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2009 Catalog

  The Best Self-Development in Budo You Can
         Experience Outside the Dojo

               Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 1
    Here are 7 Reasons Why                                     Compare DVDs Objectively
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3. If there is ever anything wrong with                    time and, we believe, the most interesting and
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4. We GUARANTEE OUR MATERIAL will                          of detail!
        offer you the greatest amount of new               Aren’t you tired of buying DVDs you look at just
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                                                           and still get more from each viewing? Isn’t that
                                                           what you always wanted from a martial arts
        We ask only that you
                                                           educational product?
           (a) view or read the material 3 times,
           (b) take notes,                             Why BUSHIDO-KAI BUDOYA                       DVDs?
           (c) apply what you have learned.
                                                  1. More Minutes for the Money!
5. Our educational materials, like our
                                                          • No filler!
        martial arts, are INTEGRATED.                     • No Time-wasting Repetitions!
        The materials link or interweave in               • 1 to 4 Day Seminars
        unexpected ways.                                  Concentrated to Core Information!
6. Our goal is to provide an INTELLIGENT,         2. World-class Instruction!
        comprehensive OVERVIEW of martial study           • The Concealed Revealed!
        to aid you in your martial arts develop           • Rational Explanation of Concepts!
        ment even to the level of MASTERY.                • Intelligent Martial Arts for
7. We pay for shipping to USA, Canada, and                Intelligent Martial Artists!
        Mexico. Shipping to Central America or to 3. Your Own Private Tutorial!
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        and +20% for books or manuals.

   BUSHIDO-KAI DVDs Provide the Best Self-Development in
         Budo You Can Experience Outside the Dojo
                     or .com
this usually takes approximately 1 week to most domestic locations and 1 month overseas.
N.B.: all our technical manuals are intended for student use and are self-published. Please do not expect woven
bindings, hardcovers, or professionally designed formats. Except when noted, all our manuals are 8 1/2 by 11”
with velo bindings. They contain a wealth of information in the form of illustrations and/or reproduced photo-
graphs, descriptions and essays.
         Because this catalog is published annually, all prices may change without notice.
                         Current prices are always posted on our website.
                                  Email specials occur bi-monthly.
          Email us at to put your name on our email special list.
     If you are interested in attending a seminar, we can put your address on our Aiki and/or
                   Karate seminar lists, as well. Please specific one or both lists.
                                   Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog         Page 2
 THE ROOTS OF KARATE traces Okinawan Karate                  THE PRINCIPLES OF ADVANCED BUDO
history to its arrival in Japan. Know the history of your    Enter into the inner sanctum! A giant 3’ x 5 1/2’ wall
style and its cousins from the Chinese embassaries who       chart listing over 100 of the principles used as OKUDEN
landed on Okinawa to the early founders of Okinawan          (advanced instruction) in Takeshin Sogo Budo for both
karate like Sakugawa and Higashionna to more recent          hard and soft arts. Shipped with smaller companion
founders like Eizo Onishi, or Mas Oyama (a period from       charts on 5 Guiding Principles, 21 Kuden (summary
about 1700 to the mid-20th century). You can now have        principles usually given verbally). and 10 Beginner
instant reference to their dates, the styles they            Principles.                        PAB ch $25
founded, and who their most influential students
were. Styles shown are Shuri-te, Tomari-te, Naha-te,         These charts are also part of the PRINCIPLES OF
Kobayashi Shorin, Matusbayashi Shorin, Sukunai Hayashi       ADVANCED BUDO book & chart SET including
Shorin, Matsumura Orthodox, Shotokan, Mabuni Shito-ryu,      explanatory book. (See book section.)
Motobu-ha Shito-ryu, Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu, Okinawan                                         PAB bk+ch set $55
Goju, Japanese Goju, Uechi-ryu, Okinawan Kempo, Nihon
                                                             These charts are also part of the PRINCIPLES OF
Kempo, and others.          (2’x3’) RoK ch $15
                                                             ADVANCED BUDO Mixed Media SET including
                                                             explanatory book. (See book and video section.)
JAPANESE JU-JUTSU follows both Aiki and Yawara                                              PAB mms $169
lineages to modern day Aikido and Judo (a period from
about 850 AD to the mid-20th century).
Learn how ju-jutsu lineages are divided into three
groups: the Daito ancestry, ju-jutsu influenced by China,
and indigenous ju-jutsu. Now you can trace Daito-ryu
nearly completely from inception to its present Soke-dairi
and easily reference dates for many founders. Know the
history of your style and its cousins. Styles included
are Takenouchi, Tenjin Shin’yo, Araki Kempi, Sekiguchi,
Shin-no-shindo, Miura, Sosuishi, and many, many others.
                         (2’x3’) DoJJJ ch $15

ARTS researches the history of all major and minor
Chinese, Korean, Okinawan and Japanese influences on
the system now known as Takeshin Sogo Budo (includes
Takeshin Karate-do and Takeshin Aiki-ju-jutsu).
                       (2’x3’) RoTMA ch $15                             ALL 3 HISTORY CHARTS
                                                                     Mailed in Tube at a reduced price!
                                                                                     3ch $35

                                                                          ALL 4 WALLCHARTS
                                                                 plus companion charts mailed in tube at a
                                                                              reduced price! or .com                                                       4ch $59

                                     Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 3
                                 General Interest Books
              Our “general interest” books are typeset in professional formats with color covers.
                                    They are oversized (8.5 x 11) and velo-bound.
What would it be like if you had a repertoire of aiki techniques that mutiplied your current knowledge ex-
ponentially? Why does each style claim to have “the right way” but no style does it the same way? What
is the difference between dojo “exercise” technique and functional “street” technique? Does one lead to
the other? If you are interested in expanding your aiki knowledge, you have picked the right book. Over
10 years in the writing with over 700 studio photographs by Toby Threadgill. Shihan Tony Annesi offers
his overview of the methods most common among aiki styles — and the comparative value of eachóso
you can grow exponentially! Velo-bound 239 pages; 700+ photos. CCA bk: ONLY $40.00
The new Benchmark in understanding kata! There has never been another book like it. A detailed expla-
nation of the study of kata in karate but applies to any system. Make your kata study infinite! Chapters
include: What You See is Not What you Get; Why Methods Die Out; Change of Structure, Change of
Meaning; All Kata is Training; The Value of the Kata Training Method; Kata, Waza, Bunkai and Oyo;
The Map is Not the Territory; Other Analogies to Kata; The Kata of Code; Cracking the Code; Types and
Modes of Bunkai. Over 150 photographs. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Acetate cover, Velo-bound. 160 pages
CKC bk: ONLY $35.00
Also see our video section for Cracking the Kata Code DVD set.
PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO - Takeshin Okuden explained.
Written details to the majority of principles referred to in our wall chart of the same name.
Major Takeshin Okuden explained: details to the majority of principles referred to in our wall chart by
the same name (see charts). Now you can understand that which makes your technqiues work and correct
them when they donít! Major Principles include Alignment, Allowing, Attack Detail, Attitude, Avoiding
Direct Conflict, Conforming, Connection, Context, Continuity, Controlling Circularity, Controlling Vision,
Hidden in the Open, In/Yo, Kuzushi Detail, Minimization, Preparing, Relaxation, Sensitivity, Skeletal
Locking, Transmutation, Weight Use. Also included are 5 ìuncategorized principlesî including Methods
of Power, Principles of Reception, Principles of Kicking, Principles of Training, and Universal Principles.
Newly revised text, layout, and cover with 170 photos. Spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 202 pages,
PAB bk: ONLY $35.00 postpaid
Also see our video section for Principles of Advanced Budo video set.
Principles of Advanced Budo Book and Chart Set
Consists of the above book, PRINCIPLES OF ADVANCED BUDO, and the main chart PRINCIPLES OF
ADVANCED BUDO. Only $59.00
Including the three PAB DVDs, the book, and 4 charts! The book complements and supports the videos.
PABmm set: SALE price $169.00
THE ROAD TO MASTERY — Benefits of Budo
You have heard time and again that the study of the martial arts can lead
to many levels of personal improvement. Now, you can find out how! In this ambitious treatment of the
non-physical and sometimes non-conscious teachings offered by traditional martial arts instruction, Tony
Annesi outlines the essence of self-development as it leads to the higher level of awareness and achieve-
ment known as “Mastery.” The students who approach Mastery actually travel two roads, one physical
and the other conceptual passing by five signposts on their climb up the mountain. Their physical skills
hold hidden conceptual lessons and their mental development sometimes reveals reveals spiritual lessons.
Beyond the gates of traditional budo lies the Road to Mastery. This is your guidebook. Newly revised text,
layout, and cover. Velo-bound. 190 pages
RtM bk: ONLY $35.00 postpaid
Also see our video section for the Road to Mastery video set.
This book is also a part of the ROAD TO MASTERY mixed media SET
Including the five ROAD TO MASTERY DVDs (AK-16 to AK-20). The book complements but does not
duplicate the videos. RtMmm set: SALE price $229.00

              Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog               Page 4
Whether your martial art is a “hard-fist” art like karate or “soft-fist” like aiki, you begin with basics.
And, if you are like most students, you can’t wait until you learn advanced techniques. Surprise! You
already have! Tony Annesi guides you through a course in recognizeing higher level skills hidden in
both karate and aiki basics. Kihon (basics) is Okuden (advanced teachings) when you understand the
intricacies of Elevated Elementals. Velo-bound 163 pages, EE bk: ONLY $30.00 postpaid
Also see our video section for the ELEVATED ELEMENTALS video set.
EXPRESSING THE BUDO — Traditional Budo Dictionary
Don’t look for “gi” or “tsuki.” This dictionary is for more inquiring minds. Interested in subtler
concepts? You have come to the right place. A four-part (Japanese to English, English to Japanese
alphabetically and by subject) Japanese Budo Dictionary with essays to stimulate further thought.
Newly revised text, layout, and cover. Velo-bound 139 pages, EtB bk: ONLY $25.00 postpaid
SUDDEN ATTACK DEFENSE —Traditional Ippon Kumite For the Real World
In most schools of karate, one-step sparring is taught as a gradual introduction to freestyle sparring.
In reality, freestyle has very little in common with one-step sparring and less with self-defense. The
Okinawan masters knew that one-step sparring was the way to apply what was learned in kata. Now
you can learn what the masters knew! By varying your one-step sparring practice you learn to react
to unexpected attacks. The augmentation of one-step sparring creates an ascending hierarchy to the
more realistic drills of SAD (Sudden Attack Defense) and CAD (Combat Attack Defense). This book
is about that ascension. Teachers can enhance their students capabilities by augmenting existing
one-step sparring drills. This augmentation creates an ascending hierarchy to the more realistic
drills of SAD (Sudden Attack Defense) and CAD (Combat Attack Defense). This book is about that
Velo-bound 176 pages. Approx. 300 photos, SAD bk: ONLY $35.00 postpaid
TALES of the DOJO — LifeLessons from the Martial Arts
If you were lectured on the benefits of budo, it might sound like your old Civics teacher. You just
might shut your listening aparatus. But, if Sensei starts talking about his past experiences, students
start gathering around. Gather around! There are subtle lessons to be learned. And the teaching is not
only painless, it is actually enjoyable. From the well-known articles originally published in KICK
and INISIDE KARATE, Tony Annesi offers stories from his dojo files that integrate budo with daily
life and daily life with self-development. Velo-bound 186 pages. 10 Illustrations, ToD bk: ONLY
$35.00 postpaid
The DOJO FILES — Martial Arts Lessons from Life
In this sequel to Tales of the Dojo, Tony Annesi inverts the intent: instead of LifeLessons from the
Martial Arts, he draws Martial Arts Lessons from life ó from unexpected true life sources, many his
own experiences. The dojo files yield never before published stories that take you out of the dojo and
into real life. These are not adventures nor stories about street encournters. They are about simple,
daily ocurences we often take for granted. They hold unexpected truths that integrate budo with daily
life...and daily life with self-development. Velo-bound 266 pages. 13 Illustrations, DF bk: ONLY
$40.00 postpaid
                         A COMPLETE BUDO LIBRARY!
                               * ROAD TO MASTERY (190 pages)
                          * Comparative AIKI in ACTION (239 pages)
                           * ELEVATED ELEMENTALS (163 poages)
                             * EXPRESSING the BUDO (139 pages)
                       * PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO (202 pages)
                          * CRACKING the KATA CODE (160 pages)
                          * SUDDEN ATTACK DEFENSE (173 pages)
                                * TALES of the DOJO (186 pages)
                                 * The DOJO FILES (266 pages)
                (All Oversized 8.5 x 11” pages, velobound. See description above.)
                      ALL bks: ONLY $329.00 postpaid
        Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                 Page 5
                                   AIKI NO KATEI: The Curriculum of Aiki
                                 (official handbooks of TAKESHIN AIKI-JU-JUTSU)
  All our technical manuals are intended for student use and are self-published. All our manuals are 8.5 x 11 with spiral bindings for
   ease of reference on a flat surface. They contain a wealth of information in the form of illustrations and reproduced photographs,
                                                        descriptions and essays.

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 1 – Hachikyu and Shichikyu Waza
         Hachikyu waza is basic wrist releases and pivoting. Topics include: 8 preliminaries, wrist exercises, stances and walking, 8
standing hachikyu techniques, and hachikyu suwari methods. Shichikyu waza are basic takedowns including ude-otosu odori (ikkyo)
and kagi (nikyo) with variations. Topics include: 7 divisions of shichikyu techniques with variations, shichikyu suwari methods. (105
pages) AnK-1, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 2 – Rokkyu and Gokyu Waza
         Rokkyu waza is the sister list to shichikyu. It continues the takedowns of shichikyu and includes kote hineri (sankyo) and
tekubi osae/gyakon (yonkyo). Other topics include: 4 preliminaries, 8 divisions of rokkyu techniques. Gokyu level begins body
throws like koshi nage and seoinage, throwing by locks (kote gaeshi, gyakon nage) as well as throws without body lifting or locks like
aiki-ura-ude seoinage (ude-kime nage/tenbin nage) and aiki-seoinage. (112 pages) AnK-2, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 3 – Yonkyu Waza and Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu Waza, Part I
        Yonkyu level makes throws less physical and includes tobi nage (flying throws) also known as kokyu nage (air throws).
Sankyu, nikyu, ikkyu level begins kicks and kick defenses and well as combinations and escapes from various attacks. Includes the
essay SOLO AIKI KATA. (103 pages) AnK-3, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 4 – Sankyu, Nikyu, Ikkyu Waza, Part II, Shodan
        The second part of sankyu, nikyu and ikkyu groups previous techniques by families, discusses form of entry, suwari and
hanmi-hantachi variations, all of which prepares the student for shodan. Includes the essays THE AIKI UKE and AIKI KUMITE. (99
pages) AnK-4, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 5 – Nidan Waza
         Nidan and sandan waza specialize in variations of shodan waza, however, there is a special emphasis in nidan on ude-otosu-
odori (ikkyo). New techniques include forms of kote hineri, kote gaeshi, tobi nage, tomoenage, and kaeshi waza. Nidan requirements
include futari waza (defense vs. 2 people), bo and jo tori and jiyu kumite (randori). Includes the essay AIKI KUDEN. (92 pages)
AnK-5, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 6 – Sandan Waza
        Sandan level emphasizes kote hineri (sankyo) but also includes variations of kote gaeshi, tobi nage, sumi gaeshi, irimi nage
and kaeshi waza. Requirements cover sannin-waza (defense vs. 3 people), bokken and tanto tori, and freestyle. Includes the essay

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 7 – Yondan Waza
        Shime-waza (choking) as well as 5 divisions of nage waza, tobi nage, koshi nage, shoulder shrugging techniques (from
headlocks). Yondan emphasizes Kaeshi waza (countering) and the ken-tori-no-kata (sword taking form). (103 pages) AnK-7, $18.00

Aiki-no-Katei: Volume 8 – Godan Waza
           “Master level” instruction introduces minimal motion techniques, medical practices, energy flow, and unites hard and soft
elements of the TAKESHIN system. Among the topics are external and internal health, external and internal psychology, external and
internal energy flow, external and internal striking. (190 pages) AnK-8, $24.00
8 volumes, 920 pages of Aiki Instruction
         at a Reduced Price!
    AnK Set: ONLY $139.00

                                           Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog               Page 6
                            KARATE-DO no SHOSAI: The Details of Karate-do
                             (official handbooks of TAKESHIN KARATE-DO)
 All our technical manuals are intended for student use and are self-published. All our manuals are 8.5 x 11 with
spiral bindings for ease of reference on a flat surface. They contain a wealth of information in the form of illustrations and reproduced
                                                   photographs, descriptions and essays.

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 1 – SHOSHINSHA
         The Details of Karate, fine points of basics and testing basics for power and stability. Gives birds eye view of first 5 kata and

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 2 – HACHIKYU through YONKYU
         Heian Shodan through Godan Kata is the method by which Takeshin karate teaches its concepts of self-defense. In volume
2, Heian Shodan through Godan are shown in detail with a suggested Tori-te (grappling-hand) applications. Pinan Shodan through
Godan are shown for comparison. All Bushido-kai karate requirements through Yonkyu are categorized into the traditional kata, keri
and kumite and illustrated. (170 pages) KnS-2, $21.00

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 3 – SANKYU through SHODAN
          Kanku-dai, Bassai-dai, Tekki Shodan, Nidan, Sandan complete the basic 10 kata of Takeshin Karate. These are illustrated
in detail with sample Tori-te Bunkai shown after each kata. Kicking and sparring requirements through shodan are also included, as
well as two short essays on ippon kumite (one-step sparring) and jiyu kumite (free sparring) TAKING THE FIRST STEPS IN THE

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 4 – NIDAN
          Shito-ryu and Shotokan method kata are illustrated including: Annanko (Light from the South), Empi (Flying Swallow),
Ji-in (Temple Ground), Jion (Temple Sound), Jutte (Ten Hands), Matsukaze (Wind through the Pines), Meikyo (Shining Mir-
ror), Nijushiho (24 Directions), Rohai (Emblem of the Heron), Wankan (Kings Crown); each kata is followed by sample Bunkai,
a trademark of Takeshin instruction. Also included are nidan kicking and straight-line sparring requirements and the essay THE
FUNDAMENTALS OF JIYU KUMITE. (140 pages) KnS-4, $21.00

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 5 – SANDAN
          Shotokan, Goju and Uechi method kata are illustrated including: Bassai-sho (Breaking through a Fortress, minor), Chinte
(Unusual Hand), Gankaku (Crane on a Rock), Hangetsu (Half-moon), Kanku-sho (Viewing the Sky, minor), Goju Sanchin (3 Con-
flicts), Uechi Sanchin (3 Conflicts), Sochin (Tranquil Force), and Taihanchin (Our Greatest Example), a Kamishin kata. Each kata is
followed by sample bunkai. Also included are sandan kicking and in-close sparring requirements. (170 pages) KnS-5, $21.00

