ASEC Winter 2009 Information Package by mrbelding


									  ASEC Winter 2009
Information Package
     January 12, 2009
1.   Winter Term Calendars
2.   Ongoing concerns
3.   Outline of core tasks, programs and events
4.   Administrative and Financial Information
5.   Action Plan and Delegations
6.   Other
                                     January 2009
Sunday          Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday        Thursday         Friday           Saturday

                                                                    1                2                3
 High School Ambassador
 program will be ongoing
 through January

4               5                6                 7                8                9                10

11              12               13                14               15               16               17

18              19               20                21               22               23               24
                                 LLC Welcome
                                 Back Reception
                                 @ V1 Great Hall

                 Recommended ASEC Refund Week (can do week before if it works better, but no later)

25              26               27                28               29               30               31
                  February 2009
Sunday   Monday   Tuesday           Wednesday   Thursday   Friday        Saturday

1        2        3                 4           5          6             7

8        9        10                11          12         13            14

15       16       17                18          19         20            21

22       23       24                25          26         27
                      ASEC FM                               Tax Clinic
                      Workshop                              Training
                      (tentative)                           Session
                                            March 2009
Sunday               Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday
    Tax Clinic usually runs for two
    days at the end of March. We
    shall decide on dates together.

2                    3                4                5           6          7        8

9                    10               11               12          13         14       15
                                          ASEC FM
                                          Night @
                                          SCH 6-9 pm

16                   17               18               19          20         21       22

23                   24               25               26          27         28       29

    Last ASEC

30                   31
                    Ongoing Concerns
1.        Furniture for New Building – Two Options:
     1.     Withdraw from the principal and contribute
            full $60,000 – will guarantee one couch
     2.     Contribute $20,000 as set aside this term plus
            any additional surplus and accept proposed
           ACTION REQUIRED: Please vote on this issue in the meeting and let me
           know what you guys decide on. I will discuss it with the school accordingly.

         New Initiatives
           If you know of anyone with a new initiative,
            please direct them to the Spend-Your-Money
            campaign instructions!
Core Tasks, Programs, and Events
                 (in chronological order)

1. Tips for 1st years with LLC (proposed)
2. Resume critiquing session for CFMs with LLC
   (proposed by Kieng Iv)
3. ASEC Refunds
4. FM Workshop
5. Tax Clinic
6. FM Night
7. Reach competition
8. UFE Prep
       Tips for First-Year Students
Historically, ASEC runs an informational session in February/March to
      provide 1B students with Tips on how to succeed in school and with
      work. The items that are discussed during these sessions are decided
      on through a survey of the students and what they would like more
      information about. Upper-year students on campus are invited to
      speak at the event and share insights. Some past topics that have
      been discussed include: how to mingle, the co-op experience, making
      impressions, what to expect from 2nd year courses and profs, etc.
ASEC will be running this event independently. LLC has expressed that they
      will not partner with us for this event.
Feel free to change this program as you guys see fit to best accommodate
      the needs of our students.
     Are we still going to hold this event?
     When will this event be?
     What will this be about?
     Who will handle this?
Resume Critiquing Session for CFMs
CFM students are the only group in the School of Accounting and Finance who
start their co-op term in their 1B summer. As such, they do not get to enjoy the
resume critiquing session provided during the Fall term. To address this
situation, Kieng Iv, one of the LLC peer leaders for this semester, has
approached ASEC regarding the introduction of a winter term resume critiquing
session, tailored mainly for CFM students.
At the regular resume critiquing sessions, ASEC recruits people to critique
resumes (adopters from the Adopt-A-Coop program and committee members),
and organizes drop-in sessions. This would likely be ASEC’s role if it were to run
in the winter as well.
Kieng will hold this event in conjunction with another Peer Leader, Yuwei Ren.
Resume critiques will be held on Thursday January 15 at the V1 Boardroom. Mock
interviews will be held 2 weeks later (date TBD). Kieng has said that he will
approach upper year CFM students for this event.

Matt: Can you help find some upper years? Contact Kieng.
                    ASEC Refunds
1.   Refunds must be submitted to UW Finance by JANUARY 26th. I
     will be coming in on the weekend prior to sign off on them and
     submit them, so the refund week must take place before then.
2.   Requirements for the refund week: at least 5 days long with at
     least 6 hours/day between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm. Every
     ASEC member on campus is expected to assist with this task.
3.   Amy and Matt are familiar with the procedures, but if anyone
     has questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Hours need to be
     finalized and posted on the website as soon as possible.
4.   An e-mail indicating that the hours are posted on the website
     can be sent out to all students (through Carol Treitz/Lynn
     Graham) once the hours are finalized.
     Nancy/Chungsoon: Please have everyone sign up for 3-hours
     worth of ASEC refund hours. Afterwards, send an email to
     Carol Treitz to have her send emails to all those accountants on
     campus. Email to Ken Li so he can update the ASEC website.
                    FM Workshop
The FM Workshop is designed to give FM students further insight into
the different opportunities available in Finance and Management. Emma
has already contacted CMA, CFA and CGA to send representatives for
this event and they have all confirmed that they are interested. We need
to set a date for this event immediately to ensure we have a venue and
that booking is manageable. My current suggestion is Tuesday February
24, 2009 – two weeks before FM Night. Please provide feedback on any
potential conflicts (midterms) with this date.
Kevin McMahon, Business Development Officer of the SAF, has
recommended that we try to contact more Finance-related professionals
to come, because current FMs are more interested in those
opportunities (based on feedback received). I also believe this would
benefit the FM students. We will have to identify possible channels we
have to reach these types of individuals.
We will be inviting the non-public accounting alumni and some faculty as
well to share in the experience.
                             Tax Clinic
Ian Gutwinski (current iCAO BoA rep and last year’s Tax Clinic rep) is currently
discussing the possibility of expanding the Tax Clinic and changing the event up.
Thus, I would like to finalize whether or not we will do that with him before
providing additional details.
The training date has already been booked (see February calendar), and we will
need to decide on the actual dates to hold the clinic (typically late March). For
the 1st year ASEC members who got the tax clinic manual from me in the Fall,
please let the current winter board members review that document as well to
get an idea of what needs to be done, and how work is typically delegated.

