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 The ECS Poetry
 Workshop Journal
    July 2007
      volume 1
Editors Introduction

Welcome to the first edition of The ECS
Poetry Workshop 2007 magazine. This
publication represents the work that we
did during the first week of the course
between 16th and 20th July.

We looked at poetic devices such as
alliteration, assonance, metaphor, simile,
personification and rhyme; and we also
had the chance to study poems by
Benjamin Zephaniah, WH Auden,
„Imagine‟ by John Lennon and a speech
by Martin Luther King

The poems were written about daily topics
such as „the weather‟, „if…‟, „love‟, and „I
have a dream‟ and expresses our ideas and
emotions about them.

We hope you enjoy reading our poems.

Hayden Berry
(20th July 2007)
The weather in Florence is changeable

The weather in Florence is changeable
Sometimes it is sunny
And then is very funny
A minute later is rainy
And then you become crazy
But in the end
It‟s all confusion

Alessandro Edrington


Tornadoes, thunder,
Far away, a shower,
It‟s hot; but humid,
There‟s a breeze walking,
In front, a storm playing
To pour with rain,
Beside the hurricane.

Alex Coleman Cole
Your Weather

The weather is like your mind
It isn‟t always fine
When it rains inside you
And out there is sunny
You want to rain too
And destroy all the funny

When your life looks like a hurricane
And the days aren‟t the same
You feel the heavy rain
What you do is to complain

The sun comes from inside to outside
You don‟t have to be wild
Sit and wait to see the rainbow
And when it appears,
Try to follow.

Andre Ramos


The lightning strikes
The thunder screams
The hail is hitting
The wind is freezing.
But I believe and I know
Because I just know
That my rainbow will grow.

Dimitry Federov

So high and tall
You‟re like a wall,
So big and strong
I understand how time is long,
No friends you have
No friends you‟ll get,
So beautiful and high
Tell me again why

Luca Lobjanidze

The Weather

The sun is very good
But the rain is not good
This area is very beautiful
I like the sun and the sky
I like the green trees
I don‟t like the cold
I like green gardens and flowers
I don‟t like the weather in this area
I like sunshine
And I like this school

Karanvir Singh
Mind Rainbow

When the rainbow comes
We feel fine.
We feel a breeze
In our mind.

If I see a hurricane
Maybe one tornado
I feel good.
Because I‟m confused.

Sometimes we feel nostalgic
Sometimes we feel better.
But our mind is magic.
Like the weather.

If I put on a hood
I feel comfortable again
Because I can escape
From my thunder brain rain.

Finally, after thinking
I came to one conclusion
We don‟t need nothing
To feel our confusion.

Laura Sequeira

If there was no world
There would be no bombs
If there were no drugs
There would be no smog
If there was no alcohol
There would be no drunk men
If there was no war
There would be more men alive
If there were no thieves
There would be more honest people

This is the world I want

Alessandro Edrington

No war- no peace,
No anger to increase
No hate- no love
That is all stuff
I won‟t go far
I‟m not a star

Dimitry Federov
If you imagine,
You‟ll find an engine,
It‟ll tell you many things,
For example how would life be with wings,
It‟ll be great,
If you just wait,
For it to talk,
And tell you how to walk,
And find,
What you had in mind.

If you were looking for war,
Count till four,
And you‟ll find a great war.

If you‟re looking for an apple tree,
Count till three,
And you‟ll find the biggest tree.

If you‟ve got nothing to do,
Count till two,
And you‟ll find the most interesting thing to do.

If your dream is to touch the Sun,
Count till one,
And in your hands you‟ll find the Sun.

But if you want to be a hero,
Count nothing because you‟re already this engine‟s hero.

Alex Coleman Cole

If I was this worlds creator
I should spend more time
To build a world better
Where all the things are fine

If I had that great power
To change the people‟s lives
I‟d spend all my hours
Changing the people‟s minds

Union, equality, harmony
Were the first words I met
Please don‟t call me god
I‟m just the world‟s advocate

People are more important than technology
We are destroying our planet with industry
Who are the responsible? You and me
This only happens because we live in an Idiocracy

Don‟t try to change the world
Change the person next to you
A better world is my dream
Make that your dream too

Andre Ramos

If   you   know everything
If   you   are the smarter person
If   you   are so annoying
If   you   wouldn‟t like one lesson.

Smile every day
No hours, no time.
What I can say?
It‟s confusing, my mind.

Strange sounds everywhere
We didn‟t recognize anything
No countries there

Erase your world now
Write one beautiful letter
Wake up! Say “ Wow!”
When the world would be better.

Laura Sequeira

If the sky is red
I can say no wars I sad,
If the tree is white
I‟m gonna fight,
If the water is green
I‟ve never seen,
If the world is big
The human is more stupid then pig,
Why if we dream do we always have to say if?

Luca Lobjanidze

Why to live?
To stay in love
All the time I live
And someone I‟ll be happy with
Are gone tell me all her dreams.
And my dream is
To do all
To make her dreams alive

I really want to love

Dimitry Federov
All my world dies

If I was your shirt
I would take you off
Because I idolize too little
And it happens so much… a lot.

I miss you all the time
My heart was crazy
But when I think of you
My mind is so lazy.

You were my sun
My body, my head
But now, you‟re my coffin
Because you were everything for me.
But it died.

Laura Sequeira

I love you

You‟re beautiful like the stars in the night,
Your face is the colour of the snow,
Your eyes are the colour of the blue sky,
Your hair is the colour of the sunshine,
You made me cry,
But I don‟t care,
You broke my heart,
But I don‟t care,
I gave everything for you
Because I love you

Luca Lobjanidze
If I was your shirt

If I was your shirt
Please don‟t take me off
I want to stay next to you
Near to your heart

I‟m your best shirt
I combine with you
You can wear me with your skirt
Serving you is the best thing I do

Please don‟t break my feelings
And wear a sweater
And I will show to you
Why a cotton shirt is better

Andre Ramos


The first time I saw you
I had a crush
I‟m fond of you
I‟m in love with you and I adore you
You are like a star
And I like you more than anything
I want to be your shirt
Because I want to stay with you all the time
Because I love you

Alessandro Edrington
Where are you?

When we first met each other,
I found something I wanted to live for,
And I knew no one would bother,
If I ever knocked your door.

When I first entered your room,
I found the best place ever,
And when I looked at the moon,
I wanted to look at your face forever.

When you were with me,
I felt more than happiness,
Without you I wouldn‟t see,
And I‟d be emotionless.

Now you‟re not here,
And I ask, where?
Many people cry, but I can‟t hear,
Because now I don‟t care.

Alex Coleman Cole

I have a dream

I have a dream that one day poverty stopped
I have a dream that one day drugs were dropped
I have a dream that one day people making a rainbow world
came together

But I have a dream that all people have a dream.

Alessandro Edrington
The Polish Judge

The whistle sounds
All fans start screaming
And someone scores
All fans start screaming
And someone falls
The whistle sounds
All fans start screaming
But it‟s a goal kick- good refereeing!!!

Dimitry Federov

We need to fight to have a rest,
We need relax to be pressed,
We need some crime to have laws,
We need to hate to fall in love.
And what if we don‟t have all these?
You will find someone to be happy with,
You will have kids to care of
So you will live not feeling these.

Dimitry Federov
I have a dream

I have a dream,
To rise with steam,
To find God‟s heir,
And whisper to his ear,
To purify the air,
And find in the future no fear,
And the rules are fair.

I want black and white,
To feel alright,
To be able to walk,
To be together,
To be able to talk,
And be friends forever,
To be able to buy the same stock.

I want no possession,
To be an obsession,
For every one to share,
For no one to be jealous,
To sit on the same chair,
To feel glorious,
And friendship not to tear.

Alex Coleman Cole
I have a dream…

…No I don‟t
I killed all my dreams
During the eternal search
For answers

But do u want to know
What my dream was?

It was that the blue and white peace
In the sky came down to earth
The beautiful jungle noises
Move to the battlefields

The water of the oceans
Washed our souls
The light of the sun
Burnt our sins
The world‟s strongest wind
Changed our mind

But then I woke up and saw
The nightmare where
I live

Andre Ramos
I have a dream

Everyone said, “I have a dream” all the time
But only some people realize it.
And they are killed.
I have a dream…

Everyone said, “I have a dream” all the time
But when is the time to do something
No one did. Nothing.
I have a dream…

Everyone said, “I have a dream” all the time.
Each day, people are killed and everyone dies
And the others… The others only cry!

