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                                                                                   Plain Talk
Continuing Education Credits Approved – Professional Engineers and
Building Code Administrators
Theresa Meyer, P.E., CBO, CFM, City of Tampa, Growth Management & Development Services and serving as the FFMA
Board of Directors Vice Chairman, has obtained approval from the Department of Business Professional Regulation
(DBPR), Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board for the E-273 course, Managing Floodplain Development
Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
FEMA developed this floodplain management course, Managing Floodplain Development Through the NFIP, to provide
an organized training opportunity for local officials responsible for administering their local floodplain management
ordinance. The course focuses on the NFIP and concepts of floodplain management, maps and studies, ordinance
administration, and the relationship between floodplain management and flood insurance. This one week resident course
is offered several times a year at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI), in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The course
number is E-273.

To register, all applications must be submitted through your State
Emergency Management Training Office. For more information,
                                                                           Inside this issue…
upcoming course dates, or an application, call 301.447.1000 or
                                                                           Continuing Education Credits Approved –
800.238.3358. The FFMA has and will continue to coordinate                 Professional Engineers and
a deployed course throughout areas of Florida in 2008. If your             Building Code Administrators ..................................Page 1
community is interested in hosting the four-day course, please contact     Train the Trainer ......................................................Page 1
                                                                           The Five Stages of Floodzone Construction ...........Page 2
our Executive Director, M. Krishnamurthy (Krishna), P.E., Ph.D., CFM at
                                                                           Homeowner Interpretation of Compliance ...............Page 2
407.292.3664 as soon as possible. To apply and receive 12 CEU’s from       Training Survey Results Are In ................................Page 3
the DBPR FL Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board, refer       Current Membership Information .............................Page 3
to Course Number 0007229.                                                  Save the Dates! .......................................................Page 4
                                                                           2009 ASFPM Conference Success
A reminder to all Professional Engineers, this course is accepted by       Will Depend On You ................................................Page 5
                                                                           Still More Challenges on the Horizon
the Board of Professional Engineers for credit. Federal and State          for Florida Floodplain Managers ..............................Page 6
Governmental agencies that establish rules, regulations, guidelines or     My experience as being one of the first
otherwise have an impact on the practice of engineering have been          CFMs in FL ..............................................................Page 6
approved as providers until May 31, 2009.                                  CRS Notes...............................................................Page 7
                                                                           FFMA Membership Application

Train the Trainer
Contributed by Dawn Burkhart, FFMA, Associate Director Member Services

