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					Higher Studies in UK Are Still Leading the Way

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations of studying abroad.
The higher studies in UK are valued due to the recognization of UK degrees all
over the world. A huge number of the world’s top universities are located in the
United Kingom – a country with a long history of offering academic excellence.

Higher education could boost one’s career prospects and earning potential, while
giving one the chance to immerse oneself in a subject that really interests
him/her. Studying abroad also teaches one various cultures, adaptability and life
style adjustments shaping one’s personality as well. The experience of higher
studies in UK’s colleges or universities with many other people from all over the
world, spending your spare time together and getting to know eachother’s
culture is a priceless experience itself which you just can’t get back home.
Making new friends and finding future business contacts on university level is
something one should not miss out on.

Courses in the UK are of the highest quality and the choices are endless, but
not very cheap – yearly fees are from £8,000 to 15,000. The fees of MBA, one of
the most popular choices among higher education aspirants is even higher
going up to £45,000 per year. In addition to tuition fees one has to cover the
living costs which are £8,000 to 8,500 per year in London and £5,500 to 7,000
out of London.

One great way to overcome that obstacle is working while studying because
international students are allowed to work in the UK part time during studies and
full time during study vacations in addition to gaining a 2-year Post Study Work
visa according to the general Tier 4 Student Visa rules. The United Kingdom is
also offering many scholarships for academically successful international students
and free health insurance for international students staying for more than six

Since nowadays very many people are going after higher education, the ones
who want to stand out have to try even harder, study more and push themselves
to the limit. There are currently over two million higher education students in the
UK. Certificate courses and undergraduate degrees are often not enough
anymore to make a good career. Now it takes a recognized master’s degree to
have an edge on the job market.

Higher education courses are offered at around 130 universities and many
other higher education colleges. The Quality Assurance Agency for higher
education (QAA) checks to see how well institutions uphold the standards,
providing external quality assurance in addition to universities’ own obligation to
keep their standards high. With more than 50,000 courses in a variety of
academic and work-related subjects including many that let you combine more
than one subject there is bound to be one that suits you.

One simple, quick and affordable way for Indian students aspiring higher
studies in UK is to join a pathway programme. For example OIBT-s twinning
programmes are taught partially in India which means cost saving and time
saving because one can already start his/her studies while OIBT organises one’s
documents for continuing studies abroad. Studying the first part of the student’s
chosen internationally recognized course in India also allows the student to get
to know Indian best practices as well as the area specifics abroad later. A
pathway programme is the best way to prepare oneself for all kinds of career