Karate-do no Shosai: Volume 6 – YONDAN
         Goju and Uechi method kata are emphasized: Gekisai Ichi (To Attack and Smash, one), Gekisai Ni (To Attack and Smash,
two), Gojushiho-dai (54 Movements, major), Gojushiho-sho (54 Movements, minor), Saifa (The Final Breaking Point), Seienchin
(The Lull in the Storm), Sanseru (Thirty-six), Goju Seisan (Thirteen), Uechi Seisan (Thirteen), Unsu (Cloud Hand); Sample Bunkai
for each kata; yondan kicking and sparring requirements (fluid power and sen-no-sen). (174 pages) KnS-6, $21.00

6 volumes, 890 Pages of Karate Detail at a
             Reduced Price!
       KnS set: ONLY $111.00

                                          Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 7
                             Aiki-Ju-Jutsu DVDs

                    Nine Masters of Ju-Jutsu & Aiki-ju-jutsu
NINE MASTERS 1: Wally Jay and Joe Cowles at BUSHIDO-KAI
          Prof. JAY’s favorite video of his small-circle ju-jutsu. Discover why Wally Jay is
known as a master who can perform ju-jutsu with effortless grace with techniques that approach
an aiki-type of application. Discover how Prof. Jay uses his own investigations to constantly
upgrade and modify traditional techniques so that they cease to look traditional.
Bruce Lee and ju-jutsu? Learn how Joe COWLES, a Seattle student of Bruce Lee, teaches his
WU WEI Gung-fu, a hard/soft system with added ju-jutsu techniques. Cowles’ Wu Wei was a
strong influence on one level of Takeshin Seiken Budo (see our Secrets of Seiken Budo videos).
Cowles is masterful in lightening execution of in-close techniques. (1 DVD 120 min.) J-1,

NINE MASTERS 2: Shihan Roland Maroteaux of France
          New to aiki or coming from a karate background? The Voltaire of the Martial Arts
teaches his powerful art of AIKI-GOSHINDO developed from a study of Hakkoryu, Aikido, and
older techniques of ju-jutsu and Daito-ryu. A perfect video for karate-ka who want a introduc-
tion to the forms of aiki. Maroteaux has picture-perfect form and receives attacks with powerful
blocks before snapping on his aiki-ju-jutsu waza. Maroteaux’s aiki would be considered hard,
powerful and effective by those who prefer an explosive karate method of self-defense.
(1 DVD, 90 min.) A-2, $59.00

NINE MASTERS 3: Soke Don Angier — Inheritor of YANAGI RYU
          Soke Angier’s art is from the Yoshida clan—a family art that contains Aiki, Ken-jutsu,
and Hojo-jutsu (binding arts). Experience detailed Aiki with additional bonus of Ken-jutsu eti-
quette and waza. Soke Angier puts little or no effort in his waza; instead, all his effort has been
put into perfecting its soft but effective execution. In this video, he teaches you how to do the
same with basic techniques from Yanagi-ryu. At first, they appear to be like many aiki-styles;
however, perfecting their effortless execution make them a true challenge to experienced aiki
practitioners.(1 DVD, 120 min.) A-3, $69.00

NINE MASTERS 4: American Masters of 5 Aiki Arts
           Don ANGIER, Yanagi Ryu; Dennis PALUMBO, Hakkoryu; Tony ANNESI, Takeshin
Sogo Budo; Henri-Robert. VILAIRE, Kaze Arashi Ryu; Miguel IBARRA & Roy GOLDBERG,
Icho-yama Ryu span the range from hard to soft with instructional methods from technical imi-
tation to detailed explanation. With Master Vilaire you will use kempo-like blocks to enter into
powerful and painful waza. With Sensei Ibarra and Goldberg you use pain but over a shorter
range of motion. Sandai-kichu Palumbo offers you more conservative technique explained
with detail and humor. Shihan Annesi instructs you in his minimal motion waza with lucid
explanations. Soke Angier, the most senior and probably the most skilled Aiki practitioner in
the country, treats you to nearly invisible execution. There is no better video available today to
sample the array of aiki-ju-jutsu styles and emphases. (1 DVD, 120 min.) A-4, $69.00
                                 NINE MASTERS Set
   4 DVDs together at a reduced price. 7.5 Hours of Seminar instruction.
                                  MS Only $189.00

      or .com

    Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 8
                                  The Principles of Aiki
         Tired of having haphazard success with your throwing and locking? It may be because you
are imitating your teacher’s good form without understanding what makes that form work. Soke
Don ANGIER and Shihan Tony ANNESI take form a step further. Form, Annesi argues, is a way of
“tricking” a student into doing something right. It is a classical shape that illustrates an underlying
principle. If you don’t understand the principle, you’ll be locked into a form without meaning. Many
aiki students have good form but produce varying success in their throwing and locking. YOU MAY
BE ONE OF THEM. By mastering the principles underlying the forms, you can find technical success
even when using dramatically different technical forms. Style is less important than principle. The
rational West can sometimes explain more clearly what the intuitive East has discovered. Once you
know the principles on which a technique is based, you can easily make adjustments in your own
methods and see validity in others. Experience the rush of revelation you will get once mastering
never been another video series like The Principles of Aiki! TOTALLY UNIQUE! (120 min.) ASIAN


                                    Aiki for the Streets
         With Miguel Ibarra (Daito-ryu Yamabushi-kai) & Tony Annesi (Takeshin Aiki-ju-jutsu). Do
you find that your traditional aiki art emphasizes defenses against wrist and lapel holds that are more
theoretical than practical? On the streets, a grab is followed rapidly by a punch. A body hold proceeds
from the rear so someone else can strike! This 2-part video set illustrates defenses to both strikes and
rear seizures. Included are techniques that have been tested in actual arrests (Sensei Ibarra is a New
York warrant officer) as well as techniques that illustrate theoretical but practical training in minimal
motion aiki.

AIKI FOR THE STREETS Set (2 DVDs, 3 hours) AftS: ONLY $89.00

                         Pascal SEREI at BUSHIDO-KAI
         Montreal’s Pascal Serei has studied martial arts
from the late ‘50’s. He is a bodyguard, has taught SWAT
troops, and specializes in an aiki-ju-jitsu that is unlike
Aikido but still emphasizes softness and fluidity.
For practical application, there are few better teachers
than Pascal Serei. PASCAL SEREI (1 DVD, 2 hours) A-44, $69.00

              On our website, you will find many                                        Order Toll Free
               extras: Quicktime video samples,
            PDFs of seminar notes & kata sequences,
                                                                                        (888) 881-4007
             and sample chapters from our books.

                                           Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 9
Awesome AIKI Seminar Collection
          13 DVDs (21 hours!)

                            Bushido-kai Seminar videos with many
                               highly-ranked guest instructors:
                          Joe Cowles, Wally Jay, Roland Maroteaux,
                          Don Angier, Roy Goldberg, Miguel Ibarra,
                           Henri-Robert Vilaire, Dennis Palumbo, &
                                        Pascal Serei.
                         13 incredible DVDs, 21 unforgettable hours!

                                    AASC $559
      Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 10
                          Comparative Aiki in Action
 10+ years research went into this material. With the current popularity of functional aikido
 and aiki-ju-jutsu, martial artists are interested in adopting some concepts of aiki into their
   own styles. Aiki-based martial artists are coming out of their stylistic cocoons and are
  interested in comparisons between teaching methods. Enter Comparative Aiki in Action.
   Different technical points of view of standard aiki techniques. Preliminaries and 15 Ikkyo
with evaluations of efficacy.
What makes one version of a technique more or less functional than another? Tony An-
nesi suggests that there are no superior styles, rather various technical methods work best
in various situations. This may not seem like a grand revelation, but to martial artists who
often want to believe that their style addresses all situations better than any other style that
admission is at least refreshing if not downright iconoclastic. (1 DVD, 90 min.) A-7, $59.00
   15 Nikyo, 9 Sankyo with evaluations of efficacy. Annesi admits that his choice of
variations are not complete, and his evaluations are not sacrosanct, but he also suggests that
without an honest attempt at an objective investigation of methods, we will never really
know what works best for us, what works best in what situation, nor will we understand the
difference between an excellent training technique and one meant for actually application.
(1 DVD, 90 min.) A-8, $59.00
    8 Yonkyo, 13 Kote Gaeshi. Evaluations of efficacy from Tony Annesi. Among the least
streetworthy techniques in yonkyo, yet it is also among the most painful. How can this be?
Among the most used techniques in self-defense is Kote Gaeshi, but it also has some of the
most elongated and indirect entries. How can it be functional if it takes so long to apply?
That depends on ones intended use and the situation of the moment. (1 DVD, 90 min.) A-9,
    7 Katate Osae; 4 directions and 6 irimi entry for Shiho Nage with evaluations of efficacy.
Shihan Tony Annesi not only shows the Four Direction Throw to all compass points, he also
evaluates various commonly used entries. Katate Osae (single hand press) is a technique in
itself but can also be used as an excellent transition technique to Shiho Nage.
(1 DVD, 120 min.) A-10, $59.00
   11 finishes for Shiho Nage; 4 set-ups, 11 variations of Te Hana (inverted Kote Gaeshi).
Shihan Tony Annesi illustrates methods to terminate the popular 4 Direction Throw even
when one has failed to properly off-balance the uke. The inverted version of Kote Gaeshi
makes a total of 25 variations for this much used waza. We strongly suggest purchasing A-10
and A-11 together for a complete picture of both Kote Gaeshi and Shiho Nage.
(1 DVD, 90 min.) A-11, $59.00

