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					                          Theta Chi Fraternity
                Alcohol-Free Housing Waiver Application
                    For the 2009-2010 Academic Year
Section 1.       Letter from University Official
Please submit a letter from an appropriate officer of the host institution to verify that they do not
object to your chapter submitting a waiver application.

Section 2.       Letter from Alumni Corporation or Advisory Board
Please attach a letter from the Alumni Corporation President or Advisory Board verifying the
following: 1. The Corporation understands the purpose and the meaning of the AFH Waiver. 2.
The Corporation approves the Chapter’s Waiver application.

Section 3.       Minimum Chapter Size
Please provide a current roster with a complete list of undergraduate members in good standing
with the chapter as of January 15, 2009. Total membership includes initiated members and new
members. If this number is below thirty (30), please provide documentation of the average
chapter size of men’s fraternity chapters at your campus as of the date of application and verified
by a campus administrator.

Section 4.       Chapter Grade Point Average

Please provide documentation on the chapter’s grade point average and the All Men’s Average of
your host institution for the 2007-2008 academic year. Your host institution must verify this
information; a signed letter by an administrator showing both the chapter’s annual GPA and the
All-Men’s Average will be sufficient. The chapter GPA calculation must include initiated
members and registered new members. If your host institution does not maintain this
information, it is the responsibility of the chapter to compile this information and have the
information verified by a representative of the host institution.

Section 5.       Risk Management Plan
Please submit a Risk Management Plan outlining how the chapter will enforce all state and local
laws regarding the consumption of alcohol by members and guests on chapter property and what
the chapter will do to control and monitor events at which alcohol is consumed in the house. The
plan should also include:

                The types of events that may involve alcohol.
                What will be done to conform to FIPG & Theta Chi Fraternity Risk Management
                What will be done to prevent the use of alcohol at any event that focuses upon
                 New Members, such as Bid Night, Big Brother Night, and Initiation.
                How members will be held accountable if a violation occurs.
The plan should provide the Review Committee with a clear and unambiguous understanding of
specific steps that will be taken to meet the requirements outlined above. Simply submitting a
risk management policy, for example, or using general terms such as, “We will encourage all
members to abide by our policy” will not be sufficient. Quoting passages from a policy or
indicating that the chapter will follow all appropriate policies will not meet the standard required.

The plan should be detailed and specific. A good plan will communicate the steps your chapter
will take to insure that events held with alcohol in the chapter house will be safe and secure. As
an example: the chapter should include the method by which guest lists will be submitted in
compliance with the FIPG and Theta Chi requirement and practical methods used to set the tone
for an event, such as providing non-salty food and non-alcoholic beverages to guests.

Example Chapter Risk Management Plans can be obtained by sending a request to Ben
Hill at

Section 6. Chapter Education

       Please discuss any risk management education that the chapter has developed and
        implemented within the chapter or on its campus that addresses alcohol abuse, underage
        drinking, FIPG rules, and any applicable host institution policies

Participation in Theta Chi Leadership Education Events

Please list attendance at the following events:

       The 2009 Deranian Presidents Conference: At least two (2) representatives must have
        attended and participated. One of those attending must be one of the chapter’s five
        ranking officers.

       The Fall 2008 or the Sp ring 2009 Mid-Year Leadership Challenges: At least five (5)
        must have attended and participated. If your chapter will be attending one of the Spring
        2009 MYLCs, please provide details outlining the chapter’s plans to attend.

       The 2008 National Convention a nd School of Fraternity Practices: At least two (2)
        representatives must have attended and participated.
Section 7.      Formal Vote and Officer Verification
We, the undersigned officers of                                  chapter, Theta Chi Fraternity,
acknowledge that we have read and understand all aspects of the alcohol-free housing waiver

Further, we verify that in a chapter meeting where quorum was present, the chapter took a vote
and at least ¾ of the members in good standing approved the application for an alcohol-free
housing waiver.

Further, by signing below, we confirm and acknowledge that all information and documentation
submitted with this application for a waiver of the alcohol-free housing is accurate and truthful.

Further, by signing below, we agree to abide by all rules and regulations of our college/university,
and all Federal, State and local laws and we acknowledge that any violations of these rules,
regulations, or laws listed above may result in the revocation of the alcohol-free housing waiver.

Please attach a copy of the chapter meeting minutes at which the vote required above was taken.

Printed Name of President                        Signature of President            Date

Printed Name of Secretary                        Signature of Secretary            Date

Printed Name of Marshal                          Signature of Marshal               Date

____________________________________             ____________________________________
Printed Name of Risk Manager                        Signature of Risk Manager      Date

                            This is the final page of the application.