A new pilot course, E-270, Managing Floodplain Development through the NFIP
Train the Trainer, is being offered at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI).
This course is intended to identify, train, and recognize instructors. The purpose of
this course is to deliver effective Floodplain Management instruction, using a variety
of presentation techniques and follow adult learning principles that can be used to                           Dawn Burkhart completes
co-instruct the E-273 deployed course. FEMA’s study guide 480 is also being used to                         new pilot course. Pictured is
prepare students for the Certified Floodplain Managers exam.                                               the July class at the cabin by
                                                                                                            the river on the EMI campus
The course is instructed by Tom Hirt of FEMA who has been with the agency since 1987                           in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
in various capacities. He has helped develop training and education programs including
Project Impact. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and has received a master’s degree from
the School of Social Work. He is a CFM and serves on the Certification Board of Regents Professional Development
Committee and Training Committee for ASFPM. The next available courses at EMI are scheduled for December 3-
December 6, 2007 and March 31-April 3, 2008. Complete an EMI application and fax to Linda Mcwhorter, Florida Division
of Emergency Management, at 850.488.7842.
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                                                                                  Plain Talk
The Five Stages of Floodzone                              Homeowner Interpretation
Construction                                              of Compliance
Contributed by Donna Bailey, CFM,                         Contributed by Donna Bailey, CFM, GIS Analyst,
GIS Analyst, Lake County, FL,                             Lake County, FL, FFMA Board of Directors, Secretary
FFMA Board of Directors, Secretary
                                                          Lake County is currently finalizing data of LiDAR that was
In my few years of floodplain management, I have          flown earlier this year. 1’ Contours were flown throughout
witnessed the process of construction within a            the County except for uninhabited areas in the Ocala National
floodplain/floodzone. I noticed the process has many      Forest and The Green Swamp where 2’ Contours were shot.
of the same stages as dealing with death (strange!)       We are hoping to have these Contours used to update our
and thought I would share them with you all. Many of      FEMA maps either early 2008 or 2009, depending on the
us in this business can relate.                           FEMA budget.
1) DENIAL – My property is not in a floodzone.            We had a very good response to our New Elevation Certificate
   I have lived here for 30 years and my property         Workshops. Elevation certificates submitted during this year
   has never flooded. (And my favorite): If my            indicate the surveyors understand the changes incorporated
   property floods, then the entire state of Florida is   in the new elevation certificate.
   in trouble.
                                                          Of course, every now and then, you get an elevation
2) ANGER – I can’t believe you are going to make          certificate or picture that makes you shake your head. This
   me elevate my structure! What do you mean I            owner/builder needed to raise his air conditioning unit in
   have to elevate my home/addition/garage/shed?          order to be compliant with our ordinance. This is a picture
   My neighbors built and they didn’t have to do          that was attached to the elevation certificate. Although the
   all of this!                                           elevation was now compliant, obviously, there were other
                                                          issues! (That is a pile of sod used to elevate the A/C unit.)
3) BARGAINING – Okay, if I bring in pictures to
   show you how my property looks will you exempt
   me from the elevation certificate? What if I
   promise not to hold ____________ City/County
   responsible for any flooding I may incur? What if
   I sign papers saying that I won’t file a claim for

4) DEPRESSION – My mother/father/son/daughter/
   aunt/uncle/myself/cat/dog needs to have an
   operation so I just need to get this work done.
   This is the most stressful thing I have ever had
   to do. I don’t know why it has to be this difficult.
   Why can’t I just build my home/addition/garage/
   shed without all of this hassle?

5) ACCEPTANCE – I just spoke with a surveyor and
   they will be out here to set a benchmark/shoot the
   footer/provide me with an elevation certificate so I
   can move on with the process!

As a professional, it is our duty to inform and assist
our citizens/clients in moving from the first stage of
denial through to the final stage of acceptance.
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                                                                                          Plain Talk
Training Survey Results Are In
Contributed by Theresa Meyer, P.E., CBO, CFM, City of Tampa, Growth Management & Development Services and serves as the FFMA Board of
Directors Vice Chairman

In our Spring/Summer 2007 edition of Plain Talk, we requested your participation in completing a survey by ranking 26
topics of interest from most interested to least interested. The feedback of this interest finding survey will be used in
planning and creating future FFMA training events. The results are in. Of the 26 suggested topics, the top four Topics of
Interest to our members are the following :

No. 1    Code Enforcement, the Pulse of Floodplain Management

No. 2    Evaluating Property ‘Substantial Improvements’ in the context of applicable FFMA criteria, State of Florida
         Building Code, State of Florida Department of Community Affairs, and local Substantial Improvement Criteria
         (Planning Department)

No. 3    Sources of Cost Basis in regard to substantial improvements to existing structures

No. 4    Discussion of FEMA flood insurance requirements in relation to Citizens Insurance, NFIP, and
         WYO companies

Other topics with a high level of interest include:

•   Growth Management Planning and Concurrency issues

•   Conversion from NGVD to NAVD elevations and what this means for your community and your “database”

•   Lot Grading and Drainage – A primer for helping residents help themselves – What the public can do and what the
    public can’t do for private property owners in Florida.

