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                                  “GROWING Up We Had to bE Shown”
                            2003 GATLINBIJRG T.C.Y.P.A.A. BID COMMITTEE

                                                                                      February 16, 2002

T.CY.P.A.A. Advisory Council
P.O. I3ox 150702
Nashville, TN 37215

Dear Advisory Council Members:

     Please find attached TCYBID‟s bid package for the 2003 Tennessee Conference of Young People In Alcoholics
Anonymous (T.C.YP.A.A.). Enclosed you will find documentation satisfying the requirements as set forth by the
advisory council‟s bidding rec1uirements. The young people of Knoxville and Gatlinburg, TN appreciate the
opportunity to present the first Bid Package proposing for to host T.C.YP.A.A. Please note our permanent mailing
address below for any correspondence.

Bidding Requirement #2

Bidders must have commitments from at least two (2) hotels, if possible, including dates showing availability of
banquet and speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof of whether the hotels require any commitment as to the number
of people attending.

Advisory Council, please find attached information required to fulfill requirement #2. Our primary hotel is the River
Terrace leaving as the Holiday Inn Sunspree our secondary choice, and the Edgewater as our third choice.


Gatlinburg, TN is located just north of the Great Smoky Mountain national Park in East Tennessee and is located
within 4 hours of 75 percent of the entire state of Tennessee, 6 hours from Memphis, TN, and 5 hours from 6 large to
major U.S. cities. Known for its vacation theme, there are hundreds of restaurants, specialty shops, candy
manufacturers, and recreation venues all within a 1/2 mile radius. Pigeon Forge, TN, just 4 miles north boasts
hundreds of go-cart tracks, bungee jumps, skyscraper rides, a skydiving simulator, and Dollywood. Even more,
considered to be one of the best aquariums in the United States, Ripley‟s Aquarium of the Smokies opened in August
of 2001 featuring an incredible variety of ocean wildlife.

After contacting over 20 hotels and visiting 7, we have narrowed our selection down to three choices. We have
detailed the required room block, conference dates, room rates and coffee packages in fable 1 on the following page.
Detailed information pertaining to the hotels including contracts is located in Appendix A. Appendix A has been
separated into three sections, A.1 River Terrace, A.2 Holiday Inn & A.3 Edgewater.

All three hotels are located in downtown Gatlinburg as shown on the following map and within 1 mile of the “strip”
portion of Gatlinburg, Ripley‟s Aquarium of the Smokies, Ripley‟s “Believe it or Not, IMAN theater, and hundreds
of specialty shops. All three hotels have restaurants and provide catering. Should room blocks be met at the Holiday
Inn and Edgewater all meeting space and hospitality suites will be complimentary. A one time 500 dollar meeting
space fee will be charged at the River Terrace if there is no banquet and 250 dollars with a banquet.. We have the
option to negotiate a sliding scale room block to allow for free meeting space. An 800 dollar brew fee has been
negotiated with I Holiday Inn and Edgewater, but only a 275 dollar brewing fee with the River Terrace. The brew fee
does not include the cost of coffee grinds but does include the cost of cups and condiments. We are currently
negotiating a contract for purchasing coffee through a local coffee shop at wholesale rates. All hotels include indoor
pools or heated outdoor pools and Jacuzzi‟s. All three hotels include a game room area. Smoking is permitted in the
meeting rooms at the Holiday Inn. The other two hotels have select smoking areas. Some of the basic hotel amenities
are summarized in Table 2.
Bidding Requirement #3

Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for the conference

Advisory Council, please find below the permanent mailing address for the Gatlinburg Bid Committee.
                                   2003 Gatlinburg TGYPAA Bid Committee
                                   P.O. Box 1367
                                   Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Bidding Requirements #4

Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity will be held in their city within a thirty (30) day period
before and a thirty (30) day period after the Conference date.

Bidding Requirement #5
Statements of support from the District Committee Member(s) and the Intergroup Secretary must be brought to the
Bidding Conference.

Per T.C.Y.P.A.A. bidding requirements #4 and #5, we have included letters from the Intergroup Chairperson stating
no large scale AA events are scheduled within a thirty day period of the conference dates. Furthermore, please find
attached letters of support from our District Committee .\Members and Intergroup Chairperson (Secretary not able to
be contacted prior to bidding, Chairperson signed in their absence).
           Table 1: General Hotel Information
                     HOTEL             CONFERNCL DATES                      TOTAL           THEATRE             BXNQUET              ROOM
BLOCK                ROOM RATE         BANQUET
                                                 2003                      ROOMS            SEATING              SEATING             (PER
NE;) IT)                                 FEE
               River                   Februao 28 March 2                       205              1007                 430                   50         8

               Terrace + 4 V
               1-loliday Ion           Februaex 28 March 2-                     400             550                  280                    60
               Souspree 4
               Edgewater+4            Februap 28 March 2
                                                      -                        205              500                  250
               oo                     $65.00                                  $800 l3rew Fees
           +  Overflow is available at the Edgewater Itotel or ice versa at the kiter Terrace located less than 100 feet away.
           I lost committee is responsible for providing coffee grinds, hotel provides cups arid condiments

