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									Possible interview questions and answers

So you have spent hours trawling the internet or free ads for jobs, narrowed your search
down and eventually found the perfect job. Your resume is looking awesome if you do
say so yourself and then you get that call inviting you for an interview. What now? Well
this is the time most people fluff it. See, what you have to remember is you have been
hand picked for an interview based upon your application letter and resume, but so have
others. The only thing left to judge you on is your interview so you need to stand out (for
good reasons!).

Okay how do we do that? Well first let me ask you to think back to the last time you
watched a politician being interviewed on live television and saw them looking smug,
content and seemingly having an answer for every question that's thrown their way? How
do they do it we wonder? Well what we don't see is the preparation that goes into each
and every interview of this nature, the research, the advisors testing the politician and o f
course the list of out of bounds questions handed to the interviewer.

Unfortunately we don't have that luxury. You and me are just average Joe trying to stand
out and give that answer in the interview room that we typically think of whilst waiting
for the bus on the way home cursing for screwing up yet another interview.

In the words of the great Robert Baden-Powell 'Be Prepared'.

My top four tips

Research your subject matter - If your chosen job is in automotives, check out the latest
developments in the industry. For example, showing you have a true passion for what you
do and keeping abreast of developments should impress even the most miserable

Research the company - Check out any press reports for the company. You don't want to
go quoting out of date policies and procedures or worse start talking about the CEO who
was canned last week.

Get friends or family to hit you with rapid fire questions about your history and career so
far. Things like why did you leave your last job? Why do you want to leave your current

Write down your history with dates so you can learn it and quote it without looking
tongue tied e.g. 2001-2008 Ed's Garage - left because I wanted to progress my career or
to specialise on certain cars etc. Most importantly, make sure these answers are positive
and you can back them up with examples and facts. The last thing an interviewer wants to
hear is I left because everyone hated me and the boss was a creep, or to question you on
progressing your career, only to find you have been unemployed since resigning.
Hopefully you will take note of some of these and get that dream job, the only thing for
me left to sat is Good Luck!

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