2009 CIF 28th Conference - DOC by principalbelding


									                     2009 CIF 28th Conference
                        Kiljava, FINLAND
                                  August 3 – 8, 2009
                             Conference Registration Form
The Council of International Fellowship (CIF) in Finland is excited to welcome you to Kiljava, Finland to
attend the 28 CIF Conference.

Please complete the registration form and return it preferably by email to info@ciffinland.org. If you have
any questions while completing the registration form please email us. If you do not have access to the
internet you may fax us your registration to CIF in Finland at 00 358 9 191 28430 Or, you may mail the
registration form to:CIF in Finland c/o SSKH, Topeliusgatan 16 (PB 16), 00014 Helsingfors universitet,

Please complete all the information requested below. A confirmation and payment details will be
provided upon receipt of the registration. The conference registration number is limited to
approximately 250.

Personal Data

Surname/Family Last Name:

First Name(s):

Name for I.D. Badge (i.e. what do
your family and friends call you):

Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year):

Place of Birth:

Sex:                                                  Male                           Female


Address:(as used in your



E-Mail Address:

Present Profession/Current

In case of emergency please
notify (Name, Relationship to
you, Telephone, E-Mail):

Each participant will receive a list of conference attendees with addresses, professions, etc. Please state,
whether we may use your data for this purpose.
       Yes, you may share my personal information with conference attendees

       No, you may not share my personal information with conference attendees

                                         When do you plan to arrive?     When do you plan to depart?
Conference Date is 3 - 8.8.2009
August 3, 2009 – August 8, 2009

The conference fees will include full room and board from dinner on Monday, August 3 until breakfast on
Saturday, August 8. The meals will include breakfast, lunch, coffee in the afternoon and dinner.

After receiving your preliminary registration you will get the detailed payment information before the end
of the year 2008. If you pay later than March 31, 2009 a late fee of 20 € will be added to the sums above

                                          Please place a mark    Name of Person with whom you would like
Accommodation alternatives                next to room type      to share a room:

Private room with a bath in Kiljava                              Not applicable
(amount of singles limited). Meals
500 €/ adult
Private room with two beds and a
bath in Kiljava. Meals included.
380 €/ adult
Moderate B&B accommodation in
nearby Haukilampi site (app.1 km).
Meals in Kiljava conference site
260 € - 330 €/adult

Additional days before and after the conference you can ask directly from Kiljava conference hotel: tel.
00 358 9 276 2617 www.kiljavanranta.fi or recreation centre of Haukilampi: mobile. 040 594 2350 eml:

If you will not be staying in Kiljava/
Haukilampi accommodation, please list
the name of where you will be staying
and the contact information including
telephone number

Other preferences – single days
accommodation, food preference, visa
issues etc. Please specify and leave
your e-mail address where we can
inform if your request can be met.

The conference theme is Dialogue - are you interested in presenting a paper in a workshop?
           Yes            No

If yes, send your preliminary paper no later than November, 30 to Valpuri Salonen-Sorri at

CIF Finland is planning to organize 3-4 days post tours to:
1) Lapland – North Finland – 2) St Petersburg, Russia – 3) Tallinn, Estonia, - 4) Stockholm, Sweden
The price (300 – 500 €) depends of the number of participants. Please inform us in which one you are most
interested. Are there any other sites you would like to visit while in Finland?

CIF/ CIPUSA/ AJG(ISP) Information

Are you a member of CIF? Since

Did you participate in a CIF/
CIP(USA)/ AGJ (ISP) program?
If yes, where and when?

We would like to invite Finnish host families to this conference. If you have attended an exchange program
in Finland, please list any host families that you remember and any contact information you may have for
these families.


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