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					Write a cover letter

Most people do not realize that it is the shining cover letter and not the resume that is
directly responsible to win job interviews. A well written cover letter will triple your
chances to be called for hot job interviews.

How to write a cover letter for a resume that outshines other job-seekers in the job
search process? Here are the Do's and Don'ts in writing a winning letter. You can use
these guidelines as your writing checklists.

The Do's:

    1. Visit the company's website to research the recent news, the company profile
        and the contact's name.
    2. Explore and obtain information on the position you apply.
    3. Use the first paragraph effectively to sell your qualifications.
    4. Respond to the advertisement and the job requirements accurately.
    5. Describe how you can contribute to the potential company.
    6. Send the original letter copy and sign your name in blue ink.
    7. Ask for an interview and mention that you will contact the company to follow
        up the case.
    8. Use simple sentence structure and straightforward language.
    9. Keep the cover letter within one page. Always use a white and clean standard
        "letter" sheet or A4 paper.
    10. Provide an email address and a day phone number where the perspective
        employers can reach you easily.

The Don'ts:

    1. Don't send a resume without a cover letter.
    2. Don't' address the letter to any general recipient such as "The Manager" or "To
       Whom it May Concern". Always address it to an individual's name and to the
       functional manager instead of the HR manager.
    3. Don't send a letter with punctuation, spelling and grammar errors. Get
       someone to proofread your letter.
    4. Don't waste any precious letter space for unnecessary particulars.
    5. Don't send a generic letter to different employers. The letter must be tailored
       to a specific job and company.
    6. Avoid unusual letter format or fancy style. Write your letter using formal and
       professional format and easy-to-read character size and font.