cristianO rOnalDO 'tHe pOrtUgUese prODigy' by bib17384


									cristianO rOnalDO:
     ‘tHe pOrtUgUese
                         1 x 60’
        Plus 4 x 5’ bonus features
           title:   cristianO rOnalDO: ‘tHe pOrtUgUese prODigy’
   Description:     Confident, talented and good looking, Cristiano Ronaldo is a marketing dream. A natural leader
                    capable of inspiring runs, powerful strikes and the ability to find the back of the net, he is what many
                    deem to be a perfect footballer. Our entertaining one hour special begins with a look at Cristiano
                    Ronaldo’s background. From his birth in Madeira in 1985, to his first game for Sporting Lisbon at the
                    age of 16, we then cover his meteoric rise to fame as one of Manchester United’s star recruits. We
                    look at Ronaldo’s heroes, his family life, his off-field scandals, and peer into the crystal ball to see

                                                                                                                                                       * criSTiAnO rOnAldO imAGE SuPPliEd By cOrBiS
                    what lies ahead for this hugely popular and incredibly entertaining football star.
      episodes:     1 x 60 minutes ( plus 4 x 5 minute bonus features )

Bonus Features:     Ronaldo Rumours, Hot Property, Pele on Ronaldo, Other Portuguese Prodigies

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