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									Springfield Plan Commission Public Hearing Monday, February 2, 2009 Chair, Jeff Gabrysiak opened the Public Hearing at 7:30 p.m. by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The purpose of the public hearing is for a CUP for a non-metallic mineral extraction site in Section 9, Tom Helt, owner and Gary Acker, agent. The site already exists but the permit has expired. No one commented at the Public Hearing. Jim Pulvermacher excused from commission. Adjourn Motion (Endres/Vodenlich) to close the Public Hearing at 7:35 p.m. Motion carried, 6 – 0.

Springfield Town Hall Plan Commission Meeting Monday, February 2, 2009 Notice of this meeting posted at the Town Hall, Bong Excavating on Schneider Road, corner of Hwy K and Church Roads and on the website. Called to Order Chair Jeff Gabrysiak called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. Members present: Kate Hetzer, Alex Vodenlich, Jeff Endres, Jim Pulvermacher, George Pasdirtz and Karen Crook, Atty. Mark Hazelbaker, Engineer Joe DeYoung and Jan Barman, secretary. Also present: Gary Acker, Matt & Amanda Meinholz and Sil Maly. Minutes Motion (Crook/Endres) to approve the January 5, 2009 minutes. Motion carried, 6 – 0. Public Comment: None Action: Gary Acker, agent for the non-metallic mineral extraction site in Section 9 for a CUP to operate on this site. This permit was originally granted for the Hwy 12 project and has expired and Gary wishes to renew the CUP to continue leveling this site, so he can expand his business. They are better than half way through it and want to take it down to parking lot level. They are requesting a 5 year extension on this CUP. There is about 10-15% of rock left and a lot of sand. There would only be 2 more small dynamite blasts to finish this project. The water drains out the backside on 2.7 acres, a detention pond will be added and a fence around the perimeter and signage per NR135 will also be followed. There will be a straight wall 35-40’ sloping to the west and Gary Acker will talk to the State about rolling this wall. Joe DeYoung spoke to John Belkin from Belkin Engineering and reviewed the conditions that Joe is suggesting for this evening.

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The Plan Commission then reviewed these conditions and discussed the following items: #2 Length of the CUP – 5 years or less #3 Hours of operation were discussed. #7 Pave the first 100’ of the driveway entrance for dust control. #13 Fencing – 5’ with one strand of barbed wire vs. 6’ with 3 strands. #16 Town hall and property owners be notified when blasting will occur within a one mile radius, can be done by mailings. #19 Actual cost of reclamation plan has now been received, conditions to reflect this change and letter of credit to be 125% above cost. #22 Change amount of insurance coverage to $1,000,000 with the town listed on policy. #25 Bulk fuel storage only for what currently exists. Add the following conditions: #27 Excavation not below plan of 1006’ above sea level. #28 Signature of owner needed. #29 Fencing to be done by June 1, 2009. Atty Hazelbaker then reviewed the changes to the conditions that Joe DeYoung had presented – #2 Length of CUP will be the earliest of 5 years or when applicant has reached the 1006’ elevation has been completed per submitted plan. #3 Hours of operation 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday with Saturday hours as stated. #7 First 100’ of driveway will be paved to control the dust. #13 A 5’ fence with one strand of barbed wire is sufficient. #16 Town and property owners within 1 mile will be notified when blasting is to occur. #19 Letter of credit to be 125% above the cost of the reclamation plan as submitted. #22 Insurance coverage to $1,000,000. #25 Bulk fuel storage only for what currently exists. #27 Excavation will not be below 1006’ elevation sea level. #28 Signature of owner (Tom Helt) as he is liable for these conditions as property owner. #29 Fencing to be installed by June 1, 2009. Motion (Endres/Vodenlich) to approve the CUP for a non-metallic mineral extraction site per the above mentioned changes to the conditions as presented in MSA memo dated January 29, 2009 and the additional conditions that were added. Motion carried, 6 – 0. See attached conditions at end of minutes. Jim Pulvermacher returned to the commission. Discussion: Albert Meinholz, owner, Matt & Amanda Meinholz, agents 7485 CTH K, Section 29 possible rezone of 1.5 to 2 acres from A-1Ex. to RH-1 to create a home site. The driveway off of Hwy K is a town road for three-fourths of the distance, they would need 66’ road frontage. Can this stay

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a town road or will it need to be vacated? The location of the lot should not be out in the middle of a field. Lot will be to the west of the existing farmhouse and will share the existing backyard. Also, inquired about the splits – these are two parcels of 38 and 39 acres, this lot would take the split from the 38 acres which is in Albert Meinholz’s name, but the 39 acres is in 4M Farms which is Albert and 3 of his brothers, could they use that split on these 38 acres if they get it in writing? The Plan Commission thought that would be possible. Karen Crook excused from commission. Interview Applicants for 2 Plan Commission positions The Plan Commission interviewed Karen Crook first – they inquired about Karen’s experience of working through our town plan when creating a subdivision on their land, challenges facing the town in the future and working with City of Middleton and Dane County. Next the commission interviewed Sil Maly – Sil would bring his experience as a builder and realtor to the commission. Has lived in the town all of his life, but stated that the commission has approved or denied petitions because of the person, not the issue. Jeff Gabrysiak disagreed with this statement because he doesn’t know hardly anyone in the town and the commission follows the town plan when making their decisions. The Commission will make their recommendation to the Town Board at their March meeting. Karen Crook returned to the commission. Communications/Announcements Jim Pulvermacher asked that we check if the allocation of the number of lots for 2009 was set. He reported that at the last DCTA meeting Chapter 10 (DC Zoning) is being revised and they asked if they would consider a plan for urban development design. For example – Springfield Corners area – could get preliminary approval for a town center with resources for senior citizens, such as units for housing/retirements condos, etc. Jan reminded everyone about the Holiday Social on Saturday and invited everyone to vote on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009. Adjourn Motion (Pulvermacher/Hetzer) to adjourn at 9:20 p.m. Motion carried, 7 – 0.

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