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Jimmy render award Nomination form by kpf18647


									         Jimmy render award
         Nomination form
         Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless

                                 Annual Dinner is December 4, 2008
Previous Award Winners:          This award honors homeless or formerly homeless individuals
2007: Bob McGonagle              who have defied the odds and subsequently committed
2006: Ron Matthews               themselves to addressing the needs of people experiencing
2005: Robert Brown               homelessness.     Selected nominees and the winner will be
                                 honored at the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless’
2004: Marcia Battle
                                 Annual Dinner.
2003: Rodney Sutton
                                 Qualifications: Homeless or formerly homeless individual
2002: Mark Teegarden
                                 who has committed themselves to the alleviation of
2001: Ruby McDonald
2000: Jimmy Heath
                                 Judges: GCCH Board of Directors
1999: Gina Miller
                                 Name of Nominee
1998: Darlene Guess              Phone Number
1997: Gregory Payton             Nominated By

1996: Donald Whitehead           Phone Number
                                 Reference #1
1995: Ed Deering
                                 Phone Number
1994: Fanni Johnson
                                 Reference #2
1993: Glenn Ward                 Phone Number
   In 1,000 words or less, please explain your nomination’s commitment to serving Greater
   Cincinnati’s homeless population. Please also include two references other than yourself.
Please fax nomination form to 513-421-7813 or e-mail to
                        DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 4.

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