist.
                                                                   difference and help communities to grow.
                     ADHA is pleased to announce that
                     Sherri Brown is the first recipient of this
                     award. Congratulations, Sherri.               Community Health: Re-Think Your Drink
                                                                   The Calgary Health Region and the Calgary & District
                  When told of the award, Sherri
                                                                   Dental Society are cooperating again on a Dental Health
                  commented: “I am honoured to be the
                                                                   Month Campaign, Re-Think Your Drink. Lead by dental
                  first recipient of the ADHA 40th
                                                                   hygienists, this year’s initiative aims to raise awareness
                  Anniversary Award. Obtaining a BSc
                                                                   about added sugar in common beverages, and the health
                  Degree in Dental Hygiene has been an
                                                                   risks from frequently drinking these beverages on a daily
important goal of mine since graduating with a dental
                                                                   basis. It represents a professional interdisciplinary
hygiene diploma in 1992. Thank you for this generous
                                                                   collaboration between Oral Health and Nutrition & Active
award. Your continued support is appreciated.”
                                                                   Living. Public Health Nurses play a key role in facilitating
Sherri has volunteered as a member of the Message Group            the activities in schools. The campaign runs in March
for the committee for the initiation of the degree program,        (Nutrition Month) and April (Dental Health Month).
Open Wide Clinic participant, Career Day presenter,
                                                                   The campaign is built around a contest. Grade Four
President of Health Week and a member of the graduation
                                                                   students in the Calgary Health Region will develop their
committee. As well she has canvassed for the Diabetes
                                                                   own approach to promote the Re-Think Your Drink message
Foundation and for the Heart and Stroke Fund. Sherry
                                                                   in their schools. Ideally these projects will contribute to
was a member of Bow Valley Study Club in Calgary and
                                                                   creating school environments which support healthy
she has completed the local anaesthesia and root planing
                                                                   beverage choices. The contest supports the teacher’s work
                                                                   in meeting Alberta Learning’s Health and Life Skills
                                                                   Curriculum. Students will be judged on creativity, impact
In Memorium Dr. Jules Theodore                                     and sustainability. The Grade Four class winning the
                                                                   Grand Prize will receive a healthy lunch party and other
Dr. Jules Theodore of Edmonton passed away on January
                                                                   prizes sponsored by the Calgary & District Dental Society.
24, 2005. Jules was a long time member of the
                                                                   All participating students will receive fun health
Department of Dentistry at the University of Alberta where
                                                                   promotion materials. To learn more about the campaign
he touched to lives of many dental hygienists. He will be
                                                                   please visit the
remembered for his warmth and his support of dental
hygiene. We extend our condolences to his family and
special friends.

