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					                                                 De La Salle Zobel School
                                                Science 7 – Handout # 1
                                                First Term, S.Y. 2008-2009

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1. Galileo Galilei - first to raise the telescope in the sky to study the universe; established mathematical laws
   describing the motion of falling bodies, projectiles and pendulum.

2. Aristotle – a natural philosopher in the ancient world; laid the foundation of modern scientific thought and
   assembled materials for an organized encyclopedia of all knowledge .

3. Nicolaus Copernicus - An astronomer who proposed that the sun was the center of the solar system
  (Copernican Theory or Heliocentric Theory) .

4. Johannes Kepler - An astronomer who formulated the three laws of planetary motion.

5. Isaac Newton - made the greatest contributions on optics, light, gravitation and motion.

6. Charles Darwin- English scientist who worked on the Origin of Species.

7. Marie Curie -1st woman to win the Nobel Prize for Physics for winning the discovery of radioactivity in 1903 together
   with her husband Pierre Curie and colleague Henry Becquerel; received 2 Nobel Awards for the isolation of pure
  Radium in 1911.

8. Robert Koch -discovered the germ that causes tuberculosis and worked to find the drug to cure the disease.

9. Albert Einstein -proposed the Theory of Relativity which abolished the Newtonian idea of time as being absolute;
   won Nobel Prize for his work on Photoelectric Effect and on the Theory of Relativity.

10. William Harvey -discovered the circulation of the blood that gave way to the study of medicine and biology.

11. Gregor Mendel - formulated the Principles of heredity.

12. John Dalton - theorized that atom was the smallest particle of matter (Atomic Theory)

13. Wilhelm Roentgen - received the first Nobel Prize for physics in 1901 for his discovery of X-ray in 1895.

14. Evangelista Torricelli- Italian physicist and mathematician who discovered the principles of barometer.

15. Anton van Leeuwenhoek -designed the modern microscope; discovered microorganisms and observed human
  cells ( sperm cells and red blood cells ) .

16. Louis Pasteur -became famous for his work on fermentation and decay which led to the development of the germ
   theory and to the sterilization of food through the use of heat .
17. Benjamin Franklin – had a great interest in science and technology, carrying out his famous electricity experiments
    and inventing—in addition to the lightning rod—the Franklin stove catheter, swim fins, glass harmonica, and

18. Robert Hooke - credited with the discovery of the cell, although his microscope was very basic. He also discovered
    Hooke's law of elasticity, which describes the linear variation of tension with extension in an elastic spring.

  LOCAL SCIENTISTS (Filipino Scientists)

1. Julian Banzon - Filipino chemist, researched methods of producing alternative fuels; experimented with the
   production of ethyl esters fuels from sugarcane and coconut, and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil
   by a chemical process rather than a physical process.

2. Eduardo Quisumbing -Filipino botanist, noted expert in the medicinal plants of the Philippines. He was author of
   more than 129 scientific articles, many on orchids. He served as the Director of the National Museum of the
   Philippines, where he rebuilt the Herbarium.

3.Dr. Juan Salcedo -became famous for his discovery of ― enriched rice ‖ to prevent beri-beri .

4. Dr. Gregorio Zara – considered as the ―Renowned Filipino Engineer and Inventor‖ for his invention the two-way
   television telephone or videophone (1955) patented as a "photo phone signal separator network" and invented an
   airplane engine that ran on plain alcohol as fuel (1952)

‗5. Dr. Eduardo San Juan -famous for his work on the Polaris Missile Skylab, inter ballistic missile system and the lunar

6. Luz Oliveros Belardo -known as the ―Foremost Filipino Researcher – scientist on essential oils‖.

7. Dr. Fe Del Mundo -credited with studies that lead to the invention of an improved incubator and a jaundice relieving
   device. She has dedicated her life to the cause of pediatrics in the Philippines.

8. Pedro Escuro – made significant contributions to rice breeding as plant breeder Professor extension worker and
   consultant in agricultural projects. He provided leadership in the development, isolation and release of nine Seed
   Board rice varieties: Milpal 4, HBD-2, Azmil 26 and C-22 (upland) and C-18, C4-63, C4-137, C-168 and C-12

9. William G. Padolina – has served as the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology for the Philippines
   where he directed researchers and the private sector and enabled the growth of the Internet and e-commerce in the

10. Dr. Clara Lim- Sylianco -noted for her anti-cancer research; had valuable works on mutagens and anti- mutagens

11. Arturo Alcaraz – considered as the ―Father of Geothermal Energy Development‖, making the Philippines the
    world‘s second largest producer of geothermal energy.In 1967, Arturo his team powered an electric light bulb using
    steam powered electricity. The power is coming from a volcano near the town of Tiwi in Albay.

12. Dr. Gregorio T. Velasquez-Made a research on tropical psychology with concentration on myxohycease ( blue-
green algae)

13. Raymundo S. Punongbayan- Former Geologist; Volcanologist Director, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and
    Seismology ( PHIVOCS ).

14. Geminiano T. De Ocampo -considered as the ― Father of Ophthalmology in the Philippines.
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