Nadaburg Unified School District No Center Street Wittmann AZ by principalbelding



Nadaburg Unified              Dear Parents and Guardians,
 District No. 81              Attached you will find the free and reduced meal
   32919 Center Street
Wittmann, AZ 85361-9416       application.
                                 1) Even if your child was on the program last
   PH: 623.388.2321                 year, you will have to fill out a new application
   Fax: 623.388.2915
                                    in order for them to continue on the program
  Governing Board                   this year.
     Robert Jones,
                                 2) If you are new to the district, you will still need
  Jolene Krug, Clerk                to fill out a form, even if you had been
    Ronald Frisch                   approved at their last school.
   Yvette Sampson
    Deone F. Wiley
                                 3) If you have a high school student who qualifies
                                    you will still need to fill out one for your
      Interim                       elementary student in order to receive benefits
Dr. Gregory J. Riccio
                                    at their school.
    623.388.2321 ext 355
                              Please follow directions carefully and fill in all
 Business Manager             information that pertains to your family. Any
  Sara DiPasquale
     623.388.2321 ext 350     incomplete applications will be denied. You will be
                              notified within ten days of receipt of the application
Special Ed. Director          if your child(ren) qualify.
    Berny Kruse
    623.388.2321 ext 310      Sincerely,
                              Martie Lyle
 Bill Collins, Desert
 Oasis Elementary
     623.388.2321 ext 302

 Curtis McCandlish,           Foodservice Director
Nadaburg Elementary           Nadaburg Unified School District
    623.388.2321 ext 315

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