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									2009-10 Entitlement Cal Grant Application Correction Form
California Student Aid Commission
Submit this form only if you cannot access WebGrants for Students at www.webgrants4students.org
Some applicants for Entitlement Cal Grant awards are found ineligible for a Cal Grant, or have their eligibility placed on hold due to incom-
plete or inaccurate information provided on the FAFSA or Cal Grant GPA Verification. To receive further consideration, these applicants
may log-in to WebGrants for Students at www.webgrants4students.org and complete the "Submit Cal Grant Application Correction" screen
off of the Cal Grant Main menu. Applicants not able to access WebGrants for Students may complete this form. Unfortunately, Competitive
Cal Grant applicants may not make application corrections after the Competitive Cal Grant award selection is held. If mailing this form, we
suggest you obtain a $1.10 U.S. Postal Service Certificate of Mailing to prove you mailed the form on time. Fill in all blanks, including name,
address and Social Security number.

A. Name and Phone: Attach a photocopy of your driver license if you are correcting the way your name appears on your notification letter.
Last                                                   First                                    MI                        Phone

B. Permanent Mailing Address
Number                 Street                            Apt. No.           City                                       State        Zip Code

C. Social Security Number (SSN) or CSAC ID Number: Attach a copy of your Social Security card if the number on your application is incorrect.
SSN                                                                       CSAC ID

D. Updated Information: Review your most recent Student Aid Report (SAR) to make sure that document also reflects your correct information.
Legal State of Residence
Should match question #18 on your FAFSA. Students who will not be 18 years of age by the
award deadline should list their parent's state of residency on their SAR in question #72. State of Legal Residence

What date were you considered a California resident?                                                              M     M Y          Y    Y     Y
If you were born in and have remained in California, please list the month and year of your birth.                    Date of Legal Residence

Will you have a Bachelor's degree, such as from a four-year college, by July 1, 2009?
                                                                                                        Yes       No
E. Fall 2009 College of Attendance: If you are not sure where you will attend, list the college you will most likely attend.
College Name                                                                Living Arrangements:
                                                                                On-campus            Off-campus           With parents or relatives

Check your grade level at this college for the 2009-10 school year:                    College Freshman (1st year)
List the grade level your college will consider you at the beginning of the            College Sophomore (2nd year)
2009-10 school year. For example, if your college will consider you a
                                                                                       College Junior (3rd Year)
sophomore level student, even if you have been in college for more than
two years, list College Sophomore.                                                     College Senior (4th year or higher)
                                                                                       College Graduate Student (beyond undergraduate)
F. High School Most Recently Attended Information

Date Began 9th Grade:
High School Graduation Date:
Date of GED Completion:                                                     Highest Grade Completed: 9                 10      11    12    (circle one)

G. Student Certification

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. By my sig-
nature I am requesting reconsideration in the state Entitlement Cal Grant Program and acknowledge that this information, my
SAR information and Cal Grant GPA will be used to determine my eligibility for a 2009-10 academic year Cal Grant award.

Student Signature                                                             Date

G-23 (03-09) California Student Aid Commission, P.O. Box 419028, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-9028 Phone: (888) 224-7268.
             E-mail: studentsupport@csac.ca.gov Web site: http://www.csac.ca.gov

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