   11 Osaekomi (holddowns); once you take the opponent down, you must have a depend-
able method by which to secure him. 7 Yubi Waza (finger techniques) to add painful varia-
tions to already mastered techniques. Also: a Bonus Section featuring 5 Tenbin Nage (a.k.a.
Ude Kime Nage) and 6 Irimi Nage (entering throw). (1 DVD, 90 min.) A-12, $59.00
All 6 DVDs (A-7 thru A-12) together at a reduced price. 9.5 HOURS OF
            AIKI EXCELLENCE! CAiAS: ONLY $219.00
   All 6 DVDs (A-7 thru A-12) with 239 page book with 700 photos at a
               reduced price. CAiAmmS: ONLY $249.00
Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                    Page 11
                                                             Methods on the Edge of Aiki Plus
                                         AIKI, LARGE & SMALL
                                                  Are you doing a true Aiki? Or an Aiki by name only? Tony Annesi (Takeshin
                                         Aiki-ju-jutsu) demonstrates various methods of applying techniques identifiable as aiki,
                                         from large and fluid to medial circle to near invisible minimal motion. “Aiki,” as often used
                                         by Daito practitioners, is more than ju-jutsu with a hakama, more than hard aikido, more
                                         than even an historical link to the parent art; “Aiki” is tori’s minimal motion with uke’s
                                         unwilling maximal compliance. Commentaries and discussions by Roy Goldberg (Daito-ryu
                                         Kodo-kai). 1 DVD, 1.5 hrs. A-21, $59.00
                                         THE THREE LEVELS OF AIKI
                                                   What “level” of Aiki skill is emphasized by your system? Tony Annesi (Takeshin
                                         Aiki-ju-jutsu) demonstrates ju-jutsu, ju-jutsu with an aiki format, aiki-ju-jutsu, and the rarely
                                         seen and difficult level known as “aiki.” Most ju-jutsu students have a hard, fast and very
                                         effective form of self-defense. Then, to become more efficient, they investigate aikido or
                                         aiki-jujutsu. What they often end up with is either ju-jutsu that looks like aikido or a large,
                                         fluid, and less effective method. Both ju-jutsu and aikido can be both effective and soft, both
                                         fluid and efficient if you are aware of the levels of development outlined in this video.
                                         Commentaries and discussions by Roy Goldberg (Daito-ryu Kodo-kai). 1 DVD, 1.75 hrs.
                                         A-28, $59.00
                                         THE EDGE OF AIKI
                                                   Tony Annesi (Takeshin Aiki-ju-jutsu) demonstrates the many forms that Aiki
                                         variations can take. Annesi reveals three categories of variations: Simple Variations, Con-
                                         traction (illustrated by Minimal Motion techniques), and Expansion (illustrated by coiling
                                         or entangling technique). This fast moving, action-packed video explains how you can make
                                         one technique become hundreds with variations on the Edge of Aiki. Commentaries and
                                         discussions by Roy Goldberg (Daito-ryu Kodo-kai). 1 DVD, 2 hrs. A-37, $59.00
                                         AIKI, HARD & SOFT
                                                    You know the difference between a hard and soft art, right? Now you can under-
                                         stand the subtleties of hard and soft within your own art! Does hard and soft refer to your
                                         effort or your effects on the receiver? Does hard and soft refer to striking or not-striking
                                         or the type of energy used? Rather than offering a solution, Tony Annesi (Takeshin Aiki
                                         Ju-jutsu) suggests fascinating options to consider. More variation exists even in the Aiki arts
                                         than Hard & Soft can accurately encompass. 1 DVD, 1.5 hrs. A-42, $59.00
                                       METHODS on the EDGE of AIKI Plus
                             ALL 4 DVDs, 6.75 hours of MULTIPLE METHODS of AIKI
                                               MEA-p set, ONLY $169.00
      Our new AIKI Seminar Samplers will help you FREE!
Each volume comes with two $20 gift certificates toward the purchase of BUSHIDO-KAI
 DVDs FOR A LIMITED TIME. Use them and this purchase costs you nothing. It’s
                         like sampling the flavors for free!

An AIKI Seminar Sampler 1
          Contains 150 minutes of excerpts from the following DVD programs:
Nine Masters of Five Aiki Arts, The Principles of Aiki, Comparative Aiki in Action (6
vols.), and Methods on the Edge of Aiki (4 vols.) 1 DVD (2.5 hours) SSA-1, $39.00

An AIKI Seminar Sampler 2
         Contains 150 minutes of excerpts from the following DVD programs: Takeshin
Aiki’s Lower Kyu set (Hachikyu through Yonkyu), Takeshin Aiki’s Upper Kyu set (Sankyu,
Nikyu, Ikkyu, Shodan), Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Staff Taking, Blade Taking, Taninzu Waza
(Multiple Person Defense), Aiki vs. Aiki (countering), Introduction to Minimal Motion
Aiki, and Invisible Aiki. 1 DVD (2.5 hours) SSA-2, $39.00
                                          Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog               Page 12
                        TAKESHIN AIKI CURRICULUM
                          Advanced Insights into AIKI

       TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu HACHIKYU Waza
               Seemingly the most basic of techniques lists, this series of waza
       actually sets the stage for both intermediate and very advanced techniques.
       The foundation for all further Takeshin Aiki study especially minimal motion
       techniques. (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR 1, $69.00

       TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu SHICHIKYU Waza
               Takedowns which are taught early but are among the most challeng-
       ing in aiki. This 7th kyu list is the preparation for the variations of the 6th
       kyu list. (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR 2, $69.00

       TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu ROKKYU Waza
              The companion to the 7th kyu list, rokkyu emphasizes takedowns
       from strikes and introduces basic throws. (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR 3, $69.00

       TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu GOKYU Waza
               The takedowns of the 7th kyu and 6th kyu list lead to the locking and
       body throws of this list.?Kote Gaeshi, Shiho Nage, Koshinage, Aiki Seoin-
       age, Ushiro Zeme Otoshi all prepare one in subtly different ways for the
       flying throws of the Yonkyu list (below). (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR 4, $69.00

       TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu YONKYU Waza
               Flying Throws (Tobi Nage) sometimes called air or breath throws.
       These include Yoko Tobi Nage, Mae Uki Otoshi, Shuto Tobi Nage, Te Hana
       Nage and others. These are the easiest throws to learn, but the hardest to
       actually execute against a real attack. (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR 5, $69.00
          All five “lower kyu” levels of Takeshin Aiki -ju-jutsu, Ha-
                               chikyu through Yonkyu.
                5 DVDs, 10 HOURS at one unbelievable price!
                              ARR-LK, ONLY $229.00

Order Toll Free                          On our website, you will find many
                                   extras: e.g. QuickTime video samples from our
(888) 881-4007                      videos, PDFs of kata sequences for our kata
                                     videos, & sample chapters from our books.

        Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 13
The upper kyu requirements revisit the lower kyu requirements starting at Rokkyu
and add the following: technique combinations (Renraku-waza), escapes from rear
holds and locks (Ushiro Tori Fusegi), basic kicks (Kihon Keri waza), Kick Defense
 Techniques (Ashi Geri Odori), Defense in three modes (Suwari, Hantachi, Tachi)
         and training for Freestyle application (Randori or Jiyu Kumite).

       Ashi Geri Odori (Leg Kick Dance: kick defenses); Escapes from
Various Holds and Locks. (1 DVD, 2.5 hrs) ARR 6, $79.00

       Ashi Geri Odori (Leg Kick Dance: kick defenses); Putting Lower
kyu Techniques into Families; Flowing from One Technique to Another.
(1 DVD, 2.5 hrs) ARR 7, $79.00

         Training for Aiki Freestyle (includes required and non-required
drills): Kokyu-ho (kneeling and standing versions); Iai-kumite; Suwari Waza
Kote Tori Tobi Nage (a kneeling drill unique to the Takeshin Aiki System);
Solo Aiki Kata (movement training for single and multiple person at-
tacks); Touch-pass Drill (blocking or reception training for the upper body.)
(2 DVDs, 3 hrs) ARR 8 $79.00
    All three “upper kyu” levels of Takeshin Aiki -ju-jutsu,
              Sankyu through Ikkyu plus SHODAN.
        6 VIDEOS, 8 HOURS at one unbelievable price!
                       ARR-UK, ONLY $189.00

                   GET THEM ALL!
     All eight kyu levels of Takeshin Aiki -ju-jutsu,
             Hachikyu through SHODAN.
     9 DVDs, 18 HOURS at one unbelievable price!
                ARR>sho, ONLY $389.00

     or .com

Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 14
               Aiki-ju-jutsu HENKA (Variations)
            NIDAN HENKA
                    Second degree black belt variations, emphasizing the Ude
            Otosu Odori (Ikkyo) Group, the Kote Gaeshi Group, the Kote Hineri
            (Sankyo) Group, the Tobi Nage (Kokyu Nage) Group and others.
            Some variations may be familiar to aikido students but many you
            have never seen before. (1 DVD, 1.75 hrs) ARR-9, $69.00