The No. 1 request, Code Enforcement, the Pulse of Floodplain Management, added to the survey list following a training
session in Sarasota County, is the result of Martin (Marty) Duran, CFM, who is a Level 3 Certified Code Enforcement
Officer through the Florida Association of Code Enforcement. Marty is well known in the FEMA Region IV community
for his professional handling and numerous experiences with Section 1316’s, compliance issues in his coastal community.
He knows what works and what does not. We are looking forward to Marty’s insight and tips in 2008. Marty hopes to
receive approval for his training course to first present at the FFMA Annual Conference in April/May 2008.

Current Membership Information
The current number of members is 260 which includes 62 corporate and 18 state and federal members.

The renewal date for 2008 memberships is January 1, 2008. Renewal notices will be e-mailed twice during the month of
December 2007.
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                                                                              Plain Talk
                                Save the Dates!
                          2008 ANNUAL MEETING
                  Florida Floodplain Managers Association
                   April 30-May 2, 2008  Tampa, Florida
The 2008 Annual FFMA Meeting will be held in Tampa on April 30-May 2, 2008 at the Embassy Suites on the University
of South Florida Campus on Fowler Avenue in Tampa. Total conference fee is just $250 which includes all of the training

Preliminary Meeting Schedule
•   Training sessions are scheduled for a full day on Wednesday April 30th, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and
    1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

•   Our Dine-Arounds, which have been very popular (and oversubscribed) for the last two years, are scheduled for
    Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.

•   Our Annual Meeting and FFMA Business Meeting will occur on Thursday, May 1st.

•   Training sessions are scheduled on Friday, May 2nd from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

                       A more detailed program schedule and registration
                              form will follow shortly via e-mail.

Conference Hotel Registration
The Embassy Suites Hotel is located on the University of South Florida campus. Rooms are available through the
weekend if you want to spend some extra time in the Tampa Bay area. April 19th is the deadline for making your
reservations at this time. Rooms will fill fast. Make your reservations today by calling 813.977.7066.

                                                2008 Dates
•   February 6, 2008 - ASFPM Annual Conference Team Captain Coordination Meeting with Diane Brown, ASFPM
    Conference Chairman, Rosen Centre, Orlando, Florida

•   February 6, 2008 - FFMA Executive Board Meeting, Rosen Centre, Orlando, Florida

•   May 18-23, 2008 - ASFPM Annual Meeting & Conference, Reno-Sparks, NV

•   June 7-12, 2009 - ASFPM Annual Meeting & Conference, Rosen Centre, Orlando, FL
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                                                                                 Plain Talk
2009 ASFPM Conference Success Will Depend On You
The Florida Floodplain Managers Association will be the local host for the 33rd ASFPM annual conference
June 7-12, 2009 in Orlando Florida

Some of the preparations have already been underway to prepare for this major event. At the FFMA Board Meeting
on Thursday, November 15, 2007, Diane Brown, Conference Director, ASFPM, headquarters Wisconsin, attended the
meeting. Diane has many years of experience and will assist our association as the local host of the 2009 ASFPM
national conference in Orlando, Florida. The key to our success will be many volunteers and preparation. Our
executive director, Krishna, commented on the monetary challenges facing our members and their ability to attend the
conference in general. Some opportunities may be available to volunteers to assist with the costs through either the
ASFPM organization or FEMA Region IV grants.

What do we have in place thus far?

1. Location, location, location – Orlando Florida.

2. The entire conference and the ability to host all of the attendees at one location is a reality. This is good news and
   lends itself to lesser costs for traveling and greater attendance to all scheduled functions.

3. Opportunity for Team Captains to shadow same at the 2008 ASFPM Conference and gather experience.

4. Assistance from ASFPM.

5. Our Executive Director is now full time and dedicated to a successful conference.

6. Team Captains so far, there are still a few vacancies. Your help is needed.

This is your opportunity to help out - call a team captain TODAY!

