SIGNATURE FORM FLASF 2009 by principalbelding


									                SIGNATURE FORM: FLASF 2009

To Be Signed by Parent/Guardian
I hereby give my child permission to participate in the 2009 Frontenac, Lennox and
Addington Science Fair. I also give permission for my child (the participant) to be
interviewed by the media and their name and/or picture to appear in any news article or
Science Fair web page.

Parent/Guardian Name           _____________________________________

Date                   __________________________

Student Declaration
I certify that the work in this exhibit was done by me.
I have been informed of the rules of the Fair, understand them, and agree
to abide by them. In addition, I also agree to abide by the decisions of the judging

Student Name           ________________________________________

Please provide printed name here: ______________________________

Date                   __________________________

Project Identification

Title of Project: ___________________________________________________

Please deliver this form with your registration fee of $15 to:

Barbara Labrecque
977 Auden Park Drive
Kingston, Ontario K7M 7T9
Tel: (613) 389-4894

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