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Being a customer service representative is all about taking the problems of customers
in a helpful and productive manner. Many customer service sectors are having a big
problem on their manpower. Quality agents and representatives are scarce. Because of
the big demand in business outsourcing industry, companies are motivated to hire
more and more employees as compliance to the frequency of the demands.

There are many problems that arise in situations wherein the customer's complaint or
concerns are not properly managed by the customer service agent, thus leading to
further confusion for the customer. The problem is with the training of the agent and
the hiring process of companies. Hiring potential employees must regard to the
professional history and resume of the applicant. Also, as an applicant, see to it that
you will submit the most comprehensive cover letter.

You can use a cover letter sample to base your letter from. They are readily available
in the Internet, but just make sure that you do not totally copy the customer service
cover letter sample. Some of its content might not be applicable with your situation.
In that case, you would have to expect minus points in your application. Using a cover
letter sample can be helpful in formulating your own letter's content and organize the
form as well. A sample can be found on published sources such as grammar books
and online guides on how to write cover letters from samples.

If you desire to be in a customer service position, learn to maximize your potential in
helping customers solve their problems and concerns regarding your products.