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									                              Tewksbury Piecemaker’s
                                             Box 617, Tewksbury, MA 01876

              Next Meeting: Tewksbury Senior Center Tuesday, March 10, 2009
                                      Directions below
                        Social Time 6:30 pm, Meeting Begins 7:00 pm

   A Note from our President…
   Writing this, I’m wishing that the winter would pass and the spring come. It’s only that it seems like forever since our last meeting
(though it’s only weeks). This feeling seems to have overcome me more as each year goes by, perhaps it’s knowing that as life moves
ever faster, there is still so much to learn.
   This month, we hope to understand a bit more about where we have come from as quilters. We’re happy to welcome Martha
Supnik and the Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project.
   Since its establishment in 1994, The Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project has documented nearly 6,000 pre-1950 quilts
originating or currently owned in this state. Ninety-four historical societies and hundreds of private owners have been served.
   Mass Quilts encourages the study and preservation of quilts and demonstrates that these textiles convey important insights about
the lives of local women from the colonial period to the present.


Ongoing Projects Quilts for Home of the Brave and Habitat for Humanity are always being worked on. Check on our website for

                                                                       Directions to the Tewksbury Senior Center

                                                     From North                                   From South
                                                     Route 38 S into Tewksbury                    Route 38 N towards Tewksbury Center
                                                     Turn Left onto Pleasant St.                  Turn Right onto Chandler St.
                                                     Turn slight Right onto East St               Straight at overhead light signal
                                                     Turn slight left onto Chandler

President                           Vice President                          Secretary                          Treasurer
Norma Biggins                       Cathy Ruggiero                         Donna Singleton                    Laurie Siano
978-269-4508                         978-256-5941                           978-475-0341
Newsletter: If you would like to contribute to the Monthly Newsletter contact, Cheryle Laffey at (978) 658-6830 or
email, or

March Meeting: Martha Supnik, NEQM Documentation Project, Lecture/Slideshow
Birthday Greetings – March Birthdays: 2nd, Charlotte Sargent; 12th, Bea Larrabee; 16th, Kathy Kinsella; 24th, Anne
Buskey; 26th, Nancy Kelley and 29th, Betty Smith.
Anyone wishing to sign up please see me at the meeting. This information is not on your registration form.
         Happy Birthday to all, Beverly
Fat Quarter Swap – “Any Green colored Fabric”for March.

For those of you that like to plan ahead, the rest of the year is: January, WHITE on WHITE; February, PINKS; March,

Refreshments: All names are for goodies such as fruit/veggie, salty snacks or baked goods:
Helen Gloor, Roberta Kane, Nancy Kelley, Kathleen Kinsella, Linda Kirk, Carol Kobelski, Mary Kolden and Lucy
Please call Cecile Paquin (978 452 0965) if you are unable to bring something this month. Thank you.
Historian Carol Calistro asks that everyone who does a quilt for donation to please send her a photo along with all
pertinent information. She is keeping these in an album for posterity.

Web Page - Hi Folks: "The guild's website ( has been update with show & tell photos.
We also have photos from Habitat for Humanities Workshop, Instructions for Home of the Brave Blocks, Quilt show
news, pictures, recipes and links. If you have something you'd like to put on the website (no copyrighted
material), please send it to me at: Visit and see all the new stuff!! Thanks, Donna Singleton

Current Events New England Quilt Museum News –

New England Quilt Museum
18 Shattuck Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Phone 978-452-4207
The current exhibit at the museum is Fabric Connection: Seven Swiss Contemporary Quilt Artists(Jan 22- April 18)
The events associated with this exhibit are:

Jan 31 3pm-5pm Opening Reception with a lecture by Sylvia Einstein (one of the seven Swiss artists)
Brown Bag (1st Thurs. 12:30 pm- 1:30 pm)

March 5 Exciting Events in conjunction with Lowell's Women's Week
Book Club (3rd Thurs. 12:30 pm-1:30 pm)

Feb 19 Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color that Changed the World by Simon Garfield

March 19 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Linda See

Check the website for more information on classes.

Remember the Quilt Museum is open the 4th Friday till 7pm
Also if Lowell Schools are closed the museum is closed.

March Quilters Social
Will be held at the Wilmington Arts Center, Route 62, Wilmington, MA on March 14th, 2009 from 9AM - 3 PM.
NOTE: Dan Pascal will be at this meeting to clean / repair sewing machines. He does all makes and models.
Great way to spend a day socializing and sewing with friends. Everyone welcome. Brown bag your lunch or you can order
out. Cost is only $1.00
Spring Mystery Ride

Our Spring mystery ride is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2009 from 9 - 5. I am going to do something different this
time and see how it works. Due to our economic times being a little difficult, I am going to just charge for the bus rental.
Lunch will not be an organized event. You can brown bag it or take yourself and your friends out to lunch at your own
expense. Our location will still be a mystery, however, you will know that there will be plenty of places to buy lunch or a
nice location to picnic, weather permitting. So, our afternoon will be very leisurely, once we arrive, you are on your own.

The cost for the trip right now is: $27 per person, based on 25 people. However, I am assuming we might have more
ladies join us with the new arrangements. I will be able to accommodate up to 40 ladies. The cost of the trip will be less
if more people join us. Sign up will take place at our March and April meeting. A refund will be given back to you the
day of the trip if we have more then 25 guests.

Mystery Ride
Saturday, April 25        9 am depart behind Picadilly Pub, Tewksbury 5 pm return
$27 pp

Quilt Show

Thank you to everyone who participated in the quilt show survey - we
received a lot of great ideas to ponder. We'll be letting you know
about any changes in the upcoming months.

As mentioned at the January meeting, the quilt show entry deadline will
be June 30, 2009. Beginning in February, Pam will be available at all
guild meetings with entry forms and a camera if you need your quilt
photographed. If you prefer, you can download the entry form from the
Tewksbury Piecemaker's website and send it via e-mail to If you have a quilt that you plan on entering,
please do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today!!!

Pam and Norma

REIMBURSEMENT FORM: Something new! Laurie Saino has been doing a great job as treasurer and this will make
things a little easier for her. Below you will find a reimbursement form to be used when turning in receipts.

Please tear off at dotted line, fill out the form, staple your receipts to it and turn it in to Laurie.


Name: ________________________                                                            Date: ______________________

Reason for

Amount of Expenses: $______________.
Check List
 Name Tag
 Fat Quarter for Swap
 Show and Tell
 $$$ For Raffle Tickets
 Block for raffle

Tewksbury Piecemakers
P.O. Box 617
Tewksbury, MA 01876

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