  Responsibility                                     Team Captain          Call Today                   # Volunteers
  Advance Promotion                                  Mike Delcharco        904.732.7140                       1–2
  Local Donors                                       Blake Guillory        561.689.7275                      10–20
  Field Tours                                        Des Companion         941.861.0802                       2–4
  Volunteer Coordinator                              Eugene Henry          813.307.4541                        23
  Silent Auction                                     TBD                                                       24
  Local Public Relations, Media                      Orange County                                             1
  Transportation Captain                             Brian Mack            407.660.2552                        1
  Concierge                                          Rosen Hotel                                               3
  Bell Ringer                                        James Linkogle        941.316.1958 x 227                  2
  Sunday Golf Tourney                                Richard Howard        407.246.3222                        4
  Thursday Night Event                               Steve Lienhart        813.636.2404                        2
  Guest Tours and Special local attractions          Nancy Witty           352.527.5253                        3
  Memorabilia                                        Dawn Burkhart         863.534.6767                        2
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                                                                                           Plain Talk
Still More Challenges on the Horizon for Florida Floodplain Managers
Contributed by Desiree (Des) Companion, CFM, Sarasota County and Editor of FFMA Plain Talk Newsletter

I hesitate to comment on the good news since the season is not quite over, but thus far, an
absence of hurricanes and tropical storms allowed Florida Floodplain Managers a moment
to catch our breath and play catch up. The bad news: no money, skyrocketing budget cuts,
property insurance rates, and “exceptional drought conditions” makes me daydream and
wish for some cloudy, rainy weather.

While watching the fires in California, one cannot help but fear for our own growing
potential fire danger with the lack of rainfall in Florida this year. Our neighbors to the north
and west, Georgia and Alabama, are lobbying to curtail water supplies. While attempting to
maintain a focus for increased building regulations to protect our communities and the incredulous task of progressing
through the map modernization, and now a perhaps unprecedented drought looming.

The U.S. Drought Portal was officially launched on November 1, 2007. It was created to provide comprehensive
information on emerging and ongoing droughts, and to enhance the nation’s drought preparedness. The Drought Portal
is part of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), which was enacted into law in 2006
( The economic impacts of a drought ironically have been compared to flood events on this
website, neither are good news for floodplain managers.

My experience as being one of the first CFMs in FL
Contributed by Heidi Liles, Insurance Services Office, Inc.

In 1997 I accepted a flood prone plans examiner position with the county when I first became involved in the floodplain
management field. In the beginning, I learned by attending floodplain management meetings with neighboring
communities about the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM) and its successful Certified Floodplain
Manager (CFM) Program. I also learned that then Florida was without any organizations to associate with other
professionals within the field. At the time, I did not realize that the local meetings with Gene Henry, Dawn Burkhart, Dr.
Krishna, Debbie Love and many other professionals’ would actually lead to the inception of the FFMA. The goal seemed
out of reach given the limited resources. However, we all shared common goals of forming our own state association to
improve floodplain management in Florida, to offer education and training and the coordination of local CFM exams as
well as many other vital benefits, and all the hard work and commitment resulted in the FFMA we have today.

Nevertheless, in prior years the CFM exam had never been proctored in Florida. The exam was always held at national
ASFPM conferences, which inclined to be held in the northern part of the nation. Another challenge, during the 90’s
it was difficult for local government staff to travel out of state. In many cases out of state travel was not allowed,
therefore preventing professionals of interest from taking the exam and becoming a CFM.

In the meantime, DHS/FEMA and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) – Division of Emergency Management
also conducted local meeting; however, none of the meetings ever presented the opportunity of proctoring the CFM
exam. Simultaneously it became a requirement with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) for all ISO/CRS Specialists to
become a CFM.

Regardless of all the facts, I was determined to become a CFM and continued to attend all local meetings and express
the essential need for proctoring local CFM exam. Consequently with the efforts of people working together, in 1999
DCA proctored the first CFM exam in South Daytona Beach.

