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									                'Space planning' - the Retail Touchstone

Apparel retailing is a mature and extremely competitive
arena which has to deal with demanding, diverse and well-
informed consumers. Retailers require a proper
understanding of the consumers psychology, and play their
cards right. Attracting shoppers and converting potential
clientele into long term and loyal customers depends upon
how the retailer is able to portray his merchandise, and the
quality of his customer service. Therefore, it is more
important for a retailer to make optimum utilization of the
space available in his store so as to create an appealing in
store arrangement.

Space allocation tools are available that enables retailers
to determine the optimum space for fixtures, and merchandise based on the analysis of product
placement, usage and performance. Space allotment is done hierarchically with both top and bottom
views of performance.

The traditional space planning process is altered meeting with the localized needs of the customers.
Retailers should move away from developing prototype store layouts, as no two stores look alike. They
should maintain store specific plans by tapping into the knowledge of their stores.

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