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      Earth & Space Science: Solar System
                                                               Inflatable Solar System Set
                                                               Demonstrate rotation, revolution
                                                               and orbit in 3 dimensions. Teach
                                                               the position, order, size and shape
                                                               of the planets and Sun. When the
                                                               lesson is over, hang everything
                                                               from the ceiling on the hooks
                                                               provided. Includes all planets, the
                                                               Sun and the moon, repair kit,
                                                               Activity Guide and convenient foot
                                                               pump. Deflate for easy storage.
                                                               Made of durable, washable plastic.
                                                               Inflatables measure 8"–36" in
                                                               diameter. Grades K+
                                                               LER 2434 Set $44.95

Solar System Magnetic
Tabletop Pocket Chart
Centers are ready for liftoff! Students can place 28 magnets
on orbit lines or in space, or sort cards into 3 display
pockets or 3 labeled storage pockets. Chart teaches order,
names, characteristics and related vocabulary of planets
and celestial bodies. Includes 70 double-sided, write-
on/wipe-off, self-checking cards with words, illustrations,
facts and blanks for customization. Vinyl easel chart with            LER 2434
write-on/wipe off magnetic board, hook-and-loop
fasteners, carrying handle and Activity Guide folds flat for
storage and measures 15"L x 121⁄2"W x 15"H when
assembled. Grades K–3
LER 6504 Each $29.95

Soft Foam Solar System Cubes
Students learn the names and characteristics                                      Giant Solar System Floor Mat
of the Sun, Earth’s moon, Pluto and all of the                                    Journey from planet to planet on this giant
planets in the solar system by rolling the                                        vinyl floor mat that features the Sun and all
cubes and matching the picture to its                                             the planets of our solar system. Mat provides
name. Includes 2 cubes with 12 detailed                                           a concrete, kinesthetic way to learn about the
solar system illustrations (Mercury,                                              planets and Earth’s place in the solar system.
Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,                                              Also includes 10 double-sided cards with
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, Earth’s                                          facts and true/false questions about each
moon, comet) and 2 cubes with the                                                 planet and the Sun. Cards can be used for
name of each celestial body. Activity                                             quizzing or for game play. Teaching Guide
Guide includes solar system facts. Cubes                                          included. Mat measures 10'L x 1'H. Cards
measure 15⁄8". Grades 1+                                                          measure 4 1⁄2"L x 7"H. Grades 1+
LER 3601 Set of 4 $12.95                                                          LER 5077 Each $32.95

  Planet Quest™ Game                                                   is 4'L!
  The first animal in space was a dog.
  True or false? Learn about the solar
  system in an exciting and interactive
  way! Board game includes 132
  true/false questions on the planets,
  Earth’s moon, supernovas and much
  more. Earn planet cards for correct
  answers. Put the planets in the right
  order to win! Impressive game board
  measures 4'L. For 2–4 players or
  teams. Grades 2–6
  LER 5079 Each $24.95
                                                                           Earth & Space Science: Solar System

                                                                                            Solar System
                                                                                            Pocket Chart
                                                                                            Blast off to outer space
                                                                                            and back with this full-
                                                                                            color chart and cards that
                                                                                            reinforce planet names,
                                                                                            order and characteristics.
                                                                                            Orbit lines on chart
                                                                                            introduce discussions of
                                                                                            rotation and revolution.
                                                                                            Features 72 self-checking,
                                                                                            write-on/wipe-off cards
                                                                                            with photographic images,
                                                                                            facts, definitions and solar
Solar System Foam Floor Puzzle                                                              system words, plus Activity
Reinforce solar system lessons with a hands-on learning                                     Guide. Great for themed
experience! Each planet is labeled on the reverse side so                                   units and Earth and space
students can familiarize themselves with individual planet names                            science lessons. Flame-
and appearances. Assembled puzzle offers a complete picture of                              retardant nylon chart with
the solar system, including relative size and position of each                              storage pocket and
planet. Activity Guide included. Soft foam puzzle measures 3'L x                            hanging grommets
2'H and is 10 mm thick. Grades PreK+                                                        measures 32"L x 381⁄2"H.
LER 3321 Each $26.95                                                                        Grades 1–3
                                                                                            LER 5078 Each $32.95

                                                                                            Inflatable Eclipse Kit
                                                                                            Engage students in
                                                                                            learning about eclipses,
                                                                                            revolution, orbit and
                                                                                            rotation with this inflatable
                                                                                            kit. Perfect for hands-on
                                                                                            learning, kit includes a
                                                                                            flashlight, convenient foot
5" Cross-section Earth Model
                                                                                            pump and repair kit. Quick
This hands-on foam model makes it simple to illustrate the                                  deflation makes it easy to
different parts of the Earth. The outside surface shows the                                 store. Includes a 12" Earth,
oceans and continents. Hemispheres separate to show the 4                                   36" Sun and 8" moon.
main layers of the Earth (crust, mantel, outer core, inner core), as                        Flashlight requires 2 AA
well as their temperatures and depths. Includes fact-filled                                 batteries, not included.
Activity Guide. Measures 5" in diameter. Grades PreK–3                                      Grades K+
LER 2437 Each $16.95                                                                        LER 2435 Kit $24.95

  Spectacular Science® Solar System Kit
  So many ways to explore! All-in-one kit features 7 essential tools you
  can use to create an entire solar system unit or theme-based lessons.
  Games, inflatables, manipulatives, lesson plans and activities
  introduce and reinforce knowledge about the solar system, including
  planet names, properties, sizes and positions. Grades 3–5
  Kit includes:
  • 10 Easy Steps to Teaching the        • Soft Foam Solar System Cubes
     Solar System Activity Book          • Solar System Floor Mat
  • Inflatable Solar System              • Solar System Stamp
  • Planet Quest Game
                                         • Jumbo Black Stamp Pad
   LER 3088 Kit $149.95