Seven people participated in the exam, including the three Florida ISO/CRS Specialists Danny Hinson, Gabe Gambrill
and David Clukie. Certainly, I also was among the group of seven professionals to take the first CFM exam in Florida.
The wait for the result of the exam were nerve-racking. Finally, several weeks later I received my passing results of the
first CFM exam proctored in our state.
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                                                                               Plain Talk
CRS Notes
Contributed by Insurance Services Office, Inc.

The new CRS Coordinator’s Manual has been published effective July 1, 2007. A new activity has been added. Pursuant
to lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, there is a new credit available for offsite storage of permit records and
Elevation Certificates. In addition, the credit for maintaining a stormwater master plan has been clarified, and is now
called credit for maintaining a Watershed Master Plan. The credit for maintaining Elevation Reference Marks has been
significantly revised, and is now credit for maintaining Benchmarks. Your ISO Specialists can assist you with determining
credit for these new and revised activities.

ISO welcomed a new staff member in June. Ms. Lori Hudson, CFM, joins us in the Southwest Florida area. Formerly the
CRS coordinator for the City of St. Petersburg, Lori will be responsible for CRS communities from Bay County to Collier
County along the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Gabe Gambrill will be retiring in December of this year after 15 years in the CRS
program. Areas of responsibility in Florida have been shifted, and communities were notified during the recertification
process. As always, though, please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions.

Speaking of Recertifications—A BIG THANK YOU to all the communities who submitted their 2007 CRS Recertifications
on time and complete. Your promptness and consideration for deadlines is greatly appreciated.

The repetitive loss data for all CRS communities has now been sent out. CRS communities should review this data and
provide any necessary updates. The repetitive loss CD contains additional information we hope communities will find
useful, including more detailed instructions. Ms. Sherry Harper is now the Repetitive Loss (RL) Monitor. If you have any
questions, please feel free to give her a call.

Congratulations to all the communities that successfully cycled this year. We saw 11 communities earn class
improvements for the October 1, 2007 effective date. Great Job! As you all may know, the State of Florida has the most
CRS communities of any State. However, the highest class we have in the state is a class 5! Who’s going to be the first
CRS class 4 in the State?

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Mr. David Stroud, Mr. French Wetmore, and Ms. Sue Hopfensperger will be conducting the field deployed version of the
E278 – NFIP/Community Rating System Course. The course will be taught at the Fire Rescue Administration Building,
6500 Congress Avenue, Suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33487. Dates of the course are February 11 through 14, 2008 from
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Attendees must be present all 4 days for course completion certificates. There is a $30
registration fee, with lunches on your own. For more information contact Sue Hopfensperger.

Your Florida Team now consists of the following:

•    Sherry Harper, AICP, CFM – FL lead, RL Monitor, Northwest FL area (850) 682-1998

•    Sue Hopfensperger, CFM – South FL area (561) 543-1122

•    Lori Hudson, CFM – Central FL-Gulf area (813) 215-8074

•    Heidi Liles, CFM – Central FL Atlantic area (407) 774-7494
FFMA Membership Application…I’m                          Involved, Are You?
NAME: Mr. ____ Ms.___ __________________________________________________ TITLE________________________________
ADDRESS___________________________________________ CITY_________________________STATE______ZIP_____________
TELEPHONE______________________ FAX_______________________ EMAIL__________________________________________
RENEWAL OPTIONS: INDIVIDUAL___ ($50/annually) CORPORATE___ ($200 [five memberships] annually)
COMMITTEE INTERESTS: Membership____ Communication____ Education____ Conference____
Please make checks payable to: Florida Floodplain Managers Association, P.O. Box 2699, Bartow, FL 33831-2699
Federal EIN: 20-2768279

To join FFMA: Print membership application form and mail with fee or
Complete this application, fold the self-mailer, include fee and tape closed.


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                                          P.O. Box 2699
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