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									Writing a cover letter

The key to writing a cover letter that is sure to capture the attention of your future
boss or company is to write it yourself. I'm pretty sure that after reading that first line,
you're already debating to yourself that you're not a writer and you do not have a clue
on what to write. Don't be too hard on yourself, because everything that is needed to
create a good cover letter is right there in your head - you just need to know how to
tap into that hidden gift.

Know what you want

The first thing that you need to do before writing your cover letter is to know what
you want. Here are some good questions you should be asking yourself before you
apply for a job:

• What type of job or industry to do I want to work in?

• Why do I like that job or industry?

• Do I have the skills for the job?

Once you know the answers to these questions, writing a cover letter and even
answering your interviewer's questions will be incredibly easy for you, because you
aren't confused and you have given enough thought to what you are doing.

Know what you're selling

Any good sales person will tell you that you cannot promote a product that you know
little about. Now, what exactly is it that you are selling? Yourself, of course! You are
trying to convince your prospective employer that you have what they need! Yes, you
may know a lot about yourself, but your buyer doesn't! This is precisely why you
should tailor fit the product (you) for the buyers (your future employer). You can do
this by reading through the job description intently and ensuring that your resume is

Personalize It!

Once you have figured out what you want and what it is you're going to pitch to your
prospective employer, it is now time for you to write. You can refer to templates and
samples so you know what flow or format to use. The important thing is that you are
conveying the message that you want to send to your employers.

Get a second opinion

Even if you are a brilliant writer, it's still important for you to get a second opinion or
another's opinion when it comes to the work you have done. This is why you should
have a friend or relative who is good at writing have a look before thinking of mailing
it out.
They will not only help you with the spelling and grammar, but they can also provide
you with their opinion regarding the mood and tone of the cover letter.

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