Page 14   ADHA InTouch April 2005
Notice Board

ADHA Display Unit                                              2006 CDHA Conference
Any member can request use
of the display unit. It can                                    Edmonton
be shipped, at ADHA’s cost,
to any member who                                              Call for Committee Volunteers
facilitates an activity to                                     From June 16-18, 2006 Edmonton will be hosting the
promote a career in dental hygiene or the dental               CDHA Annual Professional Conference. The Organizing
hygienist’s contribution to oral health. The display works     Committee is looking for volunteers who would be
particularly well at conferences, oral health presentations,   interested in helping on one of the following
and career days. For more information about the display        committees: hospitality, fundraising, volunteer
unit, call Kim at (780) 465-1756 or email:      coordination, and community connections. Whether you
                                                               can volunteer a little or a lot of your time, any would be
Costco Wholesale                                               appreciated. Initial meetings will begin in the New Year.
Costco Wholesale Gold Star Membership is available to
ADHA members. Call Kim at the ADHA office (780) 465-           If you are interested and would like additional
1756, fax (780) 440-0544, or email: for an      information, please contact Judy Clarke by email at
application form.                                     Come join us and have fun in planning
                                                               a memorable national conference that will show the
Did You Know?                                                  pride we have for our profession and city.
Copies of all ADHA brochures and fact cards are available to
members at no cost. Just pick up the phone and call Kim at
(780) 465-1756, fax (780) 440-0544, or email: to order as many of the educational
                                                                  Continuing Education Notices
pamphlets as you need. There is no mailing cost involved.
• Your Partners in Oral Health
                                                                  Important Notice - Policy Revision
• Questions & Answers on Oral Health                              Based on a recommendation from the Practice Review Board,
• Did you know: Not All Toothbrushes are Created Equal            ADHA Council, at its October meeting, approved the following
• Did you know: Flossing everyday can add up to 6 years           revision to the Continuing Education Policy 8.2. The revised
  to your life                                                    policy comes into effect immediately.
• Did you know: Tobacco                                           8.2       Advanced Study
• Tobacco and Your Oral Health (Not currently available)
                                                                  Registrants engaged in baccalaureate or graduate studies offered
                                                                  by a recognized educational institution, who provide the ADHA
Oral Cancer Screening Posters
                                                                  with evidence of that fact, from the educational institution, may
The oral exam described in the Oral Cancer Screening
                                                                  qualify for six (6) continuing education credit hours per unit of
Poster is abstracted from the standardized method
                                                                  course weight (ucw) to a maximum of twenty-five (25) credit
recommended by the World Health Organization,
                                                                  hours for any one course.
followed by the Centre for Disease Control and
Prevention, and by the National Institute of Health.              Note: A three (3) ucw course is eligible for eighteen (18)
                                                                  continuing education credit hours. A six (6) ucw course will be
A must for dental hygienists at the forefront of detection
                                                                  eligible for twenty-five (25) continuing education credit hours
and screening for oral cancer. The poster may be obtained
                                                                  (maximum allowable for any one course). The limit of twenty-
free of charge by contacting the ADHA Office or online at
                                                                  five (25) continuing education credits per course is in effect for
                                                                  all learning opportunities.

              Get Connected                                       CE Credits for Colgate’s Oral Care Report
               ADHA staff uses e-mail to communicate              The ADHA Practice Review Board has determined it will accept
               reminders about upcoming events and time           successful completion of the post-tests in the Oral Care Report
               sensitive urgent information to ADHA               for continuing education credit. Please note – each course
               members. To ensure that you receive these e-       completed will qualify for a total of one continuing education
               mails, please e-mail your current e-mail           credit hour.
address to the ADHA office If you change
your e-mail address please notify ADHA.                                                          ADHA InTouch April 2005
                                                                                                 ADHA InTouch April 2004      Page 15
                                                                                                                              Page 15

