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									Fax cover letter

If your office struggles with organization of outgoing and incoming faxes, it may be
time to standardize or create a company fax cover sheet template. You want the
design to be efficient so it conveys the message being sent, effective so the recipient
knows how to act upon receiving the faxed message, and clear so any legalities are
covered during the transmission.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Design

The basic fax letter page should have a header section. This section should tell the
recipient the following:

To Field

Your to field should tell the recipient who the fax is intended for. This should be
clearly written or typed. Include the recipient's fax number to assist the person
actually sending the fax.

From Field

The from field should tell the recipient who sent the fax. This should be clearly
written or typed. If there is section for the sender's number, include that to expedite
future faxed correspondence.

Subject Field

The subject of your fax cover sheet should be clear and decisive. If it longer than a
few lines, you may want to put this information in the notes field.

Notes Section

The note's section is where you elaborate on why this fax was sent. This should
include any action steps that need to be taken receipt of the fax. This is also where
you can include confidentially or legal industry statements regarding the faxed memo.

Action -

The action section quickly lets the recipient glance at a checked box section to see
what type of action is required upon receipt of the fax. Some common action fields
are: please reply, call upon receipt, for review, please recycle, etc.

Optional Section

You could add an optional sales section to your fax cover letter. This section could be
used to promote certain items from your company that are currently on sale. If you
know your customer has purchased something in the past, you could mention this item
on the fax cover sheet. To expedite this sales promotion, you could tell the customer
to return the completed fax cover sheet if they wished to place an order. Or they could
check of the items they are interested in so their sales person could contact them
regarding the purchase of the product. This simple addition saved the customer a
phone call and get the sales team working on his order!

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