            SANDAN HENKA
                     Third black belt variations emphasize additions to nidan’s
            Kote Gaeshi Group, Kote Hineri (Sankyo) Group, and Tobi Nage
            (Kokyu Nage) Group as well as body throws similar to judo tech-
            niques, the Irimi Nage Group and Sutemi (sacrifice) techniques.
            Some variations may be familiar to aikido or judo students but most
            you have never seen before. (1 DVD, 2 hours) ARR-11, $69.00

            YONDAN HENKA
                    Neck, Hip & Flying Techniques. Variations of hip throws
            and flying throws as well as escapes form headlocks and chokes.
            (1 DVD, 2 hours) ARR-14, $69.00

            JO/BO TORI & FUTARI WAZA: TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu NIDAN
                     In Takeshin Aiki, second black belt requirements contain
            weapon defenses (specifically, long and medium staff disarms) as
            well as escape from two attackers. This video also give a sampling of
            freestyle vs. two people. (1 DVD, 2 hrs) ARR-10, $69.00

            jutsu SANDAN HENKA
                     In Takeshin Aiki, third black belt requirements contain
            weapon defenses (specifically, mock-blade disarms) as well as
            escapes from three attackers. This video also give a sampling of
            freestyle vs.three people.
            (1 DVD, 2.5 hours) ARR-12, $79.00

            TANINZU-WAZA: Multiple Person Escape and Defense from
            TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu SANDAN and YONDAN
                    Defense against group attacks and escapes from multiple
            person holds. (1 DVD, 2.5 hours) ARR-13, $79.00

            AIKI vs. AIKI: Countering Techniques from TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-
            jutsu YONDAN
                    Multiple ways to counter the most commonly used Aiki
            waza. Invaluable for Aikido, Aiki-ju-jutsu and Ju-jutsu!
            (1 DVD, 2 hours, 20 min.) ARR-15, $79.00

Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog          Page 15
                                                              UPPER LEVEL AIKI
                                An Introduction to MINIMAL MOTION Waza from TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu
                                          From the Takeshin Aiki godan requirements comes the first of 2 DVD sets to
                                actually explain how to do MINIMAL MOTION AIKI! Our most popular videos
                                since the Principles of Aiki! (2 DVDs, 3 hours) ARR-16, ONLY $89.00
                                INVISIBLE AIKI from TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu GODAN
                                The second of two DVD sets to actually explain how MINIMAL MOTION AIKI
                                works! (1 DVD) ARR-17, $69.00

                                            An Introduction to MINIMAL MOTION Waza
                                                   and INVISIBLE AIKI together!
                                             3 DVDs (5 hours) AiMM-set, ONLY $139.00

Instructing INVISIBLE AIKI Volume 1: Basics & Releases
from TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu GODAN
The first of 3 DVDs to detail how Master-level MINIMAL MOTION AIKI
in the Takeshin AIKI system is instructed, one step at a time!
(1 DVD, 2.5 hours) ARR-18, $79.00

Instructing INVISIBLE AIKI Volume 1: Locks, Lead-ins, Takedowns
from TAKESHIN Aiki-ju-jutsu GODAN
The second of 3 DVDs to detail how Master-level MINIMAL MOTION
AIKI in the Takeshin AIKI system is instructed, one step at a time!
(1 DVD, 2.3 hours) ARR-19, $69.00

      Part 3: Locking, Lifting and Flying Throws arrives
     in the Summer of 2009--Ask to be on our mailing list!
                                           Order Toll Free
                                           (888) 881-4007
                        On our website, you will find many extras: Quicktime
                      video samples, PDFs of seminar notes & kata sequences,
                               and sample chapters from our books.
                     or .com
                                Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                   Page 16
           Takeshin Aiki
     YUDANSHA (Black Belt) Series
ARR-9 through ARR-19 PLUS ARR-20 when released.
              13 DVDs (25+ hours!)

                    All the post-shodan Takeshin
                             Aiki DVDs:
                    Nidan Henka, Sandan Kenka,
                    Yondan, Hennka, Jo/Bo Tori,
                    Bokken/Tanto Tori, Taninzu-
                   waza, Aiki vs. Aiki, as well as
                   the godan material taught in 2
                  sets: An Introduction to Invisible
                   Aiki (3 DVDs), and Instructing
                       Invsible Aiki (3 DVDs).

                  13 fascinating DVDs, more than
                         25 incredible hours!

                        TAYS $699

           Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 17
                                Karate-Do DVDs
                     CRACKING THE KATA CODE:
                  The Foundation of Advanced Kata Study
                                     3 videos, 6 hours
(These videos are NOT style-specific. Any practitioner can learn how to benefit more from
 their studies by viewing CRACKING THE KATA CODE, The Foundation of Advanced
Kata Study. See next entry for videos detailing the Takeshin method of kata performance &

Cracking the KATA Code 1: Igata & Kata
          You know your kata but do you know how to fully understand them? From the
ground-breaking book of the same name (see book section), Shihan Tony Annesi reveals
how kata is misunderstood by most practitioners, both modern eclecticists and traditionalists.
There are two ideographs for kata. One implies a rigid mold, the other suggests a general
shape — “the mold filled with gelatin.” As a beginner you were instructed to follow the rigid
mold, but did you learn how that rigidity becomes softened by interpretation and personal
sensibilities in more senior practice? Annesi offers the details of a 3-tier approach to kata
study. Chojun Miyagi said, “Kata are not simply an exhibition of form; they are concrete
manifestations of techniques that can be transformed at any time to any form at will and in
which the essence of karate has assumed a definite form.” 1 DVD (2 hrs) K-29, $69.00

Cracking the KATA Code 2: Types & Modes of Bunkai
         Are you the unusual student who can see beyond the surface? Bunkai means
sample, example, or analysis. A method of analysis that reveals unexpected techniques and
principles is the subject of this and the next video. Sometimes bunkai reveals overt oyo
(applications) but, in other cases, these oyo are intentionally indistinct, even barely sug-
gested. Kata are like great books -- what they offer is obvious but there are multiple layers of
meaning that only a talented teacher or student can reveal.
1 DVD (2 hrs) K-30, $69.00

Cracking the KATA Code 3: 10 Tips of Analyzing Kata
          Test your interpretive talents. Shihan Annesi suggests 10 simple guidelines that
can help martial artists get the most from their kata study. He uses an unusual kata, Aragaki
Unsu, to demonstrate the ideas previously taught. Both students and Shihan Annesi contrib-
ute to the possible interpretation of the material covered, exemplifying an approach both
very traditional and simultaneously ground-breaking. 1 DVD (2 hrs) K-31, $69.00
             CRACKING the KATA CODE DVD Set!
    6 hours of traditional karate with an inconoclastic approach!
                       CKCvs, ONLY $149.00

   CKC 3 DVD set and CKC book, velobound, acetate cover
       (see Book section) together at a reduced price.
                 CKCmix, ONLY $169.00

  Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 18
Unlimited Insights in KARATE for the TAKESHIN Stu-
              dent and for others, as well.
TAKESHIN Karate-do HEIAN SHODAN: Form, Structure & Application
       Hidden Throws & Locks and more details than the eye can see.
There is a reason why Funakoshi said that the Heian series is all one needs
to know for self-defense. Conceptual and physical training following the
ideas shown in CRACKING THE KATA CODE. 1 DVD (2.5 hrs) KH-1,

TAKESHIN Karate-do HEIAN NIDAN: Form, Structure & Application
       Second of the Heian Series (first of the Pinan series.)Ê How to test
each movement statically, dynamically and “bioelectrically.” Unexpected
applications. Heian 1 and 2 set the format for the rest of the Heians.
2 DVDs (3 hrs) KH-2, $79.00

TAKESHIN Karate-do HEIAN SANDAN: Form, Structure & Application
       The shortest of the Heians but full of joint locking and throwing.
This tape is crammed with insights into advanced kata training. 1 DVD (2
hrs) KH-3, $69.00

TAKESHIN Karate-do HEIAN YONDAN: Form, Structure & Application
       Fourth of the Heian Series and among the richest in variety of
application. 1 DVD (3 hrs) KH-4, $79.00

TAKESHIN Karate-do HEIAN GODAN: Form, Structure & Application
        The culmination, and in many ways, the summary of the Heian
series. Heian godan links its companions together and prepares the student
for the study of Kanku and Bassai.
1 DVD (2.5 hrs) KH-5, $79.00

                   THE LOWER KYU KATA Set
         All 5 “lower kyu” levels of Takeshin Karate Kata:
                   Heian Shodan through Godan.
          6 DVDs , 13 HOURS at one unbelievable price!
                       KH-LK, ONLY $289

   Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog     Page 19
         Among the longest forms in the Shotokan, Shito, Shorin and Tang Soo Do sys-
 tems, Kanku-dai is surpassed in length only by the kata Gojushiho and Goju’s Suparinpe.
 Kanku-dai is the essence of the Heian Kata put together; indeed, some say that it was the
 prime source of all the Heian kata. In this fascinating form, there are many hidden throws,
 takedowns, locks, escapes and subtle, effortlessly executed techniques. 2 DVDs (3 hrs)
 KKD, $79.00

          There are actually 11 traditional versions of Bassai. Like Kanku-dai, it uses (or is
 the source of) many of the techniques shown in the Heian kata. We show four versions of
 Bassai but, more importantly, we spend the lion’s share of the video on oyo (application):
 hidden throws, takedowns and especially arm locks. 1 DVD (2.5 hrs) KBD, $79.00

