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					Websites for Students

1. ABC Teach – D’Nealian Style Coloring Letters – Activity that students can use to
learn the alphabet letter by letter.

2. ABCow - Fill in the missing letters of the alphabet the cows have been eating! This is a
keyboard exercise. The mouse is not used to select the letter.

3. ABC Gulp - Cute Frog game requiring Shockwave. Students listen to what letter Frog
wants to eat and chooses the correct letter from a group of letters.

4. ABC Ordering - Very good interactive audio activity that asks what letter comes next
with immediate feedback.

5. ABC Tracing Pages - These pages allow children to trace the letters to help with the
learning process.

6. Alphabet Garden Activity - Fill in the missing letter by clicking on the flower that has
that letter. This is a very good activity for sequencing the alphabet.

7. Alphabet Match - Match capital to small letter. Find the Mommy Kangaroo for each

8. Alphabet Order - Students click on the letters in ABC order to correctly stack books.

9. Alphabet Tracing Sheets - Dnealian or Zaner-Bloser style available. Trace letter and
color picture. This has multiple choices of pictures to choose from for each letter.
10. Alphabetize words - Read the words on the bears' shirts, then click and drag the bears
so they are in alphabetical order.

11. Bear Wear - Help Bear get dressed by listening to the letter sound and selecting the
shirt that matches the sound.

12. Dictionary - Little Explorers Picture Dictionary with links. Some of the links are
pages to color; every entry has a link to a definition. The site also has a link to classroom
activities that use Little Explorers.

13. Memory Match - Match capital to small letters in the concentration game style to
reveal a surprise picture. As matches are made they are reinforced on a chalkboard,
writing down the matches so the student can go back and read the matches later.

14. Rapid Naming- How fast can you name an object, a letter, a color, a number? Get
your hand on the mouse and get ready! Shockwave needed. A letter is named and you
must find it and click it with your mouse. This game is excellent for practicing colors,
numbers and letters.

15. Type Me - From Fun School. This is an interactive typing activity.,f&3&21

Websites for Teachers and Parents

1. Tracing Paper- Type in your child's name or any word. The program automatically
opens a new window and then fills the page of the name or words to be printed out and

2. KidzClub - Go to the Alphabet area to find several printable activities

3. Ms. Alphabet - Alphabet Mystery

4. Animal Printouts to color and to learn about the animal. Everything from Aardvark to
Aye-Aye and that's just the A's. There are hundreds of printouts here. This site also has
instructions for using your computer to color. Copy a printout (they have instructions for
doing that) and paste it into a painting program (like Paint) and color the animal there.

5. Alphabuddies - Groups of crafts designed to help teach children their ABC's.

6. Alphabet worksheets from -

7. Alphabit Games - 6 games to test student knowledge on letters.

8. Alphabet Sequencing Activity - Very good interactive activity for sequencing the
alphabet. Students put library books up in sequence.

9. Alphabet Match Game- Three games to test child's ability to match capital to lower
case letters.

10. ABC Teach - Has 5,000 + printable worksheets and activities for teachers to give

11. The Alphabuddies - a list and description of many crafts that would be helpful in
teaching students the ABC's.
12. Teach the Children Well - Early Learning - this is a website with many activities for
the children to use to understand better the abc's.

13. Surfing for ABC's Lesson Plan - This is a sample lesson plan that teachers can use.

14. We learn our ABC's - this website shows how taking children to the library and
working on certain things can help them learn their abc's effectively.

15. Lesson Plans for Language Arts - this website shows many helpful lesson plans and
activities for teachers.