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									Customer service cover letter

Books and websites are full of free-for-the-taking tips and tricks for a kinder, gentler
job search. There are free samples of virtually every kind of cover letter you can
imagine - from teaching to taxidermy. Customer service, a wide and varied industry,
is no exception to the rule. Advice on searching for a job in this field is every bit as
diverse as the field itself. Just because the advice is free does not mean you should
take it. A pre-formatted template cover letter will not provide the kind of information
a hiring manager is seeking. When looking for a competent customer service
professional hiring managers have a strong sense of what a business needs and are
looking for a candidate to satisfy those needs. Your cover letter should convince the
hiring manager that you are suited for and capable of the job.

All cover letters are on a mission - a mission to spark the reader's desire to learn more
about the applicant. The cover letter is the first thing a potential employer sees and
hears about you. It should be a head-turner. Keeping the reader's attention is necessary
if you want them to make it as far as your resume. A good cover letter is just a hint of
what is coming. Touch on achievements and experience without providing too much
information. Indicate that more details are available in your resume, pressing the
reader on to examine the finer points of your work history.

A bold headline that says something interesting about your customer service skills is a
top-notch attention-grabber. Headlines like "CUSTOMERS ASK FOR ME BY
from the boring, impersonal letters that hiring managers are accustomed to reading. If
you want your cover letter to stand-up and get noticed right off the bat, cite specific
examples to support that eye-catching headline. Let your personal customer service
experiences speak for themselves.

Let the hiring manager know that you mean business. Use the first paragraph to
establish how you heard about the opening and what you know about the company.
Doing a little research on the company's history and purpose builds credibility. Taking
the time to learn about the challenges the company faces and the company's goals for
the future indicates a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Customer
service professionals must go out of their way on a regular basis. Proving beforehand,
that you are willing to go the extra mile of your own volition, speaks volumes about
your work ethic to a potential employer.

Written and verbal communication skills are an important part of any customer
service position. Being able to understand the needs of the client or customer should
be portrayed in your cover letter. Anticipating what the customer will want takes
customer service to a whole new level. Use the content and construction of your cover
letter to expound upon your ability to communicate effectively and thoroughly. Read
the letter out loud to check for readability and comfortable flow. Consider letting a
co-worker read over your letter. A different point of view may be the thing your
customer service cover letter needs to be complete.
In the end, the customer service cover letter is an indispensable medium of
expression. Allow the hiring manager to get to know a little about you as a person
while they consider your prior experience and qualifications. Avoid just copying a
sample of a free cover letter as a means to an end. Anything that easy cannot possibly
hold up to the scrutiny of a manager that is looking for a first-class customer service
professional. Spend the additional time to craft your own original thoughts and ideas
about customer service into an appealing format. Make the reader believe that you are
the one for the position with a combination of certifiable facts and passionate interest
in providing quality service that keeps the customer and the company happy. Let your
enthusiasm liven up what could be another submission bound for the not-interested
pile of boring, run-of-the-mill applications. When the phone rings and the hiring
manager asks you to come in for that interview you will be glad that you did.

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