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									                         FAQs: CMM & You Have the Power

Let me get this straight: I register as a Walker/Runner for either the half or full marathon
and agree to raise additional money to benefit You Have the Power.
Yes, you have it straight! For your registration fee, you will be entered in the marathon event of
your choice and receive the same benefits as any other CMM participant. In addition, we ask
that you raise additional monetary support that will benefit You Have the Power. All
contributions are tax-deductible for your sponsors.

How do I register?
You can register two ways: either on-line or in-person at the Expo. On-line registration is
currently happening. You can visit until April 19th to
register on-line.

I am a “never-ever” when it comes to a marathon(26.2 miles) or a half-marathon(13.1 miles).
Do you have a training program?
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has a training program at An established
training program can be an excellent guide to help you prepare. Some may also find it easier to
train with a friend who has competed in a distance event or who would join you in the Country
Music Marathon. Groups such as Nashville Striders ( are a
wonderful source for one-on-one or group runs, and Louise Collard ( is
the Walking Program Coordinator for the Striders. Louise is a good contact if you wish to walk,
rather than run, in the CMM event.

Why should I enter the marathon as a You Have the Power team member?
The CMM on April 25, 2009 will act as the four year anniversary since the culmination of
AndreaWalks for Tennessee’s Children, the statewide initiative the You Have the Power staff
took part in to raise awareness and funds for child sexual abuse survivors. To remember the
amazing success of that event as well as to raise much needed funds for our own daily
operations, the You Have the Power Country Music Marathon Team was formed. Through your
participation, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you not only completed a half or full
marathon but that you also took an active role in helping to end violence in our community. For
more information about You Have the Power, please visit us on the web at To
learn more about AndreaWalks, please visit

What if I enter the half or full marathon and can’t complete it?
Even experienced runners/walkers may develop injuries or severe fatigue during a distance event
and be unable to complete the course. Err on the side of caution: if you do not feel well, seek
medical help - do not risk further injury by trying to finish the race. The CMM provides medical
assistance along the course, as well as at the finish.

I might need hotel accommodations for one or two nights – do you have any advice?
The Country Music Marathon has hotel information on their web site (

I’ve never raised money before. How do I do this?
Raising funds can, at times, seem like a daunting task. However, if you break it down into
manageable steps you’ll be amazed in no time at how good a fundraiser you are. Some general
      Give yourself enough lead time to contact friends, family, co-workers, and others such as
       your employer about donating money to help you reach your goal.
      Make a list of possible donors you plan to contact, along with the amount you plan to
       request from each.
      Try a creative approach, such as a special fundraising event, e.g., a dinner party, brunch,
       miniature golf tournament, bowling night, etc.
      Determine how you will contact each donor: by phone, email, letter, or face-to-face.
      Be prepared to explain why you are supporting You Have the Power. Information has
       been enclosed for your use.
      Emphasize that all money raised will stay in Tennessee and help the people in this state.
      Set a deadline for receiving funds well in advance of the deadline needed by the You
       Have the Power staff so you have ample time to collect from all of your sponsors.

Speaking of deadlines, when exactly should I submit money I’ve raised?
When you register as a You Have the Power Team member, you will receive a packet of
information. As you complete your fundraising, send the funds you raised, along with the log of
donors and other paperwork to You Have the Power, 2814 Twelfth Avenue South, Nashville, TN
37204, May 1, 2009.

Who benefits from the money I raise?
Proceeds will benefit You Have the Power, a non-profit victim advocacy agency whose mission
is to raise awareness about crime and justice issues such as domestic violence, elder abuse, and
child sexual abuse. All funds stay in Tennessee and help people in this state.

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