Sepro Robot Scheduled PM Report by day66380


									                                            Sepro American Robot
                                            Preventative Maintenance
                                            Report – Scheduled
Date:                                                       Service Engineer:
Customer Name:                                              Model Number:
Customer Number:                                            Serial Number:
Address:                                                    Rev. Number:
                                                            IMM or Customer Machine Description:
Customer Contact:
Phone Number:                                               Part Number:
Email:                                                      Wiring Diagram Number:
Date of Last Scheduled PM:                                  Power Diagram Number:
Problems at Last Scheduled PM Check:
Electrical/Software Checks:
Program Number          Description

Warning Lights      Orange:                                White:
Proximity Sensors
Arm Up:                 Am:                     Arm Free:               Out Mold:
Elastic TL:             Allow RL:               Horizontal:             Vertical:
Rotation 2+:            Rotation 2-:            Grip 1:                 Grip 2:
Grip 3:                 Over X:                 Over Y:                 Over Z:
Solenoids           Grip Parts:              Movements:                SV’s:
Pendant             Test Keys:                             E-Stop:
Primary Voltage                  Secondary Voltage               Power Supply Voltage
T1:                              T3:                             +12 VDC:
S1:                              S3:                             -12 VDC:
R1:                              R3:                             5 VDC:
Transformer Need Retapped:                                       24 VDC:
Electrical/Software Notes:
Physical/Mechanical Checks:
Plastic Tracks         Bearing Condition         Pneumatic Lines          Electrical Cables        Greasers
X:                     X:                        X:                       X:                       X:
Y:                     Y:                        Y:                       Y:                       Y:
Z:                     Z:                        Z:                       Z:                       Z:
Physical/Mechanical Notes:


                 Conair | One Conair Drive | Pittsburgh, PA 15202 | 412-312-6000 |

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