Everyone: Is the date alright for everyone? AFM 102 midterms and 4-th year
midterms are on that date. FYI, the training date is very difficult to change.
                             FM Night
FM Night will be taking place on Tuesday March 11, 2009 at South Campus Hall
from 6– 9pm. The venue has been booked, and employers will be contacted by
the school’s Business Development Officer, Kevin McMahon. This is a joint effort
between ASEC and the school.
Once employers have been contacted, ASEC will take on the logistical role, which
will involve:
• Designing itinerary for the evening
• Deciding on food to be served (typically hors d’oeuvres)
• Corresponding with employers to arrange payments and any mail
• Promoting to students
• Managing the event on the day of
In addition, this will be an FM EXCLUSIVE event and will happen on the same night
as Winter CA Night (organized by the SAF). As such, I encourage all FM and CFM
students on the committee to be involved with this event, and recommend
PA/Math/Biotech to help with planning, but not the logistics on the day of, since
you will likely need to go to CA Night.
                  Reach Competition
This was an idea that Ian proposed at our end-of-Fall-term meeting, and I’d like
to give him the opportunity to discuss this further with the committee so you
guys can bounce ideas off each other.
For the most part it is a reasonably simple concept, and the items I expect you
will need to manage include:
• Finding/creating trivia questions (both accounting and non-accounting)
• Finding buzzers
• Booking a venue to hold the event
• Promoting the event
• Determining a prize (if any)
As it was Ian’s idea, I think it is fair for him to lead the event, but to work with
one or two others as you guys see fit. Please pass me a summary of your
proposed event (addressing all the points as provided and anything else)
before starting work on it if you guys decide to go ahead with it so I am aware
of the details.
                  Reach Competition
   Name of event? (Accountants for the Top? Etc.)
   Only first years?
   Only SAF students?
   What type of buzzers/indication device are we going to use? Where can we get
    them cheap?
   Where should we do it? (we need somewhere that has a lot of small rooms)
   When should we do it?
   How many people do we expect? (Ideally 16 teams of 4 – so 4 teams in 4 round
   Is it okay just take the rules from “Reach for the Top”?
   Who wants to organize this with Ian?
                             UFE Prep
Myself, Juliana, and Krista will be dealing with this for the time being. If we
need on-campus correspondence, we will speak with the team. If you receive
any questions about this, feel free to forward them to me.
     Administrative and Financial
1.   All members should update contact information and provide student
     ID for Donna Sutherland to update list for keys (you will need a $50
     post-dated cheque to get a key)
2.   Need to finalize reimbursement from ASA for last term’s Dining
     Etiquette event. If there are any members on the board who are also
     on ASA, please provide some updates on the situation. If not, I will
     contact someone. Ian says to wait until new ASA board is formed.
3.   Meeting Minutes should be conducted as they have in the past
     (except now by Chungsoon/Nancy) and e-mailed to the ENTIRE
     COMMITTEE (including off-campus members) after every meeting.
4.   All expenses/reimbursements should go to Jasen, who will provide
     myself and Juliana with subtotals periodically throughout the term to
     authorize and payout.
5.   Please continue to e-mail website updates to our IT Director, Ken Li,
     and speak with him if you need anything technical set-up (i.e. online
         Administrative (cont’d)
ASEC buddy system:
     Buddy           Buddy
  (upper year)    (first year)
    Juliana      Lucy, Suneethi

     Vicky       Jasen, Karen

    Wilbert      Nancy, Henry

    Nilofer       Chungsoon

   Christine       Nicholas

      Ian           Howard
             Action Plan and Delegations
ASEC Refunds                   Everyone           Sign up for a shift during the refund week
FM Workshop                    Emma               Project Lead (already contacted CFA, CMA, and CGA)
                               Nancy              Find venue and catering for proposed date
                               Angela             Develop itinerary for event
Tax Clinic                     Howard             Correspond with Ian to discuss new developments
                               Michelle           Correspond with Ian to discuss new developments
                               Suneethi           Correspond with Ian to discuss new developments
FM Night                       Jasen              Follow up with Kevin McMahon about event
                               Karen              Draft contact list, monitor correspondence with companies
*ASEC/LLC Tips for 1st Years   Henry              Correspond with LLC (they’re doing planning this/next week)
                               Lucy               Survey students, develop itinerary
*ASEC/LLC Resume Critiques     Chungsoon          Work with Kieng to recruit and organize critiquers
                               George Nicholas    Schedule appointments and advertise to 1st years
Reach Competition              Ian                Lead event
Meeting Minutes                Nancy/Chungsoon    E-mail to the committee after meeting

Please e-mail me about your specific task if you are unsure about it and we can look at it in more
depth. Some are pretty general, others more specific. Also, since not all events are running at the
same time, I’d like to ask that you all help each other out on other events, even if you aren’t leading.
Any issues that were not addressed in this information
package can be discussed at the meeting and passed on
to me via meeting minutes. If they are too detailed to be
clearly communicated through minutes, feel free to fire
me a separate e-mail, or give me a call (still keep a record
of it in the minutes though).

Emergency contact information for Erica:
If at any point you guys need to reach me urgently, feel
free to contact me at or at my cell
phone via call/text: (647) 996-1389. For regular e-mails, I
will try to respond daily, and if I don’t respond within 48
hours, send me a reminder e-mail!

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