Regular Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, January 8, 2008 7:00 p.m.

The Board of Education of the Mooresville Graded School District met in regular
monthly session on Tuesday, January 8, 2008, in the Community Meeting Room at
Mooresville Town Hall.

Present were Karen M. Hart, Larry A. Wilson, Nancy Cross, Sue Wilson and Roger

Dr. Mark Edwards, Superintendent and Attorney Elise McLurkin-Horton were present.
Mrs. Christy Labanowitz, Director of Human Resources and Public Information; Dr.
Danny Smith, Executive Director of Instruction, Mr. Stephen Mauney, Director of
Operations and Mrs. Terry Haas, Executive Director of Business Services were also

Newspaper represented: Melinda Skutnick, Mooresville Tribune.

Mrs. Karen Hart called the meeting to order and gave the invocation.

Public Comment:
  Mrs. Sarah Atwell, custodian at the Central Services office asked the board to consider
  placing glass on the top of the desks at Central Services office in order to protect them
  from damage.

   Dr. Edwards asked the board to consider allowing extended time for Mrs. Lynn
   Martin, Chairman of the Advisory Council for Exceptional Children’s (ACES) to
   speak. Their being no objection, Mrs. Martin shared the mission and purpose of
   ACES. She added that the committee is made up of a great group of parents who will
   get a lot done for the students. Their council supports the laptop initiative and the
   efforts of Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards expressed a thank you to Mrs. Martin for her
   leadership and for the good dialogue coming from this group that is working together
   for the benefit of these exceptional students.

On a motion by Mr. Hyatt, seconded by Mr. Wilson, the board voted unanimously to
approve the meeting Agenda:

Consent Agenda:
      A. Approved Minutes of December 11, 2007, regular meeting.
      B. Scheduled the next regular board meeting for Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at
          Mooresville Town Hall.
      C. Facilities and Construction Report: Mr. Stephen Mauney gave an update on
          current projects. Bids will be opened for upcoming projects on January 17,
          2008 at the Central Services office and will be presented at the next board
          meeting for consideration. Dr. Edwards complimented Mr. Mauney on his
          first week on the job as Director of Operations and added that Mr. Mauney
           will be working on a capacity report in order to prepare long term needs for
           future growth.
      D.   Mr. Todd Wirt, Principal, Mooresville High School and Mr. Devry Gibbs,
           Principal, N. F. Woods Arts and Technology Center presented a draft of the
           2008-2009 Curriculum Guide. The format is somewhat different than in past
           years. Several new courses have been added and others are still under
           consideration. Mr. Wirt feels it is important to keep the school board advised
           of these new offerings. Special emphasis will be on meeting standards and
           offering courses that are acceptable to the universities. Mr. Gibbs advised the
           board of several new classes under consideration. Mr. Wirt and Mr. Gibbs
           will be working together to register students with a focus toward career
      E.   Dr. Danny Smith updated the board on the Alternative Learning Center that
           will be housed at East Mooresville Intermediate. Referrals are being screened
           for the nine week program that will begin following the semester break.
      F.   Superintendents Report: Dr. Edwards shared an article from the Charlotte
           Observer on the Parent Advisory Committee. He is enthusiastic about the
           response from the advisory groups. The Mid-Continent Research for
           Education and Learning (McRel) pilot program is still delayed. The current
           standard program will be used this year for staff evaluations. Dr. Edwards
           reported on the upcoming 21st Century Learning Symposium scheduled for
           February 25, 2008. Nationally known speakers Susan Patrick, Randy
           Wilhelm and David Warlick will conduct sessions for staff and the
           community. Mrs. Ann Davis and Dr. Danny Smith are conducting a review of
           the mid-year data from each school. Dr. Edwards has been reviewing the
           diversity of the MGSD staff and will focus attention on this area in the
           upcoming job fairs. The laptop computers for the teaching staff are here and
           are being distributed to each school.
      E.   Board Events and Announcements: Upcoming events. Senior projects will be
           presented on January 9, 2008. The board members are welcome to assist with
           the laptop distribution at each school.
      F.   Personnel: Mrs. Hart, under G.S. §143-318.11, announced the board would
           need to go into a brief Closed Session for the purpose of reviewing personnel.

On a motion by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mrs. Cross, the board voted to approve
the items A. - E. from the consent agenda.

Mrs. Terry Haas recognized Mr. Vince Quinn from the audit firm Dixon Hughes who
presented the 2007 Financial Report and entertained questions. Dr. Edward commended
Mrs. Haas for her early work as she started January 2, 2008.

Mrs. Debra Page and MHS students Kenecia Redfear and Brittney Cabrera brought their
MacBooks and demonstrated how the laptops are being used in English class. Mrs. Page
shared that the level of engagement is remarkable and the students are acquiring new
skills and are excited about learning.
Administrative Appointments: Dr. Edwards presented administrative personnel
recommendations during the consent agenda. On a motion by Mrs. Cross, seconded
by Mrs. Wilson, the board voted to approve the recommendation of the
superintendent to hire Mrs. Carrie S. Tulbert as Interim Assistant Principal at
Mooresville Middle School.

Field Trip Requests:
There were no field trip requests.

Ms. Hart, under G.S. §143-318.11, announced the board would need to go into Closed
Session for the purpose of reviewing personnel. On a motion by Mr. Wilson, seconded
by Mr. Hyatt, the board voted unanimously to go into Closed Session.

On a motion by Mr. Larry Wilson, seconded by Ms. Sue Wilson, the board voted
unanimously to adjourn from Closed Session.

On a motion by Ms. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Hyatt, the board voted unanimously
to approve the personnel list as recommended by the superintendent.

New Employees:
Hope Andersen, English Teacher, Mooresville High School
Amy Andrade, Long Term Substitute, Language Arts Teacher, Mooresville Middle
Carrie Tulbert, Interim Assistant Principal, Mooresville Middle School
Torie Ammon , HR/Finance Assistant, Central Services
Christopher Anderson, EC Teacher Assistant, Mooresville High School
Michelle Goodman, Temporary NC Wise Data Manager, Park View Elementary

Teresa Guard, Child Nutrition Assistant Manager (7 hrs), Mooresville High School, from
   Child Nutrition Assistant Manager at East Mooresville Intermediate
Trudy Mayhue, Child Nutrition Assistant (6 hrs) Mooresville Intermediate School from
   Child Nutrition Assistant, Park View
Wendy Salmond, Child Nutrition Manager, Mooresville Intermediate from Child
   Nutrition Manager, Park View
Nancy Sloss, Child Nutrition Manager Park View, from Child Nutrition Assistant
   Manager, Mooresville High School

Nikki Lister, Kindergarten Teacher, Park View
Karmin Matthews, EC Teacher Assistant, Mooresville Middle School

Leave of Absence:
Barbara Everham, Teacher Assistant, South (1/29 - 3/10/2008); Medical Leave
Paula Mays, HR Data Manager, Central Services, (1/14 - 2/01/2008; Medical Leave
Additions to Substitute list:
Cynthia “Drew” Eller, Teacher Substitute
Fredda A. Maus, Teacher Substitute
Martha Reid, Teacher Substitute
Susan Siegmann, Teacher Substitute
Wanda Watts, Driver’s Ed Substitute

There being no further business, on a motion by Mr. Larry Wilson, Seconded by Ms.
Sue Wilson, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Mrs. Karen Hart                                      Dr. Mark Edwards, Secretary
Board of Education                                   Board of Education

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