harvest party games by Justjanet


									Harvest Party & Activities Continued
    Games and Treats

          A child passes an apple under their chin to the next child.
           Each row could be a team and the team who finishes wins
           two pieces of candy and the other team gets one piece for

          Pass a lifesaver on a toothpick either held by a child fingers
           or mouth.

          Decorate pumpkin shaped cookies.

          Make candy or caramel apples.

          Make scary hand out of popcorn, candy corn, spider rings
           and plastic gloves.

          Decorate cup cakes. (Sugar cones placed up side down on a
           cup cake make a good witch or wizard hat.)

          Fish for donuts. Use a wand with a long piece of yarn tied to
           it. Tie a donut to the other end, stand on a chair and have the
           children be your fish. Once the donut is bitten they get to
           take it off and eat it.

          Use a giant pumpkin as a punch bowl.

          Beanbag toss into a pumpkin bucket- make each child a
           ghost beanbag to take home.

          Musical chairs to a haunted house sound track.

          Pin the nose on the pumpkin.
      About two weeks before the party ask the teacher if they
       could have the class participate in a writing assignment. You
       will need to make up with 5 characters, use your
       imagination. Make sure you can easily find an accessory for
       each character. (i.e. a mummy = a roll of paper towels, a
       pirate = an eye patch, a witch = a plastic witches nose)
       Have the students write a story using your 5 characters.
       The best story will be read at the party for this game.
Game = You will have 6 groups of character accessories.
       (i.e. 6 rolls of paper towels, 6 eye patches and ect.)
       Five students per group + 6 groups = 30 students in all.
       Tell the groups the characters and let them decide which one
       of them they will be.

         Read the story slowly and when you come to the character in
         the story the groups will rush to have one person be that
         character. Keep reading, the students will have to listen to
         the story for the next character. At the end of the story the
         group who is dressed the fastest wins.

       Have a classroom treasure hunt. Place clues all around the
        class leading them to another clue at the end have a bag of
        candy or chocolate coins for everyone to share. ( Clue ideas-
        “Look behind a small grinder” answer- pencil sharpener, “
        Look in a small Forest”
        answer- in a plant, “ Look in a spot of no worth” answer-

       Make some feely boxes and have the children guess what
        they felt.
        Make them write their guesses on a piece of paper so the
        children don’t get too loud. ( box ideas- hairbrush, sugar
        cube, marble and ect.)

         Have guessing games-
           o Guess how much the pumpkin weighs? The winner
              gets to keep the pumpkin.
           o Guess how many candy corn are in a jar? The winner
              gets to keep the candy. (Bring a baggie to put the
              candy in.)

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