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Applying for a job would mean having to do two things:

1) Creating and updating your resume and
2) creating your very own cover letter for that resume.

Believe it or not, many experts in job seeking and career building always suggest
writing good cover letters just as anybody would write a good and impressive resume.
A cover letter is the first page that the human resource managers will take a look at
when submitting your application, so you have to make sure it is a good and
interesting read for them. This will be your first impression to the company so you
can imagine how deep they put their judgment in this piece of paper.

Unfortunately, many applicants tend to disregard the use and importance of coming
up with their own cover letters that they would simply download a free cover letter
example over the internet and submit that as their own. Many websites who sell free
cover letter templates would encourage this, telling applicants that HR managers do
not usually read cover letters and that this is just icing on the cake. Most of the time,
this tactic works, but in the end the applicant doesn't get any interview invites or is
barely hired at all. This is because using a free cover letter example as your own
would indicate laziness and unwillingness to put effort even in the simplest tasks such
as cover letter writing. The bosses of any company wouldn't want a person like that
on their workforce so you have to make an effort to write your own unique and
creative cover letter for your resume.

Another reason why applicants use free cover letter templates is because they do not
know how to write cover letters in the first place. This can be solved by consulting a
free cover letter example and using it as a guide in terms of format, content, and
motivation to come up with something original and unique for revisions. As long as
the final output is not generic, dull, and boring then you can submit your cover letter
and resume to the HR department with a confident smile on your face. An area where
you can seep in your creative juices is the content of the letter, so as much as possible
put a voice into your letter to give the bosses an idea who you are as a person. They
prefer interesting and hardworking people in their team and one of the earliest and
simplest ways to find out if an applicant falls under those categories is through their
cover letter.

How will you know if a sample cover letter is a good guide for you? Check to see if
they have all the necessary details, easy-to-understand instructions and guidelines, and
even good feedback from other people who have used the same sample in their own
cover letters. Just make sure that you do not follow the letter word-per-word as this
would definitely lower your chances of impressing the bosses and getting that dream

Below is a great example of a free cover letter. Feel free to use it and tailor it to
your own needs.
Your Address
Your contact numbers
Your Email

Dear (Insert Recipient's Name):

I am a highly qualified professional with the experience and motivation to excel in the
field of human resources. Hence, I am applying to fill the position of Human
Resources Manager as advertised in last week's edition of (please name the site or
classified section that advertised the position).

I have spent the last decade in human resources and this has taught me the value of a
good employee-employer relationship. To this end, I also understand that the
responsibility for maintaining a healthy work environment largely falls to the Human
Resources Manager.

Based on your advertisement, I strongly believe that I am an excellent choice to fill
this position as I have the ability to prioritize and manage projects in a fast-paced,
multi-tasking environment. In my current position with (please name your current
organisation), I have succeeded in helping to recruit and retain a productive
workforce, and have helped to significantly reduce the formerly high staff turnover
rate of the organisation. Also, I have applied my skills in communication to build and
maintain my company's relationship with clients and suppliers. In order to do this, I
have also put various procedures in place that help when making independent

With these qualifications and achievements, I am confident that I will be a valuable
asset to your organisation. I am most eager to implement my recruiting, retention and
process-improvement experience with your organization. Please feel free to contact
me for any further enquiries. Thank you for your consideration.

Your signature
Your name

That's it! The internet is full of great free cover letter samples and examples like the
ones above. Just take some time, dig deep, and find the ones that very few other
people have used. Its best to look for the ones in the deepest depths of the internet -
that way they have far less of a chance of being recycled content.