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									Accounting job interview questions

Accounting interviews are one of the most critical interviews in the world, simply due to
the reason that like a doctor, an accountant knows everything about the client. A number
of tough questions are asked in accounting interviews. You need to prepare yourself well
if you are looking to go for an accounting interview. The questions will vary according to
the level of accounting position. You will get a wide variety of questions.

So, if you are looking to appear for an accounting job interview then given below are
some sample interview questions and their suitable answers that can really help you a
great deal:

1. Why do you want to be an accountant?
You can say that accounting offers a respected professional qualification which can lead
on to a wide range of opportunities in the business. It is a rapid changing profession so
they are looking for individuals with initiative who can manage change properly.

2. Which accounting applications are you familiar with?
Discuss about all the applications you have worked with. Just focus on how you
implemented the application and how they meet your exact business requirements.
Display your knowledge in all kinds of accounting applications that you are aware of.

3. What are the qualities you have to be a good accountant?
I have excellent interpersonal skills. I am also very determined and disciplined. I have an
ability to work in team and I also have strong analytical skills. I am very well in handling
all types of work pressures.

4. Describe any accounting process that you have developed?
Describe how you have analyzed or developed any work processes in accounting. You
can even mention that how you maintained work outputs.

5. What according to you is the biggest challenge that the accounting industry is
Due to the changing market, accounting professionals have to provide more management
and consulting services, in addition to financial management. They simply have to
assume a greater advisory role and develop more complex accounting systems.

6. How many invoices do you handle on a monthly basis?
Just show your understanding about the invoice verification process. Go through each
step in detail and mention all the details required. Also explain the importance of each
Show them your professionalism by answering properly and confidently. Make sure you
prepare yourself well before appearing for the accounting job interview. Don't forget to
read this article once.

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