Peritoneal Dialysis in the Year We Should Begin to by tiffanitheisen


									  Peritoneal Dialysis in the Year 2010:
We Should Begin to Think in Terms of the                  Last May, we celebrated the thirteenth anniver-
KTN of the Spiritual Parts of Technology              sary of our CAPD program. It is a unique
                                                      experience. At the beginning, our focus w on as
   Editar:                                            the darkness of the peritoneal cavity and its
    I enjoy your editorials and am frequently         tremendous potential for dialysis. Thirteen years
 tempted                                              later, our focus is on the light and shadows of the
to comment on your ideas. For instance,               spiritual odyssey of our patients, their families,
"Peritoneal Dialysis Year 2010" (1) is extremely      and those who take care of them.
interesting, and I have thought a lot about the           Thank you, Dr. Oreopoulos, for your
problem of defining "quality oflife" and of            stimulating editorial.
concurrent rehabilitation. Life without dialysis is                                          J. Grunberg
a tough challenge, and we are managing patients
with many basic problems under conditions of
extreme difficulty. How can we talk about quality                                     General Secretary
                                                                              Latin American Society of

                                                                                                            Downloaded from by on April 10, 2009
of life in such patients?
   Pediatricians like me have additional problems                                  Pediatric Nephrology
that arise from the quality oflife of the young                                   Montevideo, Uruguay
parents of our patients. Some of them are still       REFERENCES
learning to cope themselves.
   After having analyzed your paper I have
concluded that peritoneal dialysis in the year 2010    1. Oreopoulos DG. Peritoneal dialysis-year
would be set in a very different world, one with       2010. Perit
more iniquities between rich and poor, with a             Dial Int 1996; 16:109-12.
dramatic decline in solidarity, an increase in
unemployment, and with more efficie nt
corporations and industries-but a world in which
ordinary people have less opportunity to
participate in the benefits of this efficiency.
   Regarding your reference to the Internet, I
believe we have quicker and cheaper ways of
communicating, that is, through our souls.
However, it will take time and care to build this
basic means of communication between human
beings. I believe that we should begin to think in
terms of the KTN of the spiritual parts of
technology and the lives of sick and healthy
   Finally, I was intrigued by the futility of some
of our contemporary approaches to the treatment
of these patients. In developing countries we have
an additional problem: many practitioners add
"orna mental" prescriptions that embellish the
individual mana gement but do not benefit the
patient in any way. The pharmaceutical industry
plays an important role in such misinformation.

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