Websites                                        NEW
                                                                                                        Programs. Based in Northfield,
                                                                                                        Minnesota, the Latsa Company
                                                        Multi-Language Health History Forms are         provides products that are
to Visit                                                available to download and print.                developmentally appropriate and that
                                                                                                        promote a lifetime of good health
ASSOCIATION LINKS                                       The Multi-Language Health History               habits for a healthy child.
                                                        Project began as an initiative of the or                          University of the Pacific Dental School         An essential part of early childhood                                             (UOP) to address the needs of patients          education is that of Dental Health
Search the Alberta Dental Hygienists’                   and oral health professionals who do not        Education. The Latsa Company
Association website for currently                       speak the same language. Project                provides tools to aid in the promotion
advertised employment opportunities.                    developers believe that this project will       of Healthy Teeth such as Brushing                                             improve future education and enhance            Buddy Puppets, Twooth-Timer, a
Go to Members Only (login required);                    the quality of oral health care, while at the   toothbrush timer, a Toothbrushing
Resources and Tools; Probing the Net.                   same time acknowledging and respecting          Model, Dental Posters, and Bulletin
Probing the Net was created to be a                     the diversity and cultural heritage of the      Board Sets, and a complete Latsa
resource for both the educator and                      patients being served.                          Library with a variety of books related
practitioner to effectively navigate the                                                                to Healthy Teeth and Healthy Bodies
                                                        EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE                         for healthy children.
Internet. Each of its 19 categories have
quality links to connect you with the           NEW
                                                   !                                 TOBACCO CESSATION
information you need quickly and                        The Journal of Contemporary Dental
efficiently. For any questions, inquiries               Practice is an online journal that utilizes a
or suggestions feel free to contact                     variety of Internet technologies to convey      The Pregnets Web site hosts the most up-
CDHA                                                    information to its readership. The              to-date information on smoking cessation
                                                        mission of the journal is to provide a          practices for pregnant and postpartum
ACCESSING HEALTH INFORMATION                            peer-reviewed, visionary forum for oral         women. The web site also has answers to
                                                        health care and related professionals to        common questions about pregnancy and and                            contribute to the dental literature for         smoking, second-hand smoke and getting                                    practicing dental professionals. The            help and support for quitting smoking.
Albertans interested in tapping into                    guiding principle of the journal is to lead
reputable health information can now                    dental professionals to new thinking for
do so easily through two new                            the twenty-first century with content that      Published studies show that currently
provincial websites.                                    is sound in principle and science.              less than 15% of those who visit a                                                                                          dentist regularly, report having had an
The Canadian Academy of                                 INFORMATION FROM ALBERTA HEALTH                 oral cancer screening.
Periodontology provides resources for                   AND WELLNESS
                                                                                                        We know that dentists and hygienists
the public. This is a reliable website for             are not thought of by the public, and
patients who are interested in detailed         NEW
                                                        HPAemployersHANDBOOK.pdf                        do not think of themselves, as people
explanations of aspects of periodontal                                                                  who engage in the saving of lives. After
treatment. Simple, easy to understand                   Health Professions Act Employers                all, they are not ER doctors. But when
illustrations.                                          Handbook                                        either of these dental professionals
                                                        This is a guide that Employers can use to       finds an oral cancer in the course of
DENTAL HYGIENE CLINICAL PRACTICE                        learn about employment implications of          their examinations, especially if at an
                                                        the Health Professions Act.                     early stage one or two, they have                                                                       undoubtedly saved a life. Learn more
Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is a peer             !
                                                        about oral cancer and the importance
reviewed publication for today’s practicing     NEW
                                                        y.html                                          of oral cancer screening from this
dental hygienist. It offers top-notch                                                                   comprehensive website.
editorial on a variety of hot topics such as            Alberta regularly collects and publishes
the latest in clinical research and                     data that show the health status of
technique and the newest product                        Albertans and how well its health care
information. Written by highly respected                system is performing. This website
authors from the leading academic                       containing the reports and surveys
settings, Dimensions reconnects the                     provides the most current picture of the
practicing dental hygienist with the top                health of Albertans, health care system
academic leaders who shape the practice                 outcomes and how Albertans rate their
of dental hygiene.                                      own health and health care system.

Access complete articles from current and               PRODUCT INFORMATION/PRINT
previous journals which are produced and                RESOURCES
edited by dental hygienists. Dimensions             !
offers a wide array of information. Each         NEW

issue showcases a variety of feature articles           The Healthy Beginnings Company
written to enhance the clinical knowledge               The Latsa Company specializes in
of the practicing dental hygienist. Feature             Health Promotion and Disease
topics range from the very practical such               Prevention products for early
as caries prevention to the very cutting-               childhood environments, including
edge like performing facial esthetic                    preschools, early childhood education
procedures in the dental office.                        centers, childcare and Head Start