 TAKESHIN Karate-do TEKKI Shodan, Nidan, Sandan
           Also called Naihanchi, this series of horse-riding kata have had many interesting
 and sometime fanciful interpretations. Were they designed to fight against a wall? In rice
 patties? On the ground? We cover stance changes which most studies ignore as well as
 in-fighting interpretations. 1 DVD (2.5 hrs) KT123, $79.00
                          THE UPPER KYU KATA Set
  All 3 “upper kyu” levels of Takeshin Karate Kata, Kanku through Tekki Sandan.
                     4 DVDs, 8 HOURS at one low, low price!
                              KH-UK, ONLY $189.00
              Get All the Takeshin Kata through Shodan!
   All 8 kyu levels of Takeshin Karate Kata, Heian Shodan through Tekki Sandan
         (10 kata). 15 Videos on 12 DVDs, 21 HOURS at one reduced price!
                                 KK-C, ONLY $449.00
                     2 Complementary KARATE DVDs
 Keri-, Kumite-, and Nage-waza.
          Takeshin KERI & KUMITE Kyu Requirements: One-step sparring and basic
 kicking as done in Takeshin Karatedo. (See Video 9 in above photo.)
 1 DVD (1 hr) K-KKW, $49.00

           There were actually more than nine.... Gichin Funakoshi and his senior student
 Shigeru Egami both advocated throwing in karate. In fact it was Funakoshi, when first
 settled in Japan, who taught Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, throws that Funakoshi had
 learned in Okinawan Karate. In Funakoshi’s Karate-do Kyohan, he outlined 9 throws
 that have become the basis of Takeshin Karate-do’s shodan requirements. In this unique
 video, Shihan Tony Annesi demonstrates the harder, more direct “karate” versions of the
 waza and then shows Takeshin’s modified “aiki” versions as applied in a one-step sparring
 format. A video that will be enjoyed by both Karate and Aiki students.
 1 DVD (1.5 hours) K-NW, $59.00

           Takeshin Karate COMPLETE SET!
   Lower & Upper kyu, Keri, Kumite, and Nage-waza!
   All Shodan requirements of Takeshin Karate: All 10
   Kata as well as Kicking and Throwing Requirements:
       14 DVDs, 23.5 HOURS at one reduced price!
                 KRR>sho, ONLY $509.00
Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                   Page 20
         Empi / Wanshu
                    Offered at the Nidan level of Takeshin Karate-do, Shotokan-style Empi
         (Flying Swallow) is compared to two versions of its antecedent, Wanshu. Sensei
         Tobey Reed performs Shuri-ryu Wanshu and Shihan Annesi shows a version of
         Itosu-kai (Shito-ryu) Wanshu. The kata are shown individually, then side- by-
         side-by-side. Shihan Annesi devotes the dominant amount of time to Empi ap-
         plications while Tobey Reed inserts similar applications from a different part of
         Wanshu. These are compared and contrasted with Itosu-kai Wanshu to make for
         an action-packed hour-and-a-half of advanced karate analysis and application.
         1 DVD (1.5 hrs) KCS-1, $59.00
         Wankan / Matsukaze
                    Offered at the Nidan level of Takeshin Karate-do, Shotokan-style
         Wankan (King’s Crown) is compared to Shito-ryu’s Matsukaze (Pine Wind)
         which is also known as Wankan. The kata are shown individually, then side-by-
         side.Ê Shihan Annesi then illustrates numerous applications from both kata. A
         non-stop hour-and-a-half of advanced karate analysis and application.
         1 DVD (1.5 hrs) KCS-2, $59.00
         Ji’in / Jutte / Jion
                    Shotokan-style versions of “The J-series,” probably descended from
         Tomari-te. 1 DVD (2.5 hours) KCS-3, $79.00
         Meikyo / Itosu Rohai 1, 2, 3
                    Shotokan-style version of Meikyo (Shuri-te influenced) compared and
         contrasted with its root forms the three versions of Rohai from Ankoh Itosu
         (these forms share a name with but are not the same as the Matsumora Rohai
         done by Shorin, Shito and Tang Soo do stylists.)
         1 DVD (2.5 hours) KCS-4, $79.00
         Gankaku / Matsumora Rohai
                    Shotokan-style version of Gankaku (Shuri-te’s Chinto) compared and
         contrasted with Matsumora Rohai, the Tomari-te influenced historical root of
         Itosu Rohai and Meikyo. 1 DVD (2 hours) KCS-5, $69.00
         Hangetsu / Aragaki Seisan
                    Shotokan-style version of Hangetsu (Shuri-te influenced) compared
         and contrasted with Aragaki Seisan (Tomari-te influenced).
         1 DVD (2 hours) KCS-6, $69.00
         Uechi Seisan / Goju Seisan
                    A follow-up to Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan, detailing the form and
         applications of these Uechi and goju versions of the kata.
         1 DVD (2.25 hours) KCS-7, $79.00
                    The Shotokan variant compared with its Kanku-Dai counterpart.
         1 DVD (1.5 hours) KCS-8, $59.00
                    The Shotokan variant compared with its Bassai-dai counterpart.
         1 DVD (1hour, 20 min. ) KCS-9, $59.00
         Hard & Soft Applications of GOJUSHIHO-DAI & -SHO
                    The twoShotokan-style kata compared and contrasted with emphasis
         on the softer applications. 1 DVD (2 hours, 30 min. ) KCS-10, $79.00

Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog           Page 21
           KING-SIZE Kata Comparison Set
     KCS-1 thourgh KCS-10 PLUS The Lost Channan Kata.
                    12 DVDs (17 hours!)

 If Kata is as fascinating to you as it is to many senior karate-ka, this is the DVD
set that will satisfy your kata cravings! 3 instructors, 12 DVDs, 17 hours, 23 kata,
                   and hundreds of applications and interpretations.

                             KSKCs $399

                       Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 22
         You’ve never seen one-step sparring like this! Not fancy, not com-
plex. Just functional!
         Standard Traditional Ippon Kumite (Embu Kumite) prepares one
for a face-to-face street attack. What if the opponent does not attack face-
to-face? What if he does not use a head-high lunge punch? And, what does
one-step sparring lead to if not freestyle sparring? The Okinawan masters
knew that one-step sparring was a way to apply basics learned in kata. A
variety of sparring drills help you react to unexpected attacks. By learning
a logical, incremental set of one-step drills, you prepare for real sudden
attack. Few students or teachers realize the depth to which the one-step
exercises can go. This 3-part video series starts with traditional practices,
troubleshoots them, and gradually adds variations until unexpected but
nonetheless realistic drills emerge: Touch-Pass, SAD (Sudden Attack De-
fense), and CAD (Combat Attack Defense.) This video series allows you to
bridge the gap between the master’s teachings and self-defense in today’s
world. 3 DVDs (5.5 hours) SADvs, $139.00
  5.5 HRS of DVD instruction AND the 176 pg. book with 300
   CKC 3 DVD set and CKC book together at a reduced price.
                 SADmm, ONLY $159.00

  Our new KARATE Seminar Samplers will help you FREE!

Each volume comes with two $20 gift certificates toward the purchase of
BUSHIDO-KAI DVDs FOR A LIMITED TIME. Use them and this purchase
costs you nothing. It’s like sampling the flavors for free!

A KARATE Seminar Sampler 1
       Contains 120 minutes of excerpts from the following DVD programs:
Cracking the KATA Code, Funakoshi’s 9 Throws, Sudden Attack Defense,
The Lost Channan Kata, Inisde the Kumite Gap, Heian 1-2-3-4-5, Kanku-dai,
Bassai-dai, and Tekki 1-2-3. 1 DVD (2 hours) KSS-1, ONLY $39.00

A KARATE Seminar Sampler 2
       Contains 120 minutes from the following DVD programs: Funakoshi’s
9 Throws, Empi/Wanshu, Matsukaze/Wankan, Ji’in/Jutte/Jion, Meikyo/Itosu
Rohai 1-2-3, Gankaku/Matsumora Rohai, Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan, Kanku-
sho, Bassai-sho, goju Seisan/ Uechi Seisan, Gojushiho-dai/-sho, Inside the
Kumite Gap, Elevated Elementals, and Cracking the Kata Code.
1 DVD (2 hours) KSS-2, ONLY $39.00

                                   Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 23
    EXCLUSIVE ! Rare KATA now available on video!
The Lost CHANNAN Kata (with Dr. Elmar Schmeisser)
      You will witness the hidden roots of the Heian/Pinan Kata
taught, analyzed, and compared with the Heian kata using plenty of
unusual Applications. THESE KATA WERE THOUGHT TO BE
A completely unique set of videos that you will find nowhere else.
2 DVDs (2 hours, 50 min.) K-43, $89.00
     LOOK FOR THE BOOK Channan, The Heart of the Heians

        Real fighting seldom happens at sparring range. Often, it is in-
close and personal. Are you ready to mix it up? Even if you spar well,
the referee stops you when you get too close. But that is where the
real fight starts. Now you can learn how to finish that in-close fight.
Learn closing skills, receiving thrusts, simultaneous block/strike,
off-balancing blocks, checking hands, trapping hands, short & small
technqiues, contouring, successive leg techniques, heave & earth
techniques, clinches, and give and take drills that integrate what you
have learned.
1 DVD (2 hours, 30 min. ) K-45, $79.00