A   dream   isn‟t   thinking
A   dream   isn‟t   crying
A   dream   isn‟t   praying
A   dream   is to   act!

I have a dream…!

Laura Sequeira

I have a dream
To not have any,
Because in dreams the world is perfect
There is only love and harmony.

But when you wake up
Only chaos wars and cruelty
Are in the world.

A dream is heaven and it corrupts
Others and our minds
so why oh why do we have to wake up
Lets sleep and dream forever and ever.

Luca Lobjanidze


What r friends?
Friends r the beginning and the end
They r water in a desert full of sand
They r the harmony sounds of a band

Without u I‟m lost and scared
In a world full of traps
I can‟t stop I have to win
I know the jungle out there is mean

Don‟t leave me
I need u

Andre Ramos

English country school
According to my mood

I like sports
I like ECS
I like this

I like hockey and running
This is fun
This game is a very good game

But I like Volleyball
This game is not difficult and not easy

I like sports
I Iike ECS
I like this

This is OK

Karanvir Singh
Love is death

No more happiness,
No more love,
No more fun,
No more
Everything is gone with you
But tell me why, why did you kill ours hearts
Why did you destroy ours lives?
Even the kids don‟t go to play
They are under the door waiting for you
But I know I‟ll never come back.
But I know that somewhere up in the sky
Hear me now I‟ll love you forever and ever.

Luca Lobjanidze

The sun goes up
The moon goes down
The rain is going
The light is falling
And everything goes round so quick
But my heart can‟t follow the beat
So sometimes I feel sick
I can‟t go anymore deep
Because my heart starts raining
And my brain starts paining
But I have to win
I don‟t even know what I mean
But I have to know
Where will I go?

Dimitry Federov
I like ECS

I like ECS because it is a mess
You can play basketball, volleyball and football
When you arrive you are happy
When you have to go away you are sad
And then you became mad

I like ECS
You can go sailing
You can go windsurfing
You can do workshops
You can go to Windermere
around shops

I like ECS
You can make a lot of friends
Chinese, Japanese, French, German,
and many more from different lands
You can eat with them and play with them

I like ECS

Alessandro Edrington
Purple life

Today isn‟t my day.
Because I don‟t feel anything
I‟m not angry. I‟m not happy.
I‟m only…looking.

I only can think about nothing
I can‟t feel my feelings
I can‟t dream. I can‟t chose
And in the end… I loose.

My blood is different
It‟s soft and clean
I‟ve never seen it.
I feel (my only feeling today)
That is purple.

Like   the clouds
Like   the grass
Like   philosophy.
Like   life.

Laura Sequeira
Happy Dreamer

I‟m a happy dreamer
In every kinds of way
I‟m a happy dreamer
I believe the world will change one day

I‟m a happy dreamer
I fight against poverty
I‟m a happy dreamer
I believe in loyalty

I‟m a happy dreamer
In a world full of sadness
I‟m a happy dreamer
Trying to clean all the mess

I‟m a happy dreamer
I believe that love can change the world
I‟m a happy dreamer
And love a simple word

I‟m a happy dreamer
I believe in love

Andre Mauricio
Laura Sequeira is from Portugal, Azores and says she is
very happy!

Alessandro Edrington lives in Florence, Italy and likes
hot dogs, water polo and sometimes plays computer games.

Dimitry Federov is from St Petersburg, Russia and
enjoys painting in the Russian style and playing football.

Alex Coleman Cole lives in Madrid, Spain and likes tennis,
art and listening to music.

Karanvir Singh is from Punjab, India and likes cricket, hockey
and Punjabi dancing!

Luca Lobjanidze is from Milan, Italy and likes football,
waterpolo and beautiful girls!

Andre Ramos says: “I’m Andre…an Angolan man. I’m
always happy, sadness is something strange for me. Reading
is my passion…and I like big butts…sorry… I can’t lie”

Hayden Berry manages to stay eternally young and is currently
living and teaching in Krakow, Poland.

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