Page 16   ADHA InTouch April 2005
Continuing Education

APRIL 2005                                    MAY 2005                                   Friday, September 30, 2005
Saturday, April 9, 2005                       May 2, 2005                                   EDDS – NorthWest Dental Expo
  EDMONTON                                     EDMONTON                                     Contact: (780) 459-1275
  U of A: A Potpourri of Oral Pathology        Local Anaesthesia Continuing
  Speaker: Dr. Denis P. Lynch: DDS, PhD        Education Review Course for               OCTOBER 2005
  Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023         Registered Dental Hygienists
                                               Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023      October 6-7, 2005
Saturday, April 16, 2005                                                                   CALGARY
  EDMONTON                                                                                 9th Annual Dental Public Health
                                              May 9-12, 2005
  U of A: 8th Annual Endodontics Day:                                                      Conference
  Diagnosis and Treatment in                                                               Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
                                               U of A: Refresher Program
  Endodontics                                                                              Contact: Debbie Grant:
                                               Contact: Brenda Walker or Stacy
  Speaker: Dr. Yves Yana: DChD, MSc                                                        Phone (780) 492-5023
                                               Mackie (780) 465-1756 or email
  Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023
                                                                                         November 4-5, 2005
Friday, April 22, 2005                                                                     EDMONTON
                                              Saturday, May 14, 2005
   CALGARY                                                                                 U of A: The Business of Dentistry
   CDDS - ADA&C Visitations, Elections,                                                    Speakers: various internationally
                                                U of A: Practitioner Considerations
   Exhibitors, Mini-lectures                                                               recognized speakers from, and
                                                with Women’s Oral Health Issues
   Speaker: Various, ADHA sponsoring:                                                      affiliated with, the U of A’s School of
                                                Speakers: Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-
   Roberta Stasyk                                                                          Business, Executive Education, and
                                                Kinch; DDS, PhD – Dr. John Valentine;
   “Pharmacy and Dentistry –                                                               dental industry specific speakers will
                                                DMD, MSD – Dr. Pablo Kimos; DDS,
   A Prescription for Safety"                                                              contribute to this program.
   Contact: Jill (403) 239-1465 to register                                                Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023
                                                Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023
Saturday, April 23, 2005
                                              May 26-29, 2005
  EDMONTON                                                                               ADHA Continuing
  U of A: Contemporary Dental Treatment                                                  Education Schedule
                                               ADA&C - Jasper Dental Congress
  for Children                                                                           on the Web
                                               Contact ADA&C: (780) 432-1012
  Speaker: Dr. Alan R. Milnes: Dip Paed,
                                              JUNE 2005                                  Visit and click onto
  Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023                                                   Classes/Education - Oral Health Class
                                              June 9-12, 2005 - EDMONTON                 Schedule for the Spring 2005 CE program
Thursday, April 28, 2005                        U of A: Local Anaesthetic Review         and registration form.
  EDMONTON                                      Continuing Education for Registered
  U of A: Basic Rescuer CPR Refresher –         Dental Hygienists
  Lecture on Dental Emergencies                 Speakers: Patty Gainer: RDH; Dr. Randy
  (Level C CPR Certificate)                     Crowell: DDS, EME Educator;
  Speakers: James Habstritt: BHSc, EMT-         Dr. Peter Smith: PhD
  P; Kim Doyle: BHSc, EMT-P                     Contact: Debbie Grant (780) 492-5023

April 29 - 30, 2005                           SEPTEMBER 2005
                                              Saturday, September 17, 2005
  ADHA - Annual Continuing Education
  (ACE) Event - “Dental Hygiene Matters”
                                                Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen;
  Delta Edmonton South Hotel and
                                                Sedation/Analgesia in Dental Practice
  Conference Centre
                                                Limited Attendance
  Contact: Kim (780) 465-1756
                                                University of Alberta
                                                Contact: Debbie Grant:
                                                Phone (780) 492-5023

