Students now gain more by gaining foreign degrees in India

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					Students now gain more by gaining foreign degrees in India

Foreign degrees in India are becoming more reachable day by day. Nowadays more and
more universities want to expand to India due to the huge market and demand for higher
education there. Still only 7% of the population goes after a tertiary degree and the
government is trying hard to raise the number up to 15% at least in the next five years.

Indian government wants to offer its people a more affordable way to gain a quality
education in India and this way keep the sophisticated people with their money in the
country. Also the people are starting to value education more and try hard to be able to
afford going to good schools.

But right now there is a huge gap in the market – there are people who want to study,
government who wants to educate but not enough universities to fullfill the market
demand. The government has found a solution in opening doors to international
universities offering foreign degrees in India, but the door is still half open. The new
regulations are tough and it is not sure that the good universities will find the opportunity
to expand to India attractive enough. On the other side, this means that one can count
on the quality of the education provided.

Despite the strict regulations, some universities and colleges have taken the risk and are
offering programmes taught all the way in India or partially abroad through twinning
programmes. This means that some of the studies are conducted in India, but not all, so
students get an Indian and an international study experience and international degrees.

Om Institute of Business & Technology (OIBT) in Gujarat state has both options for its
students. Whether one decides to complete studies in India, United Kingdom, Malaysia or
Sweden – all options are providing excellent education, foreign degrees in India, a
chance to get to know the best practices in India and abroad and therefore preparing
students to work later whereever they choose to.

OIBT which is quickly expanding all over India is also offering dual degrees which are
recognized by the Indian government and also by most other countries to make the list
of career options for future graduates even longer. Actually there are no obstacles why
OIBT’s students shouldn’t be able to launch their career while still studying due to the
flexibility of the programmes. Not many other universities and institutes can claim that
their students are able to work while studying full time. OIBT’s management on the other
hand claims to believe in applying theoretical knowledge in practice since day one and
helps their students out by granting the first job opportunity themselves.

All in all, international universities with their foreign degrees are starting to take over
India and students can only gain from that. Whether one decides to study abroad or get
his foreign degree in India, he will have the satisfaction in knowing that the whole
world is open to him after.