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Fast and Easy Cover Letter Writing Is Possible For You

For some reason, a majority of people have problems creating their cover letter. To
make cover letter writing fast and easy, it is important to understand the real purpose
of it and what information needs to be included. Once you know what needs to be in
your letter, writing it is a snap.

The Goal of Fast and Easy Cover Letter Writing

The primary goal of a cover letter is to serve as a formal introduction to your resume.
While it should be limited to only a few paragraphs, it should contain specific skills
and accomplishments that will hold meaning to the organization that you want to join.

Since the letter is fairly short, brevity is an essential skill to utilize. You want to limit
the length, but also fill it with important information. Try to use the same information
as in your resume, but rather as a compliment to the information in your resume.

The tone of a cover letter should generally be very "matter of fact" in nature. Try to
avoid sounding too aggressive or too humorous Use simple and direct language. The
cover letter needs to "feel" formal, just like when you are introduced to someone for
the first time. Since it is formal, make sure that you double check your grammar,
spelling, and punctuation.

The Outline to Fast and Easy Cover Letter Writing

The standard letter has either three or four paragraphs. There is very little difference
between the two formats. If your second paragraph becomes too long, simply split it
into two paragraphs.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph aims at answers a basic question. It tells the reader why you are
writing, which includes which position your are applying for. In total, this paragraph
is often only 2-4 sentences Use the information that you gathered about the company
to tell them why you are interested in a position with them. Additionally, unless you
have been specifically referred to the opening by a mutual contact, there is no reason
tell them where you found out about the opening.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph is where you rely to the company, why you are qualified for the
position. The first sentence should be an eye catching introduction, which is
accomplishment oriented and focused on the skills that are needed for the job that you
are applying for. The body of the paragraph should provide detailed example or
evidence that supports your opening remarks. Make sure that your examples are
relevant and specific. The final sentence is a summary of everything that you
discussed within this paragraph.

Final Paragraph

The final paragraph is fairly straightforward. It should refer to the enclosed resume,
request an interview, and include a plan of action (this helps you stay in control of the
process). The plan of action should relate to when you contact them as well as
thanking them for their time.

Fast and easy employment application letter writing is possible for anyone. By
understanding the goals that qualify cover letter must fulfill, and the basic layout of
each paragraph, completing your next one will be a snap.

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