                        SITUATIONAL SELF-DEFENSE from Traditional Kata
                               Every karate-ka learns to defend against punches and kicks but
                        karate was originally intended as a holistic self-defense skill. That means
                        traditional training must have included self-defense against lapel grab,
                        front neck choke, rear wrist holds, rear chokes, rear body holds, hammer
                        locks, etc. Shihan Annesi reveals these defenses and more, all from the
                        traditional kata you thought you knew!
                        1 DVD (2 hours, 30 min.) K-47, $79.00
HIDDEN JOINT JOLTS from Traditional Kata: Heian 1, 2, 3.
       The blocks and punches are obvious. Sometimes the overt arm
locks stick out like a sore elbow; but what about the subtle, quick, debili-
tating jolts to knees and elbows that are so easy to ignore when investi-
gating kata bunkai? Here they are, clearly instructed and drawn from the
kata you thought you knew.
1 DVD (2 hours, 30 min.) K-48, $79.00

                               Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 24
                           Sogo Budo DVDs

                            3 DVDs, 5 hours

        Hanshi Bruce Juchnik (Sei Kosho Shorei Kai) and Shihan Tony Annesi
(Takeshin Sogo Budo) teach you how to unify the arts by showing that, with
small adjustments, a Lock is a Block is a Blow is a Throw. Bruce Juchnik is
known for his relaxed presentation of unusual concepts. Tony Annesi is known
for his organized and clear analysis of techniques. With them, youíll move from
style to style, from technical shape to technical shape to bring many martial
arts into the same family. Learn how form varies not only according to function
but also according to cultural preference. The differences in styles are not in
effectiveness but in appearance and sometimes incidental detail. When you can
transmute your favorite blow into a throw, you have soft within your hard style.
When you can transmute your favorite lock into a block, you have hard within
your soft style. (1 DVD, 90 min.) AK-13, $59.00

       Hanshi Juchnik on ìalways move twiceî and ìcagingî. Shihan Annesi on
seeing advanced applications within basics. You will learn how to understand
technical methods with ìa masterís mindî by seeing beyond the surface form.
Once you study principles (see PAB videos) and know how a technique works,
you are then free to change its form while maintaining its essence. Even your
most basic techniques hold within them advanced applications. Discover how!
(1 DVD, 90 min.) AK-14, $59.00

         Juchnik applies his concepts to the use of a blade. Annesi unifies the
theme and transmutes advanced techniques back to basic ones. The circle
comes around. As an experienced martial artist, you do not have to practice
every one of your 10,000 variations to stay skilled. You continue practicing ba-
sics, but perceive them with ìa masterís mindî. For you, the advanced becomes
simple because it always resided in the basic. Now you can transmute the basic
into the advanced at will. (1 DVD, 120 min.) AK-15, $69.00
                  TRANSMUTATION SPECIAL!
                 3 DVDs together at a reduced price.
                           TS, $129.00
               Order Toll Free                            On our website, you will find many
                                                    extras: e.g. QuickTime video samples from our
               (888) 881-4007                        videos, PDFs of kata sequences for our kata
                                                      videos, & sample chapters from our books.

                                 Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 25
                             THE ROAD TO MASTERY
                                 5 DVDs, 9 hours
          Travel with Willem deTHOUARS (Kuntao Silat), Bruce JUCHNIK (KoshoRyu), and Tony
ANNESI (Takeshin Sogo Budo) as they show signposts on the technical journey toward Mastery.
Your first signpost is, of course, Basics. But basics are more than they first appear. Even for a
beginner, each art has a different concept of what basics should be. DeThouars and Juchnik discuss
basics like perception and awareness while Annesi covers basics like stance and blocking stability.
Not only must you master basics, you should also test them. Discover Shihan Annesi’s unique way
to test postural efficiency so you can improve your own. (1 DVD, 120 min.) AK-16, $69.00

          Basics become Forms and Techniques. You have practiced many basics as self-defense.
More often, however, basics transmute into the more complicated combinations you know as kata
or waza. Even these contain more than meet the eye. Annesiís bunkai of Tensho kata, for example,
illustrates a point made in his earlier Transmutation videos (see above) and Cracking the Kata Code
videos (see karate videos), that any form, whether a kata or a waza can hold enormous meaning
below its surface. Learn how a simple kata can have subtle application that can be lost upon even
those who practice it regularly. (1 DVD, 90 min.) AK-17, $59.00

           Form & Techniques produce Variation. For most students, improvement in the martial arts
means adding to their list of techniques or variations. The more choices of techniques you have with
which to respond to an attack, the better you are able to handle that attack. Variations are endless so
it is logical that students perceive a large repertoire of variation as the pinnacle of martial develop-
ment. This video suggests that Variation, although essential, is merely a stepping stone on your way
toward mastery. (1 DVD, 90 min.) AK-18, $59.00

         Variations lead to Principles. Once you have accumulated myriad variations, you must
have a way to organize them. Even the masterís mind cannot work if clogged by a mile-long menu
of technical choices. This is why the next signpost on the road to mastery is understanding how
variations can be summarized into a relatively small group of principles (genri). Different arts
approach Principle in different ways; but, to master an art, you must go beyond the accumulation of
concretes to the integration of concepts. New to the study of principles? Not after you experience
this signpost. (1 DVD, 120 min.) AK-19, $69.00

          The fundament of freedom: Everything is Budo. When you integrate both techniques and
principles, you go beyond shape, form, or style. Not only do your trained actions become automatic,
but your everyday actions become structured with the new intent of self-defense. You now can turn
any motion into a lock, a block, a blow, or a throw. Because budo has become part of your life, your
life can serve as the shape, style and method of your budo. Beyond the gate of traditional budo lies
the Road to Mastery. At the pinnacle of mastery lies Banji-wa budo desu (Everything is budo). (1
DVD, 120 min.) AK-20, $69.00
                              ROAD to MASTERY DVD Set
                  All 5 DVDs (AK-16, AK-17, AK-18, AK-19, AK-20)
                                        RtMvS, $209.00
                    ROAD to MASTERY Mixed Media Set
                  9 HOURS OF DVDs plus the 190 page book!
                         RtMmms: ONLY $229.00

                                            Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 26
                          THE SCIENCE OF SOGO BUDO
                         The Past and Future of Traditionalism
                                    3 DVDs, 5 hours
Science of Sogo Budo 1
          Ian Cyrus (inheritor of Choson-Do), Tony Annesi (Takeshin Sogo Budo) and Brian Wilkes
(Seishi-ryu Sogo Budo) illustrate how to recognize your art for what it really is and really can be. Find out
how to integrate hard and soft, large and small, striking, and locking methods without doing a disservice
to your chosen martial art. Learn the 5 methods to “sogo-ize” your art, understand technical skills from
an historical point of view, and discover why “style” is a necessary limitation that masters go beyond.
Witness thought provoking viewpoints and beautifully conjoined techniques (from aiki, karate, Korean
arts, Japanese sword, Chinese internal arts and others) — enough to keep you, the thinking martial artist,
viewing this DVD set again and again. In Part 1, Shihan Annesi illustrates how a basic hook block can be
used as a lock, a blow, or a throw; Kwang-jang (stylistic head) Ian Cyrus continues the theme, integrating
Annesi’s movements with techniques from his own art; and Brian Wilkes relates the theme to the Japanese
sword. (1 DVD, 1.75 hrs.) AK-22, $69.00

Science of Sogo Budo 2
        Annesi continues the sword analogy; Cyrus adds striking and kicking to the theme, and Wilkes
completes his historical perspective. (1 DVD, 2 hrs.) AK-23, $69.00

Science of Sogo Budo 3
           Annesi and Cyrus both discuss the concept of “styles,” conclude the 5 principles of integration
and relate them to various stylistic techniques. (1 DVD, 2 hrs.) AK-24, $69.00
                 THE SCIENCE OF SOGO BUDO DVD Set
                  YOU SEE YOUR ART AS SOGO BUDO!
                              SSBvs, $149.00
                                  The CHINESE (MARTIAL) CONNECTION
                                       The Legacy of the Middle Kingdom
                                               3 DVDs, 5 hours
                              Chinese (Martial) Connection 1
                                        Roberto Torres (Pencak Silat Perisai Setia), Ian Cyrus (Choson-Do), and Tony Annesi (Takeshin
                              Sogo Budo) investigate the history of technique transmission throughout Asia. Sound a little to academic?
                              Hardly! In part I, Guru Roberto Torres explains the Chinese origins of the Indonesian arts and illustrates
                              the distinction between Pencak (Pentjak) and Silat with a fascinating series of avoidances, strikes, and
                              takedowns. Kwang-jang Ian Cyrus relates his knowledge of Pa-kua (Ba-gwa) and its connection to other
                              arts with techniques that approach at unusual angles. (1 DVD, 2 hrs.) AK-25, $69.00

                              Chinese (Martial) Connection 2
                                       Shihan Tony Annesi shows a simple version of the Hakucho kata, relates it historically to China
                              and then shows applications that look like aiki! Guru Torres relates entries and basic Jurus (forms) of the
                              Indonesian arts to the previous material. (1 DVD, 1.75 hrs.) AK-26, $69.00

                              Chinese (Martial) Connection 3
                                         Kwang-jang Cyrus introduces concepts of Chinese medicine and shows a Resuscitation “kata.”
                              Guru Torres introduces Indonesian grappling. Shihan Annesi relates previously seen techniques to the
                              opening of Tekki Shodan (Naihanchi). (1 DVD, 1.5 hrs.) AK-27, $59.00
                                             THE CHINESE (MARTIAL) CONNECTION SET
                                             3 DVDs, 5+ HOURS OF VARIED PERSPECTIVE —
                                                 DISCOVER THE ROOTS OF YOUR ART!
                                                           CMCvs, $129.00
                                          Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                Page 27
                               PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO
                     Takeshin Okuden explained and illustrated as only video can.
                                         3 DVDs, 5 hours
                      Your technical study of Budo began with basics. Next, you developed numer-
                    ous techniques, then variations of those techniques. You have developed quite a
                     repertoire. But you may not completely understand why your techniques work
                      or why they work only sometimes. You have the knowledge and you have the
                    talent; but, until now, you may not have had the principles upon which all tech-
                    niques are based. This three DVD set reveals the hidden keys to having many of
                     your unasked questions answered. Unlock a treasure chest of knowledge from
                      both hard and soft arts in this unique set of videos. These Takeshin principles
                     can be applied to all empty hand martial arts! Complemented by the 206 page
                                    book that allows quick reference to the principles.

