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									                                       Lesson 2 – The Day Eddie Met the     Lesson 3 – Schools Around the
Lesson 1 – Ruby the Copycat
                                       Author                               World
Short Vowels a, e ,i ,o ,u
                                       Root Word + Ending –ed, -ing         Vowel Digraphs ee,ea,ai,ay,oa,ow
Characters and Setting
                                       Characters and Setting               Locate Information
Use Graphic Organizers
                                       Use Graphic Organizers               Use Prior Knowledge
Lesson 4 – Ellen Ochoa,
                                       Lesson 5 – The School News           Lesson 6 – The Babe and I
                                       Review                               Compound Words
Plural –s, -es
                                                                            Fact and Opinion
Locate Information
                                                                            Monitor Comprehension: Reread
Use Prior Knowledge

Lesson 7 – Aero and Officer Mike       Lesson 8 – How Animals Talk          Lesson 9 – Stone Soup
Consonant Digraphs ch,tch,sh,w,wh      Diphthongs ou,ow,oi,oy               Consonant Blends str,scr,spr
Fact and Opinion                       Main Idea and Details                Main Idea and Details
Monitor Comprehension: Reread          Summarize                            Summarize

Lesson 10 – The Case of the Three      Lesson 11 – Loved Best               Lesson 12 – A Pen Pal for Max
Bears’ Breakfast                       C-le Syllable                        Consonant Digraphs kn,gn,wr,gh
Review                                 Plot                                 Plot
                                       Use Story Structure                  Use Story Structure

                                       Lesson 14 – One Small Place in a     Lesson 15 – Ask the Experts
Lesson 13 – A Tree is Growing
                                       Tree                                 Review
Consonants c,g,dge
                                       V/CV and VC/V Syllable Patterns
Author’s Purpose
                                       Author’s Purpose
Ask Questions
                                       Ask Questions

Lesson 16 – Lon Po Po                  Lesson 17 – Two Bear Cubs            Lesson 18 – Me and Uncle Romie
r-Controlled Vowel or,ore,our,oar,ar   r-Controlled Vowel er,ir,ur,or,ear   Suffixes –er,-est,-ly,-ful
Compare and Contrast                   Compare and Contrast                 Theme
Monitor Comprehension:Read Ahead       Monitor Comprehension: Read Aloud    Use Story Structure

Lesson 19 – Half Chicken               Lesson 20 – Backstage with Chris     Lesson 21 – Antarctic Ice
Prefixes un-,re-,dis-                  and Casey                            Vowel Variants oo,ew,ue,ui,oo
Theme                                  Review                               Sequence
Use Story Structure                                                         Monitor Comprehension: Reread

Lesson 22 – Bat Loves the Night        Lesson 23 – Chestnut Cove            Lesson 24 – Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Vowel Variant o,au,aw,a,ough           Prefixes pre-,mis-,in-               Schwa
Sequence                               Cause and Effect                     Cause and Effect
Monitor Comprehension: Reread          Answer Questions                     Answer Questions

                                                                            Lesson 27 – Spiders and Their
Lesson 25 – The Robodogs of            Lesson 26 – Charlotte’s Web
Greenville                             Suffixes –tion, -sion
                                                                            V/V Syllable Pattern
Review                                 Make Inferences
                                                                            Make Inferences
                                       Ask Questions
                                                                            Ask Questions

Lesson 28 – The Science Fair           Lesson 29 – The Planets              Lesson 30 – Voyage Across the
Suffixes –able,-ible,-less,-ous        Prefixes bi-, non-, over-            Solar System
Make Predictions                       Make Predictions                     Review
Monitor Comprehension: Read Ahead      Monitor Comprehension: Read Aloud

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