                                                                                                   ADHA InTouch April 2005    Page 17
Continuing Education

Health Canada                                               REGISTERED DENTAL HYGIENIST
Continuing Education Opportunity                            An energetic, hardworking, ambitious registered dental hygienist is
Dental Hygienists Who Are Employed in Public Health         required for a full time position in Edson, Alberta. Great
                                                            interpersonal attributes and clinical skills are needed to develop and
                                                            implement a hygiene program to greater serve the practices clients.
The Alberta Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) is         Salary or commission is negotiable depending upon experience.
pleased to inform our colleagues about an excellent
continuing educational opportunity developed by the         Edson is a vibrant, active, rural community located 2 hours or 200
Public Health Agency of Canada for dental hygienists        km West of Edmonton on Highway 16, approximately half way
employed in public health.                                  between Edmonton and Jasper. The town of Edson has
Skills Enhancement for Health Surveillance (Skills          experienced consistent and positive growth for many years. Edson
Enhancement) is an Internet–based program for health        is well supported by a number of industries, including oil and gas,
                                                            logging, coal mining and farming. Thus there are ample
professionals in local public health departments and
                                                            opportunities for a partner’s employment. Edson is a strong family
regional health authorities across Canada. It is designed
                                                            community. There are three school systems: Public, Catholic, and
to increase skills in epidemiology, surveillance and        Christian. There are endless recreational activities both indoor and
information management to meet the public health            outdoor. There are an abundance of clubs and teams for an active
needs of people throughout Canada. Participation in the     person to become involved in.
Skills Enhancement program will help public health
professionals acquire the skills necessary to do            Those hygienists seriously interested in a fulfilling career
effective surveillance and strengthen sound evidence-       opportunity, in which they will be appreciated, in a community
based decision-making and planning at the local level.      whose oral health will benefit from their skills, should contact Dr.
                                                            ShariJean Robinson at:
Public Health dental hygienists are offered facilitated
courses free of charge and those interested in
community health, but not currently practicing in this      Mail:      PO Box 7229, Edson AB, T7E 1V5
environment, can access the modules independently.          Home:      (780) 723-3084 Fax: same - but call first
The ADHA will award 15 continuing education (CE)
credits for each module to its individual members who
provide proof of successful completion of Modules # 1,
2 or 3 of the Skills Enhancement program. The Practice
Review Board will review other modules in the series
and determine CE credits for these modules, if they meet
our CE criteria. For each facilitated module completed,
members will also receive a certificate endorsed by
Public Health Agency of Canada and other public health
Currently the available modules are “Basic
Epidemiological Concepts”, “Measurement of Health
Status” and “Descriptive Epidemiological Methods” with
more to come. For more information on the Skills
Enhancement for Health Surveillance program, visit their
Web site at
acss/training_modules_e.html or call toll free at 1-877-
The ADHA will award 15 continuing education (CE)
credits per module to its individual members who
provide proof of successful completion of Modules # 1,
2 or 3 of the Skills Enhancement program.

Page 18   ADHA InTouch April 2005

   The Power of

                                                                                                 H AV E Y O U C O N S I D E R E D T H E
                Managed Portfolios
   Superior Performance of Canaccord Capital’s
                                                                                                 OF     A      P E R S O N A L LY       OWNED
     Independence Income Growth Account:
                                                                                                 DISABILITY INSURANCE PROGRAM?
                       Year 2001                     +16.01%
                       Year 2002                      +8.55%                                   A personal disability insurance       We can explain the differences
                       Year 2003                     +26.79%                                   policy will protect you from the      between the CDHA & CDSPI
                       Year 2004                     +13.31%                                   financial hazards from an             (group employee plan) and an
                                                                                               accident or illness with no           individual policy. We will design
           If you invested $100,000 in our                                                     risk to you of...                     a program specific to your
                                                                                                                                     individual needs.
    Income Growth Account in 2000 you would                                                    • the contract being cancelled
                                                                                                 by the insurer:
     have $234,569 at the end of January 2005.*
                                                                                               • any provision of the contract
            Now that’s Blue Chip Performance.                                                    being altered;                      Nancy McKenzie, RHU
                                                                                                                                     Bankers Hall,
                                                                                               • the premiums being increased.
              For more information contact:                                                                                          PO Box 22365
            Gerry Cameron 780-408-1510                                                                                               Calgary, AB T2P 4J1
                                                                                                Tel 403.265.5681

   *Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and as with all equity investing,
              capital can be lost. Performance results gross of management fee.
                                                                                               yellow raincoat
                                                                                                        BENEFIT CONSULTANTS GROUP
         View Job Opportunities for Dental
           Hygienists, Dental Assistants,
                 Dental Reception
                                 Post Resumes
                                     Post a Job
        Dental Assisting/Reception Training

   Dental Placement Specialists (1986)
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