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Want to keep from looking lame and stupid in your interview? The simple solution is to
prepare for the questions coming your way. And of course that means you have to learn
about the company and the position. So naturally your answers should come across as

However did you know that over 65% of people do not prepare for the interview? The
worst part is that many people just don't think. So below are several of the dumb answers
you should avoid. Some are obvious yet others are not because it is common place to
answer in this fashion.

1. I don't know much about your company: So you want a job for X dollars and you
didn't even take the time to research their company? BIG no no. The Internet has
destroyed any excuse you have to not do your homework. Never respond with this
answer because your are almost assuredly doomed.

2. I am not a computer person: Kiss your interview chances goodbye. Even blue collar
jobs are hiring people with computer skills. With the library you have no more excuses.
Game up or game over. Plus community colleges and public service programs can teach
you about the latest computer technology. Remember you stop learning only when YOU
DIE. Your never too old to learn.

3. I need a Job: This is usually answered by the dumbest of the dumb when asked "so
why do you want to work for us?" I can't begin to express the "DUH" in this answer. If
that's the best thing you have to say then your better off saying nothing at all. Talk about
your career needs and how challenging and or rewarding you thin the job will be.

4. I have People Skills: Well shouldn't everyone? If your not showing them that by your
competency answers, and body language then your in trouble.

5. I am a Problem Solver: This one usually surprises a lot of people as a dumb answer.
Because many think it is a good answer. But think about what your saying. The
interviewers are hiring someone to solve a problem in the company right?

So saying your a problem solver is like a plumber saying he fixes pipes. That should be
obvious during your interview. Especially if you have been delivering well crafted
answers to frequently asked interview questions.

In conclusion put thought and care into your answers. the only real way to ace the
interview is to prepare, know the company, and position. Also ask smart questions that
involve the details of the position or company. That's tells them your thinking.
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