                    Principles of Advanced Budo 1
                            Covers the principles Alignment, Allow, Attack Detail, Attitude, Avoid-
                    ing Direct Conflict, Conforming, Connection, Context, Continuity. 1 DVD
                    (1 hr. 50 min.) AK-34, $69.00

                    Principles of Advanced Budo 2
                           Instructs the principles Control Circularity, Control Vision, Hidden in
                    the Open, In/Yo, Kuzushi Detail, Minimize. 1 DVD (1 hr. 40 min.) AK-35,

                    Principles of Advanced Budo 3
                            Concudes with the prinicples Prepare, Relax, Sensitivity, Skeletal Lock-
                    ing, Transmutation, Weight Control and also covers Introductory Principles.
                    1 DVD (1hr. 25 min.) AK-36, $69.00
                                  The PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO DVD Set
                             5 HRS OF CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE
                                         THE MARTIAL ART YOU PRACTICE!
                                                        PABvs, $129.00
                                PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO Book & Chart Set
                                                        PAB set, $59.00
                                PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO DVD & Book set
                                                     PAB dvd+bk, $159.00
                       PRINCIPLES of ADVANCED BUDO Mixed Media Special
                              3 DVDs with 206 page book & 4 posters:
                                     PABmms, ONLY $169.00

      On our website, you will find many
extras: e.g. QuickTime video samples from our             Order Toll Free
 videos, PDFs of kata sequences for our kata
  videos, & sample chapters from our books.
                                                          (888) 881-4007

                       Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 28
                            INFERIOR SUPERIORITY
                            GROUND DEFENSE: Avoid Grappling!
                                    This DVD is not about grappling. It is about AVOIDING GRAPPLING. Although
                            grappling is an important combat skill, it is not suited for everyone. When you defend yourself,
                            you do not spend more than a moment with one opponent unless absolutely necessary. Attack-
                            ers know they can suddenly tackle and take down almost anyone! Now you will be able to fight
                            * Know what to do if you are kneeling, sitting, or lying down as an attacker approaches.
                            * Understand your options if he decides to rush you.
                            * Plan your escape even if he has you pinned down.
                            Although there is no guaranteed escape from every assailant in every situation, GROUND
                            DEFENSE will prepare you for self-protection from many disadvantageous positions. Down is
                            NOT OUT! (1 DVD, 2.5 hrs.) AK-41: ONLY $79.00

ElevAted Elementals
        Your basics, hard or soft, are the roots of and the key to learning advanced
* How to TEST basics
* How to vary and TRANSMUTE basics
With examples from Aiki, Karate, and Seiken Budo, this study is an introduction
to and a summary of 15+ years of work in Sogo Budo. From the book by the same
name. (1 DVD, 2.5 hrs.) AK-46, ONLY $79.00
                 ElevAted Elementals Mixed Media Special
                   DVD with 160 page book (normally $35):
                              EEmms, ONLY $99.00
                           Released from the Vault!
                     BUSHIDO-KAI’s BEYOND KARATE
 In 1985, Shihan Annesi created a 10-episode TV series for local cable television. Region-
ally and internationally known martial artists were interviewed and demonstrated their arts.
        Now, for the first time, this show is available to the general public on DVD.

Episode 1: Introduction/How martial arts differ/Interviews with students
Epsiode 2: Uechi-ryu’s Walter Mattson
Epsiode 3: Small Circle Ju-jutsu’s Wally Jay
Episode 4: Kali/Eskrima’s Jeff Kunz
Episode 5: Tang Soo Do’s Richard Byrne
1 DVD (2.5 hours) BKK-1, $39.00

Epsiode 6: Shukokai’s Dan McCook
Epsiode 7: Wu Wei Kung-fu’s Joe Cowles
Episode 8: Hakko-ryu’s Larry Garron
Episode 9: Goju-ryu’s Pam Glaser
Episode 10: Aiki-goshin-do’s Roland Maroteaux, et al.
1 DVD (2.5 hours) BKK-2, $39.00
BUSHIDO-KAI’S BEYOND KARATE Comprehensive Collection
BKK-CC, ONLY $69.00
                                          Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog        Page 29
19 DVDs (34

           INTEGRATED MARTIAL ARTS--A complete collection!
        Transmutation, The Road to Mastery, The Science of Sogo Budo,
      The Chinese (martial) Connection, The Principles of Advanced Budo,
          Inferior Superiority: Ground Defense, ElevAted Elementals.

                              SSS $759
                      Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog   Page 30
                                The SECRETS OF SEIKEN BUDO
            an introduction to BUSHIDO-KAI’s private, in-house martial art
        Learn how to “fill the gaps” that most karate and aiki studies leave blank.
SEIKEN BUDO (Combined Fist Martial Way) addresses striking, standing grappling,
ground grappling, and weaponry. It deals with 5 ranges from very close to very far. In
this 3-DVD set, Shihan Tony Annesi, founder of the family of integrated martial arts
known as TAKESHIN SOGO BUDO, teaches you to employ defenses to standard
lunge punches to link the sections Seiken Budo to each other. You’ll pass though X-re-
ceptions and leg-entangles inspired by Shorinji Tetsu-Kenpo and Hapkido. Then youíll
close the gap with techniques modified from Wu-wei Kung-fu. Finally, youíll draw
in the opponent moving only minimally to defend yourself. This video set is a great
benefit for both soft and hard stylists who want to expand the capabilities of their art as
they deal with several ranges. (3 DVDs, 5 hrs.) TBS-1, $129.00
                              The Skills & Drills of SEIKEN BUDO
        Integration Drills of Takeshin Seiken Budo Your key to rapid learning and accu-
rate application. The drills include those taken from other martial arts and those created
especially for Takeshin Seiken Budo. The unique aspect of these drills is how Shihan
Annesi integrates them to teach you HOW TO DEFEND AGAINST ANY ANGLE OF
ATTACK! You can master the integration of hard and soft and in days or weeks (rather
than years) and develop the coordination to respond to an attack from any angle with
Kake-uke-ho (Hook block exercise), Dan Chi-sao (Single Sticky hands), Seung Chi-
sao (Double Sticky hands), Morote Tekubi-wa Keiko (2-hand Wrist Circle Practice),
Tui-shu (Push-hands), Cadena de Mano (Chain of Hands), Hubud Lubud (To Tie and
Untie), The “Touch-pass” Drill, and Karate Sute Geiko (Exchange Practice).
Drill integration is essential to skill integration. Integrated skills are your secret weapon
against any angle of attack. (3 DVDs, 4.25 hrs.) TBS-2, $129.00
                                  Minimal Motion SEIKEN BUDO
                         Hard Meets Soft Meets Minimal Motion
        At SEIKEN BUDO’s yondan (4th degree) level, you draw the opponent in and
move only minimally while defending with both hard and soft movements in a decep-
tively relaxed fashion. Shihan Annesi refers to the result as “Educated Garbage.” You’ll
be shocked at how quickly Minimal Motion Seiken Budo is learned and how easily it is
applied. (3 DVDs, 4.75 hrs.) TBS-3, ONLY $129
                                 Attack-the Attack SEIKEN BUDO
                                 Proto-JKD Meets Aiki
        At SEIKEN BUDO’s sandan (3rd degree) level, influenced by Sifu Joe Cowles
(an early student of Bruce Lee), one initiates the attack upon contact. The technqiues
are deceptive and very quick and are complemented by the minimal aiki finishes,
Shihan Annesi contributed to the integration. (3 DVDs, 4.75 hrs.) TBS-4, ONLY $129

               A SUMMARY of SEIKEN BUDO
                                   All 11 Seiken DVDs (19 hours!)
                                       SumSeiken $419
                                                  Bushido-kai Budoya 2008 Catalog                       Page 31
    Our new SOGO BUDO Seminar Sampler will help you
Each volume comes with two $20 gift certificates toward the purchase of BUSHIDO-
KAI DVDs FOR A LIMITED TIME. Use them and this purchase costs you nothing.
It’s like sampling the flavors for free.

       Contains 120 minutes of excerpts from the following DVD programs:
Transmutation, The Road to Mastery, The Principles of Advanced Budo, The Science
of Sogo Budo, The Chinese (Martial) Connection, Ground Dfense (Avoid Grapppling),
The Secrets of Seiken Budo, The Skills and Drills of Seiken Budo, and Elevated
Elementals. 1 DVD (2 hours) SBS-1 ONLY $39.00

         Martial Artist’s
    Owner’s Manual

    2009 Catalog

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     OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA +508 881-4007
      bushido-kai budoya, c/o 300 eliot st. #369,
          Ashland, Massachusetts [01721] usA

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