           4. Depending on size of banquet, attendees it usay lie necessary to have ui tntenrnssion to breakdown and setup Saturday speaker
           seating \ 500 Meeting room fee without banquet, 250 with banquet (cmii negotiate a sliding scale room block and receive free)

           Table 2: Hotel Amenities
                     I IOTEL                  POOL                     FITNESS              GAME ROOM               RESTUEAIJNT
                     WALKING                  JACUZZI                  SMOKING IN
               DISTANCE TO                                              MEETINGS

               River Terrace         2 Outdoor, I heated                 no                        yes                           1
yes            yes                   limited areas
               lloliday Inn           2 IndoorY                            yes                      yes              2 & Little                  yes

               Sunspree                                                                                             Caesar‟s Express
               Edgewater              Indoor / Outdoor                     no                       no                           I               yes

                          V 1 pool   is attached to hospitality room, and accessible 24 hours a day.
Bidding Requirement #9

The city hosting the next Conference agrees that the speakers at the Conference will be forty (40) years of age or

Tier bidding requirement #7, should TCYBID host the 2001 TCYPAA, we agree that the speakers for the
Conference will be forty (40) years of age or under.
Bidding Requirement #7

The city hosting the next Conference agrees to turn over all proceeds from their Conference, after expenses, to the
TCYPAA Advisory Council for their distribution. This should be done within ninety (90) days after the Conference.

Per bidding requirement #7, should TCYBID be awarded the 2003 TCYPAA, after all expenses have been paid, the
Host Committee will remit all proceeds to the TCYPAA Advisory Council for their distribution. This will be done
within the specified ninety (90) day period.
Bidding Requirement #6

Prospective bidders will be required to demonstrate financial capabilities and responsibilities within the traditions of
AA as a whole.

Per T.C.Y.P.A.A. bidding requirement #6 we have attached a financial summary of our activities in Appendix B
since the Formation of TCYB1D. We have also attached our most recent bank statements        -

Fund Raisers and Events

„I‟CYBID was formed in late July 2001. Our first fundraising event was a Karaoke JAM held August 25, 2001 at the
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Knoxville, TN. The fundraising event was aimed at not only raising money but
to raise awareness and increase interest in T.C.Y.P.A.A.. We have held several events since that time including a
Step Study Workshop, Dance, Bonfire/SEC Championship Party, and Game Night. The Bonfire was a free event
including food and beverages. We have included fliers for our events in the Appendix C.
Bidding Requirement #10

Bidders must provide a concise statement illustrating the needs and hopes for this Conference in their area as they
interpret them.

Needs & Hopes

In the middle to late 1980‟s treatment centers raised the awareness of the severity of alcoholism in American
teenagers resulting in a large influx of young people into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (~~A~. Never
before in AA‟s history had so many people not just under the age of 30, but under the age of 20 and into the early to
mid teen years entered the program. The large influx of young people emphasized the desperate need for sponsorship
and mentoring. Unfortunately, few of the sober young people in their late teens to early thirties had amassed any
“long term” sobriety. Many of the young people turned to themselves only to face failure. Others turned to the “old
timers” who understood the desperate nature of their disease and sincerity for sobriety. Growing up these young
people had to be shown the importance of working the steps, attending meetings, sponsorship, and service work.
Over the years these young people passed on what they had learned to others. However, they and those they taught
have grown into adults, moved to other cities become students, professionals, husbands, wives and parents. Even
more, some have returned to the insanity of alcoholism only to Lice death or worse. The important message those
young people carried has been lost.

Last year two people attended „1C.Y.P.A.A. from East Tennessee, one was on the advisory council, the other was the
advisory council member‟s spouse. If Gatlinburg were to be selected, it will have been 5 years since TC.Y.P.A.A.
was in the Knoxville area. Last July when our bid committee was formed, the name T.C.Y.P.A.A. held almost no
meaning to the small group of young people in Knoxville and Gatlinburg. Young people come and go daily with no
one to catch them. Others get sober and remain tourists in this program living in mediocrity, drifting from meeting
to meeting without guidance for months and even years only to relapse never knowing the peace and serenity the
program of Alcoholics Anonymous can bring to their lives. Growing up, these new young people need to be shown
how k\ works. The young people who have truly experienced the rewards of the program are far and few. Help is
needed to save lives Should Gatlinburg be the site of the 2003 conference, the theme “Growing up We had to be
Shown” would emphasize speakers and meetings strong in the steps, traditions, sponsorship, the big book and service
work so a new foundation of young people to pass on the message can be shown.
Bidding Requirement #8

There will be a minimum limit of thirty (30) minutes for the presentation for each bidding city. Attention: Advisory

TCYBTD agrees to complete our presentation within the thirty minutes allotted.
Bidding Requirement #1

Three (3) people under 40 years of age with a minimum of one (1) year of sobriety must represent the bidding city
They may be accompanied by supporters of any age.

Advisory Council, please find below a list of people TCYBID has selected as our representatives:
1.  Ray Tant
    Age: 32
    Sobriety Date: 03-19-86
2.   ~
     Sob riet~~ Date:         C


     Sobriety Date:

     Sobriety Date: