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					 LEMON BALM Herb
                                                                      Use a strong Melissa in-         the Herpes virus.
                                                                    fusion (tea) as a substitute for
                                                                    lemon juice in jam making, or        For beauty purposes:
                                                                    to enhance the flavor of             Brew a strong tea of Melissa

 / MELISSA                                                          lemonade, jellies and pud-
                                                                      Chopped fresh Melissa
                                                                                                       and use to rinse oily hair.
                                                                                                         Make a strong tea of Melissa,
                                                                                                       pour into a bowl and use as a

 Melissa officinalis                                                leaves can be sprinkled over
                                                                    vegetables for an unusual
                                                                                                       “facial steam” - it tones the
                                                                                                       skin, and slows down the aging
                                                                                                       process of the skin.
Lemon balm, also called Bee            Melissa is native to southern                                     Make a litre of strong Melissa
balm or Melissa, is a hardy          Europe, western Asia and Medicinal:                               tea and pour into a warm bath
perennial of the mint family.        northern Africa. Melissa is a Taken as a tea, Melissa was         for a relaxing soak.
      It is a ground cover with      very popular herb and is grown traditionally used to uplift the     Melissa can be used as an
glossy ovate, toothed, crinkled      throughout the world.           spirit and to encourage           ingredient of potpourri. Add the
leaves that release a lemon-                                         longevity. We know that           dried leaves to your other
scented fragrance when                 Harvest and parts used:       Melissa is carminative, anti-     ingredients.
crushed. In summer it pro-             Melissa leaves can be picked  spasmodic and a relaxing tonic
duces clusters of insignificant      throughout summer to use for anxiety, depression and For Melissa and more than
small flowers.                       fresh or dry.                   irritability. Being a sedative 220 other varieties of herbs,
  Melissa can grow in any moist                                      herb, it calms the feelings of      as well as the book” Help
soil - in sun or partial shade. It                                   panic, and is useful to ease yourself to Health - A guide
enjoys an annual feed of                                             palpitations of a nervous origin for home health using healing
                                       Fresh Melissa leaf imparts a
enriched compost.                                                    and tension headaches as it herbs and good nutrition”,
                                     lemon-scented flavour to
  Prune back regularly                                               relaxes the peripheral blood       and “Herbs for Birds and
                                     salads, mushroom dishes,
throughout the growing sea-                                          vessels. Melissa also helps           other Caged Animals”
                                     cheeses, soups, sauces, herb
son, and especially after                                            when anxiety causes digestive        contact Zirkia Swart at
                                     vinegar and teas, hot or cold.
flowering. Melissa and bees                                          disorders like acidity, nausea,      Mountain Herb Estate,
                                       Dried, crushed Melissa colic pains and bloating. It is a
have been linked since ancient       leaves can be added to stuffing febrifuge - increasing sweating      6 km from Silkaatsnek,
times. Melissa is the Greek          for poultry and meat, and can to lower fevers.                       R514 Van der Hoffroad.
word for “Honey bee”, and            also be used for hot teas.                                        Tel. 012-376 1988 / 082 924
beekeepers of old used to rub                                          Melissa is antibacterial, anti-
                                       Melissa flower tips and viral and a useful antioxidant,                     3076
this herb inside an empty            young leaves can be floated in and is helpful for eczema and                 E-mail:
beehive to prime it to attract       wine or fruit cups as one would hyperthyroidism. It reduces
new bees inside.                     do with mint.                                              
                                                                     cold sores and outbreaks of

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