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					                   IB THEATRE ARTS COURSE OUTLINE

Although SL students will participate alongside HL students in the curriculum
described in Year One of the HL curriculum, the focus of instruction and activities for SL
students will be strictly centered on and assessed from work including:
    two World Theatre traditions
    two productions (one performing; one in production areas)
    Several theatrical theorists (Stanislavsky, Meisner, Bogart, Suzuki, and Brecht)

Having followed the theatre course, students will be expected to:

   demonstrate a theoretical and practical knowledge of theatrical traditions from more
    than one culture

   demonstrate an understanding of production elements and theatre practices

   evaluate critically a range of diverse performances

   engage practically in creating and presenting performances, which will include a
    basic level of technical proficiency

   reflect on their own development in theatre through continual self-evaluation and

   acquire appropriate research skills and apply them

   demonstrate an ability to interpret playtexts and other types of performance texts
    analytically and imaginatively

   demonstrate initiative and perseverance in both individual and group projects.
As an SL student, you will be required to:
    Work in one production capacity for an upcoming mainstage play.
    Perform at least once in a dramatic presentation of a monologue, scene, one-act,
       or full-length production for the public.
    Keep a weekly journal discussing, evaluating, and analyzing your work in class as
       you perform, read, research, and think. These journals should not merely reflect
       and describe, but should extend into explanations of your choices and
       evaluations of their effectiveness.
    Attend two plays from a list of teacher-approved professional productions in the
       larger community to be followed with a formal “review” to be included in the
       weekly journal.
    Write a 1500-1750-word Research Investigation which explores a World Theatre
       tradition. (RI)
    Present a 250-word “pitch” for a Practical Performance Proposal (PPP) with
       images which presents a directorial approach to an assigned play. In addition,
      the explanatory, VISUAL materials must illustrate your understanding of the
      concept and must NOT be written in a formal essay style.
     Complete an oral 20-minute Theatre Performance and Production Presentation
      (TPPP) with 5-7 images which reflects critically on the skills you have acquired
      and developed during the course, both as practitioners and spectators.
     Complete and Independent Project Portfolio (IPP) of 2,000 words, connecting it
      to the course experience.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to:
    Photo-document your work by taking pictures during rehearsals, performances,
      and work sessions. THIS IS ESSENTIAL!
    Attend opportunities to see different theatrical traditions.
    Treat your journal as a record of your growth and idea development. It should be
      written in weekly.

Grading System

        Summative Assessments:              50%
              Exams, Group and Individual Projects, Group and Individual
              Performances, Summative Evaluations, Prompt books, All IB assessment
              submissions, Theatrical Reviews.
        Formative Practice and Review: 50%
              Homework, Quizzes, Test Prep-work, Skill practice and rehearsal,
              Seminar discussions, Drafts and revisions, Journal entries and reflections,
              All IB assessment practice, ensemble work.*

*Ensemble work will be determined by weekly checks based on preparedness and teamwork.
This includes: memorization, ability to participate in discussion, presentation of assigned work
on time, positive support given to class members, sense of responsibility, cooperativeness,
volunteerism, enthusiasm, inquiry, and positive attitude.

Grading scale:
      A = 92 - 100              D = 64 - 73              Pass = full score
      B = 83 - 91               F = 0 - 63               Fail = no points